The Relic (1997) - Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi

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A homicide detective and an anthropologist try to destroy a South American lizard-like god, who's on a people eating rampage in a Chicago museum.

IMDB: 5.8
Director: Peter Hyams
Stars: Penelope Ann Miller, Tom Sizemore
Length: 110 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 31 out of 177 found boring (17.51%)

One-line Reviews (115)

That was a boring hour and a half.

Still, this was an entertaining time-waster.

The cast of Penelope Ann Miller and Tom Sizemore carry the film to a point that you are on the edge of your seat.

The book is an awesome read and this movie was just a waste of time.

It's never explained exactly how the damning evidence was transferred to this unlikely suspect, so this time-filler ends up being more confusing than challenging.

Sizemore is engaging in one of his earliest lead roles; Miller is likewise quite appealing.

decent little monster flick has some gory moments it is well made but poorly acted and a dumb ending and a routine script kinda hamper itbut i did find this to be fairly enjoyable so i do recommend this **1/2 out of

Also somewhat intriguing is the idea of virally induced brain-hormonally driven genetic mutation.

It was very predictable and not scary at all.

Your little sister fell asleep in half way the movie.

One of the worst movies ever made .

What I AM a fan for is an intelligent, entertaining film, whether it be horror, romance, comedy, etc. And "The Relic" is an extremely entertaining and educational film.

But the story behind this is actually a bit different, if somewhat confusing, I think.

This just might be the best monster movie I have ever seen, with a believable and action-packed story, good acting and thrilling special effects - thrilling because they bring something thrilling to life; the monster.

Another problem is the way the director keeps killing the tension in the movie by constantly switching between the chase scenes within the museum and the(completely useless) scenes outside the museum(people cutting through doors, etc.) Conclusion: This movie is definitely one of the worst movies I have seen in a long time.

There's nothing interesting in any of the characters, they are just plain dull people.

Second worst movie of 1997.

The Book I felt left something to be desired with the end, and a few scenes were just uneventful, like when the swat team goes into the museum.

Its certainly a highly engaging monster flick it must be said.

Without engaging characters, a lot of the movie dragged.

Very boring movie until the last 30 minutes, then it still wasn't worth watching .

Stan Winston's monster is the most convincing thing in this pretty entertaining horror flick that doesn't stint on gory decapitations.

They brought the story to a close before you got bored with the monster.

Solid and very entertaining big budget monster film.

He says that the crates from John Whitney have just arrived as there was a mix up in Brazil and were flown here, one crate contains an old tribal relic and the other crate seems to be empty apart form some leaves which have either some strange fungus or eggs on them.

(This reviewer has always considered her an under-appreciated actress -- this was done just after she stole the show in Witch Hunt, one of the most obscure but entertaining movies ever.

I found this movie to be thrilling and entertaining, and I would recommend it to anybody else.

There's little worth watching here.

The story is completely original and devoid of cliche.

This slickly-made and highly effective monster flick has a few too many clunkers to be considered a classic, but the strongest elements here shape an entertaining and often thrilling outing.

Let's take a look at the film: A story yet used in many occasions, a screenplay so predictable that you can leave the theater one hour before the movie ends and you won't miss anything special, things like Dr. Green's computer, that can indentify the percentage of the species present in a sample by analyzing the DNA, and even the name and surname if the species is Homo Sapiens...

This suspense horror thriller is familiar but entertaining.

The scenes where the cops and/Zoe museum patrons are navigating the clautrrophobic, pitch-black, sometimes water-filled tunnels are INTENSE and the presence of the relentless beast is felt throughout.

which in the book i found the most intense part.

Dialogue is snappy and never reveals too much, too soon.

) and Tom Sizemore, are both good, and once the chase starts, it's gripping.

This was effective up to a point but when it got to about the tenth time of this I just got tired of it and it became tedious to watch.

Ho hum .

Relic is a good introducing to suspenseful films for those that don't normally see them.

I was disappointed, as I was expecting a good sci-fi horror movie, when all I ended up seeing was a bunch of people mingling around with no real plot.

