The Pursuit of Happyness (2006) - Biography, Drama

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A struggling salesman takes custody of his son as he's poised to begin a life-changing professional career.

Director: Gabriele Muccino
Stars: Will Smith, Thandie Newton
Length: 117 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 98 out of 684 found boring (14.32%)

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That's definitely one of the best performances of Will's career (if not the best), together with his stunning portrayals of Muhammad Ali in Ali (2001) and Dr. Bennet Omalu in Concussion (2015).


I find this movie fascinating and very touching.

Too bad Pursuit is so dark and dreary.

The situation becomes unbearable for her wife Linda (Thandie Newton), so she decides to leave him alone with his son Christopher (Jaden Smith) and move to New York.

MOST enjoyable movie.

Admittedly it was an entertaining ride, it really is little more than a movie that last 2 hours to make you smile.

But I think this gripping film is really about courage and not let go of the dream of a better life.

what ashame what stupid top 250 films why not this film in top 250 why not Oscar for will smith not American or even speak English but this film made me cry true story ,nice story top 250 is full of stupid and boring movies like( seven samurai)thanks for justice.......? great acting will smith great directing great movie one of my top 10 films i give this 10 out of 10 really it deserves more when i wanted to watch this movie i searched for it here and found 7.8 out of 10 and just nominated i never imagined that i will love every body acted in this film .

Gripping, moving, inspiring drama.

It added another layer to the stress going on in the film or added light heartedness when it was an enjoyable part.

His performance as Chris Gardner is breathtaking, frighteningly realist, and one of the best male performances of the year.

I am an overall fan of will smith's acting, but i found myself extremely bored throughout this entire movie.

It has a predictable ending.

Having seen this @ 10 yrs ago I enjoyed it, watching it more recently and now a lot more matured, I understood it more, age 46 this film broke me and I sobbed at the end, this touched me.

a dull rag to riches story .

Predictable feel-good movie .

Awesome film to bring your girlfriend to, extremely boring and uninspiring for anyone else, except maybe children, who watching this might want to become a - white, preppy, high class - stockbroker.

Final Verdict: It is an intense emotional treat, where a father-son duo rises above all hardships.

Will Smith gives a powerful and riveting performance as Chris Gardner, the real life millionaire,This movie really made me cry!

Definitely recommended by me to anyone who wants to leave the theater with a "feel good" attitude.

In spite of these somewhat obvious flaws, the film succeeds due to a consistently engaging and sometimes deeply moving performance from Will Smith, who inhabits his character completely.

peoples real lives are BORING this movie is proof .

The fact is that the film expertly camouflages most of its shortcomings and the end result is even, solid and compelling.

Just capitalist propaganda.

Overall I enjoyed the movie and left the theater with an overall appreciation for the little things I sometimes take for granted.

The rest of it is fairly pedestrian (no pun intended, as you will see) and predictable.

Pleasingly Predictable .

There are some slow parts between Smith and his real life son Jaden.

Slow poison movie .

You will truly be immersed into this film, just remember, it's OK to cry a bit… just close the blinds :p.

familiar but well-made and entertaining .

But in this drama he is absolutely riveting.

It's not just "inspiring", it's evocative.

The Pursuit of Happiness (2006) Director – Gabriele Muccino Cinematograph – Phedon Papamichael Writer – Steven Conrad Editor – Hughes WinborneMoral: As trite as they come, don't let anyone convince you to give up on your dreams.

Very Riveting .

He even told his friends that it was worth watching and to go out and see it.


I don't hate the movie, its not bad, but jeeze give me a chance to connect on my own with out flipping the cliché switches (how many clichés can a real life story have?.

The story is entirely predictable and it's just the performances that pull you through.

I see from the high IMDb score and indeed box office returns that this particular espousal of the American Dream found favour, principally, I would imagine with its home audience, but to me, it came across as corny, undramatic and ultimately boring.

More than just a rags to riches story (even though it is engaging on that count) it also reveals that a father can love just as much, and sometimes better, than a mother.

It was also very entertaining.

People may have walked out of this film feeling very good at the end.

Boring and depressing .

The deadly slow pace and narrow emotional range of the screenplay absolutely smother this film.

Little to no plot made this movie almost unbearable.

(peoples real lives are boring, this movie is the proof)

The confusion about the pursuit of money is understandable because the movie's protagonist is struggling with financial debts, and trying to earn money is one of his principal occupations.

Director Gabriele Muccino may be big in Italian films, but his first English language film can only be described as a bore.

