The Phantom (1996) - Action, Adventure, Comedy

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The Phantom, descendent of a line of African superheroes, travels to New York City to thwart a wealthy criminal genius from obtaining three magic skulls which would give him the secret to ultimate power.

IMDB: 4.9
Director: Simon Wincer
Stars: Billy Zane, Kristy Swanson
Length: 100 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 17 out of 163 found boring (10.42%)

One-line Reviews (102)

I found "The Phantom" entertaining in the colorful sets, interesting props, good story line, and almost-believable characters.

The general idea is also enjoyable as jungle based Phantom has always been a fairly untypical character avoiding the Tarzan/Jungle Jim stereotypes as well as the Batman clichés.

The strongest aspects goes to the amazingly intense action sequences and David Newman's adequately amazing music score and I liked how the title character gets it's own theme song like most movie franchises have.

The plot was simple, but engaging and the villains were perfect, no good, evil comic book baddies.

Simon Wincer's fast paced direction, the art department and costumer's dedication to capturing the look of the newspaper comic strip and Billy Zane, in one of his best roles ever, easily sell this finely tuned blend of action and humor, with a romantic subplot that never becomes saccharine or cloying.

Exciting version of the popular comic books about the immortal Masked Man .

So if you can somehow get past this problem, you will discover a very enjoyable movie.

Each star gives his or her worst possible performance ever, and the story was simply dull.

Out of all the superheroes out there absolutely none are even remotely close to being as electric, fascinating, and utterly charming as The Ghost Who Walks.

A little like its eponymous hero then, this movie was a little out of time but was otherwise light, enjoyable old-fashioned entertainment.

If this movie piques your curiosity to check out the diverse and exciting world of the Phantom comics, it would have gotten it's due.

Overall, The Phantom isn't a great movie, but it's a comic book superhero movie that works brilliant in an Indiana Jones-esque style and it's worth watching.

The story was exciting and it changed locals enough to give a balance to the Phantom's residence in a fictional Asian jungle country to the coming to New York.

The movie is not thee masterpiece of the century if you look at editing, cinematography, dialogs etc., but it's one hell of an entertaining ride.

It will most certainly be a waste of your time.

The only missing ingredients in this movie are a compelling plot-line, and Steven Spielberg in the director's chair.

The way it captured an earlier time in our country so seamlessly, the tightness of the whole production, the attractive leads, the interesting, exciting feel of it all.

Having grown up with Lee Falk's "The Phantom" in the Sunday comic strip - I found this to be a very enjoyable action movie - - and much superior to the 1943 Tom Tyler version.

Sets and photography are very interesting; but of course the story is too predictable even for a fantasy world.

My wife and I found it to be a very entertaining 90 minutes or so.

Entertaining live-action comic book adventure.

Much more entertaining than The Shadow.

It's one of those movies that draws your attention with riveting action and suspense, and makes you sit there.

It ends up being so overly fast & disconnected that it becomes disjointed and under-developed in its story-telling.

No, there had to be a rescue, and either the horse was faster then a flight, or the flight somehow flew slower than possible.

That's when we meet the most fascinating person in this movie, Sala (Catherine Zeta-Jones), a femme fatale air pirate who, in the newspaper strips, is in love with the Phantom.

Worth watching.

Although considered a commercial failure, it is nevertheless an enjoyable and entertaining live-action comic book adventure.

Such an epic movie and so enjoyable.

Though taken, almost literally, from the comic strip, this wonderful film comes across more as a pulp magazine adventure, a delightful period piece with a noble hero, spunky heroine, great primary and secondary villains, and some breathtaking stunts and location shots.

Billy Zane is enjoyable in the role, and he worked his butt off to get those muscles.

This one is a time killer for a slow Saturday night, and it probably will come as no surprise a sequel was never made.

Unfortunately this one gets off on the wrong foot by choosing a hero who is virtually unknown and rather dull anyway.

The supporting cast is solid, with Kristy Swanson making for a believable plucky heroine, Treat Williams a dashing villain and a young and flat out stunning Catherine Zeta-Jones making for a deliciously devilish air pirate captain.

Whether it's the jungle, the city or a pirates cave the Phantoms sets and scenery are always breathtaking.

Directed by Simon Wincer who handles the action with skill with stunning visual elements.

So the Phantom is an excellent example in this department with great nature scenes, breathtaking production values and a great story!

The first Superman film was cool until Lois Lane hijacked it and there was that major boring flying scene with crappy music, and she nerfed up the second film because he threw his powers away for her resulting in all that following drama...

One worth watching if only for that trueness-to-life!

This movie was bad all the way through, the action was boring and Zane's performance is horrible in the lead.

Enjoyable Action Adventure .

It's part of the recurring bad luck in this stunning and talented performer's career that she's forever being upstaged by more exciting personalities.

Toss in a rousing score by David Newman and The Phantom is exactly what it sets out to be; a fun bit of escapist action adventure and a good way to spend a rainy afternoon.

Kristy Swanson is probably the weakest link, giving a rather bland performance.

clever,campy,exciting .

I will fault Robert Evans and Alan Ladd as producers to allow an Australian to so dramatically change the fascinating Lee Falk concept on the screen!

It reminds me of such entertaining adventure movies as 'Romancing the Stone' and 'Raiders of the Lost Ark', although not quite in the league of the latter one.

He transcends a rather mundane superhero outfit.

Nicely entertaining and clean action hero movie.

I was a fan of The Phantom comics, pretty much of the same reasons I was a fan of Tarzan when, I was a kid: They were adventurous and fun and some times thrilling or even little bit spooky.

