The Phantom of the Opera (2004) - Drama, Musical, Romance

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A young soprano becomes the obsession of a disfigured and murderous musical genius who lives beneath the Paris Opéra House.

IMDB: 7.3
Director: Joel Schumacher
Stars: Gerard Butler, Emmy Rossum
Length: 143 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 81 out of 1000 found boring (8.1%)

One-line Reviews (454)

Even though, I wasn't happy with the ending(I don't like sad endings, i can say, the movie was worth watching...

The film is a stunning visual treat and on DVD the crystal-clear picture and DTS surround sound show the medium off to great effect.

Gerald Butler as the Phantom and Patrick Wilson as Raoul, his rival for Christine's affections, both lack charisma as actors, although Butler has a few touching moments at the end (Wilson, on the other hand, has been stuck playing one of those bland, white bread hero types Victorian audiences seemed to adore so much, so, unlike Butler, he has little or no chance of redeeming himself at any point in the movie).

Phantom, simply overrated and repetitive .

Still the musical numbers were for the most part good, the story enjoyable and some of the effects, sets and transitions making for a visually engaging movie.

The phantom was too young and handsome for the movie to even make sense if you came to this without knowing the GL book and the ALW stage version, then doing some mental double-takes to "fill in" or "correct" the confusing parts of the movie-fied story.

I recommend it to anyone who loves romantic, sexy, Gothic, suspenseful type movies.

Apart from the poor direction, awful singing and bad acting (when people are actually talking and not singing, that is) there's the fact that the film is just plain boring.

I KNOW the horse is a nod to the book, but the way Christine just suddenly shows up on it in the middle of the scene looks silly and pointless.

Oh, if you are going to buy it, I don't think there's need for the extra material, I've seen and thought it was kind of boring.

Visually stunning, with heartfelt, moving performances from all of the principle players, Sir ALW and Joel Schumacher have set a banquet for the eyes and ears.

The mystery of who he is and how he does what he does is part of what is exciting in the story.

Then enters the stunning Christine Daae whom the Phantom becomes obsessively romantic about.

The voices of every character were stunning, just the way they should have been.

In all, they, combined with the sheer intense vibrancy make the movie fully worth watching.

But alas, I found that the movie was completely and utterly breathtaking.

As a huge fan of Maury Yeston's musical "Phantom," this self-indulgent piece of drek did not cut it.

I consider it a very good musical, with lots of thrilling scenes, great acting, and well developed story.

Surprising all her doubters, she gives a stunning performance.

I give this movie a 10 out of 10 and highly recommend it to anyone who loves music, theater, or romance.

The film's skeletal plot is mainly told in lengthy, repetitive song numbers which prove more distancing in film format than they would in a stage production, suggesting disciplined faithfulness being overruled in favour of judicious trimming might have been an uncommonly wise choice.

My husband, who does not like musicals, even enjoyed it.

This one bears no resemblance to either version, being a lavish vision of a Gothic romance, but is still a stunning film which grew on me after the second, more relaxed viewing free of prejudices and cynicism.

I found it compelling.

The songs were just stupidly slow moving in parts and Christine looks more like a gormless fool than an enchanting young lady, in parts.

While the visual effects, lighting, and set design were stunning, I felt that the casting was sub par.

We go from a 10 minute boring intro to a series of events that's more like "wham-bam-thank-you-m'am" intercourse than a smooth storyline.

More aesthetic experience than cohesive film, yet compelling enough to warrant viewing .

And yes I am sure there will be critics of this film, but Emmy Rossum's rendition of "Think of Me" is absolutely stunning and that alone should be enough to silence the loudest critic.

It was visually stunning, the songs were wonderful (well, it's Andrew Lloyd Webber after all!

For those reviewers who rated this movie at 8 or 9 or 10, I must conclude that either they confused "Phantom" with another movie or are employees of the production company that produced what has to be one of the worst movie musicals in the history of movie musicals.

Boring, stupid, and boring .

Don't waste your time, unless you're a rabid PotO fan, in which case, I'm sure you've already seen it.

'The Phantom of the Opera' is the cure for all those who are bored to death with Hollywood blockbusters.

A highly enjoyable film.

When you're not held captive in an auditorium for 3 1/2 hours and you can get up at any time and go to the bathroom, Andrew Lloyd Webber is actually quite enjoyable.

It is so sad and heartbreaking, but it is so exciting and lusty!

Overrall I give it a 9/10 and I recommend it to anyone who wants to see an intriguing romance.

Overall, its enjoyable and entertaining.

Once I realized how stunning and adrenaline-rising it is, I got the soundtrack.

Anyone who saw Michael Crawford preform the Phantom on Broadway or London would have instantly walked out of the movie theater and asked for their money to be returned as soon as Gerrod Butler yells (not sings) the first note.

The way she sings for her age is breathtaking, and hard to believe.

To be sure, most of the blame should rest with Webber who went along with Schumaker's boring style and lame screenplay.

The customs are remarkable and the scenes are breathtaking.

A woman behind me fell asleep and was snoring and I remember thinking, "God, I don't blame you!

