The Passion of the Christ (2004) - Drama

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Depicts the final twelve hours in the life of Jesus of Nazareth, on the day of his crucifixion in Jerusalem.

IMDB: 7.2
Director: Mel Gibson
Stars: Jim Caviezel, Monica Bellucci
Length: 127 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 184 out of 1024 found boring (17.96%)

One-line Reviews (472)

( it is subtitled) James Caviezel is amazing and the scene where he being whipped by The Roman soldiers is breathtaking.

Alright, maybe 'entertaining' was not the right word to use.

As for non-Christians, if Gibson's idea was to reach out to them, he would have done better to show who Jesus the man was instead of producing this long, pretentious, boring, and utterly pointless gorefest.


add to this the 'authentic' use of Hebrew and Latin and a truly absorbing atmosphere is created.

Having seen this piece of blood-soaked propaganda, I'm almost glad I did because, it reaffirms my non-belief (being a lapsed Catholic) in the Christian faith, a result which I'm sure is contrary to Mel Gibson's purpose.


Wouldn't they feel satisfied with the excessive damage or at least grow bored at some point?

i think this is a little "dubious" for a Christ film, but hey, it does make it a lot more interesting and entertaining than usual Christian outings.

Kinda scary - and very pointless.

But, the "stunning" cinematography, by Caleb Deschanel, was nominated.

Using this sort of violence to glorify something that has already caused as much pain and suffering in the world is completely pointless and if it was not created for shock value only I would be very surprised.

A Waste of Time .

" As with Gibson's Apocalypto, the violence, gore, and degradation reaches a level of absurdity and self-indulgence that erodes any dramatic effect, and actually leaves one chuckling at the director's overzealousness.

It does get kind of repetitive.

The acting is mediocre and good given the limited scope for acting due to the lack of story/plot.

It is a very profound film, as it is the first major wide-spread religious propaganda movie to be shown in cinemas.

I find it totally uninteresting, and so did many others in the cinema where we saw it.

No plot , no story , no truth just crap from start to end.

I am a slow reader and I had to stop the movie a few times to read the subtitles again so I did not miss anything.

The story itself is very moving, but this telling of it isn't particularly moving, other than the intense lingering scenes of violence, which are quite numbing.

Mel Gibson has simply combined the old school favourites of religion and violence to complete a shocking waste of time.

"Poor Old Jesus" (as I like to think of it) is possibly the most pointless film ever to have been made and is most certainly not anything that the religious community should hold close to their hearts.

Still, it is much more intense than the plain Biblical verses that don't go into much detail.

This makes for endlessly drawn-out scenes that become even more drawn-out when slow motion is applied.

This may be the worst movie I've ever seen.

I have to say, I thought the cinematography was stunning through out.

Pointless and controversial for a barely credible point, Mel Gibson's THE PASSION should be embraced as a powerful moving film, which I agree it is.

In what is positive about the film, I think that Passion of the Christ's most positive point is its stunning violence and that's in the scene where Jesus is being horribly slashed to death, for what seems like an eternity, by his captors!

The movie was a spectacular voyage through one of the most cliché stories in all of literature.

It's so visually gripping, so heart-wrenching and so emotionally draining that writing about it simply can't do it justice.

Such films, with their pornographic violence and dopamine inducing cum-shots, typical rely on a bevy of common propaganda tactics: appeals to duty, a mix or euphoria, romanticism and sadism, enemy as Other, guilt tactics, exalting the common man (Christ/Hanks mere carpenters/teachers), obfuscation, misdirection, rehashed mythology etc.Reappropriating the various codes and signifiers of their respective genres – crucifixes, flags, helmets, cemeteries, altars, sepia and monochrome mayhem – these films thus succumb to the Cult of the Military/Church.

Ho hum.

The result is an utterly pretentious and pornographic one, in my opinion.

But don't waste your time on that nonsense.


Number one, He was put to death per God's will, and number two, the people who put him to death perceived Him as a threat and did not want to lose their power/authority/position etc. Overall, if you can stomach the brutality, this movie is definitely worth watching.

And, John Debney wrote a rousing musical score that is perfect for the ensuing drama and power within the motion picture.

Then the anger and propaganda (from all sides) started flying.

I kept yawning, looking at my watch to see how long was left.

While the very basic structure of the film may be biblical, it's filled with a lot of Mel Gibson's interpretations which were tedious rather than inspiring.

There is no story, no character development, there is nothing to interest the viewer.

The subtitles are used sparingly, are clear to see and are on screen long enough for a slower cinema goer to read.

This film is propaganda, plain and simple, agitprop of the worst and basest kind.

"The Passion of the Christ" is a painfully boring exercise in antisemitism and excessive violence.

No film is perfect in every way, and no story is ideal to all viewers.

WITNESS a spectacle that will leave you empty inside and wondering why you wasted your time!!

Ok I'm a little off track but back to the movie - Pretty boring movie - If you'd like to see a good movie about Jesus find a Mini Series called "Jesus" released about 3 years ago (I think) A better use of the source text.

Worst movie I have ever seen .

When a movie is this thin it actually borders on narcissism and only serves make it feel even more pretentious than it already does.

Both Gibsons film and The Gospel of John are worth watching .

Beyond the over the top violence, this film is the most anti-Semitic piece I have seen since the propaganda films of the Nazi regime.

Just saw it last night and as a depiction of the last hours of Christ from a religious point of view, it was certainly breathtaking in terms of its depiction of the cruelty he suffered and the sacrifice he is said to have made.

