The Pink Panther Strikes Again (1976) - Comedy, Crime

Hohum Score



Charles Dreyfus, who has finally cracked over inspector Clouseau's antics, escapes from a mental institution and launches an elaborate plan to get rid of Clouseau once and for all.

IMDB: 7.2
Director: Blake Edwards
Stars: Peter Sellers, Herbert Lom
Length: 103 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 13 out of 107 found boring (12.14%)

One-line Reviews (28)

The drawbridge is a slow long burn and a pure comedic turn.

However, despite this, the film is actually quite entertaining, which is why I give it nine stars out of ten.

But it is hugely enjoyable, thanks to some truly funny and clever gags and Peter Sellers on hilarious form as Clousseau.

But it does have its share of lulls, too, and some overly predictable sight gags that aren't likely to impress even the kids.

This fifth "Pink Panther" entry is a practically plotless collection of gags.

For me, this movie is enjoyable because it's a total parody of the classic Bond films.

The routine with Clouseau and Cato fighting starts to become a bit tiresome.

The jokes never go on too long, but are drawn out just enough to make each silly antic worthwhile and everything from smile inducing amusing, to laugh out loud hilarious.

The movie gets entertaining and hilarious moments here and there .

It is also the most enjoyable, definitely my favourite.

it was fairly fast paced,and amusing.

Along with an endlessly repeated gag involving Clouseau at a octoberfest, a lot of predictable humor looking as though it was torn straight out of Looney Tunes or out of a episode of Justice League and the ridiculous ending involving a lot of cheap special effects, this is by far the low point in the series.

Lower character development is acceptable under the circumstances, and the movie starts off well with a rousing scene between Cato and Clouseau, abstractly involving Dreyfus.

It was just dumb, as opposed to a slow build in 'Return'.

It's zanier, fresher, and seems more like a wild spoof in the vein of "Austin Powers" rather than an outdated, unfunny bore like (I find) the first film.

I admit that the last few parts with Lesley-Ann Down are dull.

Within minutes Clouseau's bumbling antics undo three years of intense psycho therapy and Dreyfus flies into a murderous rage.

Hilarious at times, but truthfully dull at other intervals.

For the comedy and the story itself is actually quite lame and predictable.

A truly hilarious entry into the "Pink Panther" series, absolutely worth watching.

In most of the films, Clouseau shows up once every twenty minutes or so, to interrupt the flow of a dismal, confusing plotline with some hilarious schtick.

How unfortunate then that once more as Clouseau, Peter Sellers is absolutely stunning.

it's a shame, the middle of the film, hasn't the level and rhythm of the rest, is a little boring.

Though not A SHOT IN THE DARK, this is one of the funnier outings in the entertaining, if totally uneven PINK PANTHER series.

There's a lot of verbal comedy too in the Blake Edwards/Frank Waldman screenplay, which is of a middling quality and gets a little tiresome at times.

This is a pretty entertaining movie and I'm now kind of interested in seeing the remake.

Indeed, the film comes across as a series of pretty good sketches with Cluseau that are stitched together with bits of pointless and poorly written filler in-between.

This release is the fourth part of Closeau series and an enjoyable comedy starred by the great Peter Sellers as the inept and bungler Inspector of the French Surete .