Definitely worth watching .

This is a bittersweet story for me because I initially enjoyed it.

The story keeps going at an enjoyable pace with some twist and turns to keep it interesting.

The real story is probably even more depressing and gripping due to the longevity of the tough times Chris Gardener went through.

Don't waste your money!!.

The pacing was on the slow side and it was unbearable at times.

This production is simply awe inspiring.

The story of Pursuit of Happiness is solid, but it feels kind of pointless.

The lack of legitimate ending, and extremely boring story line made this movie a drag to watch let alone enjoy.

But for the most part the film becomes predictable.

Still, there's a decency at the film's core and a desire to do the predictable thing in a generally unpredictable fashion.

HOWEVER, I was worn out with the plodding, relentless negative experience of this film.

Enjoyable and gives you an extra positive boost!

This movie is an anecdote, a boring one, a petty one, that involves a child.

The film follows Gardner's new job as an intern stockbroker, a job that is tiresome, involving, and utterly restless.

It's pointless!!.

It's a moving story, even if it teeters on the edge of melodrama.

His wife (an overacted Thandie Newton), incapable of dealing with the poverty they're immersed in, leaves him.

This movie is boring and depressing.

straightforward, unsurprising, dull, typical average Hollywood filming .

I felt like when the movie finally got interesting, it suddenly was over, and left us feeling empty, instead of capitalizing on the potential for extreme emotions.

Will Smith is playing a very intense character.

The only things keeping Chris afloat are his love and concern for his son and his intense will to survive and succeed.

Corporate propaganda .

Chris is a good man, but his wife (Thandie Newton) cannot cope with his empty promises and economic struggles, so she splits and takes off to New York City.

Cliché and disillusion of the American Dream for a poor black guy .

I mean, just how entertaining is to to see a deserving, bright, likable and capable individual get beaten up, mercilessly, on a daily basis?

Based on a true story, Pursuit of Happiness has clearly been embellished, allowing Smith and son to really shine in moments that were probably otherwise boring and less intimate.

i watched this movie and felt as if it dragged on for at least an hour longer than it should have.

I left the theater convinced I had just seen this century's equivalent of "It's a Wonderful Life.

I love its references to Thomas Jefferson, in a narration sequence I truly found fascinating.

Will Smith is incredibly compelling as a motivated man who is quite frankly, just unlucky.

An intense emotional treat, where a father-son duo rises above all hardships.

And why a film set in 1981 relies so heavily on an early 70's soundtrack featuring classics from Stevie Wonder and George Benson only added to my confusion.

5/10, for having a script as entertaining as waiting in line at the toll booth.

Not a classic, but a very enjoyable film.

This film is worth watching and was worth the ticket.

The pace he kept made you stay with him and feel his adrenaline as it rose from scene to scene.

This movie is propaganda just like seven pounds!

Pro-greed / Pro-Capitalist Propaganda, with predictable cliché & bad acting .

On an overall scale, The Pursuit of Happiness is a fascinating illustration of the American dream that also serves as an engrossing portrait of father-son bonding, and is amongst the best films of its year.

The writer could have stepped it up a notch and made something great, but instead the screenplay that was turned out was predictable.

But, if you ask me, the movie is really lame, stupid, boring, and carries no message at all.

Good acting, good script but just really boring, I gave up on the character, which may say more about me.

Compelling drama inspired by true story .

This Film does have moments that choke you up but its just too slow and boring.

I am a film watcher and this film had a slow feeling to it that needed to be adjusted.

except the part where Will plays with his lovely son in the empty waiting room, fantasies abut dinosaurs and things was probably the only thing that has a little bit taste of HAppiness in this whole 3hr pain~

The end is beautifully acted but it comes more as a liberation than a surprise, as the absence of progression or real character development bores you through the movie.

However, I didn't find it uplifting, inspiring, or entertaining.

I truly find the story rousingly entertaining as well as energetic.

The casting of his real son to play his son here, who spends almost as much time on screen as the lead, should have come across as a self indulgent move the likes Hollywood royalty get to wallow in plenty.

The father and son, played by Will and Jaden Smith, put in excellent performances and one becomes immersed in their story or at least I did.

It is predictable, there are numerous differences between the movie and the real life of Chris Gardner, all of which can be considered to be in a way harmful to the movie's authenticity and, as mentioned before, the concept of happiness represented in the movie might be a bit too simple.

2 hours of pointless drudgery.

May be more of the "cute kid" factor but I walked out of the theater thinking of him the most.