Caviezel is especially effective in the flashback sequences that show him preaching to his followers, and it's easy enough to wish that Gibson had included more of these precious moments… Maia Morgenstern's Mary is heartbreaking as the mother of Jesus who recalls a poignant moment from Jesus' childhood… This beautiful Jewish Romanian actress comes across as a woman of incredible courage and caring… She is present at nearly every event after her son's arrest… She has little, if any, dialog… Instead she uses her body language and her eyes to convey her bleeding love at seeing her beloved son in excruciating pain… Her grief-stricken image at the foot of the cross with Jesus' blood on her face made the roughest, most anguished viewing of the whole film… Monica Bellucci gives a quiet, yet forceful, performance as Mary Magdalene, the ever-grateful woman who is saved from a stoning to death… Mattia Sbragia is convincing as the hateful, vengeful face, Caiphas, and Rosalinda Celentano puts a frightening depiction of the devil, which tries to sway Jesus from his destiny… With realistic costumes and makeup, stunning cinematography, Gibson's film embodies the spirit of Baroque art in Italy… Its dramatic images reveal to everyone how much the Romans rule over Palestine was based on brute force alone…

Anyway, this is run on too long (slow day) so I'll just end with the following: Jesus, in a flashback, tells his followers "love your enemies because if you love only those who love you, where is the reward in that?

It was like as if Jesus was immersed into a bath containing hundreds of crowns of thorns, or thrown into a bed of nails several times.

From the opening scene of the movie he is taunted by the devil, even whilst being savaged by the Roman guards and on the cross he is plagued by the devil, His pain is both physical and spiritual and makes his achievement in upholding god's will awe inspiring.

And to tell you the truth, it's a pointless two hours of torture.

Philosopher Jacques Ellul believed that post WW2 propaganda would increasingly appeal to guilt and sorrow, soldiers becoming dead Christs used as emotional tools to draw the support of a guilted public.

Well I'm a Jew, I've watch the film (and enjoyed it by the way) and I haven't found any antisemitism in it.

Those reading this review and others on this site know what the film's about- like The Passion of Joan of Arc (one of my favorites and infinitely more compelling and tragic on a tortured soul, despite no money and no sound and minimal violence), Gibson takes the last hours of an infamous figure's life, and condenses it into a film.

Although the depiction of the brutality of Jesus' treatment really rocked me, I definitely left the theater with the idea that the film was trying to define for me the pointlessness and futility of life.

This is a very confusing movie.

Rather, I judge them on their ability to combine religious themes and compelling cinema and give us that oomph!

Hell, even Glen or Glenda, one of the worst movies of all time, tried to say SOMETHING.

I highly recommend it!

Personally, I was bored out of my mind for the last forty minutes of the film.

While often exposition in a film can be tedious and unnecessary, its absence in this piece left me wondering how people unfamiliar with Christ's story would understand what was going on.

Exellent Film, Highly recommend it.

There is a lot of propaganda in this movie and don't recommend that children see this.

The problem is, as much as it sounds like it might be fascinating to try, I can't change my beliefs around a film, and no one film will change my mind on how I view a particular religious character(s).

After one point, it became really boring.

The intense gore and violence portrayed in the film is far beyond what I expected.

In the final analysis, I found "The Passion of the Christ" to be a pointless enterprise, completely devoid of any point of view about Jesus' suffering that it went to such great pains to depict.

True or false, accurate or not and whether you are a believer, it is a powerful and gripping and more than anything...

The film features a very intense musical score-totally opposite what Miklos Rosza would have done, and the use of ancient Aramaic{with subtitles} gives this film a distant, almost alien feel.

The performances by all the actors were stunning - and Maia Morgenstern deserves an Academy Award for her performance as Mary.

Failed to show the angel descending from heaven and moving the stone to reveal and empty tomb to the two Marys (Matthew 28:1-3).

Maybe the disadvantage I had watching this long, boring movie was NOT be a religious person.


Bloody and heartfelt, dull and heavy-handed fantasy for morons .

But after seeing The Passion of the Christ I couldn't even speak to my family, I had to leave the theater or I would have sobbed uncontrollably.

In a way, it seems to me like a little bit of propaganda against jews (me not being Jewish) and it suggests me to hate these people of what they've done to people whose convictions were different to their tradition.

Unlike earlier, more "tasteful" versions, which unfold so slowly they make their subject matter boring, "Passion" gets right to the point.

As far as I'm aware this film portrays the last hours of Christ as written in the Bible accurately, but as a cinematic experience it is rather a dull affair.

I was so bored,I paid little attention to the rest of the movie.

Incredibly slow-moving and a big talkie.

It was an entertaining movie.

Initially the violence seems quite graphic but after watching 20 minutes of someone stumbling through the desert and falling over you just become bored of it all, losing any sympathy for the character you may have built up.

I know that many people likes bible,a few of them think that bible has some truth in it,but to make such a dull movie out of it ,it's idiotic!

The portrayal of the Devil was also intriguing- and should've been explored further (I have my own theories about that).

Pointless and sickening

Better yet don't waste your time and money on this crap.

Some of the rest of the sufferings were just cheesy and tiresome, such as when Jesus kept falling in slow motion 50 million times.

This is obvious by the form of the film itself, which is appropriately bland and unimaginative, succumbing to the usual mannerisms of the bored craftsmanship without any backbone to hold onto.

I was utterly shocked how so many people cannot see the flaws with this movie, I thought I could have seen an interesting movie, but just felt bored and rather annoyed by the end of it.

I mean Jesus was absorbing ALL of man's sins.

if you want converts, make a compelling character portrait, not a whipping boy.

In the end though The Passion is a over the top pretentious and self serving religious flick.

