The Punisher (2004) - Action, Crime, Drama

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An undercover FBI agent becomes a vigilante assassin and sets out to unleash his wrath upon the corrupt businessman who slaughtered his entire family at a reunion.

IMDB: 6.4
Director: Jonathan Hensleigh
Stars: Thomas Jane, John Travolta
Length: 124 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 118 out of 643 found boring (18.35%)

One-line Reviews (422)

Other annoyingly pointless plot devices ensue, involving a gay villain and a singing, guitar playing hitman.

The Punisher is an vigilante action thriller that had some much potential, but wasted it on a poorly paced plot, mundane characters, and the action scenes that simply do not hold up.

Most of the plot plods along with direct references to "Welcome Back, Frank", "Warzone #1", "Punisher: War Journal", which serve to bore rather than pay homage.

When I first saw The Punisher in theatres, I walked out with that empty, kind of bitter feeling you get all too much now days when investing money in a movie.

Being so immersed in this character, I was afraid nothing could live up to my standards.

This film is so formulaic that it makes Hellboy look like the Sixth Sense.

Well they were right about the violence but they forgot to mention that the violence is done better in other movies and the fact you really just get bored watching this film.

Drama and comedy are mixed and the result is confusing.

The action is good, choreographed well, slightly exploitative and memorable, like that fight with the Russian hit-man whose practically made of bricks which I wouldn't say much of a fight more of a beat down and it was both suspenseful and blackly funny just when you think Frank has an advantage it get's taken away from him when Frank points a gun at the hit-man the muscle gets smashed.

Entertaining .

A boring slog that I couldn't even finish .


When you see the biginning where his family is slaughtered it makes the film very exciting and worth seeing because you know he comes back as a cool superhero for revenge.

I think this is most probably thanks to the directing skills of Jonathan Hensleigh and the talented cast that was involved with this movie that makes it a very enjoyable, cool and still somewhat credible, summer-action-flick.

But, to judge The Punisher solely as a movie, regardless of its origins, personally one can't help but feel that here we have a rather basic, plodding action movie, of the sort we might have seen in the 1980s, albeit without the so-called smart one-liners.

Every other character is enjoyable, and there are stellar performances here by John Pinette and Mark Collie.

Overall, the film is predictable and bland with flat acting as well as directing.

Director Hensleigh does alright but there's nothing particularly special in The Punisher, the action scenes are well choreographed & there's plenty of blood & dead bodies flying around but there's no 'big' comic book action scenes here & apart from one or two cool looking guns, a bow & arrow & a butterfly knife the weaponry is also rather dull & routine looking.

It's really enjoyable to watch how Castle gets to what he needs.

The opening family massacre is actually a boring cop-out.

There were too many slow spots and pointless scenes.

Even so it's very cliché and very two-dimensional despite some good moments.

It jumped from wonderfully intense dramatic action, to corny b-movie violence, to dark comedy, to gruesome nastiness.

The script itself was terrible, the style of the whole film was bland and utterly forgettable, this reminds me of an early '90's straight to video release and it's only possible use, would be to film students wanting to observe 'how most certainly not to do it'.

This was an agonizingly boring movie.

So, there is much violence, but if one can get past that, a mostly entertaining movie.

Another thing that made the film enjoyable to me, was the fact that there was ample action and excitement and enough brutal violence to enjoy for everyone around, making it a film worthy of bearing the title ACTION FLICK.

The first thirty minutes are boring and unoriginal.

Bloody, Gritty, and Entertaining.

Loosely based on Don Pendleton's THE EXECUTIONER novel series, the Punisher, as a character and motif, is not easily corruptible - although how New World Pictures screwed up the 1989 adaptation is not something that is going to be discussed here - and Jonathan Hensleigh in his directorial debut proved just how intriguing, and compelling, such a character can be.

Very entertaining.

I went to see it because I am big fan of Travolta, and certainly believe that he's capable of saving even the worst movies.

The early "beach party massacre" scene is drawn-out and sadistic, as is the piercing-plucking scene later on.

Not great art by a long shot, but entertaining enough.

Granted, it does have one or two redeeming qualities, such as the blowtorch scene in the first half of the movie, but otherwise it just feels like a waste of time.

I found that the significant roles were almost entirely miscast, the movie was slow and the action was poor especially by today's standards.

Yes, it started a little slow taking a while to get off the ground, but once he dawned the skull and went on his mission, my adrenaline was pumping.

The result is something really worth watching!

However why I can't give it a rating higher is because there are a couple slow spots, mainly the useless nonsense between Rebecca Romjin, Thomas Jane and her goofy neighbors.

Whatever, it's so cliche at this point....

On the other hand, my older brother enjoyed it.

Perhaps it is a credit to the film-makers of this disjointed revenge vehicle that they accomplish that staggering feat.

Its a very enjoyable old fashioned revenge/action movie.

