The Princess and the Frog (2009) - Animation, Adventure, Comedy

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A waitress, desperate to fulfill her dreams as a restaurant owner, is set on a journey to turn a frog prince back into a human being, but she has to face the same problem after she kisses him.

IMDB: 7.1
Director: Ron Clements
Stars: Anika Noni Rose, Keith David
Length: 97 Minutes
PG Rating: G
Reviews: 23 out of 230 found boring (10%)

One-line Reviews (152)

Ray is cute but serves no purpose except to make audiences believe Shadow Man is actually evil, rather than just bland, which is something that the narrative should have done long before.

Plot- boring pack of clichés from the dialog to well everything.

The novelty was primarily in the subject, in the action that takes place in the real world in America, in the characters - African Americans and in unexpected plot twists.

Everyone else will be bored to tears.

His death I think is shocking and heart-rending, and Dr Facilier being dragged to the graveyard was suitably creepy.

The traditional animation, especially the attention to detail in recreating New Orleans, is stunning, providing some hope for the future of hand-drawn animation in today's computer-generated market.

Ron Clements and John Musker, who did a superb job making "The Little Mermaid," reunite to write and direct this film, giving the story an exciting touch that is full of adventure, magic and music.

An exciting, modern take on the classic tale .

It's funny, entertaining, romantic, and just an overall heartwarming Disney movie.

Overall if you go in to this movie with low expectations you will probably find it enjoyable.

Tiana is beautiful and a great addition to the other Disney Princesses (Belle, Ariel, Rapunzel, Aurora, Jasmine, Cinderella, Mulan, and Snow White), Prince Naveen is enjoyable with his charismatic appearance, Charlotte La Bouff is so funny and steals almost every scene she's in, and the comic-relief characters Louis, the trumpet playing alligator and Ray, a Cajun firefly help lighten the drama and suspense the movie has (even it's dark moments can easily frighten all of the younger kids).

As far as the story goes, I find the Disney take on the classic tale very entertaining.

His jaw bone is very long, and he has an upturned nose and a flat, angled head.

The story and characters are all very entertaining.

In terms of technicality the film is obviously distinct from the CGI releases of today, but is just as stunning and matches it in terms of warmth and colour.

Entertaining film with a nice theme.

With that said, I went into The Princess and the Frog with relatively high expectations; having walked out of the theatre just a couple of hours ago, I have to say that John Musker and Ron Clements' latest - while not overthrowing it - certainly continues the magic of the studio's previous film.

This movie is pure magic and I highly recommend it to anyone!

Instead, while spoiled, she had a good heart and decency that violated formulaic storytelling--a major plus for the film.

Ultimately The Princess and the Frog is an enjoyable time at the movies.

The story is fast moving and entertaining, and the characters are well designed, visually attractive, and extremely well voiced, mostly by actors I'm not that familiar with.

However, I had this unexpected invitation to go to see it, so I did.

-The animation was STUNNING.

Visually, The Princess and the Frog is very stunning.

Prettt damm enjoyable.

As is always the case with this studio, the homily is given in the sweetest way, this time through catchy jazz originals and characters immersed in the magic of Louisiana folk lore.

The CGI effects on the cars and buses blend in rather then stand out and the animation is just stunning.

There is an engaging plot, obstacles are overcome through action and songs also push the story forward.

After that long-ago announcement that Disney was done with the hand-drawn stuff a release like this is certainly exciting.

Instead of going out with a bang, it went in a prolonged whimper, something akin to the squelch of a whoopee cushion, choosing to stick to the standard clichés and drab story-telling which have been characteristic of Disney of late.

native Louis Armstrong-the great Satchmo) and you've got such a stirring melting pot of entertaining supporting characters.

Despite these minor drawbacks, the Princess and the Frog still delivers an entertaining story.

But the storyline was dull.

With the finesse look of Beauty and the Beast, mixed with the 30's style of Lady and the Tramp etc. it's enjoyable for both adults and children.

And, the rousing animated sequence set to "Dig A Little Deeper" is like a gospel version of "Kiss The Girl" from THE LITTLE MERMAID!

we had to leave early b/c my kids were scared.

Though filled with good intentions, it's mostly boring, hardly funny, and easily forgettable.

