The Perfection (2018) - Drama, Horror, Thriller

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When troubled musical prodigy Charlotte (Allison Williams) seeks out Elizabeth (Logan Browning), the new star pupil of her former school, the encounter sends both musicians down a sinister path with shocking consequences.

IMDB: 6.1
Director: Richard Shepard
Stars: Allison Williams, Steven Weber
Length: 90 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-MA
Reviews: 80 out of 450 found boring (17.77%)

One-line Reviews (220)

It's how the audience is brought to that conclusion that's intriguing.

Odd and intriguing in unexpected ways.

Please for the love of God don't waste any time on this flabbergasting train wreck of a "movie".

It starts out kind of confusing, and early on is a serious gross-out scene that almost made me turn it off because of how stressful it was for someone like me with anxiety (if you're afraid of vomit/getting sick, be cautious).

The "twists" were easily guessable and therefore just irritating given all the rest..The "gore" and "gross" factor that this title is billed and marketed is yawn-level.

This plot twist was unpredictable and I was intrigued Then we get to part three, where Charlotte is the hero, Lizzie is brainwashed, and the prestigious school is the bad guy.

The acting is brilliant, and the story is compelling.

It is very unpredictable, unsetteling and grealty acted.

More feminst propaganda from Netflix .

I hope the director and screenwriters keep experimenting, because they are certainly capable of making an entertaining film.

"Bad acting", "Plot holes", "Predictable"...

Had unexpected twists and if you realized the subplot, your brain got excited af.

The PREDICTABLE no where near perfection .

The story is compelling, the storytelling riveting, the acting superb, and the plotline absolutely unpredictable.

Slow start and some wtf.

waste of time .

This was definitely one of the worst movies I've seen in years.

This is for sure the worst movie I've watched in years...

By the way, ''The perfection'' is enjoyable movie and it's worth watching

The movie is badly played, boring and has hardly any good scenes.

If you enjoy the genre of movie, just go along with it, forgive its flaws and it'll be an enjoyable ride.

Worst movie I've ever seen.

Tedious, Lacklustre, and Decidedly Imperfect .

Its narrative goes from strangely compelling to profoundly disturbing.

One of the worst movies ever.

Too sick, little too predictable, little too much trying to shock.

Some crazy plot and story ideas sure but it's better than every other boring thriller / revenge movie out there.

That's why I was surprised to see people call this movie "feminist propaganda" - it isn't.

Flawed but entertaining .

Very predictable.

I was hoping it would go in one direction and then went in another predictable and offensive direction.

The ending was a little cliche for me, they weren't very imaginative there.

Probably one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

A few twists that are predictable and a few that are not.

It's an interesting and intriguing concept that does work very well in the psychological horror genre.

Besides the bad plot, the acting is fine, the photo is fine, it's a quality picture just with a boring plot.

The movie could have been camp gold, but is just boring trash.

Such a fresh and gripping movie...

But it certainly is intriguing if somewhat strange and far fetched.

Unfortunately it was a very short part of the movie because then it turned sour with an extremely predictable plot.

Each act of the movie takes a twist you don't expect, so the ending is pretty much unpredictable even though it's not original.

Usually when it comes to Netflix originals I initially lower my expectations in hopes of a pleasant surprise in the form of an average and entertaining film.

Dont believe the title, its not so perfect, it is boring as hell.

Dont waste your time.

Like one user said, Netflix is trying way too hard to be edgy and it was comical and a waste of time to watch.

it was a waste of time.

Boring, gross, AWFUL dialog-no redeeming features whatsoever.

I really enjoyed it.

It tries to hard at the end by throwing plot twists at the audience, and other than an overall interesting theme is empty, meaning there is little about the theme of music that could not have been the theme of baking, or soccer, or crotchet.

This is by far one of the most intense and compelling seductive and thrilling films I have seen in quite some time!

Don't waste your time.

The much vaunted twists were predictable from miles away.

Most enjoyable horror movie since Get Out.

Admittedly, I started this one twice, and its rather slow start was meh.