I have seen the show and i must admit i was a bit nervous about coming to see this film but I'm glad i did because it was excellent and i thoroughly enjoyed it.

Don't waste the money.

This is the musical that taught me that music could be, all at once, vulgar, boring, popular and dishonest.

If I had to pick one film for being the most thrilling, most beautiful and most stunning I'd ever seen- The Phantom of the Opera would be the one.

Gerard Butler, an exciting, heart-breaking Phantom.

Having seen the Movie Version of Cats, West Side Story and countless other Musicals I must say I was not expecting anything overly special when it came to this film, to me most musicals are really rather boring and only enjoyable to watch when nothing else is on.

The story was intense and multi-layered to the max.

It's the worst movie i have ever seen...

It weaves everything that makes a movie fascinating into one complete, stunning, unique and aesthetically pleasing whole.

Right from the opening minutes the film became extremely engaging and really never slows down.

Visually Stunning .

Wonderful, Astonishing, Stunning .

I think this movie is worth watching and I recommend it to any and everyone who cares.

I give it a six primarily for stunning cinematography, elaborate costumes, extraordinary music and some very nice vocals.

I watched this with some friends, and one of them walked out (of the living room) 1 hour into the film.

Minnie Driver, an unexpected surprise!

Visually the film looks so beautiful, the costumes and sets are and absolutely stunning.

Very compelling story told with fantastic visuals.

The addition of the black and white, dreary world of the future in which the story is narrated from is a creepy and well done addition as well and adds a certain setting to the film.

The moment I loved this movie was the moment when the crashed chandelier is being pulled up and the first, thrilling notes of the theme song played.

Very enjoyable especially if you missed the theatre production .

I was lucky enough to see the original cast production at Her Majesty's Theatre a couple of months after it opened in 1986, and I remember it as the most spectacular and exciting theatre production I've ever seen.

The story goes at a steady enjoyable pace where the dialog is in the background and the musical songs are the ones that keeps you hooked to the movie.

Personally, I LOVE the Phantom of the Opera, the music, the lyrics to the music itself, and its simple love triangle story are all great elements that help Phantom succeed in entertaining.

Next, the way the plot was carried out was uninspiring.

Interestingly though, she is more successful as an actress than a singer here since her arias feel somewhat vacuous and worse, start to feel repetitive as the movie goes on.

It was well staged, with a wonderful effects shot at the start replacing what I understand is a breathtaking stage effect in the show.

I had been dying to see it so I dragged my little sister along for the ride.

Overall, though, I enjoyed it immensely.

She was beautiful, masterfully portraying the innocent coming of age (which was, of course, natural being 16-17 at the time of shooting).

The reason I enjoyed it much more where it happens in the stage play is because 1.

All of the visuals are beautiful as well - aesthetically, this movie is stunning!

Gerard Butler is breathtaking, and his variety of emotions and expressions, even with a mask on, is very impressive.

mind-blowing, and stunning .

The ending was an unexpected surprise.

And about Gerard Butler, his emotional range is absolutely stunning.

I have always been a sucker for swords, and I have to say that I was on the edge of my seat the entire sword fight.

slow,,, torturous,,,, pompous trash .

The directing is pretty much flawless and the scenery is stunning.

Raoul in the middle of the story filmed in grainy sepia tones fall somewhat short of artsy and come across as merely self indulgent, not to mention they slow the movie down exponentially.

To say that this film was entertaining, simply does not do it justice.

The story itself is highly compelling, that of a young woman's inner struggle between the father figure in her life (the phantom) who helped her become the success that she was, and with her lover Patrick, which represents her future.

The sets and costumes are breathtaking.

More entertaining than horrifying.

It's also a complete waste of time.

If you took stills of the scenes and made a storybook, then maybe it wouldn't be a waste of time.

Music is so intense that you sometimes feel like you'll just get inside the movie.

In this respect the film reverses convention: unlike the usual flashback where the past is blurry sepia, here the present is washed-out and dreary while the past is vibrant, opulent, and alive.

Stunning Movie .

Really, it gets rather boring after a while.

Patrick Wilson, while carrying a tune fairly well, came off as simply bland in both the singing and speaking parts.

Her voices is so great, and the cinematography is stunning.

To really pull this off, a much stronger actor than Emmy Rossum is needed, to portray the confusion and pain Christine is experiencing.

I was yawning after 10 minutes or so into the movie, and hearing the theme music for the 4012045:th time in my life didn't send the shivers down my spine as people keep saying.

The film presents a truly exciting climax, I was on the edge of my seat!

However, the stunning visuals, great music, and Emmy's performance make this movie well worth your money.

If you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend it.

The songs, banal out of context, are painful when strung together in an unending stream of musical nonsense.

Mostly he's dull.

I won't spoil the ending, but let me say that this movie contains intense love, dread, hate, and music.

I got the significance of the monkey music box in that it belonged to the phantom, but I did not understand why Raoul would want it for Christine, since I would have thought that he would be happy to forget everything about the "Phantom" This had the makings of a good romantic movie, it was just the length and many things that I considered disjointed kept me from enjoying it as much as I wanted to.

