The Ring (2002) - Horror, Mystery

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A journalist must investigate a mysterious videotape which seems to cause the death of anyone one week to the day after they view it.

IMDB: 7.1
Director: Gore Verbinski
Stars: Naomi Watts, Martin Henderson
Length: 115 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 181 out of 1020 found boring (17.74%)

One-line Reviews (604)

I walked out of the theater a bit trembly from the effective shock scenes ...

Even the draw up to find out the reasoning for the terror occurring was more of a huge disappointment a complete waste of time.

It opens, and the female actors are quite bland, not a decent following to a good, albeit brief title sequences.

Confusion .

The characters follow totally illogical paths to arrive at completely pointless "answers" and along the way there's a whole lot of creepy visual non-sequiturs.

Now, after having seen it, I can say that it lived up exactly to my own expectations: boring and slightly trite.

All the other times I used it nothing happened.

Confusing .

Effective and hauntingly intriguing .

I was bored, went to the theater, and hadn't seen that one.

Why does Hollywood need to make pointless remakes of great films.. first Nikita and les visiteurs (did anyone see the remake of get carter???

i cant say anything except "BORING".

I'd have to say that during the whole investigation shindigs, i was about to be bored out my mind thinking "Great, not another one of those M Night Shyamalan's Oooo here comes the twist or Six Sense wannabe".

Ringu drew the horror with its intense mood (rather than shock/jumping scenes), and The Ring doesn't fail at doing it either.

He shoots everything in a grayish dull tone that gives the film an air of depression & hopelessness & it works extremely well.

A complete waste of time .


The plot revolves around a predictably disjointed attempt at nihilism in film, we have a lady and her son, they are both inexplicably woven into a web of death, all because of a poor copy of what looks like a badly made nine inch nails video, it gets worse, the characters flick between no more then 3 emotions and seem to do so with such ease and speed that it makes the seem fill disjointed and poorly conceived, while the acting of the younger cast member can sometimes be chilling it soon gets repetitive and predictable: would i of cared if at any point the main characters died?

That was compelling in and of itself.

noisy, in-your-face-special-FX brainless horror routines and much more exciting than the anti-climax Japanese modern horror films.

The acting is top-notch, its interesting, there are very entertaining elements, and its just plain fun to watch.

But it has all the dull gravity of the most excruciating art-house `masterpiece' you ever saw, and that doesn't help it one bit.

Some parts like the mother pushing Samumara down the well was pretty unexpected.

And there are some scenes that are supposed to be scary that just end up getting confusing.

The Ring is highly unpredictable, and at the end, it has a meaning that is completely different from what you expected it to be.

The combined lack of scares and answers make it a dull watch.

The film was pretty suspenseful and not boring.

Naomi Watts is intriguing as Rachel Keller, a journalist who investigates a scary videotape after her niece's death.

And what's w/ the fly that comes off the screen and makes Rachel's nose bleed, seemed pointless to me.

I am a real Horror lover, but when it comes to this I am completely sitting on the edge of my seat wondering what is going to have next.

Gore Verbinski's version of the classic Japanese horror is excellent, and intriguing, it is how a horror film should be, it genuinely unsettled me, no film for years has done that, not even the Exorcist did.

Unlike most horror films these days, cinematographer Bojan Bazelli provides some amazing compositions and frames every scene with unexpected allure, even though the film is filled with plenty of disturbing imagery.

The Ring is a well lit American movie, starring your regular American actors, interfering every scary moment with ugly special effects and stripping down the dark mysterious movie to another bland American remake.

While Hideo Nakata's original may have presented the fear in a more subtle manner, mostly using the actors' reactions and the imagined rather than seen, Verbinski presents it by way of gloomy, tense cinematography, music that hints at the unexpected horror right around the corner and locales that do not exactly spell out domestic bliss.

The Reality: When you see The Ring, you die of boredom.

Watch a decent horror film that is actually worth watching like Gothika instead, that has a satisfactory plot and ending.

The Ring wasn't scary in the least, I didn't care about any of the characters, and I really couldn't have cared less about the dumb, meandering, and pointless story.

only the beginning and the end are the good, so while the boring part in the middle plays when u see it, go out and do something, and come back for the end.

The big difference between the two movies is that "Videodrome" despite it's complicated storyline was both thought-provoking as well as entertaining where as "The Ring" never even managed to get off the ground!

This movie was a boring, unsatisfying mess.

Some who found this 'Boring', 'Not scary', 'I wasn't scared' etc...

It does however keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time.

A truly brilliant and gripping film.

I disagree: I think it makes the movie more complex and intriguing.

, this is only a glimpse of what makes "The Ring" so dull and stupid.

I think the movie is worth watching for two main reasons:The videotape itself gives you goose bumps.

I highly recommend it!

Interesting concept, but found ending a bit confusing.

The suspense at the beginning was well performed though, however, the movie is too predictable, typical horror film really.

The movie was very suspenseful and compelling to watch in a very morbid sense.

While the original was genuinely scary and had me on the edge of my seat, I found not one scary moment in this insulting Hollywood cash-in.

`The Ring' is a horror movie as slick and stylish as a music video--and as pretentious.

It also dragged on too long, and I was tired of the movie and checking the time before the movie finally decided to call it a day.

The teenagers had banal dialogue.

I remember distinctly the falling chair, a ladder leaning against a wall, a tree standing isolated in the middle of an empty feel.

The ending, although scary, is very satisfying, and leaves you hanging on the edge of your seat.

It has you on the edge of your seat throughout and you actually (SHOCK!

Afterwards, I walked home through sparsely-lit streets to the empty hotel-room I lived in.

it wasnt scary at all, it was stupid and boring, there werent any cool special effects, and there were only two scenes worth seeing (two good scenes do not make a good movie).

The supposed 'twist' at the end (which was supposedly more surprising than the one in "The Sixth Sense") was bland and didn't warrant me going through and watching the movie again to appreciate the full magnitude of it, since there was no real magnitude to it whatsoever.

The picture is a sleek production with passable budget and packs genuine chills , suspense, tension , and shocks , it's a terror-thriller very exciting .

It's a good but somewhat confusing movie, with a fascinating history.

Then they do stupid investigation stuff and I end up getting bored and pull out my computer.

The pacing of both the original and English remake of the Ring seems to be rather slow.

Horrible movie, watch Ringu and Ringu 2 (a few scenes of which also end up in this remake adding more confusion) instead.

So, seeing "The Ring", in my opinion, is a waste of time and I give it with no regret 2/10 (in the other hand, I highly recommend seeing "Ringu" - 10/10!

Very Enjoyable, very spooky, nicely shot...

However,having watched the story unfold before me,The Ring did ultimately emerge as a very engrossing affair,with a premise that was just about on a par for a horror film,especially if you enjoyed a flick like 1992's Candyman.

Dull horror .

It's scary, suspenseful, and engaging.

;-)The bottom line is this: If you like to watch a great horror flick with a creepy mood, some unexpected twists and a good deal of mystery, this is the movie for you.