First 20 minutes were boring.

It's surely an entertaining way to spend 1.5 hours of your life.

After the scene at the bus, the film turn into very intense until the end!


Intriguing in almost a Hitchcock way, this is mystery, thriller and horror all wrapped up in one beautifully shot package.

bizarre but engrossing.

Beginning of this movie: intriguing, not sure which way it's going to go.

The plot is a bit ridiculous but I still enjoyed it.

Bottom line is that, while this movie does push into some uncomfortable territory for many many people (including me, surprisingly) for a variety of reasons (thematically and visually), it's worth the watch for the thrill and the entertainment and for being one of the most original and well-crafted recent thrillers.

Well, the problem here is not the crazy girls' revenge, or the dull plot twist - it's ironically the lack of perfectionism in each scene after the first 40min, the lazy and senseless dialogues, the messy storyline.

Richard Shepard's thriller plays with the audience's expectations in kind of a unique way, defying what the film could be conceived as in the beginning, offering the intriguingly engaging performances of Logan Browning, Allison Williams and Steven Weber, and while some might find these turns of events satisfying and oddly-bizarre, some conventional viewers might find them provoking and uncomfortable enough to be non-pleased.

Oh how boring.

I actually enjoyed it...

Enjoyable, but predictable .

Intense, original movie .

Nowadays, aside from being weighed down with leaden CGI and cheap jump scares, it seems they're always trying to have some sort of social commentary, or trying to be all artsy fartsy, which certainly seems to be the case in the opening stages of this misfiring film from director David Shepard.

More thrilling than I expected .

The cinematography is at times breathtaking and the horror scenes are scream inducing, I was literally squirming in my seat and this is one of the few movies I've ever watched where I almost had to turn it off.

sexy, thrilling, gross, and twisted.

That being said, I thought it delivered enough unexpected twists, intense moments, and thrills to recommend it.

The two leads were stunning and made for great actresses.

Though the use of some vulgar cinematic gimmicks were kind of disappointing (case in point, the "pause + fast rewind" effect) this movie is definitely worth the watch.

A slow starter that is just on the edge of boredom so I thought, hell, people afe writing about the bus, so I waited until the bus and I must say, it turns into a horror.

The dialogue is for the most part straight up predictable and cringe-inducingly bad, and the performances from an undeniably talented cast are flat and boring, either due to direction, a poor script that doesn't have enough weight to counterbalance its far-out premise, or the fact that not one single character in the entire movie has anything interesting or empathetic about them.

Actually that's my first time ever to leave a review or even try to read reviews for a movie, i went to reviews to read what people say about it and i'm amazed that some people even gave it 2 stars, it's the worst movie i'av ever seen in my entire life, i feel sorry for my self for wasting that time on watching such a thing

So Dumb, Yet it Was Enjoyable .

This movie is just painful, horrible, unbearable, moronic and judt plsin dumb.

Don't waste your time.

I really enjoyed the middle of this movie, because, it causes the beginning of the movie to have a different tone, which, I really enjoyed having as a twist, but, the ending was just bland, and, I quickly lost interest.

From start to finish your mind has tricks played on it keeping you on the edge of your seat.

End: kinda bored and over it.

Had to write a review because people are giving it negative reviews and calling it a feminist propaganda movie.

Those reviewers saying this is "propaganda" are the kind of people who can't take off their political hats long enough to enjoy a movie with a female-heavy cast.

There are so many plot holes and unbelievable turns, it would take way too long to list them.

On the other hand its really surprising and entertaining, no one can expected such a confused way of telling a story.

The reality is that humans are unpredictable and no amount of human prescience could have ensured a the exact sequence needed by Charlotte.

Sadly predictable....

Don't waste your time unless you are drunk or on drugs.

BUT, again, visually it was enjoyable, the acting was fine.

Some bizarre moments worth the watch and the "feminist rally against bad men" feeling is there too.

and has a nice twistAbsolutely worth watching it

After reading some of the reviews I was excited to see what some called twisted and unexpected.