Set in the exciting Jazz Age in New Orleans, our story- very loosely based on the German folk tale, The Frog Prince- follows Tiana (Anika Noni Rose), a workaholic girl set on earning enough money to start the restaurant her late father always wanted.

It was really refreshing to see Disney choose a slightly different construction—it leads to keeping the tale unpredictable and much more engaging.

A worthwhile and stunning modern classic from Disney .

It does have some times when the humor isn't strong, some scenes get dull, and personally I didn't take Ray's death that hard.

Funny, well animated, lively and with enjoyable songs (SPOILERS) .

everything down to the jazzy score and triumphant songs make this an important and thoroughly enjoyable movie experience.

The animation in P&tF is stunning and can only be compared to something like Bambi.

Visually Stunning.

Overall, a beautiful film, and I highly recommend it.

It may be a little too intense for small children, though.

It's a bit light on plot, the songs aren't memorable, and it's too bad that the highly intriguing villain, Dr. Facilier, was not made better use of.

Since its inception, its animators have been used for political ends, churning out Navy/Army training and/or propaganda films, promotional material for Roosevelt's "Good Neighbour Policy" (which was followed up with.....

It is so underrated, so if you are on the edge and trying to decide whether to watch this movie, I'd say to go for it!

Every plot point, is one you can see right through and the one place where it seems they make an interesting twist, is ended in such a cheesy predictable way that it ruins any of the good parts that came before it.

It also helps that Anika Noni Rose delivers a stunning performance as her voice, making Tiana all the more captivating every moment that she's on screen.

The traditional animation is breathtaking and effectively experimental in some instances, while the musical numbers haven't been that energetic for a long time, thanks to Randy Newman and the New Orleans setting.

As one would expect the animation is top notch with good character designs and stunning backgrounds.

I found the portrayal of the black people (Tania and her family in the movie's prologue) to be a little patronising in the first place and the introduction of the disinherited, idle but of course handsome prince too contrived.

The Princess and the Frog is not a masterpiece, nor is it Disney repenting for every semi-racist notion they ever had in the past - rather, it's a lovely, lively and very enjoyable movie for the whole family, and if you let yourself do so you're sure to enjoy it.

We have a villain that is more compelling and menacing!

Her vocal performance on "Almost There," if nothing else, makes the film worth watching.

The plot was a tad predictable and the moral seemed to meander some.

What's really enjoyable are the times the two frogs come across characters involving a trumpet-playing alligator, a hillbilly firefly, and a blind voodoo woman.

Movies can have an amazing score and even good animation, but if the story flops and if the characters are insufferable, then it's going nowhere.

My girlfriend REALLY enjoyed it.

The backgrounds sometimes steal the show, the Fireflys are particularly stunning & the characters look beautiful and funny (or scary).

There are some fun moments but overall "Princess" is a forgettable film that just feels like a waste of time.

It is visually stunning, musically a work of genius, thematically sophisticated, and story-wise told in a refreshingly different way (some actions are pre-motivation) which makes the ride an unpredictable one.

Eh, short and bland.

Little girls of the world have quite an exciting and refreshing new role model.

I was 6 years old and fell asleep about halfway though.

I suppose I should be pleased that Frog was as enjoyable as it was; I was glad to have seen it, and children likely will be more so.

In this thrilling tale of faith, love and determination, Princess Tiana (Anika Noni Rose) is a young beautiful southern bell with the dream of owning her own restaurant.

The plot that plays out is engaging to make the audience hope they turn back into humans.

This one has the added bonus of being totally boring.

Many more exciting things happen in the film and naturally Tianna and Naveen will fall for each other.

Could have been gold, but Disney went the clichéd cheese predictable route hard on pretty much everything.

Time enough they will find out for themselves that its a "Djungel outside", and during that (slow) learning they also will find GOOD examples on the opposite side (so to speak).

More important, though, is Clements' ability to create endearing, engaging characters and shape stories that often carry the timeless quality of true fairy tales.

It is very entertaining and enjoyable.

the art and colour were great, the songs were fun and engaging, the drama was real, the humour was good natured, and the themes resonated.