Great visually stunning period piece .

This benefited me greatly because I often had trouble understanding the wording of the Bible and it was hard to follow.

It was indeed a torture to watch this movie.

Gripping, moving, and authentic, Gibson's "Passion" is the best Jesus movie ever.

Which manages to shock for about two minutes; after that, watching Jim Caviezel in his latex bodysuit (which is clearly visible a couple of times), while he stumbles, falls and is bludgeoned to a pulp, becomes exceedingly and mind-numbingly boring.

We can also feast our eyes on outstanding cinematography, while enjoying a compelling soundtrack.

Editing unfolds its 127 minutes runtime at a steady pace and though it's slow at first, it catches up real soon.

I found that this was lost slightly in the way the movie was drawn out.

James Caviezel is an amazing actor, even in the hoax that was "Highwaymen", but this film gives him almost no chance to display his amazing talents, which is a shame since he's in a role as compelling as that of Christ.

But what's even worse is the fact this movie literally has no plot.

In summary, this is a two-hour bloodbath of a film, re-enacting, in excruciatingly tiresome detail, the more macabre bits of Jesus' last day on Earth.

What made the whole thing pointless, straight-up snuff porn, is that it could have been any man.

A complete waste of time.

This movie's popularity among Evangelical Christians seems predictable given their apparent aversion to thoughtful religious study and debate.

The actors' speech is slow and unrealistic, and their entire acting, hence, is over-dramatic.

The acting was good and emotionally evocative, and the use of the authentic languages of the time―Latin by the Romans and Aramaic by the Jews―establishes the movie at a high level of artistic and intellectual achievement.

The Passion of Christ directed by Mel Gibson was a fantastic movie, it was entertaining and heart throbbing.

And to be honest the film's execution (narf) of the story, for an agnostic with an open mind, is quite boring...

At least when I finished watching it, I felt that I just walked out of an ER room without the proper anesthesia.

This Jesus is calm, understanding but this specific time in his life is consumed by pain and the violent beatings becomes repetitive after awhile.

the script is EXCELLENT as is everything else i found this to be very engaging.

I shouldn't say I enjoyed it.

He portrays Jesus as a man who knows what has to be done, and the terrible price he has to pay and is terrified by this knowledge, and yet he has the courage and deep love for God's children to go through with an excruciating drawn out death.

Christians should be offended by the non-scriptural licenses taken by Gibson, the gross-out factor, and the film's insultingly tedious progression.

Long, slow, drearily nihilistic and brutal scenes are played out with little hope or sense.

Reminded me of Braveheart but more intense.

Well acted and gripping, this film captivates its audience.

At times the violence gets so intense you can begin to see J's ribs when he is being whipped.

:-)The care an detail of making this film, the controversy it caused at the time, the fact that this is written from over 2006 years ago makes the film, even more compelling to watch.

The "Making Of" puts the whole movie into context from the language used throughout, to the historical detail, to some of the fascinating background information on casting decisions.

The only thing this movie accomplish is a bored crowd and a couple of snores.

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my advice : look for it at any cost, even if u find the first scenes boring.

Some of those who decry extreme violence and abject gore as pornographic have embraced this film with such adjectives as "inspiring" and "breathtaking.

However, I thought that the film is well made and the intense violence did provoke a reaction.

So what we have is the story of Jesus being treated like a common criminal, for two hours, in extreme and pointless detail.

If you were to take some of the scenes and replicate them in some dull horror movie called "dungeon of death" it would not get a mention, unless you call the poor guy "Jesus".

All in all, after reading glowing reviews how this technically rather well-made but plot less, pointless, soulless and extremely violent splatter flick was thought-provoking, beautiful, and what-not, I can only come up with one explanation: people who are familiar with the source material "see" things that Gibson omitted from his version.

Some comments from people were that it was boring...

I give this movie a 3 because there are worst movies out there (Gigli, etc.).

It is an incredibly shallow and boring affair that serves no purpose besides making Gibson richer and all the Christians feel a lot better for believing in Jesus who was so severely tortured.

I found myself bored by the repetitiveness, it seemed to go on forever, I found myself willing for it to be over because I thought my brain would melt, rather than being moved.

I think Mel Gibson has produced a fine work of art with stunning cinematography, and Jim Caviezel portrays Jesus with a human image, and shows the suffering we would all have if in his place.

Yes it's worth watching more than once .

That's only just as 'entertaining'(don't take the use of this word wrongly) as it gets.


I fell asleep during this movie and Dad made me go to this infinitely boring movie.

It is intense, and it is extremely violent.

We say this film is horrifically violent (it does have a 15-minute flagellation scene), however were we truly so unexpected?

This Movie was Stunning .

After the novelty of that wore off after the first five minutes, I found the rest of the movie tedious in the extreme.

This is Gripping & Terrifying tale of God Jesus Christ,who in his final hours teaches us a lot.

And I wonder: what would they say if some filmmaker made an explicit and unbearable movie (just like The Passion) about sex abuses at Catholic Schools?

A Stunning and Perfect Motion Picture Experience .

Hard to understand and with a non-existent plot, this movie fails on many different levels.

There is only one plot line and it's so dull I almost slept.

In my view, the movie was pointless and even boring.

While very well written and brutally graphic, I still found this movie to be well, Boring!


The first half hour is exceptionally boring and emotionless, while the other hour and a half is just the same thing over and over again.

We can easily believe that they are sadistic and enjoy beating and flogging prisoners, that their training encourages this, but it becomes absolutely tedious.

The Cardinal Sin of Movie-making: Boring.