I mean, even the tape alone had me freaked out - and when Rachel watches it in an empty cabin on an old TV on her own, it really builds up an atmosphere of true terror that no amount of disfigured corpses can do.

The movie was a little slow at first.

A very slow, bland detective story takes a supernatural turn and wastes its potential with heavy handed, visioning and a plot that makes little sense and gives little credit to the audience.

It was intense all the way from the start to the finish.

I think the filmmakers were not being unoriginal, but rather starting the movie this way on purpose: making you think you were about to see a typical horror/slasher, then changing course and delivering this instead -a daring, intelligent, suspenseful modern thriller.

The on-screen countdown adds to the sense of urgency, and Ehren Kruger's (who wrote the distinctly average Scream 3) clever and inventive script adds emotion to a story which seemed bland originally due to the all too literal TartanAsia subtitles.

it keeps you on the edge of your seat, and it isn't gruesomly gory or scary, which i also loved about it.

This has to be one of the worst movies I've seen.

Worth watching !

You're a lot more involved in this one and the background of "Samara" is fascinating up to the highest possible level.

Scenes don't jump around like most movies, it uses very slow cuts and disoves to give the movie a very slow pace, and belive it or not the slow pace makes the film.

Otherwise, this really was one of the bigger waste of time movies I've ever seen.

The Ring is a very creepy and suspenseful movie.

From the slow beginning to the heart-stopping finish (which may be the most terrifying bit of cinema ever captured on film), The Ring is something special.

It's then that everything goes to pieces when the long dead, it turned out that she was murdered, Samara comes back to life in both the bottom of a 150 foot empty well as well as in, and out, of Noah's TV set!

The twists and turns of the story keep you guessing even in the slower parts of the film.

I highly recommend it to anyone who likes horror films.

But, I know it would only be a waste of 2 hours of my life...

There's intense tension, scares and mood developed in this film that are still palpable every time you watch.

but that again is one of the things that i found fascinating about this movie.

Overall, a decent horror movie, with an indepth plot which can easily get confusing.

how to waste 2 hours of your life , trust me i would rather indure harsh punishment in north Korea than watch this movie again , i was more scared by the fact that i have to say yes i watched this movie room now on .

It was trying to be artistic and instead ended up boring me and the rest of my family.

The opening is one of the scariest things i have ever seen, and it was constantly unpredictable, plus the images were quite frightening!.

But all the atmosphere created there (blue-greenish filter all over), small details and lots of left open ends with little unexpected twist in the end, ...

There are a lot of different types of scares in this film; jump scares, suspense, shocks, chills, and intense terror!

Another pointless Hollywood remake .

It was totally unexpected, and I nearly had a heart attack because of it.

But nevertheless, The Ring is an entertaining and thrilling experience.

Director Gore Verbinski comes up trumps with this terrifying psychological horror yarn whose only flaw is to slightly overplay the running time, leaving us slightly bored about two-thirds of the way through as we wait for the finale to happen.

Quite riveting at times and why does it have to make perfect sense to be frightened by it?

This is just more proof that the horror movie industry is dying a slow and painful death.

Overall it is a good film, and if your a fan of shock horror and cheap thrills this is right up your road, basically, Ringu the cult classic Japanese horror that was scary because of its suspense slow paced fear scenes is replaced with an average cheap American horror film.

That she could do such a terrible thing and feel no remorse at all, being a little girl, it's just scary because it's so unexpected.

Haunting and unpredictable, it's no surprise The Ring's opening is considered to be one of horror's best, easily as good as the ones from Scream and Jaws.

What started off as a gripping creepy movie rapidly degenerated into a damp squid for me, perhaps it was too clever because i completely lost the plot towards the end and it finished with me thinking "what the hell was all that about"Did i eventually work it out?

This was not a horror movie, or even a scary movie, there are only loud noises and supernatural goings-on, which are cheap scares that are predictable.

It's an incessantly entertaining horror film that will give you goosebumps every time you watch it.

I didn't find the movie scary because I was a vitim of spoilers, but it was exciting enough for me to enjoy.

This is extremely tiresome.

Everything wrapped up beautifully in the end, and I left the theater, and was terrifyed for 7 days.

The script and the reviews suggested that it was a great freaky horror but to me it was simply boring.

Suspenseful and on-the-edge-of-your-seat film, it will leave you wanting for more...

Good for curing insomnia .

While the film was entertaining, it most definitely had flaws.

Each thrilling scene hits you like a punch in the face.

But overall it was a huge waste of my time.

I got to say I enjoyed this more than I thought I would I mean I have never seen the original Japanese version so I have nothing to compare it to but as a stand alone horror film there are so many things about it are good I know this is an American remake and most people who have seen the Japanese version did not enjoy it or avoid it but for me I avoided it for a different reason I thought that it would just be boring because a lot of people over the years told me how it was dull and not worth watching how wrong I was to listen to those people I regret not seeing it earlier.

It helped carry the flow of the movie all the way to the climax where you might as well be chewing on the edge of the couch because of the thrill it gives with its twist ending.


Boring Boring Boring .

" To be honest with you, I fell asleep halfway through it.

i do remember being bored and struggling to not nod off.

I found this remake to be entirely predictable.

This movie, I've watched twice now, and each time I've watched it I've enjoyed it, just as much as the first time i watched it!

But they remain on the screen throughout the whole running time, and only serve to distract the audience from Rachel's Nancy Drew-style investigations in and around dreary Seattle.

Among the better areas here is the fact that this manages to really do some stylized individual scenes to give this some exceptionally enjoyable and chilling moments.

It looked boring.

Second, as has been mentioned before, the equine deaths mentioned in this version are unnecessary and pointless.

The plot, though, is too confusing - at least for me.

All it does is steal some ideas of other movies (all genres) and meet every cliché there is in the horror genre.

The innocence of Yoichi in the original, with sensible dialogue to convey his emotion and confusion of being wrapped up in the essence of the tape's curse, is replaced in the remake by a bad-mouthed, precocious little brat that contributes nothing to the film either in terms of the constant eerie aura that sweeps through the film that Nakata masterfully conveys, nor the sympathy you extend to Yoichi, again through the lack of believable dialogue, which makes him sound like a spoilt little runt, rather than an innocent caught up in the curse.

The audience all breathed a sigh of relief when the credits rolled at the end, it is that gripping.

It's not bad, much better than I expected, but you'll probably grit your teeth at the characters' slowness of thought.

"The Ring" retains the dreary rainy grey look of Hideo Nakata's original and the music and sound effects are also eerily reminiscent, which helps keep the creepy mood and gives the story anunsettling atmosphere.

Essentially he has crafted a test of human mental endurance: How long can a mind be subjected to the insanely boring?

How disappointed I was with the regular bland american studio produced crap it turned out to be.

In this version we have the usual 'love angle' with the estranged child's father (yawn,) performed with textbook wooden acting.

Maybe I liked the remake better because I didn't have to read the movie, I don't know, but both are definitely worth watching.

It is thought provoking, scary, entertaining, and disturbing.