This is a neat trick to pull off in any film, but especially one with such intense emotion as Phantom of the Opera.

One suspects the outrageous, and somewhat unexpected success of Moulin Rouge, which shares its Parisien theatrical setting and essentially the same central story - a woman's choice between passion and security.

Wilson, the only trained singer of the three leads, looks great compared to Rossum and Butler, but was handed a rather boring role as Raoul.

I also thought the lack of spoken dialogue throughout the film dragged it and it became annoying at some points listening to song after song without any breaks for long periods of time.

Like many people say of "Fantome de l'Opera" that it is a confusing book, "Andrew Lloyd Weber's Phantom of the Opera" is just as confusing when it is in black and white, as well was being Hollywood purified.

It really did captivate the thrilling story that Andrew Lloyd Webber has only made better.

The film also gets kind of boring sometimes.

More of a visual and auditory experience than cohesive narrative film, Schumacher's take on the classic story still boasts sufficient Gothic ambiance to remain decently haunting and engaging, in spite of its frequent pitfalls.

While certain appealing artistic additions, such as the transitioning from a black and white 'present' to the almost full film 'flashback' in a side-scrolling sweep of vibrant colour help the film feel more alive and Schumacher's action credentials help the fight and chase scenes light up with punchy enthusiasm, these moments are few and far between, making the film frequently lag and feel in want of more happening (however, watch for an intriguing added last shot).

The lighting and background is stunning.

So I am gonna say now that if you find musicals boring, you'll probably find this boring too.

I'm an adult, so provide me at least somewhat compelling story lines.

If you're looking for another cliché love triangle with two handsome guys fighting over a girl, by all means see this movie.

Your first time watching it, it keeps you on the edge of your seat.

The performance of "Don Juan", a bit muddled on stage, is gripping here, as the rest of the cast and the police watch the performance paralysed by indecision, and the Phantom is genuinely seductive.

This musical film is incredibly enjoyable-- among the greatest stories, each role memorable and cleverly played.

completely riveting!!.

The scenery was breathtaking, especially the scenes in the cemetery and the phantoms lair, and Rossum looked stunning in every one, stealing the show every time in gorgeous 19th century attire (that white lace dress in the phantoms boat springs to mind, absolutely divine).

There were only two truly pointless parts of this piece.

In fact, this movie is phenomenally visually stunning.

But the elaborate decorations, outstanding vocalization, awesome outfits, and thrilling action in this opera film make me want to watch it again and again.


Absolutely breathtaking .

Visually it is absolutely stunning.

Gerard Butler is fascinating as the phantom whose mask hides scars.

Not having come to terms with the death of her father, under the spell of a musical genius who manipulated her young mind, adding to her confusion through the years.

Exciting--Captivating--Haunting--Enchanting: A Classic in Every Sense of the Word .

He is compelling as the Phantom.

In short, this production was a stunning work of art and this is coming from someone who knows the book better than the play.

But it's just such a blatant use of any film cliché, and done SERIOUSLY.

Beautiful, dramatic, thrilling, unforgettable.

It was fascinating.

Fantastic sets, costumes, great art direction and imaginative camera work make this a visually stunning film.

I highly recommend it to anyone i talk to.

Scenes are visually stunning—costumes, set design and purposeful choreography, most notably the Masquerade party stands out --one to rival At the Races in My Fair Lady.

Absolutely Unwatchable .

It will delight and entertain all ages and should be included alongside other stunning visual musicals such as Moulin Rouge.

A breathtaking, heartbreaking, achingly beautiful film!!!!!.


The music is very '80s but enjoyable (my favorites being the haunting "Angel of Music" and creepy "Phantom of the Opera").

There's a few key sequences that should go down in the history books on how to stage a scene, including a dazzling masquerade ball, a wintry swordfight in a cemetery, the aforementioned Think Of Me, and my personal favourite: a mournful black and white prologue set decades after the story, kicking the film off with a rousing flourish of motion and music.

Every change from the original London musical were done with taste and reason, although I did miss some parts, especially some pieces of songs that weren't essential to the plot, but enjoyable for me.

Compelling .


Exciting and excellent movie.

The costumes were absolutely breathtaking.

My sister begged me one night to watch this over-dramatic chick flick, and I'd say the only exciting scene was the sword fight.

Right after i left the theater i went and bought the soundtrack.

A tragic waste of time and money .

If there is one thing that is enjoyable about it is that the movie rather spectacular or "massive" in scale for a musical.

How can two people singing and strutting around the stage be so thrilling?

An experienced actress with fifteen films and numerous television appearances under her belt, she is breathtaking as the naive and innocent Christine Daae.

Visually pleasing, aurally grating, dramatically plodding .

Giry) to the raw passion of Gerard Butler (The Phantom), whom I fell in love with not only for his looks, but for his gift of adding such an intense humanity to The Phantom that I, myself, had found myself relating to the loneliness that I believe we all feel.

This is a particularly comic moment and had been my favourite from the stage production, unfortunately it is totally lost in the film due to expressionless, bland performances from the principal characters.

The musical numbers are beautiful and enthralling, the sound effects add greatly to the enchantment and mystique of the whole production and the scenery is just breathtaking.