Some scenes are actually too long and get a little boring.

Mel Gibson created a visually stunning and heartbreaking film of the Passion of the Christ starring James Cavaziel who himself is an openly devout Catholic.

It took me two viewings to really get a grip on it, so intense were the emotions it provoked in me.

If you enjoyed it likewise, I can only recommend you the French film "Martyrs", which runs around a very similar storyline.

Mel Gibson is a wonderful story teller and has used his creative abilities to give a visually stunning treat for his audiences.

The beginning was boring, and then it got gory.

The main questions at hand are:-Was this film entertaining?

Let me just start off by saying that this is the most engaging Jesus movie I've ever seen.

But on the other hand (as with the treatment of the Jesus character) the tone of the film is mostly one note, and loaded with a banging melodrama that keeps the tone of the picture on a track that will get boring for those who aren't with the mood of the film every step of the way.

Intense and personally torturous.

Flawed but Compelling view of the Via Dolorosa .

Whereas seemingly pointless violence is a feature of many films (I loved Tarantino's Kill Bill), in this film it isn't stylish, there genuinely seems no point in it and it goes on and on.

" Seeing Jesus suffer so makes it all the more compelling when he stands up and asks for more.

For me - it was a yawner and I won't be in a hurry to watch it again.

I think the issue with this movie is that it kind of feels boring and, at times, uninspired.

One of the worst movies I've ever seen .

Extremist religious propaganda .

Mel Gibson has achieved in making a film that is pretentious, needlessly violent and anti-Semitic.

To one degree, I think back to 2001: A Space Odyssey; This film, while visually stunning (for its time) is incredibly difficult to follow without the context of having read the book first.

This is one of the worst movies that I've ever seen.

The Worst Movie Ever Made!!.

I believe the story, but I found the movie incredibly boring, and I can't imagine it has changed your feelings about it one bit.

Don't waste your time.

I enjoyed it so much more.

) are intense and frightening.

Featuring stunning cinematography and an inspired performance by Jim Caviezel, 'The Passion of the Christ' is a triumphant and uncompromising film-making achievement," according to the DVD sleeve.

Regardless of how you regard this film, one thing is certain: it is a uniquely intense experience that brings the events to life in a way that no other film before it has.

This film, is quite literally stunning.

Like I said before, this seemed to be a torture film with a few tidbits of Christ's life thrown in here and there.

Ultimately, though, my biggest complaint is that this movie is completely pointless.

It is all captured by Caleb Deschanel's stunning cinematography and choreographed to John Debney's music score.

No PLot, Over exaggerated and shoved-down-your-throat effects.. and (aside from Judas, Pilate and Peter) the rest of the actors's performances ranged from nothing-special to terrible.

The passion of the Christ is a very gripping movie.

Gripping .

The torture scenes are far too long and gratuitously gory, bordering on voyeuristic sadism.

It just makes it very slow and very boring.

The story, well loved by many, well know by most is compelling.

Since the score is one of the most obnoxious, pretentious scores I've ever heard.

This movie didn't really have a lot about the message of Jesus, but only all the pain and torture he went through, which got really tedious to watch.

It's a pointless, lifeless, shameless controversy-grabber that doesn't deserve any of the accolades it gets.

a boring movie...

No half-way intelligent person would have found this film overtly anti-Semitic, but something has to satisfy the constant need of bored people for something to carp over.

Even some of Jesus' famous quotes are ruined, and churned up into bog-standard Hollywood cliché.

That drama is not well captured here, with meandering shots, distracting edits and pointless slow motion sequences.

If the Movie is worth watching, if it's worth watching More than once and if it's worth buying.

Gripping, moving, authentic .

This film goes absolutely nowhere, it's all basically a long, drawn out torture scene.

Other comments above detail the depth of this stunning movie.

The repetitive torture scenes may mis-lead you.

The tedious task undertaken by James Caviezel on the most important figure in the movie was a masterpiece.

Faithful, gripping, amazing.

it is propaganda on the worst level.

I'm not a Christian but I thought the movie was interesting, compelling, and well made.

As I left the theater, a gentleman in his later 50's or early 60's wearing fur and escorting a fur-swathed woman of similar age, must have noted my being upset, even angry, and approached me saying, "reverence.

What a waste of time.

And violence exchanged for passion makes the drama dull.

I felt empty when it was over.

It's music is terrible, the slow motion scenes are boring, it is unrealistic and you see no new things.

She had known Him beautiful and glorious, with the freshness of Divine Innocence and peace upon His countenance; now she saw Him so changed and deformed that she could scarce have recognized Him, save for the piercing, thrilling, peace-inspiring look He gave her.

Somewhat Dull .

The scenes with Judas, who is in my opinion one of the most fascinating figures in all of religion.

Anyway, that is a minor detraction from what is, without doubt, the most truthful portrayal of the "passion (suffering)" of Jesus ever seen, and a stunning performance by all cast and directed beautifully by Mel Gibson.

The 'Hostel' of biblical movies: bloody but boring.

The movie basically entails Jesus being dragged back and forth throughout the city as the Jewish council elders search for permission to kill him, then Jesus carrying the cross, then Jesus being nailed to the cross and hanging there to rot.

Expect to be dragged along into a whirlpool of passion, anger and much more.

And it is boring.

A pure waste of time gratuitous film making.

pointless .

It's so boring!!

It was a waste of my money.

I don't care to get into the debates, hype, propaganda.

) Mel Gibson's portrayal of Jesus and those who loved him during these last few hours is breathtaking.