The cadence of the film was irregular and mostly slow; hopefully the sequel will fix that.

The film is slow and the characters lack development to keep up interest.

In short, this film results in a surprise win by an unknown in a "routine" fight between the well-known-and-disappointingly underplayed Bad Guy (as seen in "Swordfish," "Battlefield: Earth," "Pulp Fiction," "Broken Arrow," and others, with untapped potential stemming from the comic storyline to be the Kingpin) with the predictable result of the Good Guy(tm) winning the day.

The beginning of the film is really intense and it seems like it's going to be one of those, 'it could happen in real life' comic book adaptations.

John Travolta isn't bad as the villain either, quite entertaining.

But to an outsider, it comes across as an uninspiring action film noteworthy only for its bleak feel, although at times it feels it is confusing these 'dark' pretensions with shallowness.

Boring story, no surprises - as always some changes for a vast audience have been made (different origin of The Punisher, different origin of Skull, different location, different behavior - The Punisher ALWAYS kills anybody who might be a criminal, he never would spare any; fair enough: The Russian of Ennis/Dillon is nearly impossible to adapt for the big screen - so why not let him out?

Tom Jane is absolutely breathtaking.

It's also ultra-violent, tedious, and curiously lacking in action.

An entertaining film to watch and re-watch, guaranteed.

Boring .

Mentioning 'old school' action films of the 80's immediately brings me to a possible point of criticism regarding the film, namely the acting and the lack of story and on and on.

What a waste of time .

I thought the love interest hint with Rebecca Romijn-Stamos was a silly waste of time.

First off, Thomas Jane tried his best, but his severely lacked the menacing nature of the Punisher -- Frank Castle of the comics is an unstoppable meat-grinder when it comes to crooks, but the movie version just makes you want to yawn in comparison.

Lundgren was somewhat sympathetic, you really wanted to see the over the top villains from War Zone, punished, but here everyone and everything is completely blend and dull (except the comic relief and the Russian).

This is one of the worst movies I have ever had to endure.

One or two poses - you may get away with but after 10 - it gets a little tiresome.

Enjoyable .

Hell, I'll admit it, I enjoyed it.

an enjoyable action adventure crime drama .

Another scene that comes to mind is when Howard Saint (John Travolta) is being dragged by a car into what is a parking lot full of cars with bombs on them.

When the action lets down, the film is constantly building with overblown exposition to the point when it becomes so mundane.

Waste of character, waste of time.

This one, more lengthened out, is a darn sight more exciting, colorfully as with it's baddies, especially Will Patton, where again Travolta shows us he can play bad just as good as playing good.

The whole movie is good, but some parts worth watching over and over again.

The first action sequence which takes place at Frank Castle's family reunion on the beach is nicely shot, and really set the (dreary) tone of the film.

Perhaps this reflects how empty his life was after the tragedy.

But everything else is just so bland, dull and pointless.

Very very very very bad , a complete waste of time .

To sum it up in three words: Tragic, Gripping and Intelligent.

For anyone familiar with the Punisher comic book series, the notion of a film in which the titular vigilante is reduced to a nonsensical bore seems like an impossibility.

The action is intense and brutal.

Touches like this make this movie entertaining enough to give it a try.

Don't waste your time.

As hysterically wretched as the Dolph Lundgren film is, at least that was more entertaining than watching Thomas Jane ever-so-slowly seek revenge by nagging a rich baddie to death.

I rather enjoyed it.

This is one very entertaining revenge movie.

Unfortunately, he lost and so the movie dragged on another 40 abysmal minutes.

I enjoyed both other movies, especially the Lundgren one, because they were so damn entertaining.

An Entertaining Revenge Flick .

The dialogue is pretty good, and the action is dark and intense.

These things might have a compelling alternative reality or mythology.

One of the worst movies ever written and made.

It is cheesy, pointless and obviously a film designed to appeal to the lowest common denominator.

All in all though, an engaging action romp.

The ending of the movie is really funny when John Travolta gets dragged through the burning cars and screams as he burns to death!

A glorified and exciting remake, way ahead of the original, where the movie itself doesn't feel like it's part of that terrible 1990 pic.

If this was all that there was to The Punisher then I think it would have been a better film for it, a reasonable story, some good action, and good lead performance from Thomas Jane would have resulted in an entertaining enough action/revenge film, which is what I was expecting.

Ridiculous, pretentious, infantile and disturbing junk .

There's a lot of meandering and the ancillary characters are incredibly uninteresting.

The film was entertaining.

And even though I get the dark side of this movie and like the idea of an anti-hero driven by revenge (because let's face it, not everybody can be a dare devil), this really is - and I am sorry to say that - one of the most boring movies ever.

Poor Directing The list is too long.

Travolta's Howard Saint in this movie seems to have the same emotion throughout, which looks like boredom.

Why use a slow instrumental music during the action scenes and metal songs during the slow ending sequence?

