The Report (2019) - Biography, Crime, Drama

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Idealistic Senate staffer Daniel J. Jones, tasked by his boss to lead an investigation into the CIA's post 9/11 Detention and Interrogation Program, uncovers shocking secrets.

IMDB: 7.2
Director: Scott Z. Burns
Stars: Adam Driver, Annette Bening
Length: 119 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 21 out of 169 found boring (12.42%)

One-line Reviews (101)

It is not suspenseful at all, it jumps all over the place with what year you're in, which works in a lot of movies but in this it just comes across as a jumbled pointless mess of a timeline.

Make the film unwatchable!

Worth the watch .

He has such commanding presence on screen, especially when he is in a really intense scene.

The film is solid, the subject matter is compelling enough by itself and the script's pacing is decent and suitable.

Acting, direction and cinematography is on par with all good films but what stands out is such 'stories' can happen and they are allowed to be made and released, is worth watching for us.

from engaging in torture, regardless of what the country's enemies do.

Intense !.

I have read some other reviews on this movie, and I was surprised to here how many people called this left-wing propaganda.

Intense and engaging .

Intense .

I wasn't sure about this movie coming into it, I mean a movie about a guy writing a report for five years sounded like it could be boring.

I've really enjoyed it.

As a film this is a well-paced, well-acted, entertaining film with likable lead.

Worth watching, check your politics at the door...

I get tired of canned blockbusters & "vehicles" & James Bond reruns, long for real drama & substance & relevance -- this film offers all 3 of the latter qualities and it is exciting as well, had me on seat's-edge thruout.

Another boring film!

Acting is great, but script feels like political propaganda which makes democrats look like angels (the good guys) and republicans look like devils (stupid thugs).

There are scenes where I found myself completely invested and others where I was slightly bored.

I can't exactly rave about the movie as a whole, but it's worth watching for the story alone.

Probably the most intense move I have seen this year .

Riveting .

Riveting performances by Adam Driver and Annette.

Absorbing .

It pointless mentioning the plot because it is factual and well-known and, despite any real surprises, the director keeps the tension going.

I like a good political based film, I find them to be really something regardless if they are considered biased or propaganda.

Compelling and relevant .

This is a magnificent film that, while a little boring at times, details an important lesson about our history.

The film takes a while to coordinate the complicities of the events but, as the film progresses, the story becomes more compelling and even more shocking.

Some might find the films tad stale in parts with a deliberate slow pace that only adds to the tense nature of the film.

Compelling .

I honestly thought this was going to be dry and boring and, have to admit, watched it only because of Adam Driver.

It is therefore not always that exciting and at times it is somewhat frustrating, but it does in due course tell a fascinating story through careful editing and fine performances by Driver and Bening.

On the one hand, it offers a counter-narrative to the CIA propaganda film "Zero Dark Thirty" which, after Osama Bin-Laden was reported killed during Obama's presidency, was released and pushed the line that it was only possible due to the enhanced-interrogation techniques (Aka torture, or gross violations of human rights).

And they keep Iran in store for some entertaining pause.

Even so, the picture is entertaining pretty much throughout.

Very fascinating movie.

But I was pleasantly surprised by an engaging thriller, that reminded me a bit of "All the Presidents Men," at times.

Despite the desk-bound inaction and dialogue-heavy script, this is a riveting and important film.

He gets some unexpected help, Deep Throat fashion, from a doctor's assistant (doctors are not allowed in the "black sites") who informs him that despite CIA's claim, waterboard did kill, through suffocation.

Feels like propaganda .

Overall, I found the report to be an OK film but I just wished it had executed its use of the fascinating subject matter better, as well as taking advantage of the great performances and actors that worked on this film.

Its script and format agree with its mission: the truth must be told, regardless (in this case of boring the viewer).

Although this film is very word heavy the actors work in such a way that you're ultimately very invested into their emotions, so much so that it makes for a very thrilling experience.

What makes "The Report" so sad (and thus so emotionally compelling) is the slow realization it builds to, which is that not one piece of actionable material was gained from the use of torture and detention.

The story was well tell but kinda slow in the beginning.


Complete waste of time and total and complete garbage.

A quick, riveting, thought provoking film brimming with authenticity, offering viewers an opportunity to question law and order.

Every character here is strictly business at every second, and very dry and humorless, which I find unnatural.

However, I did manage to finish it the third time out but found it very boring.

