The Possession of Hannah Grace (2018) - Horror, Mystery, Thriller

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When a cop who is just out of rehab takes the graveyard shift in a city hospital morgue, she faces a series of bizarre, violent events caused by an evil entity in one of the corpses.

IMDB: 5.2
Director: Diederik Van Rooijen
Stars: Shay Mitchell, Grey Damon
Length: 86 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 86 out of 217 found boring (39.63%)

One-line Reviews (179)

The whole first scene could have been dropped from the film, which would have built the tension up at a much more slower and solid pace.

Watching her skitter across the screen like an impossibly inhuman spider creature made of broken glass and nightmares makes the film worth watching.

I gave it a chance as fun popcorn flick but fell asleep was so dull and not scary.

I don't get it, but the movie WAS good and entertaining.

Why do horror films set in hospitals constantly insult the viewer by having these cavernous, dark always empty hallways?

While the scares were creative, some were predictable.

This movie has a couple of good scare scenes along with a simple and predictable story line.

I remember watching the trailer for this, letting off a yawn and being distinctly unimpressed.

Get out if contemplating watching this boring flick that uses every horror trope possible and has Zero interesting things to say.

Unadventurous and bland "horror" outing .

And the direction is boring.

Completely waste of time, the ending is so cold that you'll strt hating yourself for watching the movie.

Boring and terrible performances.

Boring .

Predictable script .

I enjoyed it.

However it has an awfully boring story, no character development (or character to begin with) ridiculous uninspired ending.

However, I appreciated that the director(s) and writer(s) at least attempted to craft some sort of story with the main protagonist, but overall this movie was pretty boring, not scary, and even a little pointless.

This movie is a slightly above average horror with its cliche "girl possessed" format.

Dislikes:The Predictability: While there are plenty of scare tactics utilize in this film, the problem with this film is how predictable they become.

There were some good creepy moments but some predictable ones too.

This one's predictable ...

This is the worst film ever made what a waste of my life watching this nonsense this film has ruined my Thursday night

This movie is a joke dont waste your time.. 1 and half hour loosing time of my life watching.

Very bad and boring.

This film starts out having every predictable cliche trope you can imagine, and the story is skin and bone with mediocre acting throughout.

Although the film doesn't quite make much sense, although the scary scenes are not quite all that scary, and although the aftermath gore is almost non-existent, this is worth sitting through for believable performances by engaging actors, which always helps elevate an otherwise mediocre movie, and mainly, just for the way the ending toys with your expectations.

The film opens with a comically cliche exorcism of Hannah Grace (Kirby Johnson).

Too predictable .

The Possession of formulaic and cliche horror tropes in the 199th Possession/Exorcism film released since the iconic classic in 1973.

But when a film is as boring as this, I was looking forward to the jump cares so that I could be more entertained.

If you like the super cheesy and predictable horror genre this is for you.

Not all possession films are bad, for one instant the great "The Last Exorcism " it's filmed in the "found footage" aspect, but does a great job at creating realism, while this film made me fall asleep, during the first act of it.

This film could've done well with its plot and budget, but the action was boring and the atmosphere was not creepy at all.

I am cool with horror drama, but the way the scriptwriter make the plot make me assume he/she wants us to dragged to her misery and empathize her, thus make the character memorable and lovable.


But this was all predictable and dead pace.

In the wrong hands, possession movies (or horror movies in general) can quickly become banal and formulaic instead of scary and compelling, so a good director at the helm can make all the difference.

if u wanna watch something very obvious and predictable and the typical jumps and doors openings by itself and floor cracking lol.

The claustrophobic, dark and morbid locations work perfectly for an intense horror movie.

and I dragged my family out to see it...

It was absolutely worth watching!

This is seriously one of the worst horror movies I've ever seen, not creepy at all, completely stupid and a waste of time, utterly ridiculous, horrible acting and special effects, an attempt at a scary horror movie which turned into a total snoozefest and a real lame movie, just a depiction of how terrible horror movies truly are nowadays and how they aren't scary or original anymore, just plain stupid.

It is drawn out, and considering it is only an hour and a half long, that is saying something.

Another filthy flick spewing forth from Sony (the official propaganda arm of a Japanese Government still sore and Hell-bent upon revenge for losing a World War Two which THEIR infamous sneak attack initiated), THE POSSESSION OF HANNAH GRACE glorifies in defiling, defeating, and massacring American Heroes.

The parts that are supposed to be scary become repetitive, as they are all pretty much the same, only the victim and locations change.