The first punisher movie had a higher body count and it was enjoyable to see The Punisher kicking ass.

No, it's anything but a thinking man's movie, but it IS entertaining and harmless if you look at everything tongue-in-cheek.

Removing the movie from the context of it's comic book background, we are presented with a very unadorned and predictable story, with next to nothing in the way of character development.

It's like a boring comic book ...

Try to stay awake for the ending .

Travolta's character is much too simple and predictable and lacks of any charisma beyond any of Travolta's efforts.

I liked how he carried out his plan but it dragged.

While raising these questions, we get an exciting movie.

Quite stylish and energetic, and Thomas Jane is very effective and well cast, but it is a shame that this film goes on far too long, with too many characters, subplots, and strange touches(singing assassins, friendly neighbors, etc.) Still, it does have a satisfying climax and closing scene, it just falls short in my view, though the potential for greatness was there...

This movie made me wish for a sequel even before I left the theater.

I even think John Travolta makes for an intriguing villain.

I did that tonight with The Punisher and found that I enjoyed it a lot more this time around as it is action packed and all around bad ass.

Still, what is here is compelling and should provide a cathartic release those who want to see the guilty punished, if only in fantasy.

Great pace and action that's gritty but extremely enjoyable.

Never gets down to the dirty work, just the same boring crap for two hours.

This is a wonderfully dark, moody, and exciting action ride.

I have to say that everything is very predictable (did I spell it right?

Yes it's the scripts fault on and on and so forth but the man looked bored, he looked tired and unimpressed with the movie itself.

John Travolta is dragged behind a car as it explodes it's way through said lot (cliche).

For all others the movie is an enjoyable action film.

Overall, the Punisher is a suspenseful action movie that shows that it can be intriguing and deep as well as have time to blow stuff up.

Travolta was over the top at times, but in a good way that made the character funny and more enjoyable.

He's intense, clever ...

It's definitely the most action packed movie that I've seen this year.

There is a lot of action in the film, and the performances from Jane and Travolta are riveting.

Ennis' style is funny, fairly sick, constantly violent, brutally honest and always entertaining.

Aside from being drawn out, poorly written, terribly cast and horribly shot, the movie also fails to accurately depict the unstoppable, bad-ass Punisher from the comic.

Rebecca Romijn-Stamos has appeared in far more compelling comic-book adaptations, and you can often see it in the look on her face.

While his origin story still holds up and the path to him becoming the Punisher is well done and entertaining, once he's become him the movie doesn't really know where to go.

It might have become a perfect parody, but it's absolutely serious and very, very boring with all these tremendously illogical situations and dull dialogs.

Riveting .

This movie is BORING.

And Castle's neighbors (which got a good portion of the script, God knows why) were also unconvincing, over-acted, and at the same time bland.

Example: Knife through bottom of chin, tying Saint to the car causing him to be dragged through a maze of exploding vehicles.

The story itself is slow, needlessly padded when you consider how the Punisher decides to wrap things up in the end.

He was more entertaining in Swordfish.

Just take my advice and snooze all you want during the middle, but try to stay awake for the ending.

Well sod them, straight down the line action films are boring and ten a penny these days, I appreciate the curveball.

Before I can properly review this movie, let's examine its predecessor the Dolph Lundgren, 1989 rendition: Interesting plot, which while ultimately predictable, boasted some turns; decent acting; scary villains and anti-heroes; darkly locations.

I even like other moments of emotion that were just as intense and made you feel for the character.

An overlong, boring and downright unappealing cinematic waste, The Punisher is easily the worst Marvel adaptation to come about since the company righted its motion-picture course in the mid-‘90s, leading to such films as X-Men and Spider-Man.

Laura Harring is absolutely stunning.

Some of the other actors neglect a few times and the beginning is a lot slower than the quick end.

The fight scenes here are so boring and slow that at times, it gets pretty frustrating.

The wardrobe is horrible, the score doesn’t go well with the scene, the dialogue is unacceptable, the location is boring, the acting is just average, and the story can be very boring.

Awesome Action Packed .

Dark and depressing, but still very enjoyable.

Whereas Christopher Nolan made good use of the first half of Batman Begins to present a credible transition from rich man's son to Dark Knight, Jonathan Hensleigh bores viewers to death by picturing Frank Castle as the perfect American family man who then loses his beautiful wife and perfect son in a cheap Mad Max rip off.

From this, The Punisher emerges, and his clichéd and predictable quest for revenge begins.

With rehabilitation Frank excels and raises some serious mayhem leading to an exciting battle with a large Russian.

It's almost as if there were two directors directing this movie and at times it was good and interesting, but at many others it was just plain, boring and somewhat cheesy (B movie like).

John Travolta also gives a nice performance as Howard Saint, making the character a bit intriguing.

Of course, studios have a tendency to NOT give the lesser known characters a suitable running time to establish who they are because they ARE lesser known and try to compensate by making them fast paced.