Overall, the film is quite good, Scary, thrilling, surprising.

Sadako who played by Rie Inou just simply amazing in Ringu compared to rather dull "jason wannabe" Samara which for me just ruin the whole show.

Suspenseful .

this movie was very entertaining, although not scary.

I saw Ringu and read the book before seeing this, so I knew the plot fairly well, but I can understand anyone's confusion.

This film is an utterly pointless waste of celluloid , i just feel sorry for the actors involved who after this sort of tripe are no doubt facing a very unrewarding career.

That starts to dwindle it gets a little boring and some parts seem like the cutting crew was asleep.

Naomi Watts is brilliant as the reporter and keeps the audience on the edge of their seats, she proves that she in fact is a great actress.

Some movies have no plot whatsoever and thankfully, this wasn't one of them.

The confusion ruined whatever chances I had at comprehending what was going on with the rest of the movie.

But other than that the movie was suspenseful and cool.

The direction was utterly unsettling it had me on the edge of my seat and left me crept out in the end.

I enjoyed this movie better than the original (the reason being- its beautiful score and stunning performances from Watts and Dorfman)This is not your traditional horror movie, this is what movies is all about.

Although the characterizations are quite good, even complex, they are ruined by the unnecessarily confusing ending.

And the supernatural ones, many times just bore me with their unoriginality.

Man, is that tiresome.

It was frankly boring, (I almost feel asleep in the cinema).

The storyline was killer and I felt tired after this movie from sitting on the edge of my seat the whole time I was in the theater.

I would have gone on for for four more years in till I watched it finally, and even then I was on the edge of my seat, with the blanket by me almost the whole time.

The Ring is a colossal waste of time and satellite frequency.

The ghostly images on the cursed videotape itself makes this movie worth watching.

This is a real psychological white knuckle ride, with excellent music, surrealism, cinematography and great acting all helping to crank up the tension towards the unexpected ending.

US film is just another fighting scene(steven segal type thing), the Jap is the new matrix style, slo mo etc, fighting scene, they both show a fight but matrix style is more enjoyable to watch and makes the character seem more skillful.

Not at all scary, but entertaining.

She can't catch you, because she happens to be the slowest-moving ghost of all time.

We sit on the edge of our seats, waiting for something to happen.

He has left this work well marked with his stylistic shots, and suspenseful progression.

I'll give it an 8 out of 10, despite of nearly falling asleep.

Well, this American remake of Ringu took all that was good and creepy about the original and made everything so obvious, boring and ...

The main power of the story is that it's a journey of discovery - some dark discoveries, to be sure, but compelling nonetheless.

Although this tried to be clever, and gets points for attempting to create some atmosphere, it just falls on its face, reverting to very weak and predictable jumpy moments.

The final scenes are very unexpected, and understandable.

some may find this tedious and possibly even boring-you really have to pay attention to follow along with the story, and more than likely will take MANY future viewings to really understand the story line.

The other great strength of the film is the wonderfully oppressive and dreary visual direction courtesy Verbinski.

In addition to the nightmarish imagery, this film also included an Urban Legend, an intriguing mystery and a twist at the end, all these things kept me completely engrossed in the film from beginning to end.

Despite the good visual devises and the wise use of light, its usually boring and no effective.

Don't watch it, it's a waste of time...

Summarizing the film is pretentious and with only a visual display of effective scenes.

For instance, Verbinski opted to substitute snappy dialogue with the utterly banal.

But just when I thought something was going to happen, it didn't, I got bored, and finally the movie ended.

Basically, if you like a good scare, surprises, plot twists but also predictable situations.

I'm still creeped out by the image of the well and Samara's slow crawl out of it towards you....

If not, you might either laugh or yawn your way to the end...

It's honestly the most suspenseful film of its genre and I would recommend watching it as soon as possible.

However, they abandon the (all-be-it predictable) satisfying ending, in place of the gratuitous death and "things-leaping-out-at-you" tactics that they started out with.

And I enjoyed it a lot.

It uses such imagery and atmosphere that it's quite an intense experience to watch and I have to say this goes down as one of the scariest films I've seen.

The effects and the music were the best things about this film, as the acting was relatively poor and the plot became more of a predictable cliche as the film went on.

Plodding procedure displaces fright.

The characters were boring as well with an average acting, they didn't make you worry/care about them if they die.

Overall it is entertaining.

THE RING is absolutely one of the worst movies I've ever had the displeasure of viewing.

I don't scare easily, so it's hard for me to say this was scary, but I can say it was definitely very eerie and suspenseful.

Very disappointing ending but still - apart from that - `the ring' is an entertaining movie which delivers thrills and not too much gore.

The other movie I watched today, The Scorpion King, was ten times better than this boring piece of crap.

A waste of my time .

There are some truly ridiculous parts in both movies, but the Japanese scene where they decide to empty the well takes the cake.

It's a slow, gradual rise in the dread.

This description will have more impact compared to Samara being a child who disturbs anything around her,which leads to the confusion of her adoptive mother pushing her into the well and the reason behind it.

Waste Of Time .

A true fright flick that takes its time, ratchets up a slow, mounting fear, and releases it in short bursts of stinging shock moments, bridged by lapses of pure atmosphere.

The electrocution scene is too drawn out and implausible (this is a movie about ghosts coming out of TVs - for a shot to not work in it because it's too fantastic is really something!

Don't waste your time.

I found the movie flawed, yet compelling to watch.

It was more truly spooky,scary,thrilling and make me couldn't sleep in the night and gave me paranoid with television until Now!

There may be a few filler scenes and confusing plot points, but the film's overall gripping horror element will keep you both scared and entertained at the same time.

I thought it was rather empty.

Overall the film is worth the watch, the camera lenses used a sea water color giving the movie a cold vibe.

I would have gotten more enjoyment out of banging my head on a wall for the 2 hours this movie dragged on.

Most horror movies I like are just entertaining.

However the film gets confusing by just adding unconective elements without frame.

it just makes me wonder that (for example) "the gates of hell" is said to have huge plot holes or "the beyond" is said to have no plot at all.

Predictable, simple and completely lacking any flow.

It's too long, too ridiculous, too predictable.

The movie really keeps you on the edge of your seat and Naomi Watts is (as we already could see in Mulholland Dr.) a great actress.

She's led from dreary, rain streaked Seattle to a remote horse farm on an island off the coast, the adopted home of a strange little girl with some vaguely terrifying abilities named Samara (Daveigh Chase, also Donnie Darko's little sister and Lilo from Lilo and Stitch).

It was engaging, enthralling and unabashedly creepy.

Despite a good performance from Naomi Watts and good direction from Gore Verbinski, The Ring is a surprisingly dull horror.

This production was a hodge podge of sloppy acting, predictable cliches, and ridiculous metaphorical rhetoric.

"Ringu" was full of these anti-climaxes, with an annoying slow pace, but it had other major problems: a very unsympathetic male lead character with Cronenbergian "Dead Zone" ESP powers played by a deadpan actor (in the American remake this far-fetched stuff is left out); perfectly expendable characters (such as the grandfather); several plot holes impossible to come to terms with (even more than in the US version), culminating in a very confusing third act.