The movie has drama, some small doses of humor, characters we come to care about, and terrific performances by the cast especially Will Smith who makes this inspiring true story enjoyable to watch.

I'm not the best movie critic, and generally can find a million things wrong about a movie but "Pursuit of Happiness" had to be one of the best films I have seen yet that can mix in light- hearted humor, but also show an intense situation that makes you sob.

Smith breathes life into his film in a way few actors have this year, though ultimately this is a predictable pursuit .

The miracle here is how you end up crying for someone that simply accomplishes that which we take for granted, something so mundane as getting a job.

This movie is absolutely boring, nothing happens in the whole 2 hours.

This Movie is A WASTE OF TIME .

An in the end empty film .

the thing i am disappointed in this is because its a documentary sold as a movie which is bad i mean why why why would anyone want to watch a boring story .

Will Smith's performance as Chris Gardner is mind blowing.

I also started talking to my friends after being bored for too long.

I found the film pretty boring as a result, hence my rating of 4.

Will Smith is a great actor, but the movie is so boring!

It might well be 'inspired by a real story', as the credits claim, but the broken-marriage, salesman-down-on-his-luck, yet fighting-through-to-a-better-day, is formulaic in the extreme.

It's fascinating to watch Chris fight for the job and to see how the brokers warm to him.

It is so intense, so utterly watchable, that it makes the film.

*The Pursuit of Happiness* is a badly-made film of an inspiring story just waiting to be made into a formulaic film.

Despite featuring a few heartwarming moments and fine performances, the film was uninteresting and forgettable .

Real life is a lot more gray, complicated, AND interesting than this sort of Horatio Alger propaganda.

And so TPoH is a seriously pointless film; Chris Gardner (Will "Welcome to Planet Earth" Smith) is your average college hippy, who has a brilliant idea, gets married, and rather rapidly becomes flat broke on the grounds of his brilliant idea being "bollocks", as Blackadders would say; Reduced to misery, and left by his wife to raise his child, Gardner gives his best shot at success by joining a trainee stockbroker program, all the while trying to scrounge a living; The focus of the film is a good 90% on how Gardner tries to appear a clean cut, serious businessman to his clients and bosses while actually being a miserable wretch.

Boring, uninspiring and very annoying.

The whole family will enjoy it and once you leave the theater you are going to feel so good inside.

I left the theater pretty bummed out.

finally, something worth watching.

It was an entertaining film with an interesting enough story that was able to maintain the interest throughout.

I could see where some would not like this because there are a lot of very painful, bitter moments but the story is more then just interesting, it's fascinating and it just kind of hooks you in.

I think this is one of those movies it's worth watching.

The plot is entirely predictable, which I think is forgivable in a triumph of will story, but all the little steps along the way were also quite cliché, which did seem a bit lazy on the part of the screenwriters.

This movie can be boring at times and may lure some people to sleep.

I highly recommend it to everyone.

I am surprised that this has received such good ratings, I found this was too slow and needed a decent happy ending.

" This time she is the frustrated wife of a wonderful guy who seems to be going nowhere very fast.

At the end, I just felt depressed and slightly bored.

I wonder how much of the contrived moments necessary to keep him alive actually happened to the real Chris Gardner and how many were created for the story to advance cinematically.

Yes, & the ending is predictable too.

The plot is predictable, some parts were "cheesed" up for dramatic effect.

The pressure for survival of Christopher and his son becomes intense.

This film is definitely worth the watch!

I felt like the story dragged a lot and it wasn't smooth or well put together for the most part despite it's message, moral and strong lead actor.

This is an inspiring story told in the most predictable way imaginable.

From being broke and barely surviving on 21$ to constantly inspiring his son towards a better future to running almost half of his life to meet ends meet, this man only felt happiness the moment all his struggles bore fruit with that employment offer after a tedious internship.

Anytime things start to slow down they cue the kid to say something cute.

Great but slow .

It was simply breathtaking, and should be talked about in the same conversations as the works of Hans Zimmer and John Williams.

There was a bit too much running in my opinion and there was a lack of storyline at the beginning.

There really are no surprizes, it's boring.

Overall I enjoyed it and its worth watching.

Will Smith's performance is breathtaking.

By having some flaws in the character was worth watching.

It's dire and miserable and far too long for it's own good.

Will Smith was nominated for an Oscar for his breathtaking performance of Chris Gardner.

The two have the perfect on screen chemistry that is intense, memorable, and down to earth.

I highly recommend it!