The weekend quickly turns into a harrowing nightmare when the family is paid an unexpected visit by a gang of hit men lead by Saint, who launch a brutal massacre that leads to the death of his family, and him severely wounded.

It was tiresome- what should've happened was for the film to give the reigns to Garth Ennis, then the film would definitely be great, period.

Going into a superhero flick, or vigilante thriller for his matter; you would expect to see some exciting action sequences to keep the plot pacing.

If you want poorly thought out action sequences, no story and 1 dimensional characters, watch this movie, and if you are a gay man you might find some use in whacking off to Jane's chiselled abs.


don't waste your time .

This version of "The Punisher" is a good action movie, supported by a great cast with names such as John Travolta, Will Patton, Tom Jane, Rebecca Romijm-Stamos, Roy Scheider, and an enjoyable story.

It is worth watching once in a while.

FINAL VERDICT: If you want to see an action film, it's worth watching.

This blows Hulk out of the water, as that was unwatchable.

And it's boring to watch.

The main thing wrong with this flick is that it was boring.

However, while the movie is reasonably entertaining, it suffers from some points of which you can find in the worst B movies.

" in the final scene is more comical than intense.

It was very enjoyable with a good straight-forward story and plenty of action and funny moments as well.

" What a waste of money...

They just felt kinda there and I got bored quickly of the stuff they did.

While this (IMHO) caused both films to drag a bit in a few places, it should make the sequels that much more enjoyable.

In the fight scene with The Russian, a grenade goes off, yet the next-door neigbors treat it like somebody lit a firecracker and go back to what they were doing as if nothing happened.

i was on the edge of my seat from beginning to end blown away by it all.

The story is god awful, predictable and contrived.

Thomas Jane looks intimidating as The Punisher but his performance is pretty dull.

That movie was garbage, and this movie is dull and boring.

But in this black-and-white world, such deficiencies can be ignored for two hours, and that is plenty of time to be pulled into a violent yet entertaining picture.

One of the worst movies I've ever seen.

what an elaborate waste of time .

There is one mildly-diverting car chase that is over in no time flat, a fight between Castle and a hit-man for hire named the Russian (played by wrestler Kevin Nash) that is okay, but nothing to get your blood rushing, and aside from some uninteresting carnage at the end of the film, that is about it.

This movie strays MUCH too far from the source material, and the movie as a whole is utterly pointless.

This is the worst movie after a comic book I've seen so far.

the Punisher is no Oscar winner, but if you're looking to just sit back in your chair with a huge bag of popcorn and enjoy a thrilling ride filled with laughs, 'oh my Gods', and 'YEEEAHs!

The style is rather bland including sound and music.

Uneven, but entertaining.

All in all I enjoyed it and recommend it as a good flick.

Story could've been a little stronger and unpredictable.

While the movie does slow down at times, it boasts some really cool action scenes.

Both "Punisher" films are adult films(18A) and are too intense for young viewers.

It's not going to change cinematic history and, to be frank, is probably going to be forgotten soon - but I enjoyed it, and most fans of comic to film adaptations will too.

Unlike some revenge movies that have no plot, this explains literally everything: Frank is a veteran FBI agent who takes out a kingpin's son, Frank and his family are marked for death by the kingpin's wife, Frank moves away after being nearly killed, Frank prepares himself for taking out the villains, Frank moves on to other villains.

So, otherwise than the odd flaws this movie shows, it is entertaining in its own way.

It is to the credit of Jane and Travolta that they lend their characters an intensity and confusion not mirrored in the script.

We are also forced to spend time with two disposable and ultimately pointless hit men, both of whom easily succumb to Castle's murderous talents and are clearly only in the movie to set up the unspectacular action sequences that spell their demise.

It's entertaining overall and I recommend it.

And the coup de grace is the main bad guy being dragged away by a car into an explosion of automobiles that in the end, after they have all exploded....

The first part that made me laugh was when Castle gets shot in both his thighs, then dragged down to a dock where he is shot point blank to the center of the chest.

The Punisher is a very enjoyable movie to watch.

The action scenes are rare, and very short, making the film suffer from boredom.

The lengthy chase scene where the baddies are after Castle's family was really riveting and suspenseful stuff.

Laura Herring was beautiful, but boring.

apart from it's punishingly long, slow and long-winded,unexciting revenge fantasy it is also lacking brains.

Surprisingly Thrilling .

The story was intriguing, the acting was great, and the effects were very well executed.

Action packed, violent and oddly moving revenge/comic book movie .

boring and just another revenge flick .

The script is bad, the characters are mostly boring.

Hero shooting guards that all-too-familiar bow and arrow, etc.Is there any saving grace to this otherwise dreary, vapid movie?

this film is boring,time wasting & too long to enjoy just skip it watch die hard series instead..1/10 bad awful movie .

You can't help but sympathize with Castle, the most compelling anti-hero to light up the silver screen in a very long time.

