The Patriot (1998) - Action, Thriller

Hohum Score



A respected doctor must race against time to find a cure for a lethal virus, unleashed by a paramilitary militia leader.

IMDB: 4.2
Director: Dean Semler
Stars: Steven Seagal, L.Q. Jones
Length: 90 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 19 out of 84 found boring (22.61%)

One-line Reviews (40)

Steven Seagal does like 1 fight scene in the entire film and it's totally boring.

So boring I forgot that it even existed .

I am sure that Seagal tried to say something in this film except the usual I-am-a-cook (but-also-an-ex-seal) but his recipe was confusing and the taste was awful.

Just boring .

That's why "The Patriot" was so intriguing, how badly did he screw up on this one?

Contrived, predictable, ridiculous .

The story line is hugely unoriginal, the acting is sub-standard, and the attempt to make some philosophical statements is tedious.

The Patriot is a great film and I found it very enjoyable and entertaining to watch.

It has to seem an impossible task to dispose of an air born virus in order to keep the audience on the edge of their seats, always wondering how far from unworkable the solution can be.

Now swap that ratio around: a movie full of boring mundaneness, with only a few moments of action.

People who go see his movies expect action, violence, stunts and martial-arts combat: what they get here instead are a lot of boring speeches and sequences teaching us that oriental/traditional remedies are better than western medicine, that biological warfare is a bad thing, that militia members are a bunch of overweight or underage weirdos in camouflage outfits, that native americans (especially their elder) are always wise and peaceful and so on.

I've just seen the Patriot, released directly to Sky television in the UK I was expecting a really bad film, but I enjoyed it.

It's just a boring attempt at drama by Seagal who might actually think people take his movies seriously.

The Patriot is an extremely boring film, because nothing happens.

She is stunning and appears to have what it takes to take on a more challenging role.

And it is probably the worst movie he is starring in.

In fact you're left with the feeling there's several different films trying to escape from the confusion Now I come to think of it Seagal would be at home with dull and confused movement .

Its boring, Seagal plays a good part as a chemical specialist trying to find a cure for a goverment disease unleashed on a small town ...

Not sure what kind of market the producers of this tosh were hoping to aim at - as an action film it's totally hopeless, as an ecological thriller it's predictable and clichéd.

I think this movie is given a bad wrap because it does not have non-stop bone crunching action and because the villains are stereotyped and the plot lines are predictable and ridiculous.

Cure for insomnia.

These inconsistencies could be partially forgiven if the movie was in any way thrilling or exciting, but this is among the most boring action films in recent memory.

It is filled with boring dialogue, and illogical gaps between events, and stupid actors.

He loves horses, insects, and his sweet little daughter who we all know will be kidnapped, but of course he will rescue her and we will all get up and leave the theater before the final credits role....

Steven Seagal has made a really dull, bad and boring movie.

boring .

It is a fairly entertaining movie, with a charming performance by Camilla Belle as Seagal's daughter.

The plot is silly and contrived, the in-your-face moralising is annoying and preachy.

All of the essentials are there- a hero who can kick ass, a villain who's unquestionably evil yet believable (played by the unappreciated Gailard Sartain), and an intriguing plot involving mass panic in a town overrun by a deadly virus.

The Patriot is one of the worst movies for Steven Seagal which has since seen him stuck in direct to video hell since.

Apart from some quite stunning scenery, this Steven Seagal vehicle is devoid of reasons to spend any time watching it.

The characters are one-dimensional and the acting poor, especially from the rather dull villains who don't even do the good thing by chewing the scenery.

No plot twist comes off as inventive or even interesting, and many outcomes are very easily guessed.

Half the fun of a film like this is imagining how the situation, as unpredictable as it is, can be brought to a close in logical terms.

Steven Seagall as a Kindergartencop.. A waste of everybody's time...

Action is limited to one or two brief sequences and the rest of this long, long film is taken up with moralising, Native American mythology, and plenty of uninteresting dialogue.

A ho-hum drama thriller which uses OUTBREAK as the basis for its plot and wastes the martial arts talents of star Steven Seagal.

Imagine the less-than-satisfying ON DEADLY GROUND: a movie full of action, let down by some boring environmental stuff.

It is just plain boring.

Very long, drawn out, and boring.