The Presence (2010) - Drama, Horror, Thriller

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A woman travels to an isolated cabin she begins to think she is losing her mind when her boyfriend comes to stay.

IMDB: 4.4
Director: Tom Provost
Stars: Mira Sorvino, Shane West
Length: 87 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 19 out of 52 found boring (36.53%)

One-line Reviews (55)

Recommended if you are bored.

In fear of being bored out of your mind by it, irritated at it staring at anything and everything.

This movie has no story to it what so ever which is the biggest disappointment.

If you love watching grass grow, watching paint dry then you will LOVE this movie!

if you enjoy being bored out of your mind.

Stupid, boring and extremely lame.

If that's what you want, you'll probably think this movie is too slow or boring.

But it was just a huge f*****g waste of time and potential.

The movie starts out very slow.

The film moves slow and just about when you think nothing will happen, Bam!

The first 5 minutes was a waste of time.

Unexpected, and very moving.

The film moves slow...

stupid behaviour from the protagonist, just when things are starting to have to start making sense, we are thrown into the most trite, basic narrative trick, the most North-American over-used audience manipulation, the simplest way out, the easiest way to trap people's attention and trick them into 'empathy' for the lead character, yes, you guessed it...

The photography is good, and a bit intriguing.

The movie was slow in getting to the point, and it was slowly building up suspense, but it never really climaxed.

It is elegant, creepy, visually stunning and, by the end, very moving.

Excellent film and intriguing concept.

However,the director tried to hard to make it artsy fartsy.

Breath-takingly beautiful, the stunning scenery is a character itself.

Unexpected little gem .

Which are dull.

It is basically a slow and rather dull ghost story that doesn't make much sense.

I recommend the watch, Do not expect a horror show, although it does have some spooky moments, Let the mood sink in, The pacing is slow and deliberate.

Quite frankly this is one of the most boring and irritating horror films of all time and ranks as one of the worst all-time.

There were so many empty holes at several intervals of the movie.

Was it a slow start.

It was a really boring Hitchcock rip off.

The setting is confined enough to be intense.

I give this a 5/10, decent story, mysterious characters, but excruciatingly slow pace.

At one point he screams, and since this is so uneventful, I am now wondering if that is a spoiler.

Yawn, yawn, triple yawn.

I enjoyed it so much that I had to learn more about it, which led me to this site.

Waste of time.

It is definitely not a horror movie, so don't waste your time if your looking for that.

"The Presence" was somewhat of an uneventful and uninspiring movie.

However if you have a pulse and the smallest hint of a personality then I would stay away from this snoozer.

I understand why some people gave this movie a low rating due to their expectations, however, if you can leave them behind, I think you will find that it is an enjoyable and captivating 90 minutes of film.

I also think Mira Sorvino is an excellent actress and her acting skills made the movie very enjoyable to watch.

It was boring I was seriously falling asleep and I'm not even old.

Then the film is very boring, and nothing happens with Mira Sorvino and Shane West stalking her in silence for maybe twenty minutes in a lonely cabin.

Over all don't waste your time renting this please don't ever buy it either.

Slow, progressing through slow and ending slow.

It's so d**n boring.

One of the most boring, dull horror films ever .

and boring.

Thanks..I enjoyed it

The movie starts out showing us a boring, mostly mute ghost.

However, after some other while, things became a bit suspenseful.

if you enjoy being bored out of your mind .

oh the worst ghost story i have ever seen, probably the worst movie.

By the first 20 minutes, we all wanted to turn it off, given that nothing happened.

The pace of the movie is very slow, it feels like this two hour flick could have been done in 45 minutes.

Boring waste of time...

One of the worst movies i have ever seen .