The music makes it a great experience, and an enjoyable one in which one may get lost, surrounded by "the music of the night.

Boring and uninteresting .

Emmy Rossum was very nice to look at, but her character has virtually nothing to do, so one got bored very quickly.

But the constant singing made the movie slower and a bore.

I think visually and because of the wonderful job Mr. Bulter put into the performance, It makes the show worth watching.

In old old films I think it's part of the charm of seeing old films, but in a new film, with all the smart boring guys on all Double-DVD versions showing how good they are in fron't of a PC......

The acting and music combined, the costumes and the brightness of the set are absolutely stunning.

Emmy Rossum and Gerard Butler's redeeming quality is their stunning beauty, for they possesses no talent for acting or music.

He was entirely backward and opposite of what I expected--and to my infinite surprise, I was spellbound and breathless at this horrifically stunning and beautiful and soulful new discovery.

Beautiful and breathtaking just like the live production .

For people who have not, and do not have access to subtitles, it will be confusing.

The characters were full fleshed out and stunning to behold in both their looks, the way they portrayed their characters' emotions and personalities, and, of course, the singing parts of the performance...

Overabundance of singing hurts this otherwise good musical remake of Phantom of Opera though remains enjoyable and fresh.

It is very clear to the movie-goer that Andrew Llloyd Webber was vitally involved in this excellent and enjoyable film - he has kept his dream alive.

A Stunning and Emotional masterpiece.

Emmy Rossum is very good too as Christine, a simply stunning voice.. All brilliant!

You totally ruined a good piece and made it a cheesy boring not working film musical.

Beautiful and Breathtaking .

It is not only the all-star cast, the incredible singing, the stupendous effects, or the engaging storyline that makes me love this film.

Does that make the movie unwatchable?

The performances of Ramon Karimaloo and Sierra Boggess were absolutely stunning and came away with my love for this musical reignited.

The characters are one-dimensional, irrational and boring.

Dude to the local theatres' lack of having Phantom we chose the latter, however this past Saturday (03.05.05) I was bored out of my mind and nearly jumped through the roof with excitement to see that my local theatre, the one just 5 minutes away had Phantom.

This movie is definitely worth watching, and I will enjoy it for years to come.

The orchestrations for the most part are exciting and showy, as they should be.

Patrick Wilson makes conventional romantic lead Raoul impressively compelling, adding interesting morally ambiguous notes in the midst of his dashing charisma.

Emotionally Stirring,Visually Stunning .

The plot was boring and had nothing to add depth or excitement.

Tooooooo Looooong and slow .

Patrick Wilson as Raoul is similarly bland- although in the film's defense, it has always been that way.

While the opera scenes (done rather well) mimic the richness of those in Moulin Rouge, the rest of the scenes are dull.

I'm not going to dwell about the most obvious mistakes, such as the over-directing, the waste of money on all-too-costly (and plastic) sets, the "modernization" of the soundtrack (a very unfortunate idea with an even more unfortunate result), the attempt to make soft porn, the mistake of placing it 1870 (why not use the stable year of 1789 while they're at it...

I would recommend this movie to people of all ages, because it is beautiful,mysterious, romantic, tragic, and action packed, a sure win for anybody.

I really liked this movie it was very good the acting was very very good Joel really got the intense drama he wanted out of it, and I felt that it was truly going to be the best version of it.

She is the cliché "mysterious foreigner" who conveniently has connections to the Phantom.

The sets are stunning throughout.

Sets and costumes are stunning!

it was super good but the ending bored me .

Butler,Wilson and Rossen all deliver stunning vocal performances.

the cast of the phantom of the opera is so talented and so entertaining.

and now to the star of the film(drum role): Mr. Gerard Butler*swoon* He was just indescribably perfect as the Phantom: he was charismatic, intense, passionate, sexy, debonair, emotional,& his voice won my heart over the very first time I heard him sing.

There's also dozens of directors that could have made this movie much more romantic and engaging.

Minnie Driver's Carlotta was a bit OTT but she was quite entertaining.

I widely opened my eyes at that scene, it was breathtaking until the part with the duel between Raoul and the Phantom.

If the movie is my weakest 7 because it drags, some songs are boring, there's a real mystery, poetry that I fell under.

The movie is a little long but I still think its worth watching.

From the breathtaking opening scene (which I don't want to ruin for those who haven't seen it), to the heart-wrenching end, it is pure magic on screen.

It was the worst movie I've ever seen.

that just makes the movie so much more enjoyable.

The movie is not quite perfect, but a strong cast, intricate setting and breathtaking Paris scenery are sure to impress viewers.

My blood chills at the booming base of "The Phantom of the Opera is here" part, but just shrugs in confusion at the rockerish stuff thrown in.

I am looking forward to going to see the show in London soon but in the meantime, I have spent many enjoyable evenings singing along to this film.

Nonetheless the film is breathtaking as is the stage show.

entertaining film!

He intoned every single lyric with the most intense emotion, and his rich baritone was absolutely beautiful to listen to.

" and the entertaining upbeat songs from "Chicago".