This movie is packed with movie clichés, with quotes like 'man I hate this job' and 2 funny characters just to make it entertaining.

The acting is intense and believable and excellently comicbook-y.

The beginning of the movie is rather slow at parts.

Of the movies I have seen in the last year, this was only marginally better than Van Helsing, which was abysmal (first movie I have ever walked out of).

Jane is commanding as angry renegade Frank Castle, Travolta colorful and intriguing as Howard Saint, but the film is still a mixed bag; good action scenes are set in the midst of a weak story that's driven by unappealing characters, relentless cruelty, and banal dialogue that keep it from distinguishing itself from standard action movies.

It was entertaining and told a decent story.

Overall an entertaining movie, at least you know what you get!

The movie is slow and painful to watch.

Maybe because I am a comic book maniac (Marvel) my opinion is way too harsh, but, folks, save your money and don't watch this movie!

He's given the Punisher a thrilling new life on the page.

In the comics, the Russian talks and it's one of the most enjoyable parts of his character.

The dialog was bland and very uninspired.

I enjoyed the trilogy of "BLADE" films, loved every single "X-MEN" movie, thought the original "SPIDER-MAN" was fun ( was bored during part 2 and 3) and loved a couple of DC Comic adaptations as well.

Travolta once again is fun to watch and Laura Harring as his wife is absolutely stunning.

The film is utterly predictable as well with the viewer knowing from the first frame that Castle will kill all the bad guy's & avenge his dead family.

To my taste the story is a bit too predictable.

But even though it is a bit predictable, the movie isn't all that bad.

It is a very enjoyable movie.

Thomas Jane gives a great performance as Frank Castle but the fact that the plot drags can get a little tedious.

Good adrenaline pumping action, great story, great acting...

And for other part, the end is kind predictable and of course, as I said before, I really expected more from Jhon Travolta, He didn't make his best, I don't know why.

Overall, The Punisher is very entertaining despite the high body count and an abundant amount of carnage.

Like, unwatchable, unbearable, so-bad-it's-not-even-laughable terrible.

Formulaic to the core.

Well I Enjoyed it.

THE BAD: The main role, played by Thomas Jane, was SO SO SO bland.

The best thing about this movie is its deep, intriguing plot, garnering an R-rating, besides the regular PG-13 sticker Marvel movies usually receive.

Then KABLAMMO, movie finds it's groove and the ensuing, and sometimes funny battles ( especially mano a mano with giant Russian ) turn this movie into an enjoyable blast.

Acting: While Thomas Jane does a passable job, the rest of them play their parts unbelievably, as if they showed up at the Learning Annex for the first time to read scripts on stage, but in all fairness, that might because of the laughably boring roles they are forced to play.

Boring, banal, and just all-around bad.

The action in this film is stylized,intense,and always for a reason.

This made it extremely difficult to follow the plot, since you could not know who was in the scenes because of the darkness.

It is actually pretty well done and mostly entertaining.

Why is it that, in all these stupid revenge movies, there's always some tedious windbag who has to wax poetic about the shallowness of exacting vengeance?

He plays a great villain and you can see in his performance that he enjoyed it.

A Wasted Opportunity: Boring And Shallow .

This movie was quite good, and I was on the edge and I hardly ever get this interested in a movie.

The score was insipidly bland and devoid of any major themes, and the song placement seemed arbitrary and uninspired--merely an excuse to pimp a few noteworthy (and not-so-noteworthy) rock bands.

Unnesessary use of "Punisher Icon" The punisher icon that appeared near the end (the fire from the burning cars) was entirely pointless.

A (relatively) low budget, relocation to Tampa (thus losing the engrossing urban alienation/Gothic themes), some hoary contrivances (Castle's Dad having an arsenal at hand), Castle's background being very sketchy, off the shelf dialogue, leaden editing and a lack of brutality.

boring .

Of course that flaw aside, The Punisher works rather well in what it sets out to and by genre standards this is an enjoyable effort.

Other complaints deal with the violence and "sadism" of the movie, but, as sick as it sounds, I was RELIEVED: I guess I'm just bored with comic book movies like Hulk and Spiderman that are made more for younger teens than for adults, and the rated R grit of this was refreshing for me.

There were some pointless subplots that went nowhere as well as some pointless characters.

Bland, boring, blah.

Between the action scenes movie is very boring and unnecessary.

The explosion blow flaming gasoline all over the place so the man being dragged behind the car catches fir and begins screaming and kicking.

Not many twists or turns, but entertaining nontheless.

The action scenes were very exciting and original.

Also, we are not interested in the character of Frank Castle before he becomes The Punisher, so it's pointless to spend so much time here.

I wouldn't recommend this film to people who have short-attention spam (i do get bored easily).

The fast-paced action scene, with very good plot delivers a stunning & ultimate movie experience to me, personally.

