The Pink Panther (2006) - Adventure, Comedy, Crime

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Bumbling Inspector Clouseau must solve the murder of a famous soccer coach and find out who stole the infamous Pink Panther diamond.

IMDB: 5.6
Director: Shawn Levy
Stars: Steve Martin, Kevin Kline
Length: 93 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 95 out of 439 found boring (21.64%)

One-line Reviews (236)

Despite the box office numbers (some people would happily pay to watch paint dry just to get them out of the house for a while!

Acting as a sort of prequel to the original "The Pink Panther" from 1963, Martin becomes immersed in a murder mystery of a famous soccer coach who had the priceless pink diamond ring stolen after he was assassinated at a game.

I found a total waste of time and money!

Steve Martin brings a new, unique and quite funny persona to the screen; different then Sellers and not quite as good, but still very entertaining, with comedy packed throughout the whole movie.

It follows what I believe to be a good formula for a comedy: First 20 minutes-non stop jokes-next hour-plot and fewer jokes, less slapstick, better setup-last 20 minutes-more non stop laughs and unexpected resolution.

It certainly is not necessary to have seen or appreciated any of the earlier films in order to recognize that this production is a paltry, disingenuous and hollow waste of time.

Don't waste your time or your money.

This movie is dreadful, limp, slow, predictable, stale, and painful to watch.

After half an hour in it I nearly fell asleep (and I wish I did).

Still, even though I was disappointed overall--especially given the occasional glimpses of a much better film on the parts that worked--The Pink Panther was entertaining enough.

Sellers is good, but the movie itself is slow and obvious.

There was no story or humor in it at all.

This is a complete waste of time and money, not the slightest bit funny, and an insult to the memory of Peter Sellers.

All in all, a mediocre, reasonably amusing film that is easily enjoyable if you can stop comparing it with the original in your head and second guessing Martin's take on Clouseau.

I go to Clark University and I went down with a bunch of guys and we had spent the last 2 weeks watching Brokeback Mountian and Munich, but we still walked out of the Pink Panther with the same 'that was a good way to spend $10' as we did with other two movies.

I and my whole family enjoyed it.

This movie is entertaining, and fun to watch.

they had to do that same thing over and over and loose a few minutes with it and it got boring.

Other than that the entire film was tedious, unimaginative and boring - sad to say.

Shockingly funny and delightfully entertaining .

done waste your time on this one.

This version is a bore.

Despite Martin's ill-conceived performance and his trite, predictable screenplay (as soon as you see a fountain pen, you know what the joke will be), the film could have worked under a clever director -- the jokes, as old as they may be, are obviously there.

Overall, "The Pink Panther" is an enjoyable family flick that will keep you entertained for 93 minutes, and Steve Martin is oh so funny.

Enjoyable, harmless fun?

The rest of the movie was so predictable I was sick of the joke before the rest of audience had even started laughing.

Overall, this film is a complete, sub-par waste of money.

With everything against it, this new take on the "Pink Panther" story manages to keep the entertaining, and while not as good as the originals, it was a relief to see that the magic of the Panther was there and that for once, a remake was good on its own.

Plot: The plot is believable and, for the most part, intriguing.

wow what a waste of time .

Steve Martin was hilarious and the supporting cast was equally enjoyable.

Everything is SO mediocre and banal....

"The Pink Panther" is easily one of the worst movies I've ever watched in my life.

This movie is fast paced not over long bullsh** like the original sh**y flick.

Overall "The Pink Panther" redux is a funny and entertaining little time passer.

However I miss the classical six entries(Shot in dark,The return,revenge,Panther strikes again) Sellers Clouseau and his fighting with Cato(Burt Kwouk) and the enjoyable secondaries(Andre Maranne,Grahame Stark..). Steve Martin combines splendidly his comic talent at his peak making a witty spoof of the absurdities of Peter Sellers character.

I saw this movie when it first came out and really enjoyed it.

While it is not the laugh riot for the ages, it is entertaining and unique.

Directed by Shawn Levy Lame brain, slap stick humor remake of Peter Seller's originals (which I have yet to see) where Martin treads on his usual ground of moronic behavior leading to that quirky yet predictable ending of acknowledgment.