By all means, I think this movie has a great potential from the actors and premise, but the execution and primarily the script, makes all scenes seem bland and expected.

The Possession of Hannah Grace is a terrible supernatural horror film from the bad acting, poor script, and boring direction.

So this movie tries to be intelligent and innovative but unfortunately its lack of story, and stakes puts it among the ranks of other generic horror movies that will soon be forgotten

The movie was sooo bad and boring, that in the end i was in my phone.

), little buildup in storyline and character development, plain stupid scenes where Hannah uses her powers and lifts people in order to kill them, predictable and short.

If only it could have lived up to the rest of the movie, then I would have enjoyed it all the way through to the end.

Save Your money and your brain cells.

Very cliche predictable and unsatisfying ending.

Keeps you on the edge of your seat,.

Great special effects throughout, highly recommend it.

It's thoroughly entertaining.

Waste of time and waste of money.

The movie is really short, not even an hour and a half long, yet it feels like certain parts of the film dragged and other parts were incredibly rushed .

There were some parts where I got creep out but after a while it just got too predictable.

A boring, cliché film that never tried.

Don't waste your money it's a g-rated horror film nothing to scare you, the trailers lied.

What happened to the movies that had you on the edge of your seat, bite all your nails down, and sleep with light on?

The first 45 minutes are pretty decent, creepy here and there and the suspense builds and makes you keep watching, but then the 2nd part becomes average, boring and ultimately fails to deliver.

The film has a constant foreboding and creepy atmosphere, and quite unpredictable, actually.

Entertaining albeit generic...

The third act explodes into cliche, and there are perhaps too many plot holes for me to just ignore.

It is full of predictable elements and clichés.

Dont waste your money on this movie.

Uninspiring .

I found 'Jane Doe' slow moving and not as scary.

It's hardly scary, it's bordering on boring, the story is lacking, almost every scare is cliche.

I've seen so many hyped up and critically acclaimed horrors over recent years that just don't deliver, it's a pleasant surprise when one that's slated by the critics turns out to be so enjoyable.

Boring .

This is another movie about exorcisms, demons and convenient, predictable moments, only now in a hospital morgue.

So is this movie bad because its boring or because I just didn't get a comedy-hour like a wanted.

All horror movie directors should know by now that when the horror character is displayed, the movie kills the horror in it, very bad script, bad story, average acting, hasn't watched a good horror movie in a while, based on reviews I thought this would be it, but unfortunately it wasn't even comedy to me, it was a boring drama

Everything was predictable,so disappointing.

Director Diederik Van Rooijen gives us a pretty engaging movie.

Different to other possession stories, and quite enjoyable.

But when you're having some much fun watching a scary movie, the predictable scares were enjoyable.

It is one of the regular slow, cheesy horrors they are making these days.

The ending is predictable & very cliche.

Thrilling, jumpy, great horror really do recommend it for anyone who enjoys a good possession

A Cliche, boring, poorly written, predictable, and laughably bad film.

It is thrilling experience to watch horror drama in such scary atmosphere.

Since the jumpscares were as expected, it leaves me bored for minutes.

All in all would love more of this morgue horror movies, at least till it gets boring too!!

It was very predictable as well.

So yea they managed to make my favorite sub genre of horror boring.

Horrible and predictable .

The first act and second act of the story are quite exciting.

Cliché horror .

If it's free, don't waste your time.

I was hoping for a good scare but sadly I was bored out of my mind.

Cinematography especially bad, and the exposition made the whole thing uninteresting.

Don't waste your time or money on this one, you'll thank me later.

the Camera work was horrible, with no intimate close in shots, the acting was flat, the dialogue boring.

Too predictable.

The thing is, although this was technically a better made film than something like Truth or Dare, I would never watch this again because it is boring and has no special merit to it.

Thoroughly enjoyed it.

But otherwise, this is worth watching.

worst movie ever,u might loose your mind after watching this.

I found it to be very entertaining.

Exorcism movies all tend to be predictable, generic, full of the same tropes and lashings of religious nonsense.

I must say that writer Brian Sieve and director Diederik Van Rooijen actually managed to put together something that was entertaining.

I watched it on my laptop with headphones on and that made it so much more intense.

In one word the movie is simply boring.

The jumpscares also were so predictable.

this movie has a morgue the size of cleveland that is entirely empty save for one lonely person.

I honestly don't care if it's good, low rating for uninteresting jumpscares

Watching this movies was literally boring.