It is a waste of time and money, unless you want to laugh very hard.

Actually I will bore you with one detail.

The story was compelling.

The confusing plot that only really becomes clear in the final fifteen minutes merely toils on your mind more and more as each eerie scene goes past –being able to cope with the scares and with the working out of the plot is hard work.

But this movie is a little confusing, Im still wondering why rachel and her son didnt die (because for watching the copy of the original tape?

The beginning and the ending of the film is good ,but the rest very boring...

Though I found this remake to be quite entertaining.

But then I checked the time and it still had to go for some time, and even I (for a script-writer) had absolutely no idea in what way they could possibly make the movie go on and still keep it entertaining, but they did (and not just a repeat of earlier happenings, but entirely new unexpected ones).

I have not yet seen the ringu but am looking forward to the ring 2 This movie, I must warn you has a small amount of script holes and a not so finished ending but the endless scary elements will overcome any mistakes in the film, overal a film that will leave you on the edge of your seat the whole time (even if it is the music) an original script and brilliant performances 8.5/10

The little boy was too mature for my liking, and the other characters were somewhat cliché - A freaky killer who was a seemingly innocent child, the mother had a one dimension personality and was jam-packed with sarcastic comments, The ex-boyfriend -a non-believer turned believer when it was a bit too late, etc. Also, What if the person who was supposed to die wasn't at home or anywhere near a television set?

Of course, Seattle is a dreary place.

It was suspenseful and I really thought that made the movie even better.

Nothing new was added, except some pointless new scenes that had nothing to do with the original film.

NOTHING happens!

The best thing about this movie is the intense atmosphere that director Gore Verbinsky and cinematographer Bojan Bazelli made.

However, you will see some really good performances, some absolutely stunning scenery and a startling climax featuring a dripping wet ghost emerging from a television screen.

The whole affect of rotting flesh and the hair-in-front-of-the-face thing is creepy but extremely compelling.

The extra footage on the DVD was confusing to watch right after the movie, think of it as deleted scenes and alternate endings.

WARNING: If you cannot handle psychological horror mixed with ghostly images, creepy settings,intense thrillers, then this is NOT the movie for U!!!

I'm sure I would have enjoyed it more without any hype.

The Ring drifts from this, focusing not on the journalist's investigation but on the journalist herself, her lovely sixth-sense lucid little boy and, last but not least, her dull-blank ex-boyfriend.

This is what I call entertaining and fine horror movie unlike that bad clown movie called It.

And about that so called 'terrifying' scene toward the end of film, I say that birthday party scene in Signs is not only more chilling, but a lot more riveting and interesting.

Worth watching!

predictable scary film fodder .

Naomi Watts is a good actress and quite pretty too, so she shouldn't waste her time making movies like this.

The whole set-piece where Noah dies is totally predictable (right down to him tripping over something), Samara isn't scary, and removing frames of film to make movement jerky isn't frightening - it's headache inducing.

I also thought it got a bit slow in places, and seemed to "jump" at points.

There were far too many plot holes, the characters were boring, and it took me about 3 hours after leaving the cinema to figure out what the heck the ending was supposed to mean.

Everything seems to move very fast, which is on the edge-of-you-seat kind of style which is great.

The horse sub-plot was a disaster and pointless.

She is extremely likable, vulnerable, had excellent chemistry with Martin Henderson, was constantly on top of things, was intense, and really gave a stellar show!

The cursed objects are something that have been in the history of humanity since forever from jewelry, dolls,cars ,houses etc. fiscal objects created to torment the unfortunate who encounter them, the idea of ​​a videotape so accessible and habitual in our modern lives that passes unnoticed and harmless arousing the curiosity to see whats taped inside, a kind of curse attached to whoever puts it, is equally fascinating as terrible and at the time quite original.

And I really, really hope they slap on a sequel to clear up some of the confusion that seems to be plagueing a lot of watchers.

this movie is really exciting to see and does not have much useless gory scenes for scaring the audience.

Overall this was a lousy movie and a waste of time.

enough suspenseful and disturbing .

At least with Ringu, the male role in that movie is smart enough at the start to realize that something out of the ordinary is going on, therefore, saving us from this cliché and moving us toward the rest of the story.

I think it is gripping, just the way it counts down the seven days.

The result is a ponderous film, that tries to beat into you, with clichéd shot after clichéd shot (the film uses every cinematic convention in the horror filmmaker's arsenal), that it is a film with depth and originality.

I can yawn, fast-forward, and chew bubble gum at the same time.

This film is a waste of time.

This movie is worth watching for fun.

The plot is so intense, thrilling, scary,dramatic, keeps you guessing, gripping and anything that has any relation to those!

For me the film is convincing and thrilling.

It's a purly entertaining, and it'll have you guessing until the very end.

She investigates for the sake of survival, and because the story behind the tape is, I must admit, moderately engaging and it arouses her curiosity.

The "scary" parts, for the majority of the movie, were completely predictable and disappointing.

It's not scary at all and focuses on solving a mystery it doesn't actually solve due to an extremely muddled and confusing plot.

Whilst the story is original and very intriguing, the film itself isn't able to scare or chill the spectator.

This is one of the bigger and better hits of 2002, and I recommend that you see this movie, because overall, it may not be very perfectly constructed, but at least it is entertaining.

There were a number of excellent moments of fright, well done, suspenseful.

And that always makes a more intriguing horror film, to me at least, than those films that try to make you jump with loud noises and false scares, and if that doesn't work, outright gross-out.


it was certainly suspenseful and interesting .

The acting is not horrible, the script is, well, very long winded for a movie that had WAY too many fake jolts (you know, the "insert violen shrill here when nothing happens") and not any real moments of suspense.

When the niece of investigative reporter Rachel Keller(Naomi Watts,beautiful and intriguing as always)dies under strange circumstances related to a video cassette and her quiet,shy grad school-age son(David Dorfman)seems to know more about the situation than he should,she decides to investigate what at first seems to be an urban myth.

Don't waste your time on this.

This movie was one of the most boring movies I've ever seen in my life.

all the characters were great and mysterious, and i really found the story very scary, and extremely gripping, plus Naomi Watts is simply amazing in this!.

The people were rude and unbearable (I'm certain not everyone acts this way in America).

The music actually did a lot for the movie;it kept the suspenseful atmosphere going without getting in the way (thumbs up to Hans Zimmer).

The movie has a riveting storyline that keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout.

Taking inspiration from the worldwide phenomena that is director Hideo Nakata's Japanese thriller "Ringu" (or "Ring"; inspired by the novels of Koji Suzuki), "The Ring" is a stirring, thrilling and often chilling excursion into the world of supernatural terror.

The images on the videotape itself are so "nightmarish", in that disjointed and freaky way that real nightmares can be.

If you want to be in for some thrilling stuff, then just watch this piece of cinematography.

