The Rhythm Section (2020) - Action, Drama, Mystery

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A woman seeks revenge against those who orchestrated a plane crash that killed her family.

IMDB: 5.3
Director: Reed Morano
Stars: Blake Lively, Jude Law
Length: 109 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 35 out of 99 found boring (35.35%)

One-line Reviews (104)

Completely disjointed - an absolute snoozefest!!

It hits the ground shambling, like its lead character, wandering around aimlessly for far, far too long.

A revenge story is usually fashioned after a Charles Bronson or Liam Neeson thriller in which the plot points are predictable.

This movie was incredibly boring from start to finish.

Lively, who has carved out a nice niche for herself by picking projects which work to her strengths (like A Simple Favor or the Age of Adaline), seems to be at odds on what type of film this wants to be & as is the cliche about shooting the target you aim at, this film's sights are definitely off.

In fact, very action packed & fast paced.

Rhythm Section felt slow at long stretches during the same points of the plot as American Assassin.

Having insomnia !!!

Due to its plodding pace, I was certain this clocked it over 2 hours...

The film is beautifully shot and creates a delicious tension that finds the movie-goer on the edge of the theater seat.

The brief car chase scene is boring.

Exciting plot, kept us on the edge of our seats - and Blake Lively was excellent.

I was so bored watching it.......

Rhythm section is yet another disposable female orianted film filmed with lame fight scenes and weak story,blake is this film solid but she wasnt so intersting for us to care for her also i think that some of her lines were really corny and poorly written,i also think that this movie wasted talent of jude law since he was only used for flashbacks which in first place are completly out fashioned and it just felt unneceserey expecely in many scenes that were based on them,this film also makes some questionable decisions that doesnt make sense and everything suffers becase of that,rhythm section is another weak film with a boring and uncaring protagonist

enjoyed it .

The direction is a little slow and there really are few tense scenes, when they should have been.

Despite some pacing issues the action sequences are engaging and the last one on a bus is edge of your seat.

The BadThe movie has a good first act, setting up an intriguing revenge tale that fizzles out in the second.

Rather than remain a cliche, she reinvents herself with guidance from ousted MI6 agent "B" and finds herself needing to take control of her life and the vengeance she seeks her way.

It was unbelievably boring.

All in all it's a bit confused but is decently entertaining.

Highly enjoyable film with an exciting sense of mystery throughout.

Wanted to like this film, but it was beyond boring mixed with terrible acting.

This was a unique way of showing a scene from a character's viewpoint and for the most part was engaging and interesting to watch.

It is a shame as the casting was unique and after watching Blake in The Shallows was really excited to see her in another exciting action movie.

Unfortunately the script is poorly written and is really 2 slow acts of building up the Femme Nikita character or more aptly the Prozac Brunette and the 3rd act finally gets some rhythm yet that is the only section worth watching.

Incredible cinematography with really cool camera shots and intense music makes for such a fun time!

Terribly boring .

Starting with my first two negatives it sadly had a very dull opening and a very slow pacing throughout the whole film that didn't really work.

When there was some intense thriller scenes, they did manage to do a good job at making you feel on edge and unsure about what the outcome would be especially with Blake Lively's character.

Terrible acting,continuity,drab dialog.

Ok movie but was kinda boring.

She really carries the entire picture whereas I found the antagonist/s to be somewhat dull and needing more development.

The film is overlong and rather dull.

It's somber tone and pacing problems make this pretty boring at times.

Now from reading the synopsis, I expected to see the incident occur & for the film to be a little more action packed.

She seems to understand where the belief level begins starts from there, and goes slowly as she levels up.

The studio was unsure what to do with this film and it turns out it will be just an after thought as soon as you leave the theater.

It's dreary & plodding.

And I liked the films interesting point of view shots with some intense or action scenes.

It's slow, dry & pretty flat for the most part.

But she's really the only positive thing besides a few immersive action setpieces and some intriguing cinematography.

It was suspenseful enough and worth seeing.

Notice my uncertainty and confusion over what the plot is about, even though I've simplified it to the best of my ability?

The movie feels jumbled and a bit confusing and never really finds it's way.

There was only 3 other people in my screening and one of them walked out.

This film is very boring and feels basic for a large amount of time.