They don't over dramatize things as much as they reveal simple, bland events.

Well-paced, well-acted, entertaining film with likable protagonist.

Riveting drama with lots of shots on Adam Driver's face, expressive and slightly asymmetric which adds to the dramatic effect.

I fell asleep twice while trying to watch this movie.

And the worst part about saying that is there's nothing blatantly wrong with the film upon first viewing, and yet it's easily one of the year's most boring films.

It was well done and gripping.

It's not exactly exciting in a traditional sense, but it sure is compelling; a story that's infuriating insofar as it actually happened, horrifying insofar as, given the clown currently in the Oval Office, it could easily happen again.

The thing moves at a solid speed, always remaining engaging, and it has a surprising amount of character, too.

I'm from the UK but found this a very engaging film and would recommend it to look at lots of moral conundrums.

Preachy, biased, dull, outdated.

To some people this film will either be boring or a biased political mess................

After a while they caused me to consider completing the film to be a chore as opposed to be a learning experience or an entertaining two hours.

This film was an intense ride, sometimes too difficult to digest.

The lead actor is SO boring, I can't see how this is a good movie in any way.

I love watching true stories when they're able to tell what actually happened in a compelling way.

Don't Waste Your Time .

impressive and exciting .

There were times where is was going at a good pace, and then slow down.

This movie was so boring.

Much like Spotlight, The Report is an engrossing and culturally relevant true story dramatization .

Focused and Engaging Take on an Important Subject Matter .

This could've and should've been so much more riveting a tale than it was, and that's the fault of Scott Burns who wrote and directed - only his second feature length outing.

For a movie that had the potential to be boring, I never lost interest.


The story overall is engaging and told well by talented actors.

A history lesson in American politics and terrorism with a little dig at propaganda filmmaking and journalism, and a big spotlight on the CIA's misconduct.

Instead you get a lot of talking, sometimes difficult to understand if you like me are a bit fed up with politics, but it's certainly worth watching, just to try to understand in what kind of evil world we're living.

A Gripping and Intelligent Political Drama .

It went nowhere.

Keeps you on the edge of the seat .

So, if you're an uneducated art major with no knowledge of unfiltered history, facts, or real world experience, enjoy the propaganda.

As a movie goer I commend the writer-director for bringing the story to the screen in an interesting and entertaining way.

It tells an engaging and disturbing story of someone who is willing to go after giants, even though the chances of winning are slim.

Yes the film is slow, to be fair it is about a team and one man uncovering years of documents...........

"The Report" is easy to disappear in, it's an engaging re-telling of a morally messed up events & through a convincing performance by Adam Driver we are able to identify with the subject in question.

It's worth watching for Driver's performance alone, observing a man who loves doing his job and excels at it.

Anyone who loves and follows politics will find this film informative and enjoyable.

My only critique would be the start, as it's a difficult to follow at first.

POSITIVES:1) The performances are all very good 2) The camera work is nicely done, lots of steady cam and long takes 3) The film really picks up in the second half and becomes very interesting and compelling 4) I believed in the conflict of the legitimate arguments for and against the publication of the reportNEGATIVES:1) The time jumping that takes place all throughout the first half was a very poor decision, it stops the story from having any flow 2) As a lawyer, I can say with 100% certainty that Corey Stoll's lawyer character would NEVER give Adam Driver legal advice for free and would NEVER tell him that he doesn't need to hire a lawyer 3) A lot of the exposition is delivered in such a clunky, on the nose way.

I found the story told to be very compelling and I loved seeing the truth about the people behind the scenes.

The 2015 Oscar-winning Spotlight is much more interesting and heroic viewing while it also informs about exciting investigative reporting.

Captivating, exciting and engaging.

The main character's ordeal, well played by Driver, could be looked at as a boring, overwhelming and tedious, based on my experience as an investigator who has dealt with a huge on-going, and complicated situation or investigation.

The film feels long, repetitive and kept me waiting for a huge "bang" that never came.

It's never boring, just slightly slower than it could've been.

A complete waste of time.

Restricted by the genre's cliches and formulaic issues, The Report is still an important film that mainly Americans should sit down and watch.

It's a compelling and dark chapter in the United States' 21 Century history and director Scott Z.

Movie could've been summed up within 1 hour 30 to 40 mins instead of 2 hours run but nevertheless the plot is gripping as back & forth timelines especially torture scenes and Driver's performance will keep you intact.

As a movie, fantastic, very entertaining!