It;s one of the most suspenseful movies I have seen in my life, apart from The Grudge (2004) this keeps you hanging to the very last minute of the movie.

Horrible plot, bad acting, and on top of that it was just plain boring!

Save your money.

Things were very predictable, in fact I predicted the end of the movie about 2 minutes after I saw the woman watch the video for the first time.

The film's ending is another one of those predictable twists in the style of 'The Sixth Sense' or 'The Others', you know, the ones that everyone likes.

Mind Blowing!!.

What's worse is that it leaves you with a ton of questions, it's not scary at all, and is overall pretty uninteresting.

I enjoyed it and thought the acting was good, especially Naomi Watts.

Unpredictable story engages the viewers...

I left the theater shaking, and dumbfounded.

scarey and gripping .

The Ring is dull, sloppy and doesn't do much for me.

Entertaining nonsense.

This film does make me wonder why everytime a quality film is made in a non-Hollywood studio, America always has to vandalise this original piece of work and attempt to Americanise it by remaking it into a white-Caucasian, adrenaline joyride.

The black and white dull cinematography was great.

If you consider Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, and the Friday the Thirteenth series good horror, you'll probably want to waste your time watching The Ring - otherwise don't bother.

but considering the thrilling experience which is accompanied by annoyance due to the lose ends and unexplained things can hook you into your seat for two hours.

----------------------------------------A great idea and visually stunning.

The soundtrack is also interesting, containing a creepy tonality but fast paced tempo which provides the feeling that the viewer is unraveling a mystery.

And wouldn't you know it, about five minutes after I turned off my television set and was standing alone in an empty house thinking about what I'd just seen, the tv turned itself back on ......

Intriguing storyline with a decent solution, a number of very cool ideas (the fly on the screen...

The thought of the whole Ring legend frightens me too, and each time I watch the film I stay awake at night afraid!!!

OK, this was mildly entertaining.

This movie was not hard to follow, or hard to understand, it was just hard for me to freaking stay awake.

" moments, but sometimes it was just plain slow.

Silly and boring .

Visually intense creepfest--different purpose than the original .

Worth watching...

If I were to nit-pick the film's few weaknesses, I'd have to say it's biggest issue is that it can occasionally fall for the rare cliché and predictable moment.

It also has the most unpredictable and brilliant scenes in film history.

Too many unanswered questions, too many scenes of boredom and too many inconsistencies in tone ensure the idea falls flat.

The imagery is incredibly freaky and was enough to make me sleep with a light on (Not something that happens very often, mind you, having seen about every horror movie I could lay my eyes on).

If you like scary movies than I suggest you see The Ring because it will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat.

Brian Cox is great and very intense in his cameo, he was awesome!.

Why did they have to make this great film into a boring "teen-slasher"?

What a boring stupid movie .

It has an exciting plot and is original.

It is creepy, thrilling, and keeps you guessing.

The film runs just a minute short of an hour, a time that makes it so tedious you will end up wondering when this thing will finally end more than what the heck is going on.

I guess it was worth watching just to look at Naomi Watts.

Boring .

While it seems as though the main threat, a "killer videotape", would be a ridiculous and stupid threat, hard to make convincing, it undoubtedly works to the fullest here and is entirely convincing, the videotape's images and the events themselves all being very interesting and entertaining.

The story premise and plot are both very great ideas, and the unfolding mystery is absolutely breathtaking.

Great, suspenseful horror film.

Verbinski's pacing is much more deliberate and varied, creating intense suspense.

a daring, intelligent, suspenseful modern thriller ...

The storyline in this movie manages to captivate you into the film; you find yourself caring for the main characters as well as feeling a fascinating mixture of pity and horror for the family featured in the video tape.

This Japanese idea was original, chilling and very intense.

Combo of urban legend and ghost story shows how to execute spooky hokum and make it fun, though the investigation turns out to be pointless and the film never ends.

It is a mystery thats all about story, and if you warm to it, then it WILL be suspenseful for you.

Riveting and Suspenseful .

One that even on revisits manages to bother and keep one on the edge of the seat.

scary sequence with freaky shots and intense music.

There was no plot whatsoever.

Visually, The Ring has been injected with a shot of adrenaline, being less the brooding mystery of the original and more immediate and menacing.

My girlfriend and I saw the original in Japanese, and we both agree that the US version is much more suspenseful and scarier than the Japanese one, with the exception of some extraordinarily creepy sequences in the Japanese version.

But what a waste of time!

The girl's slow lurching towards the television screen as you're hoping the guy will have the good sense to grab a chair and smash the screen before she gets there.

Granted I saw this movie in a theater full of squealing 15-year olds, which'll put anyone on edge, but some of them were literally crying and begging for mercy because this moviewas so intense.

A chilling and thrilling horror.

The story is intriguing the acting is wonderful and the effects are brilliantly done.

Viewers may also find parts of it quite confusing.

HOWEVER, we get to the middle chunk of the movie and we have this rather slow and utterly confusing investigation into the tape and who's on it etc etc. This was over an hour and the film became very stagnated.

The only criticism made very soon after launch was towards the end, which was confusing for many.

" Speaking of the extras, the "cutting room floor," scenes only serve to add the confusion.

This movie is bound to have psychological effects on you, which makes it entertaining.

I think alot of people had questions at the end, it leaves u on the edge ur seat (like most movies do) and wanting more and wondering all sorts of things.

The job of Horror movie is to pump the adrenaline and this movie perfectly doing the job given to it, unlike most of the other horror films that includes obscene stuffs in between.

If you want to cure insomnia, watch this movie.

Needless to say the original stands alone as an entertaining and frightening experience.

Imagine all those people that slow down driving past car accidents to see the damage and carnage.

' I also found the ending unexpected, I thought it was over, and it continued again!

and of course, we get the contrived "ending within an ending" that's been done a million times.

Gore Verbinski has taken an, I admit it, rather interesting twist ending from the original Japanese film Ringu, and turned it into something empty and incomplete, that will never ever be complete again, not if they make a thousand ring movies.

Still a GREAT film and I highly recommend it to anyone.

In the end, I was bored and confused, and one creepy scene just isn't enough to justify the string of clichés and 'atmosphere' you have to sit through.

Perhaps if the movie were changed to a Rated R movie with extreme violence and gore; at least it would have the elements of a cheesy no plot horror flick which is at least entertaining to watch.

Finally a suspenseful movie that is actually good!

It's well worth watching.

I began to get bored because no matter what new information was uncovered, I still couldn't understand alot of things.

Also it uses much scares cliché, with a tense music in the background and moments of silence.

) It had thematic elements, great graphics, thrilling on-the-edge-of-your-seat scenes, and a good villain (though not a well defined nemesis.

A fascinating, hair-raising movie that most people can enjoy.

What distinguishes "the Ring" from other horror stuff of these last years is that there's a solid scenario which holds water until the very last minutes of Rachel's adventure and shelves quite an important number of formulaic ingredients.

scary, suspenseful and AWESOME.

While RING steams forward to the final climax with menacing intensity, THE RING creeps forward with a languid, contemplative pace.