Jaden plays off the confusion and simplistic understanding of his son.

Don't know how to express the frustration this film puts on its audience, it's a film, that's really~ DEPRESSING in many wayswell~ lucky me, I fell asleep during the 3 hours boring darkness.

Even with its serious nature, it is an entertaining film that keeps you hooked and hoping, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Again, don't waste your money.

I really enjoyed it, and felt that it lived up to the teary and heartwarming trailer.

Libertarian propaganda.


This is a real, raw and emotionally engaging story that will leave you feeling inspired, reflective and appreciative of everything that you have.

It is so too much American, that is banal.

And while, yes, this movies was "based" on actual events, it was predictable with only one moving moment, which occurred 3 minutes before the end of the film.

A great film, if a little predictable.

Faced with a nearly empty bank account, he must try to care for his son the best he can, and pray that his hard work will pay off, and give him the job that will save his life, all in the pursuit to find happiness.

For all the great things about this film there are (of course) a few tragic flaws, these are not with acting or premise, and perhaps it can be blamed on watching to many movies, however I found the plot a tad too predictable and some aspects where over done.

The type of movie that tugs at your heartstrings, saddens and THEN you walk out of the theater feeling like a million bucks.

A beautiful & touching movie about hope, love, survival, fatherhood, and dreams, with a breathtaking performance by Will Smith .

Then unexpectedly, an hour into the film, the plot ceases to continue, and the last half of the movie is a sappy, dull and uninspiring movie which fails to resonate with the audience.

There are times when the film becomes contrived, as problem after predictable problem is dropped is Gardner's lap.

This is a very predictable film though, but is still enjoyable.

Worth watching and touches deep to similar situations in anybody's past either directly or indirectly.

Social critic showing the melancholic misery of a poor young black entrepreneur and his sweet son - well, this cliché is nothing new as we take a look at the number of brilliant novels or movies that have been made around and about this topic.

The Pursuit of Happiness however is far from realistic and much more of a propaganda for the beloved "American Dream".

In a time when pointless teen films seem to be coming out left and right with few meaningful movies here and there, the Pursuit of Happiness stands as a film with a meaning that is not out to just entertain.

With an uncertain income and mounting bills, the financial pressures soon become unbearable.

However the storyline was uneventful and predictable.

Smith is down on his luck in the fast-moving life of the early '80s.

What a boring movie I have never been so disheartened.

Capitalist propaganda .

Will Smith completely stole the show, his performance was breathtaking, especially how he presented us with the emotional view of happiness at the end of the film.

The Pursuit of Happiness is a film that, despite having the word happiness in the title, stirs up an immediate and intense amount of sadness in it's viewer, and, of course, myself included.

Stunning and so real .

it's definitely an entertaining movie, well-worth seeing.

The movie was slow and boring.

Some people say this movie is boring?

Strongly acted and well written, the film is entertaining from beginning to end...

Beautiful gripping realistic tale of a tragic hero, who'll leave you crying for more .

This film is based on a true gripping and dramatic story about a man who has nothing and his struggle toward success.

A thoroughly enjoyable movie.

His way of engrossing the viewers is more than emotional; it's like getting sucked into a vortex, directly landing into his life.

It's a very honest and engaging performance which draws even the most cynical of viewers in completely.

The film takes predictable turns at each step of the way.

Pursuit of Happiness is a wonderful film with an engaging story, beautiful score, terrific performances and hopeful message.

Will Smith is doing an unexpected, but very well job, but the problem is that the movie is too focused on the bad things about life, too straight in one direction, too closed-minded, too old-fashioned, too slow and boring and without any surprises.

I would say the movie is somewhat predictable.

As his sales slow down significantly, he finds himself in huge financial trouble, struggling to live day by day.

maybe they will edit out some of the boring stuff in order to save time.

On the most basic level, the pacing was off...

Seeing this movie is a waste of time and money, I am afraid.

I left the theater the same way I went in.

This was indeed a fully entertaining movie from start to finish.

Chris makes me memorise another father who gives his son happiness even they are on the edge of death everyday, it's really a great paternal love.

I went to see The Pursuit of Happiness to the movies and I really enjoyed it a lot.

There really is some truth in the old adage that truth is stranger than fiction, because if this were merely a Hollywood fictional rags to riches story, I'd have been yawning and looking at my watch after the first half hour, and the word cliché would feature large in this review.

It allows us to leave the theater clucking: "Yes, if only all those black fathers would do this, they'd be fine, maybe even rich.

The movie was very slow and took a long time to get to a point.