He lives in a stunning ultra-modern home and has no qualms about hitting on hot assassins that he knows only by reputation.

Boring, unoriginal and poorly acted.

Well this film fails to be worth watching with its uninspired story, boring characters, and a dull direction.

The Rhythm Section is a perfect vehicle for Lively to show her strongest performance to date but unfortunately the film is a very dull affair.

Don't waste your time on this one!!

Don't waste your money on this one.

And this is what makes this story engaging as Stephanie makes her way to find and resolve her family's death.

Its unoriginal , cliche , stereotypical garbage......

The worst movie of the year so far .

It was good but kind of slow, so I don't think I would buy it on DVD.

Very entertaining!

The direction failed with its boring action and forgettable characters.

A waste of money

His character cues and use of different instruments based on the lead character's heart beat at that scene is very engaging.

and all of it unfortunately is just plain boring..........

The story is boring.

It steers into extremely boring and pretentious areas that just fail to connect.

Story is just boring !!!

The plot is a bit boring for a revenge action thriller.

I really enjoyed it.

Still, how Morano handles the action is fascinating and how Lively plays it is rich and authentic.

Pretty dull if I'm being honest.

"The Rhythm Section" opened wide this weekend, and based upon the intriguing-looking trailer, and of course being a fan of Lively and Law, I couldn't wait to see it.

Despite an intriguing start it never goes anywhere, and there's not much fun along the way to make up for it's lacking.

Boring and underwhelming .

Friday night and the theater was empty.

Wildly entertaining, and smart, without gratuitous violence or sex, "The Rhythm Section" marches to the best of its own drum and is well worth the cost a matinée ticket.

While it has a strong lead performance, the character and her story are never fleshed out, creating a rather empty experience.

It's like the story of the worst assassin ever trying to get to the bottom of a tragedy in the most confusing way possible.

LIKES: A Different Character Development A Decent Mystery Component More Focused Spy Thriller Good Performances Given Limited Range A Decent Look At the Morals That Come With RevengeDISLiKES:The Lack Of Major Interaction With Family Time Warp Skip Convenient Forgetting Of Skills A Little Drawn Out Action Scenes A Little Too Plain Some Shaky Camera Scenes Jude Laws Mixed Involvement Some Rather Intense Torture MomentsThe VERDICT:The Rhythm Section is not going to be the film for everyone, because it's a slower, drier spy thriller that really focuses on the espionage and not the action.

And the whole film in general was slow paced.

Read above is the most boring action movie I had ever see; and I see a lot of crap.

Some people really love a slow burn, for me the ending made it worth it.

It's SO boring/bad that I'm on my phone to pass the time until it's over😬 .

Dull revenge thriller that lacks story, acting, and action.

It just dragged on

The direction is boring.

Boring .

Predictable and Confusing.

Yet 'The Rhythm Section' ultimately fails to find its own rhythm in amongst all the chaos and confusion.

Slow .

Terrible terrible movie, don't waste your time.......

Terrible directing, Script dull and unrealistic.

From the beginning, a ludicrous premise: that a smart angry college girl can become a skilled CIA assassin simply by swimming across a cold river in her underwear and kicking Judd Law in the groin, you NEVER believe for a second that Blake Lively could even shoot a gun straight let alone gain the necessary skills to become a killer, being a talented thumb wrestler would be a stretch, save your money rent "atomic blonde" or "red sparrow"

'The Rhythm Section' ultimately fails to find its own rhythm in amongst all the chaos and confusion.

this film is such a bore to watch.....

but it's ridiculously confusing, which makes the plot seem silly/dumb...

The build up to the last 20 maybe 30 minutes seemed a little slow and often hard to follow.

due to its mind numbingly boring story that is so paper thin , cliche and stereotypical........

Sorry this film was just so slow and boring and the music was even worse

Instead, there's this bland and kinda boring affair with an absolutely wretched chase in the middle.

What you get is a very cliché movie, with very cliché characters, conveyed in an unbelievable, boring plot.

Don't Waste your Money or Time .

It's a shame, as Blake Lively is trying her hardest to make it work and Reed Morano is absolutely a director worth watching.

Don't waste your time or money

The Rhythm Section is an enjoyable thriller that reminds us, like The Silence of the Lambs, this movie time of year does not have to be dull.

As mentioned in the title, the story to this film is just plain boring.