While Schumacher's remaining generally faithful to Lloyd Webber's stage version is commendable, in many cases the adaptation stumbles in terms of translating fluidly to a cinematic text, feeling overly drawn out, long and poorly paced.

To really get to the heart of the intense feeling the Phantom felt for Christine, I had to see this movie a couple of times.

When I saw it for the first time I enjoyed it and fell in love it and soon later I had gotten my hands on it on DVD and it is one of my favorite musical movies I have ever witnessed.

She called it 'boring'.

The passion was thrilling, and i thought the Phantom deserved it...


Patrick Wilson (Raoul De Chagny) also brings a stunning performance, as subtle as he may seem.

Visually stunning .

Again, it's stunning visually (with the exception of the disappointingly toned down Masquerade scene - way to demolish the best known visual in the whole show, wow) and not all of the performances are bad.

In general, the non-opera scenes seem to suffer from a rather empty-feeling set and poor usage of the wide-screen space.

I thought making the phantom more "rock and roll" or on the edge, was a great artistic choice.

Most of Butler's performance was excellent, he has a very expressive, compelling face, so it is almost heartbreaking when Christine pulls off his mask to reveal his deformation.

I suggest you save the money towards a ticket to the live show and allow yourself to experience the true music that this show was meant to convey to audiences.

The beginning is breathtaking; the transformation of the theater left me staring at the the screen while the overture played.

I do not like this movie, it's totally boring and it doesn't want you to stay in your seat you just wanna leave.

Emmy Rossum was stunning though, her voice was unbelievable, and Minnie Driver's performance as Carlotta was a bit of a lift.

Emmy Rossum is pretty but hopelessly bland as the heroine, and Patrick Wilson is just hopeless.

Nevertheless, as a piece of escapist cinema it is terrifically enjoyable, and a superb example of the power of the silver screen.

Although, the lavish scenery might be too stunning for it's own good since it can become quite distracting.

Patrick Wilson does the best that he can with Raoul, a rather bland character if you ask me.

The music is breathtaking and brings out emotions in such a big way.

This movie contains riveting performances, incredible singing, and many spectacular images.

He lets disturbingly dull cinematography pass unperturbed.

angers me that someone could take such an spectacular Broadway show and managed it to turn in into such a bland movie.

It was unbearable.

This is a wonderful adaptation and the cast is stunning!

Entertaining, Memorable Performances .

Come to think of it, a 15 minute intermission, added to the movie's 140 minute length, is virtually the length of the stage show, so it IS almost all here, along with exciting extras.

The camera work was pointless and did not carry the scene or reveal plot details.

my history class went as a field trip and everyone enjoyed it.

Visually beautiful, moving and thrilling, with the very talented young singer and an actor who put life into the monster, this movie is a must-see.

I just thought,'Boring, old musical with classical music'.

Firstly, it was boring as hell, because it was like watching a movie in a language I don't understand.

She's funny and tolerable which for her is a feat but pointless as far as I'm concerned.

Touching, thrilling, extraordinary.

The Phantom, played by the sexy Gerard Butler, was breathtaking.

Visually stunning .

Hey..I saw the movie in December last year when it came out here in Austria and I find it fascinating!!!!!

Gerard Butler was the most stunning Phantom I've ever seen!

Nothing happened.

It's worth watching, even if some of the actors aren't.

It is not a perfect movie by far, but it's worth watching, never-the- less.

Breathtaking cinematography, elegant styling by veteran director Joel Schumacher and a virtually flawless performance by all involved.

However, the entire movie is definitely enjoyable and I had a great time.

This film is blandly directed with cast of excellent supporting actors like Patrick Wilson (Angels in America and Alamo), Minnie Driver, Ciarán Hinds (Julius Caesar in Rome), Simon Callow and the great Miranda Richardson all who come off flat and uninteresting.

Newcomer Emmy Rossum is absolutely stunning in her lead role as Christine.

The exciting plot and complication in this movie leaves you asking the same main question Christine is forced to ask herself; Do you choose the loving alluring and desirable musical genius, who has issues of abandonment and self-esteem?

I kept waiting for it to fall after the rooftop scene, and nothing happened.

Obviously the quality of the songs is what makes a good musical and they're all absolutely fine here, with some wonderful breathtaking moments dotted throughout the lengthy production.

She had a very sweet and pure soprano voice and was very young, but very intense and mature for her age.


I saw The Phantom of the Opera in Her Majesty's Theater in London, England and was awestruck, it was breathtaking.

While the music is boring, overblown, and monotonous - it's all the same song, just badly remixed, which is one problem I had with "Evita" and it seems one of the problems with any Andrew Lloyd Weber Musical.

That is hard to follow, and each sequence "cuts" into the next sequence.

I thought it was absolutely breathtaking and outstanding.

I was on the edge of my seat with glee every time she sang, and her alongside the phantom together blew my mind.

Yet there was something in the title that sounded exciting...

Emmy Rossum is SO pretty, her dress she wears during her performance of 'Think of Me' is stunning, I also loved her dress in the Masqurade scene, that was beautiful.