His brand of humour is appropriate; if you're a child – it simply does not work on any other level, I just feel sorry for any parents that are dragged along to this best forgotten tragedy.

The rest of the cast except for Beyonce of course, for obvious reasons was quite poor due to me giving it a nine, they appeared bored that was all.

Steve sounds like he is mocking the accent, Peter, and France itself, and like every nearly every movie he has made, he is terribly predictable.

A waste of everyones time, and the ultimate joke - Steve Martin has just done another one.

Anyway, I realize now that taking time to complain about it is also a huge waste of my time.

What made this movie enjoyable, is the casting.

Sellers owns Clouseau as much as Chaplin owns the Tramp and Martin's feeble attempt to adopt his outrageous French accent and mannerisms is a complete waste of time.

' I'm sure the Hollywood execs had their reasons for wanting to produce this movie but artistically it was pointless and somehow, I suspect box office sales will reflect this (although you never know!!

I feel that by doing that the movie ended up being so much more enjoyable.

This is a waste of money.

Thrilling story of Murder, Corruption, and…Beyonce.

The music is great though, the title sequence is very entertaining and Emily Mortimer and Jean Reno are good in their roles.

Overall, a funny and enjoyable film, and am looking forward to its sequel.

I have seen many of the original films recently on TV, and they are pretty slow paced, the kids of today just don't have that kind of patience.

This was such an unbearable film to watch that I couldn't be bothered to waste my time viewing it to the end.

It is dull, overlong & not at all amusing.

It's empty here,though there is some of that thanks because of Martins presence.

This is a harmless comedy that set out to be an entertaining family film not a passionate academy award winner and because of that The Pink Panther receives a rating of 8/10 for not trying to be more than it was.

It's a really enjoyable film and, if your humour is any bit like mine, will have you in stitches from start to finish.

It sucked, yet it was still surprisingly enjoyable .

This movie is enjoyable, if you keep an open mind.

Or are they all tangled up in making dreary reality films?

Trite sells.

Don't waste you time!

I left the theater smiling.

We saw enough of her empty headedness in Austin Powers.

One of the Worst Movies Ever Made.

Found it to be funny and enjoyable.

you might just like it and even if you don't, it is harmless and entertaining enough for all the Clouseau fans around you.

If that's the case, you should check out the Sellers Pink Panther series, as they're much funnier and more enjoyable.

The film is marketed like a comedy, and has tons of scenes thrown in for comedic value, but I just cannot fathom how anyone can find a film like this to be immensely entertaining.

Well backed by Jean Reno as his longtime companion, Beyoncé Knowles as the beauty of the turn and brief but intense interventions by the charismatic Jason Statham as French soccer coach and Clive Owen parodying James Bond, the film is a continuous sequence of comic sequences, humor to some extent intelligent, that will delight everyone.

I was bored and there was nothing else on so I went to see the new Pink Panther in hopes of getting some laughs.

The movie is filled with tired and predictable gags like that.

The jokes were limp, the performances languid.

What a terrible waste of time!

Enjoyable .

It seems like the people that didn't like it where those that expected it to be like the original, but if you just look at it as an entertaining new film, then you'll have fun with it.

And this 2006 remake or revival of the classic comedies is quite an entertaining movie.

Boring, boring, boring.

The rest of the gags are predictable and pretty lame.

When you can boast a cast holding Steve Martin, Kevin Kline, Emily Mortimer, Jean Reno and to a less extent Beyoncé Knowles, how can they get away with such dull and lack luster performances.

Mildly Entertaining Movie .

I didn't hoped this film so idiot, absurd and boring.

Very fast paced and very innovative comedy.

Well, minus a few actual entertaining scenes, this film is fairly weak.

They made those films the most enjoyable and hilarious films.

I could go on and on but I would just recommend that you skip this complete waste of time and do something more rewarding.

Don't waste your money seeing this in the theater, don't buy the DVD until it hits the $5.00 bin that way it won't cost much more than renting it and you can burn your copy after watching it that way you will get some satisfaction!

I always found that in the originals, the plots were a bit too contrived, like Austin Powers, obviously impossible.

