The Photograph (2020) - Drama, Romance

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A series of intertwining love stories set in the past and in the present.

IMDB: 5.9
Director: Stella Meghie
Stars: Issa Rae, LaKeith Stanfield
Length: 106 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 22 out of 75 found boring (29.33%)

One-line Reviews (51)

When the film opens up we are introduced to Christina Eames and Isaac Jefferson who are two young lovers living their mundane lives in Louisiana.

Yeah, love can be the journey of adversity, but ironically here, the predictable is welcome unpredictability.

Released by Universal Studios, the USA's preeminent House of Horror, THE PHOTOGRAPH presents a more chilling prospect than any seven SAW sequels ever could: WHAT IF the urban-centric offerings at your local multiplex became as ponderous as Nick Sparks flicks--or even more-so!

I loved the imagery, the backdrop of New Orleans, the story, though predictable, developed well.

I mean, slow jazz in a jazz club, sure.

Preview was so funny and cool, so how come this movie could ended up being so boring?

Boring .

Also, there are some plot holes that made the secondary story a little confusing.

Didn't matter if it made sense for the scene or not, slow jazz, slow jazz, slow jazz.

Okay, so I watched the trailer and i was really excited about this movie.. I mean you see lakeith and Issa and you think magic is about to come to your screen but nah.. It was really slow and boring.

But sadly falls apart with its lack of effort with its narrative, and it overall feeling very safe and emotionally dull.

I definitely could see where the director or writers was going with this movie but unfortunately people this movie was a bit dry and very slow for me.

Pretty but dull.

Snooze fest - Seriously .

So slow, so predictable, and the score/soundtrack.

Really slow.

So Slow.

The story is contrived, and I cannot connect with any of the characters at all.

"The Photograph" is a film that at its core has a fascinating story buried within.

Slow jazz walking down the street late at night, in the backyard by the shed, walking up the sidewalk to your dad's house, looking out the window, sitting at your desk at work, hanging out in the kitchen, hanging out in the living room, hanging out with your friend, driving in your car, standing by your car, talking on the phone, at your job interview, in the late 80's, in the present - Slow jazz through out the entire film!

It's flat, it's predictable and the storyline is jusy slow.

"The Photograph" puts together a cast that deliver their material in an enjoyable manner making it seem as though everyone was having fun on set.

The script is a little dull/generic.

Very slow and boring.


Story line was OK but way too much boring conversation.


There was not enough here to be romantic or a comedy, so I guess they were going for the boring genre.

That's where most of the story becomes more fascinating.

The Photograph as a ponderous romantic drama, doesn't really work either.

So dull .

So Boring

The dynamic of Christina and Isaac's relationship makes for an intriguing story all on its own.

Now that Global Warming is causing Earth's remaining ice glaciers to liquify almost that fast, where can a tired nation turn its thoughts to recapture the serenity of glacial pacing (aka, the Ultra Slow Lane)?

However, in fairness, I think it is worth watching when it hits Sunday afternoon cable television.

Really boring .

Don't waste your time or money.

Props to Stella for bringing to the screen a heartfelt straight up romance sans the conventional contrived narrative trappings.

Issa Rae and Lakeith Stanfield burn up the screen with their intense performances, you'd think they were actually a couple.

This film is just very boring.

The remainder of this rather ponderous tale takes us through their pretty ordinary courtship and involves a touch too much coincidence for me - in the end it just ends up being a slightly quirky love story with competent performances from the two lead actors.

Overall: It's a solid Valentine's day film to see with your loved ones, but because of the slow nature of this film, the performances needs to be outstanding and this falls short.

I found the story line very compelling.

Movie was so slow going it got boring.

Very boring movie and very slow.

Lakeith and Issa's story line seemed to bland and way to fast and none of the dialogue or the emotions felt impactful.

Slow jazz during love making scene, makes sense I guess.

Boring .

The reason I give this an 8 is due to how slow it goes.

But overall, don't waste your time like I and my wife did.

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