I found two failures on this movie:the first one is that,on some moments,the film is too slow.

I found the story very engaging.

I'm sure on paper the thing smelled like an Oscar, but on the screen it was a yawn fest except maybe for some weepy single moms or depressed stock brokers.

Chris Gardner lives on the edge.

I really don't care, because the fact that it's based on a true life story and Smith's performance make it more moving, and because Steve Conrad finds a great help in the narrated parts of his script, that make the repetitive parts of the movie seem less… repetitive.

But Muccino and the script are more about exploring the "poor, poor me" aspects of the story than the interesting part, and even that is made dreary.

Gut wrenching, enthralling, compelling, inspiring.

On the plus side there are several very funny and enjoyable moments in the film, I will not spoil them for those of you who have not seen it.

His 2 previous Italian movie were really boring, just focused on minimal target characters, definitely talking just to an audience of 30-ers with money, without an idea of where to go and do of their life.

Mostly for the acting and talents expressed in this enjoyable film.

Unfortunately, when translated into film it delivers a depressing, drawn-out movie.

i understand that the subject may be delicate (although somewhat overused) and has to be dealt with over a particular amount of time, but my friend fell asleep watching it, and it was only 9pm.

It was entertaining without any need for violence, cursing, sex, or death.

), the film crawls along at a snail's pace, with the score only underlining the rather repetitive nature of Chris's trials and tribulations.

Gardner and his son start to leave their home.

Some have complained that the movie was too long, or too repetitive, with not much going on in the middle.

And if you come to it with no preconceptions at all, it could strike you as flat, formulaic and pat or sweet, inspiring and real.

Overall this film is most definitely one to go and watch even if the ending is quite predictable.

A little too dreary.

Seeing how he struggled to provide for his child and still made life enjoyable with the odds against him.

slow and so American .

Frankly it's a serious movie, but very much enjoyable and no boring at all.

Point blank, they are going nowhere, fast.

But the movie is just so predictable, long; and shows to you multiple times what you can grasp at once: he is struggling!

The intentions aren't wrong, and Will Smith should be commended for his portrayal but at over two hours it is way too long and ineptly directed to be recommended.

By that moment of the film, you'd be gripping and crying for this character, pondering if it's possible to get more worse than the worst.

Propaganda for "The American Dream" .

All in all, Id say don't waste your time or money.

I am giving Will Smith's gripping performance 10 stars.

Really worth watching, it's a very touching film, I would recommend it, perhaps not to young children.

Will Smith gives a stunning performance as Chris Gardner, a man living on the streets with his son as he tries to get hired as a stockbroker.

Much like the movie "Castaway", "The Pursuit of Happiness" is really riveting because it depicts the things that ordinary Americans (who live in the richest nation on earth) tend to take for granted, such as living in a nice home (instead of a homeless shelter or a subway station), or having a job.

The Pursuit of Happiness is uplifting, inspiring, heart warming and entirely engrossing from start to finish.

It's like a repeating time loop and just becomes so repetitive that I just got bored and very annoyed.

So, my point is in the observation that the role of women in certain films is contrived to be an obstacle in way of a great man's purpose.

Any person who has ever questioned why they plug away in some mundane job in finance, should watch this film.

Almost too heartbreaking to be uplifting even if it ultimately does it, but still engaging and driven by another very good performance from Will Smith .

All I felt was intense irritation and an overwhelming urge to tell him to pull himself together.

Will Smith and his son Jaden give tremendous performances, and the story is involving and gripping all the way through.

and we were still bored !

I really went into this movie thinking I would like it, but oh my, it's so slow, the jokes are very, very bad (except for one), and Gardners wife is totally unconvincing.

It's a predictable journey, and yes it has the ending that was never really in doubt from the start, but the film is engaging to those who have that little triumph of the will spirit in their make up???

There have been films like this before it, and there will be films like this afterward, but I believe that the stunning performances, and smoothly appropriate camera work will set this one aside from the rest.

If you think this movie is boring there is something wrong with you.

If you want to be entertained, you will be disappointed, because the movie has a very slow development, a very depressive and sad atmosphere, a story full of clichés without any surprises and everything is focused on the acting of Will Smith, while all other actors stay superficial.

this movie was tedious and agonizing.......

Rather, I think it's a show of intense bravery for a film stuck in a genre already soaked in sappiness.

Naturally, after Chris makes this decision and when the scanner sales slow down even more, Linda has enough and bolts for some nebulous waitressing job on the other side of the country.