The Politician (2019) - Comedy, Drama

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Payton Hobart, a student from Santa Barbara, has known since age seven that he's going to be President of the United States. But first he'll have to navigate the most treacherous political landscape of all: Saint Sebastian High School.

IMDB: 7.6
Stars: Ben Platt, Zoey Deutch
Length: 42 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-14
Reviews: 25 out of 185 found boring (13.51%)

One-line Reviews (76)

An entertaining slice of vile nastiness.

but it's engaging and fun and i will absolutely watch the next season.

I found it a very enjoyable and relevant story.

Clever, funny and entertaining .

Even with that, it is still worth the watch, and I am very excited for season 2.

His acting proves so repetitive after the first couple of episodes, that if you see him in one dramatic scene, you've seen them all.

It has a great cast, a great idea, but like, for example, AHS, it starts licking its own butt about halfway through, gets messy and boring with too many subplots, and is too enamoured of itself.

It has a very good script, ¨ the politician ¨ surprises you all the time with unexpected turns.

The storyline is confusing an stupid.

The story line jumps around and is hard to follow at times.

The reason I gave it 9 stars is because some stuff is pointless.

Now horrible characters can be compelling, though it's not an easy trick to pull off.

That being said, it does start a little slow.

What a huge waste of money.

I really like resemblance of Wes Andersos' trademark, the way they focus on the center, the camera movement etc.The plotline is also funny and thrilling.

Smart, Amusing & Entertaining .

It is a waste of time and the good talent of very well known and established actors, who, obviously, were working for the money.

While i will admit the characters are a bit dull at times, the story and dialogue is good enough that you can forget about it.

It's almost patronising how many minority groups, gender identities are shoved into the storyline, all part of the woke Socialist propaganda this series thrusts upon you.

It started Okay with Ryan Murphy's stereotypical characters but dragged in the middle everyone is willing to kill each other for money or election or on the name of cheap comedy.

Another Ryan Murphy production - Predictable, over the top, annoying characters, who all happen to be gay/bi/pan sexual ...

That last episode was confusing and exhausting.

Casting, makeup and acting, the producuers were really serious to build that familiar vibe for fans, we appreciate that, but i think they didn't have to follow the styles of Darren Criss, Emma roberts and Taissa farmiga, it's kinda cliche and cheap, let the actors be themselves....

Why do we care to watch a cartoonish amoral super rich spoiled sort of self-loathing gay punk's attempt to become president eventually by screwing over all the other characters in his super rich high school and these people are all spoiled, gay, repressed gay, or should be gay, self indulgent...

brilliant , most entertaining.. .

The casting alone is enough to give this show a high rating but the exciting storyline and the off the wall references put it above any other show out there at the moment.

Once again you got an amazing team, comedic talent piling up, and what I get instead are the most unlikeable characters I can think of, doing the most unlikely things that I can think of to the point where it makes them weirdly predictable, and watch the writers punish those characters for their fictional bad deeds and thoughts until everything is just absurd, unrelatable and unfunny.

Lame and boring and weird.

Very entertaining and a perfect look at politics in America in a small setting.

Inspiring and exciting, also educating for anyone who's got dreams


Unexpected .

The drama is painstakingly slow and often meaningless, could not bear to go through more than 2 episodes

Entertaining and witty .

Enjoyed the first episode, and thought it would be an interesting series, but about mid-way through episode 2, I found myself getting annoyed with most of the characters, and also was getting quite bored with it.

Unexpected .

Crazy, messy, but wildly entertaining .

It was so good and interesting in the middle and than it started to get more trashy, boring, and having too many plots and stories all in one.

The result is very entertaining and very unique series.

It started off great, a sort of college level microcosm of grown up politics, but soon it stopped trying to "say" anything, lost interest in the reason for River's suicide (and therefore the emotional backbone of the series) and became tied up in a multitude of subplots, repetitive story points, an insistence on including a death or near-death in every single episode, so that it ended up a sort of mish-mash of Glee and Jane the Virgin (with a score that reminded of the latter).

I also found the voter episode to be unnecessary, it would have worked as a few minute bit but really dragged on as a twenty five minute episode.

The dialogue/plot is a bit farfetched at times, but who cares, it's entertaining as hell.

The central premise of the show is solid and engaging and the cast did a good job.

I really enjoyed the hyperbole, the subtle humour, and the compelling idiosyncrasies of every character.

Enjoyable fun that highlights the many failings of democratic systems run by people with far more to gain that the voters.

Very confusing story development.

)TLDR: It's a confusing, funny, sad, weird little show.

The show is really over the top, but reasonably entertaining in the early episodes if you just accept that the plot is operating on soap opera templates.

The daughter she used for Munchausen syndrome was drawn out far too long.

Simply, Ryan Murphy trying to do 3 shows at once, does not work, which is probably why I was bored to tears with episode 1 of AHS: 1984, which looked awesome from the trailer.

So completely contrived and not believable.

" The show has an incredible cast (PS Ben Platt, I love you,) the writing is witty, in both an entertaining and thought-provoking way, and I could seriously watch a new season of this every year for the rest of my life.

It's mostly a lot of spit balling, no plot, and some loose characterizations, and just adding scenes or looks they think are cool.

While i was browsing netflix 'the politician ' popped up n binged through the whole season..its brilliant ,witty ,gripping screen play, every scene very well crafted n thoroughly entertaining..amazing cast...


Some hideous characters and some awkward moments but these beautifully portrayed caricatures (particularly Martin and Luther the odious brothers) and the stunning sets and cinematography just make it delicious.

I'll watch season 2 when I get bored enough and need some background noise.

But, the costumes of the characters is a little bit confusing.

I'm a bit bored of it and wish he'd take some different approaches.

The Voter episode is very inappropriate for no good reason, and I feel the show was trying to hard and some points to be suspenseful.

The show goes on for way too long.

(Or maybe the confusion is itself the goal of the show?

Thrilling; unexpected .

Loving Ryan Murphy new show, fast paced, dark humoured, not what you think, great acting by everyine in it so far, even gwyneth paltrow is fascinating.

But that is why it's amazing, the acting is better than what you expect from most high school based shows and the story and drama is easy to follow, which is great as it is truly entertaining and touches on many different things we face in life today.

The acting is top notch, the characters compelling, and the pacing impeccable.

Enjoyable ride.

Beautiful narrative with entertaining characters .

This could've been so good a over the top political satire set in a high school, the problem here is that it does nothing with the over the topness, the jokes are for dummys and pretty bland most of the time, its failing at the only thing it tried.

It is definitely binge worthy, it is incredibly entertaining and I look forward to the second seasons and possible seasons following.

It's a delightfully unexpected twist which I certainly appreciated.

Gripping new show in a long time.

Don't take the show so seriously if you watch it and If I were you, go into the show knowing that you're in for an over the top, fast paced show that actually has something to say.

Thoroughly Entertaining .

Entertaining & easy to binge, 7.5/10 .

It's like the rebirth of the old classic books in a modernized, enjoyable and dramatic version.