Waste of Time .

5*/5*The Ring is without question the scariest, most suspenseful and haunting film i have ever seen.

I found it very atmospheric, very scary and extremely compelling.

I saw this movie the other night and although I don't get "spooked" by horror flicks, I really found it intriguing.

The part with the horse on the boat is stunning and unbelievable done.

But if you haven't, you may find it entertaining.

Compare one directly to the other and you;ll see that the story is in no way compromised - but that the characters are richer, the acting is better, the effects are way, way ,way, way better and the tension is even more drawn out.

Most hear so much about how "freaky" and/or "scary" this movie is, so they watch on the edge of their seats waiting for a scare, and a lot of the time a quiet scene is followed by something very loud happening in the next scene, something that is not scary at all.

This film really kept me on the edge of my seat.

It is amazing, the scenes are beautiful, breathtaking and the video itself is disturbing enough to be believable.

Directed by then-unknown Japanese filmmaker Hideo Nakata, 'Ring' was a masterpiece of the horror genre, and its runaway box office success helped to set a trend for the dozens of slow-burning thrillers to come out of Asia in the last few years, including its own remake from Korea ('Ring Virus').

It also stretched out and got very boring at some parts.

How can you people rate this movie at a 7.5? Did you fall asleep or something?

Once you get clued in, after a dull and contrived search for the truth about the ring, the movie becomes more laughable than scary.

I think they misjudged it and I found this supernatural thriller quite intriguing and gripping.

The best thing about The Ring is the more you watch it, the more fascinating and terrifying it really is.

About the DVD: Dreamworks has released an uninteresting DVD for the film.

A terrific and intriguing white-knuckler that will keep you thinking...

Thrilling & Chilling .

It's plot is very thin andconfusing, which makes it rather boring.

It was also dark and dreary throughout the entire movie.

Man, the more I think about it, the more confusing it is.

It almost screams cheesy horror, something to waste your time one saturday evening with nothing better to do.

The fantastic camera angles, the unexpected (complete) story, the jump-of-your-sofa terror scenes and the symbolic stops (in which I mention - with applause - the scene where father and son stop in the rain, which in The Ring has no special meaning).

Its these final exhillerating 20 minutes that almost make you forget about the painfully slow, dull and boring middle of the film.

The movie was only made better and more intense by not going the traditional route of discovering the injustice to stop the suffering.

There is so much there, and bits of it pull together, and others don't, leaving you feeling empty at the end.

The other actors are satisfactory and the end is very thrilling and jaw dropping.

The American remake has several assets of its own: a trimmer pace; lovely and charismatic British/Australian actress Naomi Watts; fine attempts at creating haunting images (the breathtaking horse sequence on the boat; Samara's psychiatric treatment; and especially the "short film on the videotape" itself, a gem of surrealistic inspiration and telegraphic efficiency -- no wonder, as director Gore Verbinski was a highly successful publicity director).

What was all that confusing and unnecessary crap about mother in the papers and hospital records that ultimately leads to nothing?

Everyone may say that this movie is so scary and full of suspense but if you're a real movie goer this movie it tasteless and dull.

While the movie leaves you in much confusion, as it slowly progresses it begins to all come together at the end and make sense (much as most movies do), don't let your confusion deter you from watching it right to the end, it's worth it for the finale.

There is entertainment value, rather than just another cliché social commentary.

aside from that, it's quite boring.

Given the otherworldly plot, the movie's note is very mundane and basically secure and tonic.

If you look at it in the context of the Japanese versions (and Korean, I imagine), you will find this a thrilling appendix to the Ringu mythology.

I felt it was more intense.

The industries constant remaking of recently acclaimed foreign movies (eg Les Visiteurs/Just Visiting, Insomnia, Open Your Eyes/Vanilla Sky) borders on insulting.

I liked that the movie was entertaining from the beginning to the end.

This movie will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to end.

It's a psychological thriller and provides a compelling enough story to drag you in if you let it.

Enjoyable Movie .

It is so dark and dreary, everything seems to be a sort of metallic blue shade....

a journalist promises her sister that she will find out what killed her daughter, which leads her to uncover the tape that seven days after watching it you die, she watches the tape and so do some others and then it has some pointless rubbish and it ends badly and unlike the original.

It succeeded in being scary without being bloody or stupid and had a wonderfully complex plot and narrative that was interesting, intriguing and threw you off when you least suspected it.

But it's an absorbing film to watch, and unlike so many throw everything AND the kitchen sink at the audience horror movies of the last twenty years The Ring develops its story carefully.

I might have enjoyed it more by not having the expectations that it was one of the most horrifying films of the past 10 years or something.

One can safely comment that this movie is absorbing and highly entertaining..The concept that the viewing of a videotape leads to a certain death 7 days later and the struggle to prevent such demise in the meantime while time is steadily running out attracts the attention and interest of the viewer who is captured by the charm of the dark life threatening secret from the first scene and is not released until the end or long after it even...

It is beautifully crafted with dazzling production values and intriguing plot setup that somehow falls deep in the well of despair by its conclusion.

Instead of telling you what happens and giving away scenes, I'll just tell you that, overall, this is a VERY decent thriller despite the horrible acting and slow scenes inbetween the scary ones.

It seemed contrived, with badly bleached and dyed hair.

The story telling is slow and incoherent.

This movie was such a waste of my life it's unreal.

This isn't, thankfully, a gore-fest, nor does it have you jumping totally out of your seat, but it does get you on the edge of it on a regular basis.

The following 30 minutes were very boring and i almost fell asleep.

I found nothing scary about it except while watching it, I was under the constant fear that I would die of boredom.

^_^;The horror is broken up from time to time with interesting and entertaining exploration and story development.

Maybe i should not have seen this movie as i have seen the original trilogy before..but i still entered the theatre with an open mind..yet walked out with mixed feelings.

It was pretty clever and most of all it was very thrilling and full of suspense.

After the first scene, you realize that trying to predict the "scares" is a waste of time as they keep being setup and let down so you never know where they are coming from.

It was predictable and the flash screen close-ups were the only attempts at scaring the audience.

Everything up to it is absolutely worth watching, and I mean absolutely.

I have seen worse movies, but I'm very vocal abou this one because it's probably the worst movie I've ever seen that was considered excellent by most people.

This is important to me because ghost flicks normally bore me.

*******MINOR SPOILER HERE******* And even though the "surprise" ending after the ending is totally predictable, it is still chilling.

A waste of time and money .

Other than those problems, the movie is quite fascinating.

The imagery and cinematography of "The Ring" is stunning and would've rated a "10" from me alone had it not been for that one crucial scene, and for the fact that the film leaves far too many questions unanswered at the end.

Such is the tension (a combination of direction and Naomi Watts's brilliant and riveting performance) that I almost completely forgot that something we're led to believe about Rachel (Watts) 's uncovering of the curse and impending doom is a red herring.

However, since there's no jingoism, propaganda, or feel-good crap to be found here, The Ring is indeed a rare product from Hollywood.