The movie seemed to move slow at times, and was a constant shoot-em-up kind of film.

Because The Punisher's brand of solid, if unremarkable, entertainment is much more enjoyable than watching Ben Affleck flouncing around in a PVC gimp outfit.

When the action started I was on the edge of my seat and it blew me away.

But I enjoyed it a lot, and I thought it exceeded everyone's expectations and turned out to be a great movie in the end.

This movie also has some very entertaining action sequences.

If your in for just a fun, action packed, no thinking ride, this is the movie for you.

In conclusion, it is a very worth watching film and not so violent as some people could think.

All in all, definitely worth watching if you're into vigilante/revenge films.

The action is exciting and there's a certain amount of style to make it his own.

The plodding plot and relentless violence that many have complained about, and the predictable, heavy-handed manipulation of sympathies is for the most part what this title is all about.

This movie is made up of a predictable plot, witty one liners and lots of action and violence yet, it's a highly enjoyable mix.

Pointless cameo by Roy Scheider, playing Frank's dad, who's not even in it for more than 10 minutes.

This is a very well made, action packed film, and it sticks close to the source material.

It is completely ridiculous and over-the-top, but worth watching for a hilarious sequence where the hero is fighting this giant, unstoppable hit man, and he is beaten up and thrown through walls and crushed and smashed and stabbed, all while an opera is playing on a radio in another room.

However, whereas THE BATMAN was given a big screen reception with star power and a modestly entertaining script, THE PUNISHER -- in its second attempt at the silver screen -- seems to languish in mediocrity.

In the new film we have to sit through a long, boring set up.

And though the dialogue was predictable, it managed to be acceptable in the scheme of this movie.

The rest of the film is predictable and it relies totally on special effects to make up for a lack of ideas.

What was actually delivered was every cliché ever written down in the bumper book of clichés.

And I honestly despise having to do it, but I must admit some of the (still contrived) plans/methods Castle 'comes up with' were novel enough for your uncultured fanboy.

Awesome adrenaline rush.

After the opening 30 minutes it does slow down slightly as Frank begins to tease John Travolta by crumbling down his empire of money along with his wife and pal.

However, there is this forced story with his neighbours and it takes up such a large part of the film that it comes across as pointless.

It's just so bland and forgettable and it feels like a trailer for sequels which were never produced...

Absolutely cheesy and boring.

Entertaining Popcorn Flick .

Rebecca Romjin-Stamos is beautiful and gutsy, but the character from the comic is _neither_ of those things, so she just comes across as cliche.

don't waste your time if you don't like stereotypical movies.

But seriously, don't watch this movie because you're gonna waste your time and money like I did; unless you don't believe me that there are still people who try to make a movie this lame.

This was utterly pointless, and I think, completely out of character.

The sight of John Travolta being slowly dragged away behind a car and whimpering was too much for me, I was on the friggin' floor laughing.

It would be easier if I just summed this film up as, well, boring.

The constant intensity of the movie got boring after about 30 minutes of Jane's I'm-gonna-kill-everyone attitude.

If you are just looking for a fast pace and action packed flick, go rent the Punisher.

Such a bland film .

There are some characters like castles neighbours are annoying and completely pointless characters.

Yet the movie is consistent, the action compelling, and even the relational connections more intriguing than the usual syrupy stuff the audience is used to.

Suffice it to say that Frank expertly does his enemies in with delightful cunning, and the violence, which is very intense, is somewhat gorgeous in it's pure, raw, just brutality; it's great to see the bad guys REALLY get theirs.

Their characterisations – kind, abused woman, comic obese man, ex-prisoner weirdo - made them cliché.

So many pointless scenes.

The comic book was over the top with the Russian (who is a recurrent character) and so was the movie, which was thoroughly enjoyable and I felt the best scene in the movie.

For me, the movie was quite entertaining, maybe just because I like that kind of style.

The Punisher is a wonderfully dark, moody, and exciting action ride.

But it could still have been done well and be worth watching.

The rest of the cast does fine, aside from some of the pointless supporting characters.

If you like action films, THE PUNISHER is a great entertaining action film to watch.

Besides, watching Thomas Jane fight was entertaining, especially because he wasn't talking during it.

It's an interesting movie, because it had plenty of really good performances, good engrossing emotional content, and an almost too likable lead.

instead we never see the police again, making that entire scene pointless.

Thomas Jane is monotone acting except when he was undercover.

The films entire shot list is static and thats what this film feels like, static, the entire film appears to lack any direction, the film is far too long, its action set pieces look staged and add no pace to the film, the score is like something compiled from copyright free material and it is far too long lasting two hours.

The movie is directed artfully and the action ,while intense, always has sort of classiness to it.

Don't waste your time.

It is a tad slow starting out, which is to be expected as you need to set everything up.

It could have been made as a brutal noir-esquire tale of revenge, and yet it turned out as one of the cheesiest, most boring films ever made.