The comedy is too contrived and extremely predictable.

waste of money .

The film gets entertaining and fun with hilarious moments here and there and never slowdown although contains another ridiculous and disappointing.

It's entertaining - it's good .

It is both flawed and pretentious.

Through his genius of improvisation, every glaring, pouting expression of self-importance, every hilariously disguised caricature, every unwitting racially derogatory remark and drawn out accent slur, that today no amount of Hollywood budget acting and special effects could replicate, the character of Clouseau was irrefutably the very essence and spirit of the original Pink Panther series.

I really enjoyed it and laughed really hard at some parts.

The film beginning to end was entertaining and so brainless!!

Either way you look at it, this is highly enjoyable comedy.

Steve Martin is once again OVERRATED and after 15 minutes you want to leave the movie theater.

It was a great film the first time I saw it, and still pretty good the next time, however after seeing it a few times (as with most other films) the humor became somewhat mundane.

and the physical comedy was just, well, boring.

all in all,a mildly entertaining movie that is a pale imitation of its source material.

Without giving too much away, the cameo appearance was an unexpected surprise....

Highly recommend it to anyone who needs a good laugh and an old-fashioned escapist movie.

What a horrible waste of time from beginning to end.

Boring unfunny crap .

There must be so much good virgin material out there, why waste time and money on such impossible projects.

The first part of the movie was an homage by Martin to Sellers, so it was predictable and not very funny.

To summarize, this was a very entertaining movie, and a big surprise since most of the fans (including me) were expecting the worst of this movie.

Very entertaining rendition.

Here though it feels rather slow and many angles that could have been used to make the movie a lot more fun are never explored.

I left the theater after 30 minutes of movie.

The film's greatest flaw is that it tries to resemble a Peter Sellers movie, which is pointless: Sellers was a unique comedian, with his own, anarchic style, so brilliant no one has ever managed to successfully imitate him.

And the movie is silly and corny and contrived, which is to be expected for a comedy.

From one film to the next, it's the same old thing and it's predictable every time.

There are a couple jokes based on ideas that had potential, but the filmmakers' laziness and ineptitude rendered them predictable and boring.

well,it was and it is-daunting and pointless.

But I will say that this version I prefer mainly because it made me laugh, it might be just my humour but I rather enjoyed it.

It's worth watching, in my opinion.

Funny and entertaining.

Pretentious: Should be obvious why.

Watch it, laugh out loud, enjoy it, and have an enjoyable evening.

No, it is contrivance that Shawn Levy's "The Pink Panther" is hopelessly contrived.

There may be one or two slightly funny gags, but really, it just dragged on and on and on.

After my friend dragged me out of the house for pizza and a movie.

THE PINK PANTHER (2006) ** Steve Martin, Kevin Kline, Beyonce Knowles, Jean Reno, Emily Mortimer, Henry Czerny, Kristin Chenoweth, Roger Rees, Jason Statham, (Clive Owen: Cameo) Better-than-expected but pointless remake of the Blake Edwards/Peter Sellers slapstick farces with a game Martin donning the guise of France's most insipid lawman, Inspector Jacques Clouseau, who has been recruited in this prequel of sorts to act as a decoy during the investigation of a murder and theft of the infamous titular jewel while his boss Chief Inspector Dreyfus (Kline, who arguably would've been a better choice as Clouseau come to think of it!

Worth the watch, and even after you're done watching it I am sure that you will be thinking about it afterwards.

Entertaining 93 Minutes .

Enjoyed it very much .

It is irresistible, astonishingly entertaining.

Another question: Who gets Kevin Kline (who was so great in SILVERADO and THE ICE STORM, and who certainly knows how to make us laugh, like his role in A FISH CALLED WANDA), and manages to commit scenes to film that make him appear unfunny, stiff, even bored?

Luckily this movie did more than just satisfying my curiosity and was thoroughly entertaining.

The film just dragged and dragged and I couldn't wait for it to end Awful!!

I left the theater feeling seriously ripped off and sick, sick of attempting to giggle at the same old joke of a man getting kicked in the family jewels.

Well worth watching .

