The Rainmaker (1997) - Crime, Drama, Thriller

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An underdog lawyer takes on a fraudulent insurance company.

IMDB: 7.2
Director: Francis Ford Coppola
Stars: Matt Damon, Danny DeVito
Length: 135 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 19 out of 153 found boring (12.41%)

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Her kids want her to leave them all of her money and she wants to leave all of her money to a church that she sees advertised on the TV.

But this gross-on piece of anti-male propaganda sticks like a frog in the throat.

The only surprising thing about the whole movie in fact is the dull TV-movie type direction it gets from none other than Francis Ford Coppola.

This film fails to engage me as much as other court room drama such as A Time To Kill or The Exorcism of Emily Rose, but it still is an intense film that keeps me interested throughout.

This court room drama is quite intense.

By some quick scenes, cuts and hints the audience is easily able to put together a complete and fascinating story.

The protagonist's journey along-with some strong supporting characters, comes out memorable & extremely engaging.

A youth fresh of of school successfully files a lawsuit in such an exciting and believable way.

"The Rainmaker" is well worth watching.

The book was wonderful -- well developed and fascinating characters, a fast moving can't-put-it-down plot.

Was he bored, too much trouble or couldn't learn his lines?

Having said all that THE RAINMAKER is entertaining even though you can easily spot the flaws like how on earth could Matt Damon`s hero pass his exams and go to the gym to get a body like that , and of course it`s just little overlong like all Grisham movies .

I do feel that the movie was a very intriguing film, if you didn't read the book.

Thus the love affair, which is completely extraneous to the main storyline in the book, is pumped up, and the fascinating battle of wits between the lawyers played down.

That alone makes the movie enjoyable and entertaining.

Dean Stockwell plays a sick judge in tight with the insurance company's lead attorney (Voight) - between his coughing and pill-popping, Stockwell gives a highly entertaining performance.

I was expecting an intense scene between him and Damon once the lawsuit intensified.

Definitely highly entertaining.

Not always realistic, but a highly entertaining story .

It slows down an already boring film.

But because they are all so similar, and even located in the same town sometimes, they can become a little boring at times.

Unless you have read John Grisham's novel, you probably will not enjoy the film adaption of The Rainmaker, which is as slow and boring as courtroom dramas come.

Coppola manages to adapt Mr. Grisham's story successfully to film; and, he keeps the staid courtroom sequences exciting.

Together they fight experienced top lawyers and the system on the edge of the law.

Based on the 1995 novel of the same name by John Grisham, Francis Ford Coppola's 'The Rainmaker' is An Enjoyable Drama, that also features a Fantastic Performance by Matt Damon.

There is nothing special or new in this movie, but under the care of Coppola, it's all fascinating.

Young actress Claire Danes is at home here as well, appropriately portraying her character with confusion and hardship.

The film is arguably a bit too complicated for its own good with subplots left, right and centre that sometimes distract from the insurance agency scam at the heart of the movie; Damon also drones on for a bit too long about morality.

The acting and everything might be good, but a big chunk of the movie is so gloomy and dull.

but at the same time, it's very well done and is definitely an enjoyable movie.

Interestingly costumed and coiffed, but ultimately pointless.

Amiable yet smooth adaption of the John Grisham novel, that closely follows an inexperienced Memphis lawyer, Rudy Baylor (Matt Damon), who gets the unexpected feeling of being in the profession by taking three cases right away.

I had hopes for this movie but in the end was a complete waste of time.

Absorbing drama .

What Coppola does here with John Grisham's famous insight on the United States law and judicial branch is for the most part make it a very entertaining picture.

They tried to write her in but it was pointless.

Coppola's The Rainmaker, based on yet another tedious Grisham novel--all Southern fried and Spanish Mossed--has Matt Damon and Danny DeVito taking on the big nasty insurance company, and pleading with us to socialize medicine before them bad ol' suits kill anyone else.

Lawyer movies are only worth watching if they are well done, and The Rainmaker is one of those movies.

The music is very slow and easy going, there is no heart pounding action music.

One of the things that makes this movie so enjoyable is its smallness.

) but it's also an enjoyable performance.

It all blends well together and we are left with a very entertaining piece of story.

I find most book adaptations are more enjoyable (or at least less disappointing) if you haven't read the book, and this may be even more so with John Grisham.

Here's an exciting, electrifying trial and obviously there's surprises (the appearance of a key witness, played by Virginia Madsen), twists and turns, some funny moments and the most interesting aspect of all, it shows how the legal system works, it digs deep into tiny little things that can make a huge difference between winning and losing a court battle.

Powerful Truths, Good Acting, & a Subtle Yet Compelling Script & Characters .

"Francis Ford Coppola directs and scripts an exciting, star-packed adaptation of John Grisham's novel about an idealistic young attorney who takes on the case of a lifetime," exactly as promotional synopsis promises, "Matt Damon plays Rudy Baylor, a rookie lawyer in over his head on a high-profile case.

I never finished watching The Rainmaker because it was SO BORING I mean it was just terrible It couldn't hold my attention for have an hour.

I have read this book at least 6 times and every time I read it it is just as entertaining as the first time I read it.

It was time better suited for conspiracy and chaos, especially since it all seems pointless as the wife gets spared by the DA.