If you want an over the top action movie with some humor, you'll may find this enjoyable.

Back it up with comic relief and you have a thoroughly enjoyable, testosterone driven artistic representation of the gut feeling almost every guy has thinking about someone hurting a loved one.

However, it is fun and entertaining.

The action sequences where well choreographed and entertaining to watch and although the individuals in this flick seemed to sustain more pain than any real person(hey, he is based on a comic book...

We get one or two decent Western-style shootouts in the midst of a desert of boring "plot" scenes.

Predictable action flick .

"Punisher" could easily have promptly fallen off the quality map, but a strong effort by all involved results in a high production value that makes the film enjoyable despite being a one-trick pony.

Put it this way,the unreleased Fantastic 4 movie was more entertaining.

Comic book fans will want this to succeed more than it does, and action fans will get their dose of thrilling sequences.

Although it had very little to do with the comic book version, this was a much, much better movie than its nearly unwatchable 1989 predecessor starring a certain Mr. Lundgren.

Not only did it sound like a bad Johnny Cash impersonator, but it was not needed at all, and only served to slow down the already lagging pace.

I really enjoyed it.

Now for a spoiler, at the end when Punisher kills of the bad guy, he just happened to have clipped bombs to about 20 cars and when the bad guys body is being dragged through the exploding cars, a birds eye view is shown, showing that the burning cars are in the shape of a burning Punisher skull.

This movie was an action packed ride, non-stop.

Despite my rather lukewarm feelings toward Castle's final justice against his enemies, I found this film extremely enjoyable, as long as you're just expecting a kick-ass action flick (what else would you really walk in expecting to see, anyway?

In the same sense that X1 was pretty slow, then X2 came along and was great.

Very entertaining .

The Punisher needs some improvements, but it's an action packed, dark story that keeps you interested.

Despite dull patches the fights do have a faintly sadistic edge, Conrad W.

All I know is that, during that drawn-out scene when the villains were holding them at gunpoint, I found it hard to remember which side I was supposed to be on.

The final confrontation amongst the starring and the enemies is breathtaking and groundbreaking .

Just dull, thudding pain behind your eyes.

It came across as a tense, exciting and explosive picture that kept me watching and waiting to see how it played out.

Overall Enjoyable, And True to the Punisher .

felt a but outdated but i still enjoyed it (about 3 viewings)

His character is so uninteresting and wooden that it hard to care for him.

Maybe some of the movie was a little drawn out with the stuff between Howard Saint and his wife, other than that, everything was good.

Many newspaper reviews all said that The Punisher was justmindless killing with no plot.

Unfortunately, it's one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

The movie is action packed and entertaining from start to finish!

Despite this, I think it's worth watching once, and then you can get back to "Kill Bill", 6.5/10.

What I find most intriguing about this film is that Castle is not an over-sized hero shot up with steroids having an extremely large chest and muscles that can pick up a 400 ton truck with his pinkie finger.

I enjoyed it from the start.

It's a genre confusion overall - that originates in a classical comics story, gets a realistic treatment - even brutal sometimes, and ends by being mainly a revenge story.

This is one of the few decent Marvel superhero/comic book adaptations that is actually quite enjoyable.

The second half involves a lot of psychology which ranges from good to mundane.

Overally, it is well worth seeing, although don't expect Oscar material, just a very enjoyable movie.

It is more like he was a duller version of a Terminator.

However, the character of The Punisher itself was fascinating.

And a real waste of time and money as an adaption.

It has become customary these days for films to try and avoid clichés; and this is getting to the point where it's a cliché not to have any clichés, so seeing a true to style, cliché-ridden action thrill ride is sort of refreshing in an odd kind of way.

At least Dolph emoted anger, confusion and chaos.

I left the theater saying, "Why?

It's still entertaining nonetheless thanks to the cast and the (intentionally) funny fight sequences.

Plot twists, great exit lines, adrenaline rushes...

The Punisher in the comics has a very dry sense of humor, especially when losing a fight.

This movie I believe is so good that it's on my top ten list of the most enjoyable films I've ever seen.

" Unfortunately, the touching moments are quickly dispatched with sorely predictable gunplay and explosions, and sentimentality is sacrificed for near lunacy of a plot.

The total lack of subtlety, pointless (almost gratuitous) violence and uninspired script will kill off even the most hardcore Punisher fan base.

and Thomas Jane wasn't too bad - the film just made it seem so), abysmal direction, and a terrible script smartly added up to one of the dullest, most cliched wastes of OVER TWO HOURS of my life.

He has fewer lines than John Travolta (whom I'm getting to in a moment) but in his face, his eyes, we see real emotions, from a bottomless sense of loss to the slow burn of the punishment of his murderers.

The new Punisher is surprisingly boring and cheap; note that its budget is too low for great spectacle, and too high to allow for enjoyable cheese.

