The Poughkeepsie Tapes (2007) - Horror, Mystery, Thriller

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In an abandoned house in Poughkeepsie, New York murder investigators uncover hundreds of tapes showing decades of a serial killer's work.

IMDB: 6.1
Director: John Erick Dowdle
Stars: Stacy Chbosky, Ben Messmer
Length: 81 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 27 out of 118 found boring (22.88%)

One-line Reviews (65)

This getting 6 stars is a disgrace, and the audience is to blame here for thinking this turd-sandwich is enjoyable.

but ultimately pointless.

Otherwise I felt the acting was entertaining, especially the case officers and teacher whom were interesting, humorous and real.

) This is however a fairly minor gripe and I enjoyed the film and found it pretty engrossing.

Overall, this movie would have been good for a college film project, but falls short of anything fantastic, or even mildly entertaining.

If you can get past the horrible acting and cliché dialog you will find this to be an interesting story.

Another thing that is laughable is the use of 3 real life reporters- HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE acting and pointless.

Sleep inducing drivel .

The use of the 'tapes' may have been for 'realism' but they are so poor in quality it makes much of the film unwatchable.

You may even be a little bored for a while.

Films with such low production values need to pile on the blood and gore or spine-tingling thrills to get any sort of reaction, but this is just mildly unpleasant and utterly pointless.

The premise of the film is certainly interesting:the police raids a home of suspect and finds it empty aside from boxes of VHS tapes.

Because of how devastating her story is, and because a lot is left to the imagination as to how her story progressed, the movie is actually worth watching for horror buffs.

Very creepy and entertaining.

So therefore, if you say it's a BAD movie because it's boring, then what the hell are you watching a mock documentary for in the first place??

In the end the ultimate point is, if you ARE interested in crime documentaries, why even bother with this fake contrived junk when you can watch the real thing in documentaries about real life killers?

There needs to be more to a film other than it just being scary, otherwise it just turns out dull, even though it did do scary very well.

I have to say, this was the biggest waste of my time in a movie I have seen.

As the film progresses, things become deeper, more intriguing, and inevitably, more and more consuming.

Engrossing simulation of the "true crime" docu-format .

Although,@the same time,they can also end up being pretty much another carbon-copy type of thing,or to where its even just flat out predictable,etc.

This film goes to proof how a movie about killing, torturing and mutilating people in fact can be boring when there are no brains behind it.

Her story also makes the serial killer in the story much more engrossing, since it gives a kind of unusual psychological depth to his character which is often missing in horror.

There was not a lot of blood and guts, or even scenes that showing violent acts with blood spurting or scenes of drawn out struggles or fighting.

After the movie my boyfriend and I talked for an hour or so about the most horrific parts, whether we thought it/parts were real, the truly sick nature of a human being like the killer was very intriguing.

It's boring.

Don't get me wrong, though, it IS an entertaining film; and a lot of the video effects were interesting.

There's no plot or character development, no twists and not even a real ending, it just plays out exactly in that way, only it is painfully stretched over 90 minutes.

Don't waste your time.

Not only is this a must-see for horror fans, this film is a testament to the fact that you do not need "A-list" actors, bloated budgets, or absurd amounts of computerized effects to make a compelling film.

For fans of real true crime media, "The Poughkeepsie Tapes" proves an entertaining sort of simulation of the true crime documentary format that has only grown in popularity over the last decade.

2 little notes: the first 15 minutes are kind of slow so give the movie time AND I don't see this as a "theater" movie (I saw a DVD screener).

With a few plot holes involving a suspect,this movie is very gripping and shocking.

One particular victim develops a love so fascinating for her captor that it makes us shudder at her unnerving desire to continue to please her "Master".

These FBI agents in the film come off as actors who want to be noticed by exaggerating their parts and making their lines seem more poignant than that of how your typical dull federal agents would express themselves on camera, a place where they are not naturally comfortable being.

However this movie was plagued by bad acting, poor character development, and generally uninteresting plot, making much of it painful to watch.

It Honestly Troubled Me,I Had To Walk Out Of The Theater And Catch My Breath At One Point.

The plot line is unoriginal and VERY boring.

I would recommend that you don't waste your time watching this movie.

With The Poughkeepsie Tapes, the Dowdle's decided to go all out with what many could consider a more intense ID Channel special.

There were also quite a few dull moments and little to no plot development.

If you sat through The Blair Witch, bored out of your skull as three young film-makers traipse around the countryside hoping to make us all scared and you watched in terror as, in the final few minutes at the old house when everything hits the fan...

Simply, if you find shows like "American Justice" or "Cold Case Files" boring or uninteresting, and enjoy pure gorefests and slasher flicks rather than real life crime, you will NOT like this movie.

They also had some very contrived lines to say such as, "My wife watched half an hour of the tapes and she couldn't touch me for a year.

It was creepy and the entire time I was on the edge of my seat wondering just HOW they were going to catch someone who's pretty much made a perfect "persona" and perfected his way of killing.

The story and the main character are intriguing enough without all the blood and guts.

Engrossing and very disturbing.

Slave is your name" too cliché in my opinion.

Has some very intense and awful moments that will deeply affect the uninitiated.

Don't waste your time.

The almost comical fact of the matter is that when you closely examine serial killers on a personal level, they present themselves as plain and mundane, almost boring individuals most of the time, which in fact was what allowed a killer like Gary Ridgway to become THE most prolific American serial killer of all time, because though at many times he was a suspect, he was written off every single time because he seemed like such an average Joe, which by contrast the killer in THIS film was an extreme oddball.

I just found the film as a whole kind of pointless.

Waste of time.

It's mind boggling how no one involved in making this film realized this horrible error they were making.

Don't Waste Your Money.

The brief Q & A after the film was thoroughly enjoyable.

His killings are as cliché as can be, with his victims young women and such.

Without going into detail, somethings are slightly off and open small holes or just seem pointless altogether.

-Fascinating and believable performances by all involved, especially the killer himself.

Maybe this guy tortured his victims, but probably his craftiest move was that he got to torture large audiences with this snooze fest.

Completely Pointless .

The film rolls on at a steady pace, mixing fake interviews made with poor actors with 'found footage' which, at times, is completely unwatchable due to film makers going OTT with the 'they were VHS tapes, man!

Don't waste your time with it.

Have professionals and other schmucks talk about the tapes, the motive of the killer and other boring crap.

The documentary style aspect of the film was very entertaining in learning bits about the killer himself and how he disappeared and how the tapes were found, and then there were the tapes..crickey. The tapes are honestly just..ya, very very realistic, blurry and gruesomely scary, the acting is spot on from the victims in the tapes, aswell as the deranged killer who we although don't see much of.