I am WONDERFULLY surprised that all singers (minus Minnie) sang themselves and the acting was absolutely breathtaking.

Gerard Butler's performance is intense, sensual, and perfect.

Andrew Lloyd Webber's stage hit is given justice in this sumptuous film version, that benefits from stunning sets and extravagant costumes, making the attention to detail evident here.

Brilliant in it's own way, worth watching for sure!

THe movie crawls along at a snails pace and doesn't ever build to accomplish anything moving, intense, or exciting.

(but I wear well) Gerard Butler has one of the most thrilling persona's I have come across in a long time .

because it is a gem, and it's a movie that's worth watching time and time again.

I've never seen a movie like this one- so beautiful, enchanting, magical, mystifying, intriguing, and musically divine.

In a word, breathtaking.

the music tends to be boring having the same melodic line almost all the movie, the voices pretty bad chosen, especially her's, limited and TOO high and too sweet...

A Breathtaking Romantic Musical.

Many of their well known songs are trite and dated.

That being said this film is nowhere near as bad as some would make out and is worth watching, especially if you have never seen the musical.

This is an entertaining film with wonderful performances by all, particularly Gerard Butler as the Phantom and Emmy Rossum as Christine.

To make a compelling movie, in my opinion, the only available source material with enough depth was the book.

Anyway, even with those familiar tunes from the stage play, I was still yawning way before the movie finished.

I found this movie to be very enjoyable.

Add to this that the musical numbers often interrupt the flow of the dialogue sequences, and it is yet another credit to the actors that the audience can stay so immersed in the story.

This movie was a very well directed movie and I enjoyed it very much.

The sword fight in the cemetery is a good non-musical scene, and about the only exciting part for me.

As a movie experience, PHANTOM was enjoyable: Schumacher knows how to make a good-looking picture, with stunning camera work; his art direction and costume people went over the top to make it a visual sensation.

Moreover, film's scenes are fascinating, lighting is really good and provides the audince to feel themselves in the film.

To my relief, "Phantom" was very well done, and very compelling.

I really enjoyed it and caught it on cable so I'm glad to accept that I watched it by mistake.

They can sound great for a few minutes, but get tiresome after the same note over and over.

There is no depth, two dimensional characterisation and the result is you care very little for anyone in this, beautiful but pointless mess.

The movie keeps you on the edge of your seat.

The film looks stunning.

This is always something that seems hokey and unrealistic portrayed on stage, but on the screen it added so much more to the overture, which, if the director is not careful, can become uninteresting very easily.

The costumes were stunning, the set and scenery breathtaking.

Except for three thing, I was incredibly bored by the film and had to stop myself from turning it off three times.

Instead, I was treated to a fun musical made up of stunning visuals and catchy tunes.

Her voice may not have the breadth of Brightman's, but it is young and compelling, plus unlike many stage Christines, she actually has a sexual tension with the Phantom, as demonstrated during the surprisingly torrid "Point of No Return" number.

The most enjoyable character for me was Carlotta.

With all due respect to the people who love this ALW production, the movie was long and tedious.

I knew I was going to London to see "The Phantom of the opera", so I borrowed the DVD from a friend, who thought it was absolutely stunning.

"The Phantom of the Opera" is a stunning film of the stage musical by the genius Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Also, the last 50 minutes of the film were quite good since it became fast paced, entertaining and more action filled.

The dialogue in the recitatives is uninspired, and the melodies dull, the quartets/quintets/ umpteen-ets are messy and incomprehensible, like Sondheim at his worst unless one has the DVD subtitles on, whereas the patter duets sound like bad imitations of "My Fair Lady".

A wonderfully written and compelling love story.

The music was so stunning and managed to mesh modern and old-fashioned music without it seeming stupid like country and rap (a.

The fascinating visual effects and chemistry of the cast make it a fun trip down memory lane.

The ending was well done and unexpected.

Upon watching the movie, I was bored out of my mind.

Very unexpected!

All of the main characters are extremely well portrayed, particularly Christine and Raoul, while the music which has always been stunning is backed by great orchestral talents.

Very little is new or even that exciting.

Enjoyable Classic .

The vibrant and dramatic costumes were breathtaking,similar to the ones in Moulin Rouge, (another fantastic musical) which takes place in Paris in about the same time period.

A friend and I saw saw it in an empty theatre at a late night showing--and in short we were STUNNED.

And I remember thinking, "How can they possibly make the chandelier going up exciting in a movie?

It is funny, tragic, beautiful, exciting and romantic.

A trite story with a wishy-washy lead female, a barbaric love interest, and a bland vanilla other love interest.

I realise this is not the fault of the film itself, but some of the songs feel just too repetitive for my ears, and others contain far too much operatic wailing.

Stunning and heartbreaking, a tribute to the theatrical production.

I remember when I first went to see the movie, I spent all the time sitting on the edge of my chair.

Enjoyable to the last minute.

It is thrilling, beautiful and brilliant.

Breathtaking .

Then we get a rousing sequence with the chandelier, and the excellent "Rehearsal for Hannibal".

If that was actually Mr. Butler's voice, I truly enjoyed it.

Enjoyable .

