The Pink Panther 2 (2009) - Action, Adventure, Comedy

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Insp. Jacques Clouseau teams up with a squad of International detectives who are just as bumbling as he is. Their mission: Stop a globe-trotting thief who specializes in stealing historical artifacts.

IMDB: 5.6
Director: Harald Zwart
Stars: Steve Martin, Jean Reno
Length: 92 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 24 out of 118 found boring (20.33%)

One-line Reviews (72)

I recommend that this movie be nominated for the academy award as the worst movie of the year.

Then, too, Martin's antics are greatly entertaining, as he is always quite humorous, and he borrows a few lessons from those old masters, Chaplin and Keaton.

This movie should be hailed as one of the worst movies ever made alongside Ed Wood's "Plan Nine from Outer Space" or any number of the latest Adam Sandler comedies.

stupid and boring - what a disappointment .

Make no mistake this is not a high-quality movie by most standards of evaluation, but for fans of Steve Martin, like me, it is an enjoyable 90 minutes of silliness.

The unfunny parts of the movie are the only compelling things.

The movie is very watchable entertaining and VERY funny.

I unfortunately kept awake in order to sit through the—Inspector Clouseau had the perfect adjectives—drab and disgusting display on the big screen.

But what it lacks in plot, it makes up for in some precise comic timing and creative physical humor.

The story is, Yes there is a Plot, somewhere amongst this excuse to waste another 50 to a 100 million instead of giving the money to a charity where it could do some good by feeding the poor instead of feeding actors and Director's Ego and producing this dribble.

She is the most compelling person of the film.

Do the same and don't waste your time or money on this disaster of a movie!

-s tries to please everyone and hence has some jokes not suitable to everyone, VERY VERY PREDICTABLE, LACKS THE REALLY BIG SCENES.

He didn't create these situations himself, he just had to deal with them in a funny and entertaining way.

As for the slapstick and other humor, it is often predictable and silly.

Of course the plot is stupid, the end is predictable.

Dream Team Fails to Acquit Pink Panther 2, But Entertaining Enough to See .

There is also a sappy, predictable, romantic subplot that's actually embarrassing.

The first Pink Panther was bad enough, but this takes the cake as being one of the worst movies I've seen in years.

If you thought Martin's first attempt at the Clouseau role was pleasant but bland, like I did, you will be surprised at how fine this new film is!

It was just plain boring.

Besides,when this movie shows the romantic problems from Clouseau,it becomes a little bit boring.

But, truly, two of the biggest assets here are the clever, comedic script (co-written by Martin) and the snappy, energetic direction.

Steve Martin has done a great job in both movies; I particularly love his phrasing and accent; as a Frenchman who learned English years ago, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The plot is well developed but it is also a little predictable.

This film may be bland and stupid, but it's very entertaining.

There are a number of pointless subplots and scenes throughout the movie that serve no purpose to it.

Even with a top cast he doesn't get good scenes often, partly because he keeps cutting away to other actors' faces after every dumb thing Clouseau says or does – as if by watching their "perplexed" faces (but more bored-looking than confused) the gags will gain in weight.

It was obvious from the beginning, overlong in the pacing and especially the repetitive beyond belief jokes, and just plain sad for the big name actors involved, many of whom I enjoy and some that I love—I'm talking to you Emily Mortimer.

In fact, there is more than enough evidence to argue that Pink Panther 2 is even more redundant than its predecessor for the simple fact that the exact same tired plot devices, comic angles and banal characterization is utilized here as it was a couple of years back.

The film gets entertaining and fun with hilarious moments here and there and never slowdown although contains others ridiculous and disappointing .

The script is absolutely terrible - there's barely a plot here, and it moves at an agonizingly slow pace that will show even feeble-minded audience members that there's not much here.

Silly and awkward, but funny and entertaining.

This movie, like its prequel, is a great piece of light-hearted comedy that will give you much-needed entertainment on a slow and depressing day.

But alas, I found myself in a theatre full of elderly people laughing and younger people walking out, (it was a free screening, I don't much blame them), and I envied my two friends who both said they fell asleep.

worst movie of the year .

Lily Tomlin was pointless and wasted.

Funny and entertaining follow-up with the clumsy Inspector Clouseau-Steve Martin .

But that we saw in the previous movie, and this time, frankly, it gets tedious.

The movie attempts to have drama in the story from there being a boring love triangle between Clouseau, the Italian representative, and Clouseau's girlfriend Nicole (Emily Mortimer) that we care nothing about because we don't like the characters, to Ponton's marital issues that have no real outcome or presence in the story.

Dull Dull Dull .

Fortunately the bland jokes are kept to a minimum.

While others laughed, I found myself yawning with a delicate, slow moving pat of the mouth as though I was as stale as the script.


It wasn't that bad, and I have to say, the audience clearly enjoyed it - more than I did.

Nothing happening, sophomoric jokes, and frankly it was boring!

) of the enjoyable Peter Sellers sleuth romps is worse than the first.

Clearly, it tries to be - there are many moments in the film where you will feel 'oh yeah, I see how that was supposed to be funny' and you'll subconsciously think to the film 'better luck next time in entertaining me!

Yes its funny but some jokes were repetitive.

Jean Reno returns as Detective Ponton, Clouseau's right hand man, who is supposed to defend himself from any of Clouseau's unexpected attacks.

while this movie had quite a bit of funny parts, there were some parts that were a little bland.

But the comedy in the movie was so PREDICTABLE and its like Steve Martin is forcing you to laugh!!!

Good movie, entertaining, light fare.

One more thing: although hilarious in the first film, the recycled "hamburger" joke became extremely boring in this film.

Stupid, predictable...

In conclusion, this movie is unoriginal and super predictable.

Cleese looked and played bored.

The plot is pretty exciting, with Inspector Clouesau (Martin) this time teaming up with a squad of international detectives known as the Dream Team to stop a globe-trotting thief from taking stealing historical artifacts.

I haven't walked out of a movie in probably 40 years!

It's pointless and I wasted my time with this garbage.

Now, before you go thinking this is a review of the original Pink Panther movie (well, I say, original, but I mean the original re-make) please be aware that I make this parallel first and foremost because this follow-up instalment is in every way just as pointless.

Director Harald Zwart and his writers have cleverly contrived events in advance so you are actually given clues about the villain's identity before Clouseau unveils the guilty party.

The plot is paper thin, the dialog is inane and banal, and the movie is rarely ever actually funny.

Hugely entertaining and funnier than the first (2006).

The editing could have been tighter and less sloppy, the story is rushed and predictable, the script and gags are unfunny with a complete disregard for subtlety particularly the scene with the Pope and the ending, the chemistry between Clousseau and Dreyfuss is almost non-existent and the direction is bland.

The jokes – the gags are there and are good but something or the other makes it predictable, which the previous "Pink Panthers" didn't and this is perhaps the biggest let down to a "watchable" level in terms of rating.

It's a very funny movie i think.. And the audience that watched with me really enjoyed it.

"PINK PANTHER 2" -- Silly but Enjoyable .

Martin does glorious athletic work here, as he stumbles, trips, and flies out of some very tight and unexpected places, provoking loud and well deserved bursts of laughter from a very appreciative audience that can sit in a theater without cringing because the only thing we are seeing are tired references to sex or bodily functions.

A very funny film with a few bland jokes and a surprise ending.

The film is visually well made with a few effective sight jokes yet it is also pointless and an unnecessary sequel.

They are not extraordinary films,but they have resulted entertaining and much better than the abysmal comedies the atrocious Shawn Levy,who "directed" the first part of The Pink Panther,made.