) I especially appreciate this film now, since superhero films are now dominated by over-top-sadism and ultraviolence, or by confusing messes of phantasmogorical cosmic spectacle where you can't tell what the heck is happening.

From flight to horse is OK, but the whole exercises was pointless as the Phantom could have disabled the bad guys in the first place.

It's sentiments and dialog are as trite and primary hued as the simple look of the original four color printing of the comic.

My wife and I saw it for a bargain matinee and I enjoyed it.

His two supporting actors are less than impressive: original BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER Kristy Swanson fails to make an impression, while Treat Williams is just bland as the chief bad guy – neither hammy nor sinister, just a bit of a ponce.

Well worth watching .

Beautiful filming locations and a snappy, crisp story line.

A fun and enjoyable superhero ride if you expect some flaws .

The production values are fairly good except for the casting of Billy Zane who makes a bland superhero and Catherine Zeta Jones who makes a bland villainess , but it`s fairly good fun if there`s nothing else on the other channels

Imagine James Bond crossed with Indiana Jones," and you will know what to expected from this polished but predictable spectacle.

The movie doesn't really drag anywhere, and even offers a few lively flashes, in short: Simply enjoyable.

I give this 7 out of 10, because it was enjoyable, and I think it executed it's ideas well (it's an homage to serials I believe, like Indiana Jones.

Sorry, but give me the intriguing jungle lore of the Phantom any day of the week.

As for the characters, they were light and enjoyable.

Well worth watching.

For a 1996 action hero movie, then "The Phantom" is entertaining for what it is, a campy attempt at bringing an equally campy comic book hero to life on the screen.

Even Al is great as a regular blue collar Joe who gets caught up in an unexpected adventure.

THE ROCKETEER flopped at the box office while 2002`s biggest box office hit was SPIDERMAN - The point being if you`re going to make a blockbuster based on comic book heroes base them on well known ones On its own I found THE PHANTOM to be as I`d expected : Entertaining , fairly dumb and ever so slightly sadistic .

But if you keep an open mind and fill in the gaps that the lack of budget creates you have still a fairly enjoyable if also rather uneven outing and possibly the best Phantom adaptation given that there is no scope for one in the future.

The film itself is actually very well made and is very enjoyable sort of Indiana Jones-style,with great locations and a realistic 1930's feel - with a different lead Actor probably would have done a lot better.

It is very much enjoyable to see Billy Zane, Swanson and Zeta-Jones swinging swords and firing pistols at various opponents.

Its ending, which tries to wrap it up, even though we got it halfway through, is predictable and stupid.

Even Kristy Swanson, usually a laughingstock, is pretty enjoyable here.

The story is exciting, and acting performances are rich.

Not an awful movie, just a waste of time.

Kristy Swanson is boring as the love interest.

Could have used some tighter directing here and there but nevertheless very entertaining.

Campy, sure, but still entertaining...

It is exactly what it pretends to be: a fun, enjoyable Saturday-matinee-style movie.

As a period piece I enjoyed it in a way one can't enjoy more contemporary movies.

This is a wonderfully fun and engaging adaptation of the classic pulp character.

This movie is recommended to audiences of all ages and is worth watching as this is the only movie cast around the mysterious life of 'The Ghost Who Walks'.

He's so dull and restrained in this movie (by the PG rating, of course) that I couldn't believe when I first saw him that he was the same guy who once gave one of the best psycho-villain performances of '80s action cinema.

Drax is a cold and megalomaniac killer who murders cruelty his victims (as the horrifying killing with microscope on his first victim calling him : Liar), he is looking for three sacred skulls of Tuganda which united create a rousing energy , originating a supernatural power ; besides , involving brotherhood Syn pirates (led by Cary Tagawa).

I'd never seen this movie until a couple of months ago, and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

This is a very good and thrilling film.

An enjoyable adventure film with some minor flaws .

If you have ever read a Phantom comic and enjoyed it, then see this movie and you'll not be disappointed.

Yet here, in this forgotten, low rent bomb, he pulls off his most engaging, natural, and entertaining performance -- as the deliciously corny villain, Xander Drax.

For all of those who nitpick like crazy--I suggest you watch Citizen Kane or one of those boring foreign artsy fartsy movies.

Wants to capture that rousing, old-fashioned sense of adventure, but it lacks an engaging hero and the execution is flat.

Thrilling and fun picture loosely based on Lee Falk's first stories from The Phantom comic strip , "The Singh Brotherhood" and "The Sky Band" .

Sadly, the climax is weak, just cutting to the usual one-vs-one battles as so many of these bland Hollywood productions do.

Forgettable, jerry-built Indiana Jones tale has adequate set design and creative special effects, but suffers from mediocre action scenes, uninteresting characters, and corny dialogue.

The film's technical credentials are outstanding, with excellent photography, stunning location shoots done really well, solid period design, and direction which achieves the presumed intent of making something not dissimilar to 30's or 40's serials (and in many ways the comics themselves) in tone quite well, and to my surprise without any of the referential, somewhat jokey 'homages' the "Indiana Jones" films went for.

It's a cinematic roller coaster , pretty entertaining and with very well made action set pieces .

Not the best ever, mind you, but damn enjoyable.

Do yourself a favor: put on a big purple costume and run around in the jungle for two hours--it's time better spent than watching this dull movie.

Other performance were completely enjoyable, especially Treat Williams as the villain and a young smoking-hot Catherine Zeta Jones as a dangerous lady pilot.

The cinematography, especially on the location shots, was breathtaking.

Comic book movies more than any other genre are enjoyable or not predominantly on how much you're attached to the original source.

) "Diana Palmer" (Kristy Swanson) and the film gives you an entertaining 100 minutes.