If u wanna just watch a movie to get your adrenaline pumping, then it's okay if u watch this.

Scary, Mysterious, and Flawed, but Interesting and Entertaining .

Similarities to other films, a little confusing .

It might also be enjoyable for groups of young friends.

It was somewhat unique to the horror movie genre - a suspenseful scary movie without any gore!

and who get scared of this dull american version NEVER WATCH IT!

Still,a good watch for someone who appreciates the more visceral side of scary,tense,compelling movies.

The evil that pours out from the little girl Samara is intense, possibly due to the neglect she had recieved from her parents.

The Ring is a very gripping film, it will certainly have you engrossed the whole way through.

Like a blockbuster action film - lots of flash and no story .

, who will solve it movie, nothing wrong with that, but if you have never seen it ,don't go into it thinking its a scary movie or anything, its kinda slow pace,drags on with no suspense, no drama,not really scary,low death countit does have some positive points:OK written slow-pace mystery,great acting and characters, something different than the same old plot you see in other films, you really don't know whats gonna happen next-but at the same time its kinda thin on suspense.

But I call tell you that the Sixth Sense is more seat gripping than The Ring.

I found The Ring to be drawn out and much too slow paced.

For my money, although the Japanese "original" upon which this film is based, Ringu (1998), is worth watching, this Gore Verbinski-directed U.

Truly Scary and high-intense thriller.. .

The film is very mysterious and very thrilling.

It has what makes a scary movie exciting!

Okay, I believe that this movie did explain the story, but was kind of rushing it a bit, since I believe they're not going to have a sequel, whilst "Ring" could afford to take it slow, since it was a trilogy, not to mention, it had a prequel.

With subtle innuendos, imagery, and whispers of conversation, the viewer is able to decipher Samara's message and the overall "meaning" of this thrilling ghost story.

the kid was just whinny and irritating, the dialogue was kinda dire and Brian Cox is completely pointless and unnesesary in the film.

For what it does, it's really intriguing.

This stunning American adaptation of Japanese novel "Ringu" bucks the horror movie trends of jump-scares and torture porn in favor of creepy, muted atmospherics and hypnotic psychological chills.

People who were expecting to see a kill-em-all slasher flick were probably disappointed by the relatively slow pace in the building of the story and suspense.

The mundane has become chaos, the third wall has been broken, and the author of this hellish nightmare has come to vampirize on our very souls.

The movie drags in some places, and then it can be thrilling in other places.

Scary movies are supposed to be thrilling, full of suspense, and horrifying.

big yawn...

In fact, the movie is so entertaining and good that it automatically makes up for all the flaws.

That is so contrived, so bottle-blond.

The story line was just pointless and well stupid.

However where The Ring improves, is in the way that everything that is happening is more dramatic and exciting.

The central mystery of the story is absorbing and creepily presented.

This movie is a genre fan's dream: a suspenseful, smart horror movie that, as a whole, is highly original.

Very scary and very confusing .

An utter waste of time.

I left the theater shivering and I'm still shivering now...

ho hum thriller .

remake it, except replace engaging characters with annoying ones, devoid any suspense and replace it with cheesy writing, and ruin what could have been a great remake completely.

Instead of depending heavily on jump scares and gory imagery to scare the audience, "The Ring" focus more on it's compelling plot and interesting characters and creates a phycologically haunting atmosphere that, along with the help of some creatively horrifying cinematography, makes the overall experience much more effective in scaring the viewer.

And the confusion spoiled the whole movie for me.

The film contains visually striking images that add to the film's pointless and warped presentation.

Some parts got kinda boring.

Whoever put that together has to be really sick in the head, that was VERY engaging, although it raises so many more questions.

It- like the first approach- has become predictable, as the more disgusting things they show us the more desensitized we become....

I haven't seen the Japanese original "Ringu", but I went into this film expecting a nice scare - all I got was great boredom.

Then the whole horse disease by-line is introduced and it gets more confusing.

Worth watching -- 5 / 10.

However, when I saw this movie in the theaters i was bored, unimpressed, and even a little let down.

Of course, psychological horror always must be sure to not be too slow-paced, because then it becomes boring.

I found the final 20 minutes to be incredibly exciting, and the end to leave a profound feeling of 'huh'?

And the sense of lack of time is something that also adds a suspenseful feeling.

I'll grudgingly give this 5/10 for half entertaining me.

But this is just the kind of horror movie that will leave you feeling utterly helplessly creepy even days after you have walked out of the theater.

A very enjoyable and fresh horror film.

The thrilling faction was thought marvelously and filmed great.

What unengaging, uninteresting dialogue!

I was alone, so I ended up mixing into other moviegoers conversations (who mostly thought the movie was boring and sucked), explaining the ending to them....

Brilliant photography kept me on the edge of the seat.

There is some interesting imagery and some chilling moments (though most of the scares come from unexpected loud noises).

This takes whatever tension there may have been away from the scene, and then we are set up for another predictable 'jump' moment when the seat is turned round and...! How many times has that ploy been used in movies?

The mood of The Ring is just right for a horror film and is well complimented by the dull colourisation which really creates an unclean and edgy atmosphere.

The shots of the movie that is going to kill you are intense and interesting to look at.

Definitely a let down for pretentious film poseurs everywhere.

Instead of clearing up any unwanted confusion the film tries to prove itself to us by throwing in loads of new facts that only make the proceedings make even less sense.

Don't waste your time !!!

When the combined efforts of Rachel [research and legwork]; Noah [calming, reasoned approach]; and young Aidan [sensitivity and absorbing presence] drive the plot, "The Ring" is at its best.

Intriguing, somewhat sadistic hokum about a videotape which, according to urban legend, causes death to the viewer who pops it in within seven days.

I give this movie ** out of ****, because it did have an entertaining idea, and wasn't total crap.

Also, it's revealed through action, mystery, and actually requires the main character to actually physically do something rather than just talk and talk until I fall asleep, as in most movies anymore.

There are some plot holes, the pacing is off, the writing is not bad.

It is a visually stunning movie too.

Naomi Watts is just so compelling, and David Dorfman looks so sickly.

Horror movies like this should have you feeling suspenseful and wondering whats going to happen next, not sitting there panicking about when the next huge loud noise is going to be.

The movie starts off with a highly predictable bang.

Here we are now with a visually intense what-the-why-the-hell-is-this-going-on creepathon that doesn't seem to pander.

Much fresher and innovative than those of the likes of The Scream trilogy, this really is unpredictable.

but the movie was boring.

It a horror film that brings back the art of film making instead of resorting to predictable shock scares every second of screen time is chilling.

Conversely, Aidan is actually developed as an intriguing individual within a few minutes of the film.

How boring!

" As in the original Japanese film, the time line is fast paced and you feel the anxiousness knowing they only have a short time to solve the mystery.

), and some interesting special effects, but it's all a rather pointless exercise.

Fairly suspenseful thriller with supernatural undertones.