But it is an enjoyable film.

Perhaps my expectations were unreasonable but, although the performances were excellent and the scenery and costumes were wonderful, the music was dreadful (every song seemed the same except for "masquerade") the writing managed to excise almost every element of suspense from the original screen play of 1943, the pace of the "action" (if it can be called that) was excruciatingly slow burdened as it was by the music.

The thought of watching it is thrilling, and I am glad to own it.

Furthermore, having the majority of the film sung rather than spoken allows Schumacher to relish the largely exceptional vocals of his talented cast, ensuring that even if dramatically they may coast by, at least they sound engaging.

It is so intense!

Fearful of losing the adolescent male ticket buyer, who is interested in neither musicals or romances, they cast a Christine that can't be more than about 17, and to find the very numb, Emily Rossum's 17-year-old compelling enough to put this plot in motion, the phantom appears to be about 23 years old.

Otherwise, still kinda boring.

The vocals dissolved into insipid melodramas, and the pacing was slower than a horse bound for the glue factory.

The film was thoroughly disappointing to watch and often sadly slow and plodding.

sometimes the music just jumps from high to low and from fast to slow which doesn't make any sense and makes listening to a real torture.

I myself could hardly stop crying after I walked out of the theater, and to this day just listening to the soundtrack makes me weep.

Overall, the movie is absolutely worth watching, because Andrew Lloyd Webber, and his Lyricist (Charles Hart) are geniuses.

Absolutely breathtaking.

I just really enjoyed it, and i could watch it over and over.

The chandelier's awakening early in the film is especially enjoyable, a well-constructed visual feast.

His vocals were charming and thrilling, as was his acting.

Even if you are not a fan of musicals, and have never seen an opera, this is worth watching twice.

It is still great and enjoyable.

I realise that I must be in the minority when it comes to reviewing this, as it has been such a world wide hit, however, I've seen the stage production in London and the film version, the music is incredibly repetitive throughout.

I highly recommend it.

Other than those two, I found every other actor's performance satisfactory and enjoyable.

i actually enjoyed it.

I found that aspect of the role very intriguing and that it gave a new dimension.

It's a simple movie worth watching and the singing will make goosebumps stay on your skin all night.

If I had to single out some favourites, I would have to say that the best were Gerard Butler, who is actually perfect for the part, both acting and singing (I have heard Michael Crawford, and he sounds like a mad scientist who still hasn't passed puberty, not the mysterious, all-knowing and darkly fascinating man he should be), Patrick Wilson, who made the most of his part as the somewhat generic heroic male lead (and what a voice!

Joel Schumacher's best film to date has lavish sets, stunning costumes, and fills in the holes in the stage script brilliantly -- rounding out the character of Buqet before his big scene, making the back-story of the Phantom more solid, and converting just enough of the lyrics to spoken word to give you a respite here and there.

When word came that a film version of 'The Phantom of the Opera', one of the most successful and entertaining Broadway musicals ever, was about to be made, many people were excited.

Viewing is better in the latter half, the beginning is a little slow.

Rubbish, and boring .

This film is too long for a start, it drags and Emmy Rossum sings in the same voice for over 2 hours and that's more than anyone should have to listen to- not that she's a bad singer you understand it just drags.

Rossums roll is filled out nicely and is possibly the only well done roll, aside from the disjointed mouth-song timing which suffers for every character, not least the phantom himself.

I have never had the chance of watching the play, which has never been presented in my country, and I have many DVDs, VHSs and CDs of Sarah Brightman and the music of Andrew Lloyd Weber, but this stunning movie superseded my best expectations.

Butler is intense,edgy,angry,tender and sympathetic as the great tormented man,he is too intelligent for his time and circumstances.

Save the money and go see the play .

(we saw it late at night and she fell asleep ten minutes in.

However, it was SO visually stunning that I found myself on the edge of my seat the whole time.

Young woman, Christine, whose further promised her to send an Angel of Music before he dies, finds an inspiration in singing and her gratitude to the Angel is gripping her soul.

As for the Maquerade sequence, it is dull and boring on film, because of the fast pacing of the singing, and how bored everyone sounds.

I find the script, the entire "musical" quite boring, and really uninteresting.

An entertaining movie that brings back fond memories of a family outing to the theater.

I suppose it adds clarity to time period switching, but I find the *flashblack* / *flashforward* a little tiresome.

I thought that with Joel Schumacher directing that this was going a total camp-fest, but Shumacher manages to cast his 'BATMAN & ROBIN' shadow aside and produce something so astonishingly breathtaking.

With great music and stunning sets, this is the best version of the tale on film.

Emmy Rossum as Christine is so bland I failed to recognise her twice!

Thank you for a wonderful entertaining movie!!!!

The confusion would be in trying to follow the story because we have the overwhelming majority of the dialog being sung.

The darkness made it intriguing, La Carlotta (Minnie Driver) made it humorous and the relationship between Christine, Raoul and the Phantom created suspense.

" Winsome Emmy Rossum is breathtaking as the film's opera ingénue Christine Daae.

In the stage production, the ascent of the chandelier was the most thrilling part of the show.