Worth watching .

Enjoyed it despite the fact that I was distracted by how similar it felt to the San Junipero episode of Black Mirror.

If you look at it like a B movie, it's entertaining in that respect.

Great work, super happy and really enjoyed it.

boring and disappointing .

While I have to say this was a bit predictable, that was mainly due to having seen hundreds of horror movies, including foreign ones.

There were a lot of unexpected twist which had me thinking what I'm I watching.

It has a raw message, it's intense and you will find this kind of disgusting for some scenes.

In 2019, especially in the horror genre and if you have been exposed to most psychological thrillers/horrors of the last 30+ years, most are predictable because there's only so much you can really do anymore in storytelling.

(slow clap with the standing ovation)!!!!

It's on top 3 of the worst movies iv ever watched .

Really unique and edgy horror film with a few cool twists in it, and a gripping story.

I would think good storytelling is when multiple points can be approached within the same story, and not to mention that then if the trailer wasn't deceiving, then of course the film was predictable as most films then could be from just their trailers.

Rubbish, don't waste your time .

Kept me on the edge of my seat and has an ending that doesn't disappoint!

Not Perfect, But Intriguing .

First of all, I'm a guy and I really found most of the movie compelling.

these guys managed to pull it off: "Perfection" turns out to be an entertaining (albeit very gory) and masterfully directed movie.

), the story chugs it's way miserably forward at a snail's pace, and every single actor just mumbles and vocal-fry's their way through their lines for the sake of just getting it over with (it's also too long...

This is by far the worst movie I've seen in a long time.

From beginning to end the movie was a thrilling, unpredictable, visually stimulating ride!

Movie is stylish, and very enjoyable to watch in terms of visual appeal.

Others on here may be unsatisfied because the film is not what the trailers probably made you believe it was going to be, or that the film was too predictable and my response to those two points would be: if a trailer makes you believe and lures you in with one thing, and the film shows you something completely different, how is that such a bad thing?

This movie is largely average with some intriguing imagery and concepts thrown in.

Entertaining .

Not a blockbuster, but well done and entertaining, even for a couple early 60s.

Visually stunning, scream inducing .

If you've never had human interaction before and struggle to keep your excitement contained at the sight of tasteless gore(not the fun kind), then this movie might be believable as well as entertaining.

An utter waste of time!

My husband and I enjoyed it and I got some laughs in as well.

This is a well-made film, well-acted, and for much of the run-time, quite engrossing.

An intriguing way, a "weird" way.

This is a gripping film.

Entertaining, but implausible and predictable .

Entertaining .

It was executed well, the acting was spot on, and right when I thought it was going to get cliche, or boring, or cheesy, it flipped the switch and again I was surprised.

Don't waste your time.

This is a terrible waste of time.

Completely waste of time.

I went in not expecting much and was bowled over by how good this is, an interesting plot that could be confusing were it not laid out so well.

Entertaining but predictable.

Let's just say it twists, it turns, it provides flashbacks and I found it utterly unpredictable which is at least something in its favor.

But each of the many "twists" were utterly predictable!

Good and unpredictable direction, acting and execution for a predictable plotline.

the writing predictable...

It was completely unexpected and will not bore you in the slightest!

Crazy movie ; predictable until it's not!

This was the worst movie I've seen in a long, long time; the kind that leaves me a bit perplexed, bemused, and chuckling at the absurdity of it all a day later if I should happen to think of it.

Don't waste your time.

The storyline is disjointed, uninteresting, not believable not even for fun and with with total lack of suspense or any Other.

Truly the biggest waste of time I have ever experienced in my entire life.

This is a waste of film and the actors time.

This movie is enjoyable as just pure entertainment.

Yes this one starts off slow once again...

Papatza means something more than extremely stupid and boring.

"But the movie in its entirety is entertaining.

Boring slow and plain stupid.

More of a waste of time than writing this review.

it did the bad parts, pretty well done bad that it was entertaining, & the good parts were well done.

