The Poison Rose (2019) - Mystery, Thriller

Hohum Score



Inspired by classic film noir, Carson Phillips, an ex-football star turned PI, has a soft spot for a lady in distress.

IMDB: 4.6
Director: Francesco Cinquemani
Stars: undefined, John Travolta
Length: 98 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 36 out of 122 found boring (29.5%)

One-line Reviews (79)

The movie ticks along pretty well, and it has a pretty decent cast, but it can get pretty predictable, and some bits are laugh out loud, although probably unintended.

I liked the slow, sensual pace of the movie, which is realistic for us Southerners.

A waste of time .

Boring .

While this movie has a great cast, there's nothing to show for it, totally lacklustre, and uninteresting.

Set to be released in May of this year, it's an uneventful, paperweight film noir that was directed by three people (the most notable being Midnight Run scribe, George Gallo).

Right from the get go with it's poor editing and cliche'd filled madness it's a no brainer the film needs to go in the nearest bin!

That, I have to say, is the #3 GiveMeABreak cliche.

What a waste of time .

An interesting and exciting film.

The story is actually quite engaging and suspenseful.

It's an entertaining film-noir type of the 1940s.

Boring, predictable, boring, laughable, and boring again.

It was quite enjoyable.

Don't waste your time.

Terrible movie but absolutely worth watching for Brendan Fraser.

The film is a complete dermis, no plot, just a set of stamps, the reason for making Freeman and Travolta.

I generally ignore reviews as I want to judge for myself but don't waste your time with this film .

Don't waste your time.

Despite several clunky scenes and some predictability in the storyline, it was an entertaining 2 hours, thanks in part to Brendan Fraser's hysterical performance and classic Morgan Freeman.

Bad plot, poor writing, too much exposition, multiple unbelievable gun shoot-outs, no humor, little drama, and a predictable plot/next scene.

This movie was entertaining, and held your attention from start to finish.

Its not mysterious, well written, interesting or entertaining.

The plot is actually not bad, the script, while bland at times, does hold interest.

Worst movie ever .

Instead,what you get is a ponderous, rambling, predictable affair that's never does anything to make it more than "of the moment" viewing.

It has no mastermind plot or anything, it's just an entertaining investigation that unfolds.

Total waste of my time and too bad since some good actors were in it.

John Travolta is always exciting & him playing a PI is a treat.

Entertaining alternative to typical Hollywood .

Extremely boring.

Travolta and Freeman on an stunning combination.

Very entertaining- has some humor.

I actually enjoyed it!

Considering the acting talent involved and the potential, this is one of the worst movies ever made.

The worst movie of 2019 and probably the worst movie any of the actors have been involved with.

Lame and waste of time .

This is as Cliché'd as Cliché can be.

But the film came up short of the stylish Lynch in a predictable, by-the-numbers neo-noir film.

This movie is so boring no thriller no action no drama even no good acting they were just there taking a paycheck and showing up the worst a movie can be is boring the director didn't use the talent he got on board and the script is so bad

private eye, Carson Phillips, who is dragged back to his home town on the Gulf Coast of Texas.

The story was poor and predictable, the roles were shallow and the gun fights were the worst.

don't waste your time.

Bored to death!

One of the worst movies released in 2019 .

a..its a boring flick, i smiled at 2 occasions, and its neither dramatic or thrilling, and the shootouts are so bonanza like that tuscon city took his tux-on and took hi ho silver to bed.

its a film about a small time private detective that sets out on a mission to find a little ol lady in a dull texas gulf coast town, and as three is a lucky number it is his beloved town where he was born and raised 20 years everybody is so happy to see him and shadows or shadows away from him, as he is like good old colombo, making people dizzy and frustratedby the talk and walk as an intrusive threat.

After seeing Morgan Freeman and Travolta together on the poster, I watched the film but I gotta say it's just monotonous, cliché and disappointing.

Weak and predictable storyline.

Entire film slow like hell!

This is a waste of time.

Travolta's persona is amazing and his slow pace, sarcastic, character sets this movie's style and rhythm.

Dont waste your time unless you want to see the dweeb role Brenden Frasier played.

Very entertaining movie with a great all star cast.

Definitely another stereotyped cliche) , driving all the way from the LaLaLand to the Texas town where he was born and raised, there were already too many cliches to be digested by me.

Too many confusing scene.

Famke Janssen struggles with her part and adds to the slowness and boredom of the film.

Quite intriguing standard Maltese Falcon/Raymond Chandler style to begin with light tinges of Get Shorty and Pulp Fiction thrown in.

Very entertaining .

OMG -- One of the all time worst movies ever.

Another intriguing character is Morgan Freeman's "Doc," a local godfather controlling all facets of business in the small Texas beach town.

Very enjoyable compared to all the rubbish Hollywood now brings out.

Predictable but entertaining.

Too slow!

I like the slow pace of the movie.

Too slow, too predictable .

Waste of time!


Hey Redford, there are stories to be told about that part of America immersed in opioids and self hate; Hillary hate and conspiracy theories and love of guns.

So boring, the music was over the top as well.

I enjoyed it.

Worth watching if you're bored.


Even with a twist, it's predictable.

The Poison Rose had the elements to be a success, but unfortunately it's a rather ho-hum experience, lacking grit and intensity.

The entire movie was as predictable as going to the bunny ranch.

it's a slow burn with an interesting story.

A story, simply enjoyable.

What a waste of my time .