THE PINK PANTHER is my contender for the worst movie of 2006, and I'll qualify that: It's getting extra points taken away, because while there might be movies just as bad, there are also movies being made by folks with much less talent, that are far better than this turkey.

It is just a waste of time, money and talent.

Trite script, clumsy and plodding direction and Steve Martin embarrassed himself.

The plot is pretty exciting, with Inspector Clouesau (Martin) teaming up with Ponton (Jean Reno) to solve the murder of a soccer star and the theft of the Pink Panther diamond.

Possibly one of the most boring directors in history, who has created such horrors as 'Cheaper by the dozen 2, which starred unfunny man Steve Martin, who we see again in Panther' Okay, so perhaps a bored-looking Martin should not take the rap for this over-rated money spin-off.

Rather than moving forwards this movie leaps from place to place and makes watching it tedious.

This movie starts where the last Peter Sellers version left off in that it is uninspired and a waste of time.

Worst movie of 2006.

It's full of stupid humor,farce,and slapstick comedy and that is why it's so entertaining.

In fact the movie can be classified as funny non-stop- the excitement of Steve Martin's portrayal has to rank up as one of the most unpredictable and funniest since Jim Carrey's "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.

A great comedy for all ages, it contained many opportunities for the viewers to engage in intense laughter.

The movie was very entertaining, it was very neat to see how everything wrapped up.

The film is delightfully entertaining and given the current length of films, mercifully only an hour and a half long.

Jean Reno, also a great actor, looked so bored and tired.

Very entertaining!

Don't waste your money .

Probably in hindsight, people tend to forget about the boring bits and amalgamate all the excellent scenes into a comedic humdinger of a movie, which never really existed.

First, the French accents were so unbearable and embarrassing.

A complete waste of time.

Jean Reno looked really embarrassed to be in the movie and Beyonce, while looking stunning, can't act herself out of a paper bag.

I expected this movie to be really good but instead I was disappointed with the boring performance by all the actors in this movie it was just dull and pointless, the story went nowhere and for me it was not even that funny at all!

The chemistry of the cast is good and the storyline moves along in an interesting and entertaining way.

Even on video this one is destined to bore rather than entertain.

All the jokes are very predictable, there is nothing new in the story.

It was an enjoyable movie that kids and adults can enjoy alike.

Since the original "Pink Panther" is iconic and its Star,the legendary Peter Sellers equally iconic,the task of remaking the movie would seem daunting and pointless.

Jean Reno who teams up with Martin for most of the film really makes the film enjoyable.

Shallow humor, bad acting, predictable scenes, this is not a pink panther classic!

The first few gags were very short-sided and fell flat, but once Clouseau starts looking for clues the slapstick works a little better & the film gets more enjoyable.

Fortunately, what could have been a teeth pulling experience, turned out to be quite enjoyable because in my opinion, they pulled it off.

For that reason, the movie, for me, was better than i can see most of America enjoyed it.

Anyway, truly, save your money because this is 90 minutes of my life I'll never get back.

Get your money back or save your money for renting this flop from video store.

Beyoncé Knowles was pretty bland and un-notable.

) Sometimes, the joke is a little old fashion, but still enjoyable.

This movie is a waste of money.

But overall my review of the film gives a 7/10, a very enjoyable film from start until finish!

i was dragged to see this by my boyfriend who by the end of the film was actually asking me why i was with him.

I think the makers just wanted to make it faster and more snappy for the i-pod generation.

Because I was bored.

The film begins promisingly with Kevin Kline narrating scenes showing the ineptitude of Martin's Inspector Clouseau, then absolutely grinds to a halt in a long boring sequence on a soccer field to set up the premise of the film, then really stops dead in it's tracks when the credits roll.

It's very heavy and slow (like mentioned before by other comments).

i can honestly say that it was the worst movie i have ever seen.

I know most are starting to call it a dud but why is ANYONE praising this pointless remake?

It was also funny to see Clouseau's (Martin's) deadpan expression as a cyclist is accidentally dragged along by his cop car - 'Did somebody say ...