He knows how to be subtle and intense all at once and he can say it all through his eyes.

Sorry, Messieurs Schumacher & Lloyd-Webber, but your casting here was a horrible flaw that has dragged down the luster of an otherwise exquisitely beautiful production.

The audio is 5.1 and thrilling with Rossum's vocals, once again, the absolute high point in fidelity.

Gerard gave a good performance and helped make the movie interesting but the singing I must say bored me a little.

Visually stunning adaptation of the old literary warhorse .

A truly banal and insipid film that goes out of its way to make you feel that time has slowed to a crawl.

Overrated and boring .

Dreadfully Boring, but visually stunning .

Absolutely breathtaking.

As for his acting, he brought to mind the stunning Laurence Olivier; they both have the ability to make you believe, completely and utterly, in the character you are seeing.

This made it slow and boring.

The actual interior of the opera house was very stunning.

And in this respect, Joel Schumacher's version of the classic story proves decently successful, staying vigilantly faithful to Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical text while incorporating an appropriately cinematic veneer, making the film an uncommonly justifiable and intriguing remake.

The sets are breathtaking and the scene where they first go to the "Phantom's Lair" is incredibly well done (although, as odd as it may seem, it looks better on Broadway, perhaps it's a lighting issue?

Emmy Rossum did an absolutely stunning job of portraying Christine.

This PHANTOM is a romantic, spooky, thrilling winner all the way!

Gerard Butler gives a stunning performance(like always) and has a great voice (I think unlike most people), I believe that he was well casted.

The perfect combination of tragedy and love turn this movie into something unexpected.

Everyone looked stunning and sang beautifully.

I think everyone in the cinema enjoyed it because it showed the meaning of song and that love is worth a lot.

Some people may find this movie silly, but I think it has an intense dream-like quality that pulls you into the story, no matter how strange it is.

For example, the several transitions between the "real time" and the flashbacks seemed to slow the film down too much.

It's worse fault is that it is so BORING!!

many many times during the film I was at the point of falling asleep.

Breathtaking .

It's an elaborated version but also plodding and with only occasional moments of terror.

The movie is entertaining.

Her relationship with the "Angel of Music" is naive and she comes across as rather bland and dumb.

That he succeeds in spite of the obvious pressure ensures he will be worth watching in years to come.


In a word, nothing happens.

the lyrics to the songs is just beautiful, how they can start slow and quit, and end up as powerful meaningful words.

Others seem so empty and flat that it is enough to make one wonder why a variable aspect ratio approach was not used.

At points when she leaves the film for a short periods the film begins to bore and you itch for her return, particularly in the music and her performances in those are excellent.

very Enjoyable .

I highly recommend it and will give it 10/10

I highly recommend it.

A few years ago I saw POTO on stage and I enjoyed it very much, considering I had the original cast CD and was temporarily obsessed with it in my early teens.

emmy's ability alone is stunning, and her character's voice crescendo's in quality from start to finish; the climax being "wishing you were somehow here again".

When I saw this on the London stage, the idea I got was that Raoul was this dull and dreary person daring to intrude between Phantom and Christine; in the film, I found Raoul to be the only hinged person in sight and felt quite sorry for him, being in love with such a dim-witted creature.

Very uninteresting.

It is truly thrilling!

The musical numbers are entertaining and every little thing is considered.

I totally enjoyed it.

One thing I cannot stand is being completely immersed in a movie when suddenly you are reminded that you are watching a movie, that you are not actually there.

All in all thoroughly enjoyable and i spent a happy couple of hours just chilling on the sofa with a nice bottle of wine attempting to sing the Music of the night.

It was so very enjoyable to see his character given greater prominence in the film.

This brings us to this current version, which is Beautiful, Breathtaking, Enchanting, Exquisite and that just describes the performance by 17 year old Emmy Rossum, in the lead role of Christine.

The film version gets boring.

There were definitely some parts that were dragged out way too long with songs from the musical.

Breathtaking .

What I don't understand is, with all these extra touches that can be added to the film, why I was bored out of my mind.

So, I thought I would watch it simply to see for myself if this film was worth watching, and it was indeed.

but yes this is my favorite movie of all time, beautiful, touching, stunning, just everything, just trust me and watch it, you won't be disappointed!

It is enjoyable to watch.

Patrick Wilson, in the role of Raoul, the Vicomte de Chagny, lends a stunning voice and a ridiculously large chin to the role.

Absolutely BreathTaking .

And flash it did on the stage: stunning performances and spectacular set pieces coupled with bombastic music made for a truly exciting show.

Another movie now added to my huge collection, the music is just breathtaking.

Since I've never seen the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, only having read the book, I just found the whole movie flat and boring in many places.

Weather you are a die hard musical theater fan or just someone interested in seeing something interesting and exciting, this movie is for you.

I found the acting, with a few exceptions, to be very below standard and boring.

The entire production was breathtaking.

Most classic movie musicals have bored me.

It is quite different, and can be entertaining to compare!

A true love story, that is gripping on a mental, emotional and physical level.

Great singing, great acting, pumped-up adrenaline all in one, this flick's got it all.