The half-assed hero goes from being a half-assed supposed super-cop in a pathetically contrived half-assed 'sting operation', to a (finally not half-assed) loser who can't protect a single member of his apparently blind family (Really, who can't see a group of all black wearing gunmen wandering slowly towards you?

Her death is of particular enjoyment, though it spurs a predictable and rather trite dialog between Saint and his only living son.

It was always dramatic and a little suspenseful.

That said, it WAS entertaining (parts of it), so, whatever, take a girlfriend and see it.

All the rest is pretty bland.

He could have done with being a little bigger as some of the fight scenes area bit over the top but on the whole i really enjoyed it.....

Generic story aside, The Punisher is still a very enjoyable revenge film.

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it.

Not quite a must own, but definitely worth watching at any price.

I have to say, it was still enjoyable.

Director Jonathan Hensleigh gives the movie a dreary and gritty atmosphere, and thankfully depends mostly on tangible screen action instead of relying on computer animation to tell his story.

By the end the violent finale you will be laughing at how corny (and ultimately boring) it all really is.

Who wrote this empty, uninvolving cliche-ridden mess?

Bad guy duties go to the tag-team of Will Patton (who looks like Ron Perlman in BLADE II) as a sadist and John Travolta, overacting to the hilt and remaining utterly enjoyable, as only he can, as the family man/crime boss.

Action packed, dark story that keeps you interested.

What we get for the Punisher is this pointless, stupid, and boring insult to the awesome comics.

He fits the part to a `T' and handles the hi-intense action beautifully.

It accomplishes neither, and just ends up being boring, with a boring villain with boring henchmen, a boring supporting cast and a hugely toned-down lead.

It is a very fun movie and is in my rotation of "Go-To" movies when I'm bored and need some action to watch while at college.


Very predictable and very filmy.

I highly recommend it.

Overall though despite it's flaws The Punisher still isn't that bad of a movie that has plenty of action, some character development, suspense, a little humor, and solid performances by the cast who make it worth watching at least once.

I turned to my friends 3/4 through and asked if they wanted to leave.

Choice scenes include a destructive one on one with wrestler Kevin Nash, and a torture sequence featuring Will Patton's spectacularly unnerving depiction of Saint's right hand man, Quentin Glass.

This is an action fan's galore that kept you on the edge of your seat, while delivering a plot that didn't require 5 hours to get into.

No plot of any merit.

Dull story, lots of hackneyed stamps, and so on.

He is never a parody of a movie villain, and although the ultimate outcome is pretty predictable, it is still enjoyable to see his fate.

The action was very intense and well done.

)It benefits chiefly from an engaging,well-written script that,despite some rather noticeable quelms in the plausibility department here and there,draws you in to the end.

This is worth a watch and certainly enjoyable, a worthy adaptation.

Not only does it have someone who can act, unlike the older one, it's so much more exciting.

While the first chunk feels like Mad Max revisited - wholesome law enforcer turned into a shell of a man after the death of his wife and son - the middle features a pointless comedy fight scene between Castle and a pumped up Russian villain.

Meanwhile, the over-the-top (but yet so cool) battle between Jane and a hired Russian assassin is one of the most brutal and exciting I've witnessed.

The Punisher manages to deliver a deep, intense story, solid acting performances and brutal, beyond-the-pail violence that will absolutely bring down the house for anyone who has ever been sick of the flawed justice system.

A waste of time.


It was gripping suspense, surpassing it's predecessor vigilante films "Hard to Kill" and "Mad Max"!

punishingly boring .

It is a simple simple story yet they still manage to bore me by trying to show the human side of Frank Castle.

For this reason, many have scorned the film as boring, and campy (which it self-knowingly is) in light of the material.

I hate it when they take one of my favorite comic book characters, and give it such a mundane script.

This straightforward, old-fashioned, formulaic, but suspenseful revenge epic looks incredibly realistic compared to most Hollywood pulp blown far out of proportion with special effect ad nauseam.

A thoroughly enjoyable romp.

The movie is very brutal, dark & grim and, while possessing slightly a little too much of each element, manages to deliver an entertaining & explosive experience.

(SPOILER AHEAD) But again I was laughing the entire time he was being dragged by the car and letting out those high pitched squeals.

Overall not a bad movie, but too predictable from time to time .

Compare it to the fast paced, colored, comic book films like 'X-Men' and 'Spider-Man' to realize how dark this movie really is.

Marvel Comics has proven that raising the bar on comic book movies can make them very entertaining.

I love a good revenge movie, and it's an entertaining revenge film, albeit, overlong.

There are plenty of unexpected parts, and intricate details that really put the gold trim on here.

The R rating they went for in this movie, allowed The Punisher to retain all of his gory goodness, creating an enjoyable comic movie both for fans of the comic, as well as action movie lovers.

Jane is capable of spewing tough hero talk, but his performance is one-note and boring, and Travolta looks as if he is sulking for most of the film.