The Pink Panther (1963) - Comedy, Crime, Romance

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The bumbling Inspector Clouseau travels to Rome to catch a notorious jewel thief known as "The Phantom" before he conducts his most daring heist yet: a princess' priceless diamond with one slight imperfection, known as "The Pink Panther".

IMDB: 7.1
Director: Blake Edwards
Stars: David Niven, Peter Sellers
Length: 115 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 35 out of 162 found boring (21.6%)

One-line Reviews (104)

Unfortunately, this is the longest of the Inspector Clouseau movies, and it takes far too long to really get going.

I would say despite my rating it is worth watching.

(Capucine) is uninteresting with one-note sullen face, looking more like a talking statue.

Slow, boring and disappointing .

The movie gets entertaining and hilarious moments here and there .

It could in the very least have been interesting or engaging when it comes to the criminal's plan.

Niven is in his element too, a lighthearted dandy, ever unflappable, only a step away from boredom no matter how outrageous the situation.

However, although sellers and Niven are terrific --even their collective charisma can do nothing to save this boring and poorly written script, lackluster directing, and finally just completely un-entertaining movie.

But "The Pink Panther," while fitfully entertaining, is hardly memorable, and overstays its welcome by half-an-hour.

Back then it was pretty exciting.

This movie is quite possibly the most boring and unfunny over rated movie ever.

David Nivens doesn't play Litton with very much vigor, and his whole romance seen with the drunken princess was so BORING!.

People condemn "Curse" but it is fast paced and has some truly inventive slapstick sequences.

The comedy wasn't funny at all: the clumsiness of Inspector Clouseau was nauseatingly overdone, and scenes such as the bedroom farce and the two gorillas looking in the safe dragged on and on.

I watched a bunch of scenes that seemed to drag on forever with a bunch of crappy 60's actors that are about exciting as watching ice melt.

The pace is slow, the thing drags compared to what makes general masses laugh these days; we know that comedy is, among all genres, the one that gets out dated quicker.

still,it does pass the time,if you can find nothing else to do,and if you can stay awake.

It is an enjoyable watch for the sheer humour and daftness of the central character.

Much of the first half of the movie is him trying to charm Claudia Cardinale's Princess Dahla character, in what is one of the most boring movie scenes I have ever seen.

If you can't figure out a good answer, as Feydeau could, you must fall back on a pointless frantic chase, as this story does.

Occasional scenes tickle the funny bone and with great acting from everyone involved, most particularly David Niven, it is an enjoyable watch for audiences of all ages.

I remember watching them as a child and howling with laughter at the antics of Clouseau, but now it a looks a little bit contrived.

His antics and bumbling are overdone and become tiresome after a while.

First scene mentions the actual jewel then we are introduced to some horrible boring characters in David Niven's Sir Charles, his nephew, the detective Jack Clouseau (played well by Peter Sellers - the only good thing about this movie), and Jack Clouseau's wife...

Don't waste your time on this dated film.

It was especially actor Peter Sellers, as Inspector Clouseau, who completely let me down with his annoyingly predictable shtick as the ultimate bungler who (regardless of the odds against him) always got his man.

That first hour was so slow, so annoying with unlikeable characters that I almost stopped the disc at that point.

Not as much slapstick here as later entries, that almost fail as they become too much about just The Inspector, so it may be a bit slow for younger viewers.

it's also very repetitive,which can get quite grating after awhile.

This one is not to be missed by die-hard fans of the Clouseau genre, but if you're looking for smart, snappy comedy, start with "A Shot In The Dark", the next film in the Clouseau series.

Confusing the investigation further is the fact that Clouseau's beautiful wife, Simone (played by French actress Capucine) is Lytton's secret accomplice.

Apart from the comedic aspects of the movie, I didn't really find the story, characters or dialogue all that compelling or interesting.

If you're suffering from insomnia, then pop this movie in your vcr and try to follow the complicated storyline and almost total lack of humor.

His brand of understated slapstick is by far the most entertaining aspect of the picture.

it was entertaining-just.

It's a shame that this first one is kind of dull because it focuses so much more on Niven's character.

THE PINK PANTHER is a crime comedy, which is very entertaining, despite an average story and unconvincing plots.

Some sequences are too predictable.

arch, milquetoast, pretentious and hopelessly dated .

At last, the movie gets better all along because the funny moments a bit failed or boring at the start or the middle are totally crazy at the end of the movie!

But instead, it's just a confusing soup with someone mumbling in the background.

So then about an hour into the movie they actually mention the jewel for the first time and it seems like after 60 minutes of boredom the movie is finally gearing up.

There are several funny scenes here and there that are worth watching.

There's a lot of elements of screwball comedy, where people's storylines cross in unexpected ways, and people are forced to hide under beds, behind doors, etc. The story is fun, and ends with a surprise twist that has a lot more humor packed into it, than 100 of Clussaeu's bouts of clumsiness, and it's set among a background of European Alps and Cheatteaus, in those nice 60s-tinted colors.

A slow start to a classic series .

It is slow and at times goes scenes without Peter Sellers.

The only slightly good part is the chase scene near the end but before and after that, I was struggling to stay awake.

While mildly entertaining at times, the whole thing is thoroughly spoiled by the intensely stupid Clouseau, extremely annoyingly played by Peter Sellers.

If you haven't yet seen a "Pink Panther" film and would like to see what everyone's been talking about, go see a later installment, because, although this film does have it's funny moments, it's a total bore compared to the hilarious "The Pink Panther Strikes Again" and "A Shot in the Dark".

While his idiocy causes a few chuckles, it starts to seem forced and tedious.