The Princess and the Frog gains much respect from me by avoiding any superfluous references to the present day, and thereby serves well serves the purpose of an animated movie: to make the audience forget about their own dreary lives for 90 minutes by transporting them to a time and place far away from anything they've ever seen, heard or otherwise known.

Synposis: Magic, music and romance are waiting around every corner of the legendary Big Easy as Disney's newest princess sets out on an exciting adventure through a magical new world.

I'm not sure if this will become a Disney classic down the line, but it was definitely worth the watch.

I prefer a simple 2D film that uses wit and expression to push its medium to its potential rather than dull realistic renditions of previously vibrant features like The Jungle Book, Beauty and the Beast, and The Lion King.

The animation is visually stunning as usual and makes a refreshing change from the lacklustre CG pictures the studio produced during the mid naughties.

It is an enjoyable ride from start to finish, and just may be the start of something beautiful for Disney.

But worst of all, "Princess" is just plain boring, a cardinal sin in a children's movie.

The story was genuinely touching, the intense scenes jumped out at you, the humor was funny, the acting was excellent, and the music was the best soundtrack of any Disney movie since The Little Mermaid (A standing ovation for Randy Newman).

Visually this movie looks beautiful, but unfortunately it was a little boring, which is kind of odd for a Disney animated film.

This may not be the BEST animated film of the year, but it might just be one of the most enjoyable and charming movie experiences you'll have any time soon.

As it stands, this is not an all-time great Disney-animated film, but it's fun and entertaining and will keep the kids clasped to their seat in full attention.

Having this scenario set up, this must be the first Disney cartoon ever to have an unpredictable storyline.

The last Disney movie I saw when this came out was Brother Bear and, as some of you will agree, that movie was pretty bland.

Overall, it was an enjoyable, funny, and sometimes dark movie, especially when the villain gets his just desserts.

Boring, Forgettable .

With audiences worldwide enthralled by this new medium, the method of hand-drawn animation that brought to life Disney's most beloved characters was slowly but surely phased out, with Disney sadly resorting to uninspiring direct-to-video releases and lackluster attempts at recreating the Pixar standard.

I highly recommend it!

I'll admit that the story has its fairly dull moments, and I couldn't always get into it, but "The Princess and the Frog" definitely has a better plot than "Home on the Range", one which I usually found intriguing, and this is just of the things that makes it better than that previous film.

I would rather have seen her change back sooner because it was drawn out quite a bit.

While the villain wasn't all that memorable (though his shadow minions were wickedly cool) and it kind of felt, especially at the beginning, that Disney was trying too hard to make you like it, the romance was well-told, there was some very entertaining music, and it results in a very charming hand-drawn movie musical from the House of Mouse that while is not their best, is far from their worst.

It continues the story, we see how evil the Shadow Man is, and the music is so intense, you feel the weight of Shadow Man's plan.

Overall, this is a stunning entry in the Disney Classics canon that bridged the gap between 'Bolt' and 'Tangled,' which are also very good in spite of their CGI animation making them easy to mistake for Pixar films, and this was the best 2D animated Disney film from the 2000s since 'Lilo and Stitch.

The supporting cast serves as, but is not limited to, comic relief, and even the more broadly drawn individuals ultimately break their cliché.

A particularly heart-wrenching scene is handled with such delicacy that it becomes stunning, tender and such a striking way to help children deal with such a subject.

There were some highly well animated scenes that were mind blowing.

However, cliché or not the execution is what I have a problem with not necessarily that I've seen this all before.

I say this because the film is enjoyable enough so that you get caught up in it rather than thinking of the side issues.

The Princess and the Frog is actually a really enjoyable family cartoon.

Boy, was I in for an unexpected treat.

Tiana's friend Charolette was cute and the villain was very very intriguing.

Overall, it's an entertaining and enjoyable Disney movie.

The music in this film is all simple and terribly cliché.

The characters here generally stand out, which I certainly cannot say about Disney's dull animated western.

An exciting, modern take on the classic tale.

Some of the characters reminded me of characters from other Disney cartoons however the songs and music were a bit bland.

After about 10-15 minutes I turned it off since I didn't see any redeeming value to it , it was to occult oriented, boring, and creepy for me, the subject matter was way too mature for my 4 year old.