Regardless, it is exhausting to watch on screen, not simply because it is nauseating and infuriating, but because the gratuitous and horrifying images of soldiers literally slashing and re-slashing flesh to shreds is so over the top that it becomes an incredibly boring motif.

dull and lifeless.

Caviezel is thoroughly compelling in what's a physically demanding & emotionally draining input while Morgenstern is even better as Mary Magdalene, expressing the inner agony of a mother in a very precise & perceptible manner.

Mary mother of Jesus (terrible, terrible performance), John, Judas, Caiphas and a bunch of other people run around bumping into each other with perplex looks in their empty eyes while Jews make savage faces like monsters bashing TGRE and Romans look like savage apes flogging TGRE.

The Roman army seemed to have a discipline problem, contrary to most historical accounts, and that the rank & file found it difficult to follow simple orders (or there was just a misunderstanding between flog & flay?

Stunning .

Caviezel certainly fits the most popular physical representation of Christ, but is given too few chances to "act" outside of absorbing whip-lashings and impalement.

", and "Awe inspiring", "The Passion Of The Christ" is probably one of the most desperately terrible movies I've ever seen.

Somehow it sometimes made me forget about all the gore and the slow pace.

Deep, Gory and entertaining.

I get that it is trying to make a point about his suffering, but by the end I'm bored, not emotional.

It is moving, but I cannot declare it a masterpiece especially with the use of a bland and second-rate score that sounds rehashed from dozens of previous epics.

But I forced myself to stay awake so that I may watch the whole movie, because by that time I was so irritated by how slow and dull it is that I wanted to see the overall damage and thus I would be able to accurately comment on it in my views.

Not here, there is no story at all, just a torture-porn flick (one that truly embodies the term) using some trivial back story to unleash it's carnival of tortures upon the main character.

his torso was so deeply cut into that you could see his lungs breathing, it was that intense.

A violent and tedious film .

They tried to make this inspiring & emotional but ended up making the worst box office disaster ever that has been called by more than just 1 critic, the worst movie ever.

well I wonder how bored they would have been if it was them getting beat for every sin of the world as Jesus did?

I was forced to see this movie while I attended Catholic school, and if anything this movie dragged me further away from the Catholic faith than bring me closer to God.

they're all better) spare yourself the pretentious symbolisms of evil, the Semitic stereotypes and the boredom.

What can i say.. the movie is plain boring, mostly It's second hour.

One of the worst movies I've ever seen in my entire life.

Much of the commentary that I've heard about this movie deals with its intense, graphic violence.

On both occasions the movie had the same impact on me; that is stunning, disturbing, deeply moving, deeply involving and truly horrific.

So on that account, the makeup fx were pulled off nicely and the flesh tearing, blood spraying sound mix was superb, but this is just an empty shell of a movie.

His final walk, while tragic, was way too long and repetitive, showing Jesus get up then fall, get up then fall, get up then fall, over and over again.

Intense and unforgettable .

Well Worth Watching.

For me this film was a powerful, physical, gripping journey; it made me feel the pain of one man; witnessing the evils committed by man on his own species.

Yes it's definitely worth watching .

This film is an unbelievable waste of time, money and a ludicrous amount of fake blood.

It starts out promisingly, with a vivid depiction of Jesus' capture and the apostles' various reactions to it, but it ultimately descends into tiresome scene after scene of a man – and it could have been any man - being beaten into a bloody pulp.

Firstly, there is absolutely no story whatsoever.

And there is no storyline ...

I suppose if you are religious you might find this movie extremely moving but for me it was very boring.

And it is a boring film.

Now personally, I find this movie a complete bore.

It was a complete waste of time.

Unexcusable waste of time .

But the film remains powerful and engrossing with a final shot that haunts in all its uncanny glory.

Visually stunning, equally disturbing film his its impact.

He is dragged away and beaten.

"The Passion" is a well-made movie with a compelling central character.

The storyline is also very confusing.

The soundtrack is rather dreary and depressing, too.

The completely remarkable nature of Jesus' suffering is that He, God incarnate, and therefore 100% good and pure, voluntarily bore the accumulated sins of all the people of the world, committed from the creation onward.


I thought it was a bit boring and not really focussing on important issues.

I got so bored with this movie and I found it very disappointing, spiritually and technically speaking.

Waste of time or God sent .

At the end of the movie, she said, "Well, that was a waste of time!

And when God quite literally shed a computer-generated tear in the end, I actually felt inclined to pray to the Good Heavens up above, because this piece of incredibly dull and reactionary religious propaganda was finally over.

For a film that claimed that the events is authentic and 'truthful'; it doesn't really tell all of the Agony in the Garden of Gethsemane, or the insomnia and grievance of the Blessed Virgin Mary from the Bible that well.

I am a Christian, but Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ" is one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

Mel Gibson falls into several clichés which even may be "correct", historically or religiously seen, but which are clichés nevertheless and thus can be boring.

The performance of the cast is magnificent, the aesthetic and photography is wonderful, the locations are stunning.

We're merely invited to sit and gawk at a guy being tortured and murdered in drawn out fashion.

Perhaps Gibson ought to join the tourists in all those dreary Italian museums -- he might learn something.

People believe in Jesus as the savior for all kinds of reasons, but the least compelling one, and the only one that Passion's narrative thrust relies on, is that He was tortured to death.

It's so self-indulgent, starting with the use of Aramaic.

Because we know it is Jesus, we keep forcing ourselves to stay awake to the pain as much as we can.

Naturally, many members of the audience leave the theater in a state of shock or trauma.

If you choose to look at this film completely non-religiously, it's just very pointless.

And for that alone, 'The Passion of the Christ' is certainly the most powerful and riveting films I have ever seen.