I was watching Netflix bored out of my mind and came across this peculiar and bizarre film.

I really enjoyed it.

There is no message or moral to this tale.

I enjoyed it.

It could have had better writing but it was v entertaining.

Okay so I put on this movie in the background while I was doing some work so it started out boring, cello players, parties and boring conversations.

Welp, that was unexpected .

Only that made me persevere through one of the most boring film's I've ever seen.

At the beginning of the film, I really reckon this is a boring romance film!

I'm not sure if I liked this movie but I will say it's definitly worth watching because if anything it is fascinating.

Worst movie of the year .

What's all the hype about I fell asleep halfway through this movie.

I usually don't care for films about music or romance, but the infusion of these genres along with horror, which is my favorite genre, have combined to make a fascinating exercise.

Me and wife thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish.


Worth watching, and more twisty than expected, just don't expect much from the end.

Predictable .

this is a must see, there is some blood and mild gore, but it's the story that makes this so entertaining.

It is a pretentious attempt at a psychosexual thriller.

This one is so different, well played, surprising, exciting and at the same time disturbing.

After that it just becomes a terribly generic and contrived movie that just embarrasses itself at every turn with how poorly thought out it is.

Well that was unexpected (to say the least) .

Without knowing anything about this movie, the biological horror of the first act seems intriguing.

Hands down (pun intended) the worst movie I ever saw .

This movie was shallow, predictable, horribly written and just plain awful.

Personally, I enjoyed it just as a flick to watch with my girlfriend that wasn't the standard same ole same ole that we can always predict what is coming next...

The Perfection is well a perfect mind blowing rollercoaster.

Pointless violence .

I've probably seen over 1,000 movies, and this is by far the #1 worst movie I have ever seen.

More boring then the original which has a cult following because it's Argento.

The plot bounces around from being so stupid it's unwatchable and so stupid that it's actually hilarious.

Enjoyable .

Intensely compelling!

If you are a fan of suspenseful, intelligent thrillers this movie is for you!!!

A little bit frustrating to begin with as it does start of slow but once it starts, like REALLY starts it was captivating and has you on the edge of your seat.

But it was worth watching.

The plot's turn after turn can be interesting but it also lacks the road map to make it truly compelling.

Worth the watch.

Nothing supernatural, just the banality of human evil once again.

Predictable and lazy .

The first half is some of the most intriguing cinema I have seen in a long time.

Messed Up + Unexpected .

Twist and turns effectively, albeit some elements are fairly predictable.

The director experimented with both cinematography and visual storytelling, and that alone made the film enjoyable.

I have nothing against 2 people of the same sex loving each other, but a kiss would ha e sufficed to show us that they were into each other, not some long, drawn out sexual encounter.

One of the worst movies I've ever seen.

The movie was well made, but kinda dull.

Very Entertaining .

The later part of the movie was pointless, rediculously unlikely and offensive.

Thoroughly enjoyed it .

and boring as hell.

I went out of my way to create an imbd account in order to save anyone from accidentally watching thisOne of the worst movies I've ever seen

It's original, fun, different, gross, scary, sad, exciting.

Worth the watch.


Cheesy acting, pointless storyline and an over-the-top attempt at being edgy.

An instant attraction develops between the 2 women and their journey defines the rest of this fascinating flick.

Great message but predictable .

It is certainly not up to those standards, but an entertaining effort nonetheless.

But it was entertaining enough, and there were some surprises.

I had to skip through scenes cause of how boring it was.

intense .

repetitive and needless use of the "f-word" mostly by female cast members and some excessively graphic, bloody, unexplained and violent injuries.

It's boring, unnecessary and drags on.

If you do stick it out to see what happens, and you make it through the lumbering flashbacks to Charlotte's mental breakdown and suicide attempts - all shown with the most eye-rollingly cliched iconography, including screaming, head-shaving, and ECT - you will be treated to some solid attempts to twist the narrative through flashbacks and retelling sequences, which is interestingly done even if quite contrived, and then the ultimate bombshell regarding both women's pasts is revealed...