I don't think I would place this one in my top-10 of the best comedies ever make, but it's still a very entertaining piece of work.

But i can say this, it is a very enjoyable movie, well directed by Blake Edwards, a genius worthy of Peter Sellers in my opinion.

Pretty dull compared with the Clouseau to come .

There is some action towards the end of the movie, but overall, this is a very boring movie.

The film is too long, there are too many non-relevant scenes (particularly the musical number)--definitely a product of the sixties.

Now, in the hallowed Edwardian context of 1963, we are treated to endless, pointless repetitions of Sellers, Niven and others trying to hide in the same lady's bedroom.

I landed at six because the slow parts were tiresome and made it not feel like a Pink Panther movie.

The real issue is that the whole thing ends up being dull and uninteresting.

There are so many film personalities involved in this film that today carry a great dose of nostalgia that this film is worth watching on that account alone.

" Try arch, milquetoast, pretentious and hopelessly dated.

Inconsistent plot but relaxing and entertaining .

It is a pointless romp that would be known for an animated character.

This is a generally dull heist-caper/bedroom farce; Sellers and a fine Mancini score are the only real high points.

But the movie was slow and dull...

Then it becomes a slow dance, using the breathy Dexter Gordon-ish tenor sax that Mancini is so fond of.

As a comedy, the last hour redeems the snore-inducing first act with some terrific scenes like when two thieves find themselves in identical gorilla suits and the "getaway" scene with Clouseau and his men chasing after the thieves and everyone essentially going around in circles.

Peter Sellers' Inspector Clouseau is wonderful as always, but is neither the central character -- the jewel thief "The Phantom," played by David Niven, is the real protagonist -- or the source of the most laughs; Robert Wagner, the Phantom's nephew who shows up unexpected on the eve of a jewel binge, provides the movie with a force of sheer subversion.

All the 'under the bed' and 'hide in the closet' stuff got to be way too tedious for this viewer, and quite honestly, watching David Niven pucker up with Claudia Cardinale was a little more than I could take.

The latter are more purely entertaining, because they cause people (even adults) to break out and laugh, whereas the humor here is more elegant and less loud, not to say it is not very good.

In most of Sellers' movies, Jack Closseau's stumbles and falls just get kind of repetitive and the movie's absurd storylines just run dry too easily, but on recent rewatching the series, I realized that the very first movie in the series is actually a pretty entertaining movie.

It makes believe that it's a comedy while in fact it has no laughs, just ridiculous and boring nonsense that alleges being comic.

One of the Worst movies I have ever seen!

It's also an interesting film for what it says about the period - the smoking and drinking, the lifestyles, and the relationships are fascinating to watch.

No Cato to kick Clouseau's @$$, no insane Dreyfus to go berzerk, just a whole bunch of boring sleepy stiffs.

There are moments of witty dialogue, but not much to speak of, and while some scenes are mildly funny, even these scenes drag on so long that the comedy becomes stale and tedious.

But somebody's gotta say it---it's boring as hell, as well as about 40 minutes too long.

He traces him from France to Switzerland, at a fancy ski resort, where Sir Charles Lytton is also staying with his nephew(Robert Wagner) and a bored princess(Claudia Cardinale) who has with her the priceless Pink Panther diamond.

But the film is slow, especially for those of us used to the faster pace and surer humor of the later Panther films.

Niven is fun as the lead role, but takes up too much screen-time with an uninteresting back-story involving his affair with Clouseau's wife (Capucine) and his punk nephew (Wagner).

David Niven is as boring as my grandmother and shes dead.

A tedious mess saved by a few bits from Peter Sellers....

While there are some funny moments in this film, there is a long, boring stretch in the middle of the film that really knocks the wind out of it.

Slow and dependent upon Peter Sellers .

I enjoyed it immensely.

"The Pink Panther remains popular and entertaining all these years after it was initially released almost 40 years ago.

Don't waste your time .

The humor arises much more sporadically than in "Return," which means it caught me more off guard, and so was equally enjoyable.

It's so dull I could barely follow it.

It was a very very very boring movie to me.

And I waited (ho-hum!

Most of the dialogue is inane and irritating, the story is dull and unengaging and the turn of events at the end are both ridiculous and nonsensical.

The bumbling police inspector was intended as a cliché role, but Sellers, already a star in Britain but still unknown to the rest of the world, managed to perform his role so well that people remembered him, making the intended star look comparatively dull.

However the plot is often muddled and the ending and other scenes may appear confusing.

Boring and Ridiculous Hollywood Fluff .

This is truly a dull and awful film tedious full of useless and pointless dialogue.

Worst movie of the series; still funny .

The first hour or so of this movie moves at a snail's pace, if even that fast.

***SPOILERS*** Unfortunately, the intrigue and good fun fall apart in the last 30 minutes, beginning with the costume party involving multiple gorilla outfits leading to predictable and drawn-out mix-ups.

There's also a slow stretch in the middle involving the old farcical cliché of people running in and out of doors and hiding under beds.

A boring and over rated unfunny movie .

People who found this movie unfunny, boring, and dated, and those who can't understand why Sellers as Clousseau is not featured more in the film, are probably too young to be familiar with 60s film-making.

The pace is quite slow in this film, especially during the plot set up which is rather dull for my liking.

Yes,I just saw this film again and found the early part of it a bit slow by current standards, though most of it was just as funny as I remembered-and I had not remembered things like David Niven toasting the Princess with "L'Chayim!

What drags the movie down is the extremely dull talky scenes between the princess played by Claudia Cardinale and Niven's Charles Lytton.