The script by Amy Holden Jones, John Raffo, Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver based on a novel by Douglas Pretson and Lincoln Child is fast paced and consistently entertaining, although I thought their attempts at giving Tom Sizemore's character some personality by having a running joke about his wife getting custody of their dog and the fact he is very superstitious didn't really work.

As a result this film does have plenty of annoying characters, particularly at the exhibition finale, that needed to have their heads ripped ripped off, but it does have an intriguing plot and a decent brains versus brawn philosophy.

There is suspenseful atmosphere, great special effects and well-plotted action sequences.

Regardless of what the nitpickers may claim, the script was very well written, the dialouge was snappy, and the monster was just about the most ferociously terrifying thing I've seen on a movie screen since "Alien.

The suspense at the beginning had me on the edge of my seat.

"The Relic" doesn't start out very promising but, luckily enough, it rapidly changes into an enjoyable and well-mounted creature feature.

Instead the movie plods on, cliché follows cliché, and finally we get a look at the beast: not Stan Winston's best work, it has to be said, the monster here looks like a primal rip-off of PREDATOR and is animated via some poor CGI (the laughable tongue scene is a real low point of the movie).

Strangely though, the editing gets too frantic after this and makes several scenes confusing at times (probably to disguise the monster and the remaining budget...

People laud the film for not throwing in a romantic subplot between the protagonists, but SOMETHING needed done to make it more compelling.

Before anything in the region of 'interesting' happens, we're introduced to a bunch of particularly bland or detestable characters.

The final twist at the end is predictable, as early as from the very beginning of the film.

See it if you're bored on a Saturday night.

Miller is a good heroine who winds up in a gripping chase scene with the monster in the picture's home stretch.

The actors seem to be trying so hard to make it work, but fail on most accounts, quite possibly because of the clunky incredibly obvious and predictable dialogue that they mutter.

The Relic is an entertaining, well-written and at times genuinely suspenseful monster movie.

One of the best is the rather intriguing ability where this one tends to feature a bit more suspense in its attacks than expected.

An Enjoyable "Creature Feature" .

The Relic is a very enjoyable "creature feature" with quite a few good tense moments, the odd occasion of dark humour, and some very nice practical effects some of which still hold up even in this day and age.

Tom Sizemore doesn't need to do much to make his hardened detective come to life, but his role strikes the right balance between clever and cliché.

This is a gory monster movie made with a whopping budget and an intriguing sci-fi concept concerning the creature, but it's hindered by bad lighting and bland characters.

A stupid and even occasionally boring "Alien" copy.

While entertaining, the movie loses steam and never explains most of the things it leaves hanging!

Cargo ship from South America is carrying an unexpected entity.

This movie was a waste of time to watch and only at the end did you see the monster, which could have been Godzilla for all I know because the lighting effects were very dark and you couldn't see the monster or the characters very well at times.

" Siskel called it "surprisingly entertaining", and even Leonard Maltin had to say the monster "is especially impressive.

There is little or no suspense developed, the creature is unbelievable, and the last quarter of the film is so ridiculous that it should be silly but is just tedious.

The crate seems to be empty except for some leaves.

Relic is Fast paced fun .

Yes it's all entirely predictable of course.

Meanwhile scientist Margo Green suspects that an empty crate of mysterious leaves may have been more than just that and examines the potential that a virus on the leaves caused some sort of creature to evolve.

But the end product is pretty cliché and typically, character development goes out the window.

The film is basically Night At The Museum for adults, and about as entertaining.

However, it's specifically designed for us to feel passive towards it, as we catch a flick with some friends on a Friday night and then leave for a party, forgetting all about it or we flip through channels late at night and decide to stick with it, only to fall asleep and wake up the next day with no clear recollection of it.

There are several quite good sequences, from the killing of the security guard inside a urinal, a strong scene in the basement of the museum where it gets tracked by officers investigating the disappearances and an utterly thrilling stalking scene where the creature takes out the guard dogs and their trainers out searching for it.