During that bit where they find her room in the barn with the cute little TV like something out of a spooooooky sort of Calvin and Hobbes strip (it had cutely angled little ariels like a friendly grasshopper) and the little carousel and her little bed all uniformly tinted in pale browns and faded sour creams I thought, how EVOCATIVE.

In The Ring, the child character is tedious and unsympathetic, a major problem that occurs in nearly every Hollywood film where children take part.

I found the film very intriguing being that the concept of this type of killer video is relatively new.

it was certainly suspenseful and interesting.

Unlike the 'Saw' sequels(or even 'The Human Centipede')which are just excuses to show people being killed in graphic and disturbing ways, 'The Ring' hooks you in with a compelling and interesting story with revelations and discoveries made one after the other.

Weak predictable and unnecessary remake.

The others ranged from boring to just plain silly (I'm thinking 'Rasen' in particular here).

The film only doesn't get a 10 stars because the book had a slightly more gripping back story for Sadada/Samara and explained a bit more about why the cursed videotape exists.

To me it wasn't scary, just suspenseful and creepy.

The climax scene was eerie and intense, and had me muttering expletives to myself in fear for the victim.

The scenes that stay with you especially are Rachel's encounter with a horse, her final meeting with Richard Morgan, the owner of a horse ranch on Moesko Island, and the gripping finale.

It gets you frightened and your adrenaline going.

The movie kept me on the edge of my seat more or less for the whole movie.

But, I would have enjoyed it more if It hadn't been so dark.

The Ring is a really enjoyable and horrifying film with all the ingredients to make you feel as uncomfortable as hell.

Yes, everything was creepy and suspenseful, until we find out the exact method she uses to kill her victims, namely, crawling out of the TV and...

It is the success of this film that has sent the horror movie genre on the lame downward spiral of PG-13 ghost movie after PG-13 ghost movie, and the movie was absolutely pointless, and not scary.

They rave on and on about how terrifying it is, how creepy the little girl is, how unexpected the ending is, etc. I wasn't sure if I wanted to believe them, seeing as most horror films I had seen in the past were pretty dull.

An entertaining and haunting film until - well, until the end, or shall I say the second (or even third) ending.

It's more middle-of-the-road than actually bad, but it's worth watching more for how iconic it's become than its actual quality.

It was amazing, puzzling, gripping.

Mistake #1: The suspenseful approach.

This film was entertaining, but was extremely implausible and confusing.

Every now and then there will be one of those some dead girl screaming somewhere in a tight space like a closet or a well which only helps you stay awake for more stupidity.

It had an intriguing idea.

The Ring is a brilliant and gripping film which thriller fans will adore.

Bottom line was, I really enjoyed it, it was creepy.

it was scary and suspenseful and i absolutely loved it!

To me, it was more enjoyable than the actual movie.

a fitting metaphor for the yawning black (plot)hole(s) swallowing director Verbinsky's useless efforts of creating anything coherent, logical or scary out of this soulless teen scam.

It's definitely worth watching if you are a true horror fan!

The videotape in question origin is never explained, nor where it came from, only a horror story involving a child (which has become fairly cliche in psychological horror movies as of late).

The plot was predicable and dull.

The problem begins when Aidan, suffering from insomnia - probably caused by something supernatural - decides to watch the tape .

Ridiculous, dull and uneventful plot...

It moves at a nice, brisk pace and keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Watts deftly exudes her characters' many roles while the other two give one dimensional performances as she tries to save her son from the heart stopping fate in dreary Seattle.

The location shots of the Pacific Northwest were breathtaking.

I like that the film never really clarifies exactly what is wrong with Samara, just makes it very clear that it's something very wrong, which for me is much scarier than spelling it out in bland exposition.

Slow Version of a Slow Original .

When I first watched "The Ring" in the theater I thought it was boring, dull, and cheap.

a somewhat scary flick, more confusing than scary .

The only thing that scared me was the fact of how bored I was!

Its these final exhilarating 20 minutes that almost make you forget about the painfully slow, dull and boring middle of the film.

I won't give away any spoilers here, but I will say that every plot development is head-bangingly dumb, and it gets boring after a while.

I would give this film a 10/10 for a Good, scary, exciting and terrifying video!!!

Riveting Horror .

It's minute after ponderous minute, stretching into hours, followed by perhaps 3 to 5 minutes of true creepiness near the very end.

David Dorfman plays Rachels son, unsuccessfully trying to make the second Haley Joel Osment, but he definitely brings some thrilling, unforgettable lines("Don't You get it, she never sleeps").

This was my first experience with The Ring and I have to say it is extremely entertaining.

However, after seeing the Western version and knowing what the concept was all about, I thought the Japanese version was dull, slow and an anti-climax, mainly because the film was so dark I couldn't see it and because the special effects were rubbish.

Don't waste your money or time...

Well, the movie got scarier-- the plot is absorbing, the cinemetography was outstanding, and the acting was more than believable-- especially the little boy.

The only reason I docked the movie 2 stars was because it was a bit slow and there wasn't quite enough "jumpy" scenes.

What is left though is a truly suspenseful and unsettling thriller - come horror film.

You'll be on the edge of your seat throughout/ The Ring eclipses Ringue in my opinion, though I know many who might disagree.

This movie was highly recommended and the comments here seemed to indication it was worth watching.

The argument of the story sounds somewhat intriguing and the first sequence of the movie makes you think you're going to have a hard time trying to sleep that night.

The suspenseful sound effects and music were more effective in the American version to make it creepier where as in the Japanese one, there was a smooth transition to when the death scenes came out.

After about 3 minuets into the film you realize just how mature and suspenseful of a film this really is.

The storyline was flat, there wasn't anything at all to make you think of or remember this movie, there was no message, no point.

") and gore (blood/decomposing bodies), something that the original had none of, which leads me to believe that Hollywood is incapable of making a horror film that will keep the viewer on the edge of his/her seat without the use of these two rather amateurish features.

While he is obviously in contact with the malevolent force, and could provide some valuable information to the other heroes, he is a cliché.

The whole "Evil for evil's sake" is a cop out and totally uninteresting.

My advice: Don't waste your time and money on 'The Ring'.

Okay, granted, parts of it are slow and cliched.

This remake is so slow and pointless that it makes the original look so much better.

It's so different from the formulaic "horror" movies most are used to and is so much better made that most won't know what they're looking at, and will chalk it off as poorly done.

What he did was he basically took the premise of Ringu, a good suspenseful Japanese horror flick and made it more suspenseful and filled with creepy visuals.

"The Ring" is very suspenseful.

Boring, confusing, and dull.

The film was a touch too long, and lots of the scenes were played out for way too long.

What I'm trying to say in this crappy review is that it's worth watching, for it certainly has an effect on the viewer.

The film is very thrilling from the beginning to the end.

And overall it is much watch able than the original, more enjoyable since you don't have to read the subtitle; bigger budget and makeup make the movie even more enthusiasm to watch.

The reason I didn't give it a 10 was because it was a little slow at times.

I imagine this movie was scarier when the tape format was more prominent, but this film is still worth watching.

Intriguing enough isn't it.