The kills are boring and pretty much the same throughout.

if u bored and there is nothing else to watch is ok go head...

and worst of all, it's super boring and barely scary.

Ultimate verdict: Entertaining enough.

Soon as my friend said , you want to leave, I would've been out!

Despite its 90min, it felt unnecessarily dragged.

Sure, this movie was by no means a groundbreaking or innovative movie in the demonic possession movie, but it had enough atmosphere and creepy moments that it was actually worth watching.

Please don't waste your time like I foolishly did.

If the jumps are used too often or at an obvious moment, they become stale and so predictable that you can actually set your clock to it, like here.

7/10 very enjoyable.

This occured on two or three occasions and was slightly confusing.

If you are fed up with boring , zero scares so called horror movies and are looking for something that is actually not bad at all you won't go far wrong than this.

It is flat out tedious and dull.

Your typical no plot slasher movie.

Lame don't waste your time and money .

This is practically the worst movie i ve ever seen,i might ve gone crazy as well.

Very slow start.

The worst movie ever!.

There isn't even any spoilers that are worth saying , worst movie of 2018 rather have sit through paranormal activity all of them then this so boring !!!

But what killed me besides the boring was that it took bullets to put it down.

It wasnt really exciting.

So boring .

Overall, The Possession of Hannah Grace is better than the trailers suggest, it's a well acted enjoyable ride and does have some good scares, but the frequent jump scares, predictable flow of events and plot holes prevent this film from being anything memorable.

I fell asleep a few times, that's not a good sign.

It is pretty boring with a somewhat dull lead actress.

The plot was predictable at all time and they just missed every scare for me.

One of the worst movies I ever seen .

I enjoyed it and I hope you do too.

Save your money...

And if you watch the first scene (instead of fast-forwarding through it, as I'd recommend) you'd probably think, 'how boring, it's all the usual cliches'.

No storyline, no purpose, no sense!

Don't waste your time or money.. it's only an 1 hour and 25 min and I contemplated walking out 3 times.

Doors that magically open by themselves; objects thrown away that return; shadows ominously moving past the camera: you can check any horror cliché on the list, some even multiple times.

This is the first movie I've ever been to where I struggled to stay awake.

Sorry, guys - we stopped paying attention about 20 minutes in because it is pretty boring.

The story was slow, weak and the whole movie was senseless.

Setting a standard for boring .

Add to that the fact that our lead is a bland actress that makes a boring movie even more boring.

This movie is so boring that I couldn't stay awake.

It was very intense movie with great plot until....

Good movie, pitty the story is predictable.

This delivers none of the above; vague references that lead nowhere, cliché sound effects, characters you actually wish would meet their end to get them off screen (not to mention their deaths end in the same way over and over again so steady your excitement for the unimaginative) and to top it off a simple, shoe-horned ending you had predicted within the first ten minutes.

The slick production of horror is always enjoyable when well crafted.

It's one giant cliché.

Despite the praise I've just given, there is one big issue wit the film: the second act is just too slow and could've been cut down, which is disappointing given how fluidly it started.

Nevertheless, I really enjoyed it.

Don't waste your time.

I enjoyed it more than I would have if it hadn't been for that ending, so I recommend it for a good timewaster.

Well dont waste your time.

So predictable seen it all before!

And the ending was a little predictable as well.

The scares were predictable and after awhile the dead body crawling around was just laughable.

Even something so bland and Evil Dead was scarier than this movie too bad I bought it should have rented only

Lame don't waste your time and money....

Mtichell dives full force into the character, managing to portray the multi-tiered roll quite well, in a balanced manner that was engaging to watch.

So dull I fell asleep .

So boring that it may set the bar for how boring a movie can be

But let me tell it was a good movie and worth watching.

But I can tell you this movie is an empty shell.

Also the end was extremely predictable.

I found it creepy & scary at times, but being someone who loves horror & paranormal/haunting movies, I found it was lacking few elements, like the jump factor or that realness that spooks you out.. Even tho I enjoyed this film, it's not one that leaves a lasting impression nor did it scare me so I'll leave a light on at night, but if you enjoy your creepy horror films, it's worth the watch..


Shay is great, it has that feel of When a Stranger Calls, and she is awesome and entertaining.

Majority of the scenes were boring and useless.

That being said, the film does become extremely predictable, and not all the scares land.

the movie is awesome but just boring in some places .

Everything was predictable, from the pill popping, (I mean come on, she's suppose to be a recovering, can't they have given her the benefit of that?