There are a lot of sight gags, there is a lot of humor, I laughed through pretty much the entire movie, there were a couple of slow spots as to be expected, but overall very entertaining.

What a Waste of Time .

funny but no story line .

I'm sure this movie wasn't meant for the wee one's considering some of the things in it, but on the other hand the acting was cheesy and boring.

Save your money and do something more productive with it, such as lighting it on fire.

The storyline is predictable and it's nothing to shout about.

The trouble is, it's pretty BAD slapstick, rendering this "re-imagining" (with thanks to Tim Burton's problematic but slightly underrated "Planet of the Apes") somewhat pointless, and another misstep on the CV of inexplicably employable producer Robert Simonds and director Shaun Levy.

She turned to me more than several times during the course of the unspooling of the movie to ask if I wanted to leave.

Dated, too cliché-embedded .

I really enjoyed it.

This film was most definitely the worst movie I have seen in the last 12 months (and that's including The Producers!

He also suffers in comparison to Herbert Lom's funnier and more intense inspector.

The jokes and gags for the greater part of the film were predictable and childish.

I liked this movie, i think i could have waited for the DVD, but it was a very enjoyable movie, for young and old alike.

Match Point fans might be glad to see Emily Mortimer here as Clouseau's bespectacled secretary, and it seemed that she was there as an unexpected love interest, as well as to further certain gross humour from the start.

Well, I'd say going to the cinema to see this movie is a waste of time and money and if you're a true Pink Panther and Sellers fan, you may even feel slightly violated.

Kevin Kline is boring and Jean Reno is wasted.

If you never saw any previous pink panther movies, you might think this movie is funny; yet, don't waste your time on it.

I fell asleep halfway through the show.

i definitely enjoyed it...

Our family found this film to be funny and enjoyable for a Saturday afternoon.

The Point is that this is a movie worth watching

To me, this movie was very disappointing in the comedy realm but it did have a entertaining plot line and some funny sexual scenes!

There is another enjoyable scene where Clouseau, for the life of him, cannot pronounce the word hamburger.

Perhaps the worst movie "remake" ever.

Too repetitive.

Without spoiling the film, I left the theater with a grin on my face, a rarity of late, and would like to see it again.

The slapstick comedy is so predictable.

The slapstick, there I was right, of course, the kids were having a fun time and I enjoyed it too, because it was in a nice and sweet way.

Some of the gags are quite clever and will leave a smile, but there are just as many that are laboured and go on for far too long.

Grey, dull and unimaginative .

They used that one so many times that it got quite boring though.

I mean it had the same plot layout and characters as all the other movies but I still found it was enjoyable enough for the £3.50 I payed.

and then there are the pointless plot "twists" like agent 006.

Enjoyable relaunch of the franchise .

I found the NYC section boring.

Yes, the old ones were slow.

This film just aims to be a form of mindless entertainment that provides some comedy to create an enjoyable experience.

It did sneak a laugh or two out of me but the majority of the film was one big bore.

I highly recommend it for the grown-ups, just leave the kids at home.

Oh me oh my what a lot of boring unfunny pointless drivel.

the gags were extremely weak and predictable.

The original was really weak and boring.

As I mentioned the plot and characters are predictable to the extent you could tell the story before you see it.

Out of the similarity of the movies, this movie actually is missing a little plot, but, the most exciting part of this movie, is the silliness inside (I found out that the story itself didn't interest me very much.

It looked bad, maybe Steve Martin's worst movie ever.

This movie was funny at some parts but otherwise it was just boring....

Entertaining enough .

I haven't seen the original Pink Panther movie(s),however, this version is a mildly entertaining movie that can deliver some much needed laughs when the horror movies rule the box office.

What a waste of money.

The trailer was also great, but far too long; it gave away nearly all of the funniest parts.

The story is fun, entertaining and well-paced, with a nice amount of slapstick comedy, funny dialogue and the right feeling that the old classics had.

I can go on but Ill just end this by saying that this was just a big waste of time for me I'm sorry if I didn't see the fun part of the movie...............................................................

pointless desecration of the original series .

Granted, a few of the scenes were very overdone and they continued on for way too long, but most of the movie was very fast paced.

What a waste of time and talent......