The Romantics (2010) - Comedy, Drama, Romance

Hohum Score



Seven close friends reunite for the wedding of two of their friends. Problems arise because the bride and the maid of honor have had a long rivalry over the groom.

IMDB: 5.1
Director: Galt Niederhoffer
Stars: Katie Holmes, Anna Paquin
Length: 95 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 25 out of 41 found boring (60.97%)

One-line Reviews (53)

Though most people criticize this film for lacking depth, I found the story to be so compelling and realistic I feel some people must have missed the point.


Everything was so totally predictable.

This is a slow slow slow movie.

The acting is boring and the whole movie is uneventful.

This is a very tiresome and boring movie to watch, exactly like rushing in and out of a train station, so crowd, so noisy and everyone is stranger.

What a waste of talent and my time.

A boring story with lacking characters providing no extra meaning to your standard romantic drama.

It's so unconvincing they were really good friends in college, because they were so pretentious and so phony to each other.

Wow, this movie is so superfluously boring.

About half an hour in though I lost interest due to the dull dialogue and limp storyline.

To be honest, when it started I thought I will be bored to death by slow pace, pastel colors and TV-show actors trying to act more deep than usual.

The dialog and relationships don't always ring true and, while it is a reasonably entertaining movie, I found it to be nothing special.

i feel that rivalry wise Anna's character had ultimately lost to Katie's character no matter who in the end was marrying josh's character, there was a strain to that friendship and in the end it so beautifully broke in a uncomfortable way for both anna's character and katie's and i felt the characters played there parts well, im pulled to the film i enjoyed it and will probably buy it, it kind of reminds me of the sadness of another film i adored for its pain called closer look it up =)

Thank a lot something spared me from being bored to death

Any juice that can be squeezed from the "post-college malaise" hokum is soured by cliché and archetype.

Bad interpretation by the director also further eroded the direction and the tone of the movie, resulted it in a very noisy, absurd, pretentious, shallow, mesh potato-like junk food.

It was poor acting with no plot just a bunch of stupid, pointless accidents.

Where other lesser films might try to force the jokes and push forward to a obviously predictable ending the Romantics is at its best when it focuses simply on people's feelings and the raw emotion of the moment.

It had no story line unless you count some douche-bag groom having an affair the night before his wedding.

A movie like an empty game.



Anna Paquin is amazing though her role is really confusing, why she is marrying a man love in her best friend is weird!

Unfortunately "The Romantics" is dull, boring, characters with no chemistry and poorly developed in an awful screenplay and story.

What starts out as a decent romantic comedy quickly devolves into a self-indulgent joke about whiny, privileged white kids who (gasp) don't know what to do with their lives!

This was such a waste of time.

Dull, slow film .

It was the worst movie ever I've seen.

In fact all the characters are uninteresting and not developed on screen.

In summation: a mainstream romantic dram-com dressed up like an indie film that sins thrice: it's boring, clichéd, and insignificant.

Character driven films are only enjoyable when we learn and understand the motivation behind the characters, or when we watch them grow and evolve.

Boring Uneventful waste of time .

And it had such a slow beginning, actually all of it was slow and dull.

This was actually the worst movie I have ever seen.

Everybody blames the actors, but how can you act with such cliché script, that is leading to nowhere.

Wow for a movie with such a great cast this was super boring.

All the male roles are so uninteresting one wonders why were they included.

A waste of talent and my time .

The screenplay has lots of boring gaps in which this supposedly bright, witty group wanders around without saying much at all.

The story is so meaningless and empty.

This dreary, self absorbed, waste of time had very little value.

Whatever they were trying to achieve was lost in ciaos and uninspiring characters.

What a dud - don't waste your time.

But seriously, NOTHING HAPPENED.

The premise was of course a cliché.

The night before my wedding was comparatively boring.

Dull, Boring, Characters with No Chemistry and Poorly Developed, Awful Screenplay and Story, Dreadful Film .

Actually I watched it for Josh Duhannel but I was bored while watching.

very tedious .

A good example being the dull "He's Just Not That Into You" or the recent "Valentine's Day".

Boring script, bad acting, limp direction .

only the soundtrack was good, and although it could have launched this review to 3 stars, it went back down to 2 because of the strange, poorly chosen final track, an upbeat tune that closed out a confusing, muddled tragedy.