In saying that, I've not read the book so I can't really compare one over the other, but as I mentioned earlier, the film is still enjoyable in it's own right.

Terrific special effects and well-rounded performances from Miller and Sizemore elevate this to a highly entertaining popcorn film.

Enjoyable creature feature B-movie with the usual formula .

I saw this film the other night for the first time in years and I have to say that I think I enjoyed it then just as much as I did when I saw it all those years ago in '97 when it was first released.

I kept flipping back to see if it would improve, but found the NOVA special on Gamma rays more exciting (For the record I am a horror freak and even loved the latest Beyond Reanimator and think Bubba Hotep and House of 1000 Corpses were among the best films of the last year.

The monster effects are horrifying, Linda Hunt is in good form in a solid performance, the script is better then usual, and the director gives the film a handsome look and always manages to keep things tight, fast paced and scary.

All in all, this was one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

With some of the dire, drab and boring horror movies which are getting good credit and reviews it was nice to jump in a time machine, thanks to terrestrial television (and the Horror Channel), and see how horror should be done.

But "The Relic" does kill time easily enough, and should be adequately entertaining for creature feature junkies.

Save your money and beat yourself with a brick if you feel the need for mindless suffering.

The acting is not bad, and Hyams' script, while predictable, is fairly taught.

In fact the way the film is moved into darkness adds to the tension and makes it more exciting.

One cliché that is often trotted out by reviewers is 'check your brain in at the door and you'll enjoy it'.

The ending of the film and the way they kill the creature is rehashed and boring.

loved the Vienna Boys Chior version in the latest Harry Potter) In the interest of saving you 2 hrs of your life, here's what I saw in your basic "Every Horror Cliché Including the Cauldron"Voodo, Couldron, White Man Drinks,Witch Doctor in Grass Wing and Monster Tusks Pounds Floor, White Man screams hysterically "It's You!

but after seeing it 3 times over the past 2 years I have to say that I enjoyed it again.

If you aren't family with how horror movies manipulate their audiences, you may find some scenes in "The Relic" a little intense.

Directed by Peter Hyams (2010, Outland, Timecop) made an entertaining monster horror thriller.

The plot was quite confusing (although I didn't watch it with a huge attention, I was too busy laughing at the idiots with the carpet) and I found it rather hard to follow.

Pretty entertaining creature feature .

This movie is boring beyond belief, and so dark that you will be totally in the dark about anything on screen.

A crashing bore of a monster flick .

Preston and Child write some of the most believable dialogue is literature, and yet, the movie interpretation was wooden and trite.

On reflection, such repetition is probably a useful thing, since it means you can fall asleep and not actually miss anything.

But once the lights go out, things do start to get genuinely spooky and exciting.

This is one of the worst movies I have seen recently.

It's a crashing bore of a monster flick.

Probably the worst movie ever made.

Margo, played by Penelope Ann Miller, is boring and whiny.

While certainly not the crowing achievement on Winston's legendary resume, The Relic's fearsome leviathan is a gruesome and well-realized creation, even if he does display a repetitive obsession with decapitation that dilutes some of the gorier sequences by sheer familiarity.

The monster movie bites back in this suspenseful thriller.

This is an enjoyable horror film which romps away joyously in the action sequences and slows to a creepier pace in the suspenseful scenes.

Firstly, it is atmospheric and quite suspenseful, both of which are generated by Hyam's exceptional photography skills (he is his own DP).

This movie, I hate to say, is so predictable it should be made a criminal offense.

All I can say is 1997 must have been a slow year for movies and the majority of the people who liked it must not have read the book.

Thirdly, although the story is not that original, it does a fairly good job of hiding the cliché.

Boring and Cliched Take-Off On "Aliens" .

"The Relic" was just about the single most entertaining monster movie I had seen for many long years prior to its release.

There is also supposed to be a twist at the end which I found rather pointless.

This was a very entertaining film and it started off with plenty of suspense with devil worshipers preparing a brew with strange leaves and some special tasty delights which looked horrible.

It ain't Shakespeare, but it's definitely worth watching.