While this was an enjoyable movie, even for adults, I am mystified that Time named it the top film of the year.

The two proceed to go on an exciting adventure through the Louisiana Bayou as Tiana tries to save the day while she sings songs all along the way.

I highly recommend it to anyone to watch and enjoy.

But It was highly entertaining and my fellow reviews have already hit all the good points.

All enjoyable to watch.

A twisted adaptation of the famous fairy tale 'The Frog Prince', Disney have gone back to their roots and crafted a solidly entertaining musical.

Disney clearly catered too much to the critics of their classic princess stories, but the problem is that their statements are usually inaccurate and based on misremembered cliché.

I also loved Tiana's friend, as she COULD have easily been a giant cliché (the spoiled and evil rich girl).

Blending the old-school qualities with a new-school outlook on where the status of animation and storytelling is headed, Princess and the Frog is a fun, entertaining, and fulfilling ride from start to finish.

Disney Animation Studios has pulled it off again; they have conjured up something fresh and new and have made it entertaining.

I have heard numerous times that Prince Naveen (Tiana's "Prince Charming") is a very flat and uninteresting character.

There is an eye-mopping moment towards the end (unexpected, too) - take Kleenex.

We realize that these two are meant to be but the humour counters predictable elements.

Most of the songs in this movie are short and bland, with the exception of "Almost There", the visuals of which gave me a Jeeves and Wooster vibe, and "Friends on the Other Side", which everyone agrees is an awesome villain song.

Instead I got a lumbering, boring dirge of a movie with boring dialogue and poorly written songs.

I know some have complained of it being Saturday morning cartoon standard or direct to video sequel quality, but I found it absolutely stunning.

They are good,but boring.

"It's boring, I don't want to watch it.

However, Disney chose a story that had already been done before, and even with the twist it was still a boring, clichéd affair.

I think everyone, old and young will definitely enjoy this film, as the songs and storyline are so gripping that you can just forget everything happening in your life, whether good or bad and experience Naveen and Tiana's journey.

They could have made a beautiful princess and give her an interesting and intriguing background and setting.

Disney films like "Treasure Planet" and "Home on the Range" didn't negate that theory very well, but in this film, not only is the animation great, but the story is intriguing and unexpected.

It was definitely worth watching because it had a diverse range of lead characters and side characters, the usual Disney fairytale formula with a modern twist and catchy jazzy, soulful and swing-inspired songs, especially 'Down in New Orleans,' 'Almost There', 'When We're Human', 'Ma Belle Evangeline' and 'Dig a Little Deeper.

What makes everything from this point on so intriguing is that it is a breath of fresh air for the rest of the film, because no other Disney film has transformed the two main characters, especially a prince into a small animal and have the actual meat and romance occur in those amphibian forms.

This movie is very enjoyable and I'd recommend it.

Okay, so a girl dragged me to see it.

For the most part, the songs were enjoyable and the animation was fine.

Each is simply fascinating, makes you fall in love with him, behind caricature or frivolity hidden soul that can be humane and sensual.

Those films were landmarks: visually captivating, filled with bright, inventive environments, fast paced action and animation both subtle and vigorous.

I found it to be predictable and boring even for my two young nieces.

I wouldn't put this up with the Disney "classics," but it's definitely an entertaining family movie.

I preferred to let myself be immersed in the charm and the warmth, in the beautiful, loving rendition of the most glorious era of New Orleans, in the sweet and lovable animal characters, and in Randy Newman's always gorgeous score.

It's like the ticked off every cliché they could for the characters, especially the mains, and the whole overall package itself.

" Overall, this is a fun, enjoyable movie for kids.

Overall this was a really impressive animation from Disney; it is definitely worth watching and I imaging it will be loved for years to come.

The Princess in the Frog was a very entertaining movie and I was pleased to see them go back to the hand drawn animation with a musically based story line.

The hand-drawn animation is equally stunning, though occasionally suffers from overuse of an ugly computer-shading technique, and jazz age New Orleans springs to life via chugging steamships, sparkling cityscapes, murky bayous, and the brilliant costumes and colors of Mardi Gras.

Right from the start, we know we have seen predictable animated and live action films that play out exactly the same as this film does.