The Rainmaker (1997): Dir: Frances Ford Coppola / Cast: Matt Damon, Danny De Vito, Jon Voight, Claire Danes, Mickey Rourke: Flat and tiresome, which is unfortunate since it starts out just fine.

The over-dubbing of dialog and the addition of a pointless narration, the half-told subplots and the rearrangement of events in the book all point to a desperate resuscitation attempt in post.

It's almost a good thriller, but it lacks the action and variety which make a fascinating and gripping film.

Enjoyable, entertaining and Damon carried it.

Compelling, jazzy, murky .

Pretty great courtroom drama; gripping story and characters I genuinely cared about .

Matt Damon is absolutely riveting as Rudy Baylor, the fresh-out-of-law-school attorney that with the help of Danny De Vito takes down a powerful insurance company.

In this case the story is intriguing although at times it is apparent the film was making some jumps to accommodate the time limitations required by most adaptations.

Everytime the story seems on the edge of the predictable court drama twist, it surprises.

The film is a powerful and gripping 'David and Goliath' story, with Matt Damon fighting the forces of corporate evil against all the odds.

A legal film worth watching over & over.

It takes on the character of a slow southern drawl which is perfect since that is where it is set.

Interesting theme regarding dishonesty and truth among lawyers however, it is too predictable and structured like a courtroom drama.

An Enjoyable Grisham Flick.

This is worth watching, it is one of the best Grisham films, and there are plenty of great qualities in it.

Fresh, entertaining, purely for fun.

However, it was still enjoyable.

The storyline following Claire Danes and her abusive husband was intense (lots of glass broken) and I liked his old lady landlord Birdie, who treated Rudy like a son and the gardener.

There are several unexpected small parts taken by well-known actors.

An Enjoyable Drama, with a Fantastic Matt Damon...

It is a long struggle for poor Baylor but the journey is eventful and entertaining to follow, as new turns and subplots appear and resolve.

There was supposed to be emotion from the family who suffered the loss, but we are left with such little time dedicated to either side, that we just feel bored.

Although true to the book, the Miss Birdie and forbidden love subplots bog down the film with slow, uneventful scenes that do little to challenge Rudy's beliefs and substantially strengthen him as a character.

Based on John Grisham's novel the movie meanders through it's entire length entertaining the viewer with it's fine script and some good performances.

Intense drama .

Even as this romantic subplot distracts our attention away from our main focus, the big trial case of insurance fraud, the movie manages, through a distinct view point, to overcome this problem and turn it into something engaging.

How much more compelling to see him change and grow in the film, say, from a poor young lawyer with dollar signs in his eyes who tries to cash in on a lucrative insurance settlement only to realize that his clients are, well, "his people.

That being said, once we get to the meat of the film (the courtroom drama aspect) then it does become very enjoyable and this is the side of the film that makes it worth seeing.

It uses different techniques to bring upon compelling material in an audience.

Anything John Grisham is worth watching .

I was fighting to stay awake at 10 in the morning.

Fully entertaining throughout, although the ending is almost completely unbeleivable, which is the only negative aspect of this film.

This features a star-studded cast (Matt Damon, Claire Daines, Danny DeVito, Jon Voigt, Danny Glover, Teresa Wright, Mickey Rourke, Roy Scheider) that is bound to make this movie that much more enjoyable.

Worth watching by anyone.

The movie isn't perfect because there are quite a few issues with certain lines and regardless of how good DeVito and Voight are, there are some cheesy and predictable lines that they are forced to deliver that drag the movie down a little.

The actual case as it presented in the courthouse it's boring too, and despite the effort of Damon to present himself as the rookie lawyer and Jon Voight's performance, you never get that sense of Davis vs.

Exciting stuff with a pleasing if slightly simplified end, but a entertaining law-procedural plot.

It seems that the goal is to be convincing and entertaining.

Recently, "The Rainmaker" came across my DVD player, and I was forced to endure a repetitive story, one-dimensional characters, and a predictable ending that left me gasping for some originality.

It just keeps plodding on and on, tripping over at least two or three separate endings before it finally trickles out, collapsed under its own ponderous weight.

While the first half confidently take its time with the drama, throwing in moments of realistic amusement, it segues into a compelling third act.

Coppola has infused The Rainmaker with enough humor, character, honest emotion and storytelling style to make it a very entertaining movie.

The music is a bit forced, however, and the pace is slower than necessary for the limited range of events that are shown.

Riveting as the mother of the young leukemia victim given the brush-off by an insurance giant.

What Grisham bored me with, Coppola condenses in a way that I wish Grisham wrote in the first place.

Sure, they're the literary equivalent of junk food, but they're enjoyable junk food, and since this is my favorite of his novels, I was looking forward to the movie.


This David versus Goliath battle is well worth watching.

That being said the film is very atmospheric and evocative in capturing the feel of the economically depressed areas of Memphis.

The Rainmaker is an engaging story with a timely theme, and in Coppola's hands becomes a story well-told.

"The Rainmaker" was engaging and interesting, well-acted and well-made.

It was too boring with too many subplots and just dragged on about nothing.

Of course Rudy is new, and watching him stumble through his first case is the most entertaining aspect of the film.