Strangely, Peter is not arrested and is let off without so much as a slap on the wrist, while Jesus is slapped around while being dragged off.

This movie was pretty boring.

It was kinda cool to see people dressed up as Romans and Jews in the past but if you want something really entertaining and profound then watch Monty Python's Life of Brian.

Passion of the Christ is the much publicised Mel Gibson-directed biblical epic of the life of Christ, which is as controversial as it is intense.

It makes the film slightly boring and even more like a Saw movie.

I felt the film was a compelling drama...

I give this film credit for replacing many similarly horrible films as my idea of the worst movie ever made.

Satan was an intriguing fellow, though he could've used some more character development.

And if that weren't ridiculous enough, the tongue-twisting dialog gives the - mostly unknown - players such a hard time that most of them speak in a very unnatural, slow and clipped manner.

Just read Mary's condescension and spite when she basically forces Jesus to do the pointless water to wine miracle, utilizing God's power for a party so people can enjoy getting drunk (Hey Mary, ask Jesus to pass down another 40 from heaven.

Violence can be entertaining, watch Kill Bill or Monty python and the holy grail, those are much better movies.

Gripping from the very beginning, it mesmerized me.

I think the crucifixion sequence was way too long, especially the "walking with the cross" scene.

Pros: -Top-notch acting -top notch visualsCons: -Utterly pointless -nothing more than glorified torture porn.

Stunning Work despite the contoversy .

There is no story!

It's truly sad to see so much good acting wasted on this movie, which is (for me) not only a non-enjoyable experience, but a exhaustingly boring one too.

I'm not squeamish, so violence is not my problem (I cut my teeth of Beau Geste at the age of 4), but if you perform the same action over and over and over and over and over again the result is exceptionally dull.

Credit also has to be given to acting; Caviezel's portrayal of Jesus and Morgenstern's depiction of Mary were simply stunning.

Secondly, I found the film quite boring.

Which I've done, but felt empty inside afterwards.

Its violence for the sake of being violent, and that makes The Passion of the Christ one of the most utterly pointless films I have ever sat through.

Absolutely stunning.

While the whipping mostly works, the latter section is far too drawn out, with Gibson repeating material such as Jesus collapsing five or six times.

This movie is and intense drama movie that really reminds you of what Jesus Christ did in order to teach mankind.

Basically an enjoyable snuff film .

I found the film to be grindingly laborious and downright boring.

The whipping scene and the scene of Jesus dragging his cross through town were WAY too dragged out, and I almost wanted to hit fast forward.

Regardless of one's religious beliefs, this is a visually stunning and emotional film, simply about the final hours in the life of a condemned man.

It is an emotionally riveting movie because the Christian believes that Jesus went through that on his behalf.

Waste of time .

It lacks contents and thus is rather boring.

Caleb Deschanel's cinematography evokes Medieval paintings, and John Debney's musical score is Middle East-flavored, powerful, rousing, and triumphant.

There is no message of Christ in this film.

Even though I found it to be too slow going, rather heavily handed, and way, way too violent, I must congratulate Mr. Gibson for taking a risk, and for actually making a movie that people went to see.

If you are an atheist, you may still find it fascinating for the unsparing historical accuracy with which it shows the terrible realities of mob violence and public punishment in Roman times.

Its worth watching it more than 10 times.

If you didn't know the story before, now you do - no need to thank me, but I've just saved you 2 hours so you may watch another film, hopefully more entertaining or more thought-provoking than this one.

I was very impressed in how they made the beating and torturing of Jesus Christ look so real, and so intense...

But overall it's probably one of the very least useful or enjoyable movies of all times.

I think Gibson should have put more attention on the political and family dynamics, and stop putting really slow mo effects of blood and whipping.

one of the most boring movies ever .

Finally, something that is boring than watching paint dry.

For those interested in the life of Jesus Christ, Gibson has painted a substantially gruesome, yet visually stunning and moving epic for viewers.

The much-touted violence is there, but it's so over-the-top that it becomes cartoonish and even, as one reviewer noted, boring.

I mean that some scenes where Jesus falls due to the weight of his cross seem too repetitive.

The movie also had this agonizingly slow, beating pace that just gave me a headache.

Gripping & Terrifying.

So much violence that it becomes boring.

The "Passion Of The Christ" was accused by the Jewish community as an "antijewish" propaganda.

I give KUDOS for this film, I got really emotional in all the right scenes, The Passion of the Christ hit me hard, I'd re-watch this film again and again because what is being depicted on the screen its in the holy bible and whenever we read scripture from the bible in church we read the same scriptures over again each and every year and its fascinating because somehow the meaning of the scripture changes year after year.

A Boring Movie .

After watching the movie I thought it was a waste of my time to see it.

This movie is a well produced, visually stunning two hour snuff film.

I'm very familiar with the Passion story but I would guess that the uninitiated would find this confusing since little or no character introductions are made.

The locations and acting of the actors is worth watching.

Extremely boring and sickening!

One flashback, found nowhere in the Bible, details the mundane routine of Jesus being called in from carpentry by His mother to eat.

Mel Gibson did a great job as director and Jim Caviezel gives a stunning portrayal as the Christ.

By the way, when making a biblical film it's always a good idea to mention the source material you've adapted it from as it seems a little pretentious not to.

) are incredibly drawn out.

it was visually stunning, an emotional journey stirring the soul; which is the point of any piece of art, to capture you visually and stimulate you emotionally and spiritually.

It was basically a summary of some scenes from the Bible done in a boring and anti-Semitic way.

Boring without any Passion.

