The Pride of the Yankees (1942) - Biography, Drama, Romance

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The story of the life and career of famed baseball player Lou Gehrig.

IMDB: 7.7
Director: Sam Wood
Stars: Gary Cooper, Teresa Wright
Length: 128 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 11 out of 80 found boring (13.75%)

One-line Reviews (35)

Meanwhile "The Babe Ruth Story" is one of the worst movies ever made and both the TV movie "Babe Ruth" and the film "The Babe" are deeply flawed.

There is a certain kind of movie prevalent during the WWII years that takes any subject matter and turns it into a bland, palatable rallying cry for American heroism.

I just thought that since it was meant to honour a sports hero of Gehrig's magnitude, then it certainly could've been a helluva lot more entertaining and enlightening in regards to presenting Gehrig as a real person (warts & all) and not just as the product of some cheap, Hollywood white-washing job.

" So let's acknowledge that while "Pride Of The Yankees" is undoubtedly a great baseball movie, it's also a piece of wartime propaganda.

Still, it's a compelling story.

Another thing, I didn't like about the movie is the long sequences, of pointless dancing and singing.

Includes about every baseball cliche you can imagine -- promise a sick boy a homer?

This picture follows the short and exciting life of Henry Louis Gehrig.

Teresa Wright is stunning!

The love story is dull.

It is a stunning experience that is suitable for the whole family and teaches the whole audience about love, friendship, compassion, life, death and heroism.

Anyway, this is very enjoyable all around, with a fittingly touching conclusion, as Gehrig says good-bye to the fans at Yankee Stadium.

Really, they're both boring as Hell, though I'll bet the modern ones are at least 10% true.

The Pride of the Yankees' broad title suggests an all-encompassing look, or even history, into the renowned franchise, but its focus, while broad and far-reaching, profiles a wonderful life, and the film itself features tremendously engaging performances to compliment its story.

It is a little campy at times but Babe Ruth gives an enjoyable and convincing portrayal of himself and other greats including Bill Dickey also appear.

I had to suffer through commercials, but it was well worth watching.

According to Robinson the speech of Gehrig's became a matter of unexpected importance to Cooper.

I've decided that Sam Wood was the most boring director to be produced by the Hollywood studio system.

Dull 1940s Studio Filmmaking .

It displayed real players, Babe Ruth, et al, and was such an enjoyable movie, that I watch this movie every chance I get. dispel any "confusion"...

They really do, slow the film, somewhat down.

As you can well-imagine, this intense focus on Lou's screwy attachment to his mother (which carried right through to the end of the story) grated on my nerves, big-time.

Honestly, Lou Gherig seemed to live the most uninteresting life on the planet until he developed Lou Gherig disease (always a bad sign when they name the disease you have after you).

Lou Gherig makes an uninteresting subject .

As portrayed by Gary Cooper, Gehrig is a boring simpleton.

This made the movie that-much-more enjoyable this time around!

Ruth was an undisciplined man-child with a prodigious talent that enabled him to reinvent and save his sport and made him the symbol of his era, a time when America was emerging as a world power and breaking the bonds of its own traditions to create a more modern and exciting way of living.

Formulaic and Engaging.

The directing is as wooden as its storytelling, and in case you didn't notice, whatever could be shown through exciting clips is only told from dull standpoints.

If you think baseball is "boring," you'll be relieved to learn that THE PRIDE OF THE YANKEES shows just parts of about two major league contests (as well as snippets of two "sandlot" tussles for youngsters).

well, a little predictable.

It's a little long and needs to cut back on some of the slower parts.

All and all a fast paced well made movie that will pull at your heart strings whether you like baseball or not.

The Pride of the Yankees is a great sports film because it works as more than just a sports film, but also a compelling drama and a pleasantly romantic story of a larger-than-life baseball player who was tragically brought down by a crippling disease that eventually killed him at 37.