The Puffy Chair (2005) - Comedy, Drama, Romance

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Josh Sagers drives cross-country on a mission to deliver his father's birthday gift - a giant purple LazyBoy.

IMDB: 6.5
Director: Jay Duplass
Stars: Mark Duplass, Katie Aselton
Length: 85 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 16 out of 74 found boring (21.62%)

One-line Reviews (34)

I highly recommend it.

But on the negative, the people weren't exactly likable and the endings were incredibly unfulfilling--making me, oddly, wish they'd been at least a bit more formulaic!

What made other mumblecore film's like Bujalski's Funny Ha Ha and Mutual Appreciate stand out was the strikingly honest (if somewhat mundane) behavior displayed by the characters in those films.

worst movie of the year.

It really is a very pointless movie.

I found this movie entertaining in the sense that the story and action moved along at a fairly even and comedic pace.

It's the story and the overall lack of anything to care about that leaves the viewer empty and rather disinterested.

Enjoyed it so much that I attended 2 screenings.

But if you don't watch closely, you might miss it, and mistake this for a boring film, which it most certainly is not.

Annoying and Tedious .

In spite of many positive reviews this is a very slow film with three essentially good actors improvising the most banal dialog you will ever hear.

Pointless .

This is only the second film I have ever walked out from (the first was "Showgirls") which is slightly disappointing.

For decades, numerous European filmmakers have made films without focusing on that pesky thing called plot, but they will at least usually give the viewer something to look at, or engaging characters to listen to.

Smug, pretentious, self indulgent, vapid, inept, boring, mindless, nauseating, technically inept, poorly acted, poorly written, poorly edited, poorly shot.

Think of the most annoying, boring, spoiled, whiny, in desperate need of psychotherapy, young couple you can think of, and then imagine having to spend an hour and a half with them.

Anyway, "The Puffy Chair" is an extremely good film, and I highly recommend it.

I did find this film a total waste of time.

I couldn't sleep last night and ended up watching The Puffy Chair back to back, after starting on a few far more blockbusterish movies (such as Parental Guidance or Bachelorette) and getting bored with each after ten minutes.

All in all a dull 90 minutes that seems more like an eternity.

"The Puffy Chair" was a supreme waste of 84 minutes of my life which cannot be retrieved and spent in a more worthwhile way (even "The Blair Witch Project" was a better use of life's precious moments).

" The characters portrayed are either too predictable or too lacking in normal, emotional reflexes to even come close to being likable or believable.

There is no real plot, no charm to any of the situations or characters, the soundtrack is grating.

Not terribly exciting, very predictable story line so I'm confused about the rave reviews.

Unlike a lot of micro-budgeted indies, THE PUFFY CHAIR boasts acting that's just dynamite; the performances of the three "lead characters" are flawless, real, and utterly compelling.

All in all, a highly enjoyable film and the biggest down is that it doesn't have a UK distributor so most my friends will probably never see it.

The biggest challenge with this film is having to endure the pointless, grating dialogue of this self- absorbed couple for 90 minutes.

Complete waste of time .

It's a linear plot, yet, it's far from being predictable.

The acting in the film is accessible and entertaining.

Initially this took on a quaint and artistic feel, but rapidly became unbearable.

The performances, on the other hand, are very heartfelt and enjoyable.

What I like about this movie is how it elevated itself from a presumably mundane flick to a decent watch that will have you nodding at the craftsmanship of the script and the evolution of the characters.

I found the plot everyday boring.