But it was worth watching, I feel like being a little less harsh to this subject matter.

It's also really boring; granted much of the boredom comes from having a strangely premonitionate feeling about how the film is going to end.


The story is never compelling either, it is very slow paced and is vastly overshadowed by the images every time it tries to get somewhere, while Gibson's direction is somewhat self-indulgent.

In that context, the violence might seem brutal and pointless, and the unpleasant viewing experience goes untempered by any higher meaning or purpose.

Visually Stunning .

Instead what I saw was a horrifically violent unwatchable piece of sh*t.

I rate this movie very high for adults, at least those who have an interest and a good IQ ;>) I wouldn't rate this high, NOR recommend it for younger audiences, since its to graphically violent and probably boring to them.

It was still entertaining, and kept my interest all the way through.

If there is a particular life lesson offered here, it's lost in a pool of gore and repetitive torture.

Not only that, but it makes sense, is more contentious, and above all, actually enjoyable for a non-religious audience too.

Same old human propaganda .

I really wonder why they had to use so many slow motions, because even when the movie went on in its normal pace, it was incredibly slow.

All in all, despite having clear elements of Christian propaganda, it still is a worth-seeing film.

We are in a time of philosophical confusion and this thought-provoking film presents an insight of a theological solution to our existence.

The story itself was gripping and rousing, captivating the audience; I remembered that I couldn't take my eyes off the screen, absorbing my attention entirely.

There is no plot and no firm character development (not even of Jesus).

I'm glad I saw it but I have no desire to ever see it again and Gibson's own passages, thrown in for directorial measure at his discretion, make for great debate, and that is the basis of all media, whether it's entertaining or otherwise.

Repetitive devices abound in this film and cheapen the story.

I just finished watching 'The Passion' on DVD (first weekend out), and while the cinematography was excellent (undoubtedly the best production effort ever to retell this story), I sat there for the most part bored, wondering what all the fuss & hype was about.

The ancient languages are a cheap device, both pompous and pointless.

This wouldn't be such a problem if the embrace of this propaganda was not so one sided; films such as the recent Brokeback Mountain are almost banned in some States to largely Christian opposition to Liberal agendas.

The day I saw it They dragged a lady out on a stretcher.

I presume the ending was pretty much predictable, as I had had enough by the time the cross had been dropped again ....

Even though my church pastor previewed the movie telling us "Everyone Should Go Watch This", i'd say it is more for dedicated people who already know the story of Jesus and can actually stomach the intense violence in this.

Dear Mel Gibson, with your facilities as a director that I really very appreciate, I am free to express the following suggest: DO MAD MAX IV, as this is a character that is beyond good and bad, and makes you keeping on remaining politically correct, and one will forgive you "The Passion of Christ" (At least I will)Whatsoever I have to give it 6 out of 10 for the exciting performance.

The Passion of the Christ, compelling though it may be, doesn't seem to have this oomph.

Pointless piece of crap .

But for a non-Christian, the visuals are sometimes grotesque, sometimes silly - mostly random violence on TGRE and silly people with empty eyes doing nothing important.

The parts I did see bore very little resemblance to the biblical or historical accounts of Jesus' crucifixion that I had encountered.

Scenes involving Jesus working on a table (the film's only moment of levity), presiding over the Last Supper, riding into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, Mary caring for a Jesus as a boy (which are both intertwined with His drawn out journey to Golgotha for maximum impact), and the Sermon on the Mount are striking in their subtlety.

This is a stunning masterpiece.

Don't waste your time with it.

The story is also haunting and visually stunning and provides a depth of fear and anxiety to give people the edge and stability to look further into the complex characters.

What I do find hypocritical is the manner in which this film was given such prominence, despite Gibson's earlier films, many of which contain violence, sex, swearing etc. This is still propaganda.

I found it entirely boring and not the least bit insightful.

Well, it's gripping, powerful, emotional, gruesome, and a great journey through the crucifixion.

I found this tedious, to say the least.

There was no message of Love in this movie about Jesus, who wanted nothing more than to convey this message to these confused humans.

Junk and waste of time and It is not worth watching.

Let me just say that this was probably the worst movie I have ever seen in my life.

I found this movie to be rather boring...

Indeed, I quickly found myself with my head propped in my hand, stifling a yawn, wishing the senseless savagery would either morph into a plot, or come to an end.

I think the passion was an entire waste of time.

As a religious documment of sorts "the passion" might mean a lot to it's followers, but in pure cinematic terms is a waste of time, of money and a roller-coaster of bad taste disguising itself as something else.

The music was horribly cliché, very over-dramatic, and obviously a poor attempt at making the audience feel something from this film.

No Plot .

The whipping scene went on far too long, he was hurt badly, we get it we don't need a scene that long to understand that.

I highly recommend it to everyone, though if blood will make you ill, or you are worried about trauma from seeing this...

Visually stunning and amazingly powerful .

I highly recommend it for everyone, it specifies clearly and in detail what Jesus had to go through in those Moments!

Gory, Repellent, and Pointless .

Caviezel gives a stunning, shattering, heartbreaking performance as Jesus.

I can understand what Mel was trying to do, but he clearly let his religious feelings get in the way of his talent here, and made a lovely bit of "look how much I love you, God" suck-up propaganda.

And that's all there is to this movie - no plot, no acting, the musical score is just so-so ( to hear a GREAT score, watch BEN-HUR).

I found it hard to follow as there really was nothing to hold you captive.

However, I felt like I was watching a drawn-out mildly portrayed snuff film.

You hear about people who were overcome with emotion, but to me it just got boring.

Some scene was stunning .........

Worth: 7- Worth watching at least once.

Very little plot 3.

It's visually stunning and not over the top at all as some would make you believe.

) and the direct cruelty which seems to so easily illicit from some (especially Mediterraneans) unspeakable tortures and excruciating slow deaths, and who have no scruples carrying out the most horrific orders… Right now I'm not blaming those Nordic barbarians one bit for blowing the Romans and their lead-toxic brain-disordered Nero-esquire horrors into the 'dark ages' for the next thousand years!!

Nothing in 2004 gripped me from start to finish, mesmerized me with intense emotion or left such a visual and emotional impact as "The Passion Of The Christ".

At over two hours in length I must admit it felt a lot less, I found the story itself gripping & engaging although I have no idea how closely writers Gibson & Benedict Fitzgerald stuck to the source & that ending felt tacked on & like a cheap horror filmed cliché, is that what actually happened in the bible?

Tiresome and Boring .

The drawn out torture scene is very gruesome and a way too excessive.

Others however damned the movie, calling it an anti-semitic propaganda piece filled with sneering Jewish authority figures encouraging the mutilation of mankind's saviour with evil relish and given that director Mel Gibson was caught making an anti-semitic rant while drunk last year, it's hardly surprising.

The acting is mediocre, the entire film appears to have been shot through a brown filter, the music is dull and unimaginative, and as I said, Mel directs almost half the film in extremely slow motion.

The actual physicality of what occurs, minus any religious significance, is enough for some of us to ponder our own inhumanity, but the added religious significance for some viewers will be overwhelming and awe inspiring.

" Meanwhile, the viewers are heading for the toilet, either due to nausea from the amount of fake blood that is showering the screen, or as a break from the boredom caused by what is basically the same scene repeated, with small variations, for almost the entire movie.

The main part of the movie was really repetitive and I found unintentionally funny.

absolutely the worst movie i've ever seen.

To sum up, The Passion of the Christ is too long, too over the top, and extremely anti-Semitic, and without the shroud of religion surrounding it, it would have just been a failed documentary.

All these bombastic, visual means deprive the film of its spiritual and humane dimension and become tiresome in the long run.

This is one of the most, if not the most, intense movie I had ever seen.

The cinematography was absolutely breathtaking.

While they are now viewed as nocturnal fantasy terrors, the origins of the vampire myth indeed lay in anti-Jewish propaganda from rural Europe that believed Jews would drink the blood of virgins and children at night.

It is too long, pretentious, conceited (I'm not sure if it's right word), morbid, stereotypical, in one word - Phew!

Brilliant and engrossing portrayal of the last hours of Christ.

There were no surprises, no suspense, hardly any action, and the story was predictable.

Movie-goers were intrigued by the growing controversy as well as Gibson's sudden, and intense faith-based statements.

You really feel drawn into the film, and it keeps you on the edge of your seat.

I've seen plenty of violent movies in my life and while I grew up on a steady diet of entertaining action movies from the Schwarzenegger, Stallone, Willis, Van Damme and Seagal era I felt that this was nothing that couldn't be handled.

The greatest part of the movie was the flash back sequence involving Mary remembering Jesus as a child, that was the most moving part, I found many of the other scenes however, dragged.

And, for all the brutality leading up to it, the depiction of the Resurrection is simply breathtaking - so much so that it made me forget the horrors immediately preceding it.

The first time I saw this movie I walked out not to far into it.

But what repulses you most is how repetitive the violence and bloodshed is.

Probably the most anti-Semitic film since the Nazi propaganda films .

This movie is gripping and visceral, definitely worth seeing for persons of every faith.

Monica Bellucci is stunning even though she has only a few lines.

For a torture flick, this isn't that great.

The film is in essence Christian propaganda.

a slow and ghastly death.

The acting was first-rate and emotionally evocative, and the use of the authentic languages of the time-Latin by the Romans and Aramaic by the Jews-establishes the film at a high level of artistic and intellectual achievement for a movie dealing with a purportedly historical incident.

This movie isn't a concept, it's a drawn out snuff film featuring someone who just happens to be a prominent religious figure.

It would've been far better to tone down (soft-pedal and shorten) the scourging/crucifixion sequences a bit, and to have included part of the period between the death and the resurrection, and shown the resurrection with a bit more development (Peter and John seeing the empty tomb, Jesus showing himself to Mary Magdalene, etc.), with a more light and hopeful ending to counterbalance the relentless, dark and violent Passion sequence.

I didn't like 12 Years A Slave or Unbroken because they repeat the same things with no story and no point.

Caleb Deschanell's cinematography was breathtaking in its beauty and John Debney's music was so beautiful that it made me cry, along with the two of the film's most violent scenes, The Scourging and The Crucifixion.

From a technical point of view it's well made, but it's boring and pointless.

Mel Gibson loves slow mo.

And, that's a crying shame, to use a very old cliché, when you are making a movie about a man who represents goodness, greatness, love, and all good things.

And the lack of story is irrelevant if I am correct.

Even Jesus would get bored.

FInally, and worst of all, this movie is horribly, horribly pointless.

Don't waste your time.

However, if you have even the slightest hint of cynicism towards religion - please don't waste your time, you'll come away even more battle-hardened than you went in.

(I think you know what I mean by that)I said I was disappointed, but I can also say I enjoyed it.

Thus it leaves us with the movie itself, which is dull expected and without a vision.

People believe in Jesus as the savior for all kinds of reasons, but the least compelling one, and the only one that Passion's narrative thrust relies on, is that He was tortured to death" ??

He is the one and only aspect of this film that is entertaining.