The Rugrats Movie (1998) - Animation, Adventure, Comedy

Hohum Score



The babies gets lost in the forest after a baby has been adopted.

IMDB: 5.9
Director: Igor Kovalyov
Stars: Elizabeth Daily, Christine Cavanaugh
Length: 79 Minutes
PG Rating: G
Reviews: 8 out of 68 found boring (11.76%)

One-line Reviews (26)

My 7 year old son enjoyed it except for the singing.

Many parents who take their children to see this movie will be bored out of their minds!

The kids are so sweet it's amazing and the whole film is stunning.

"It was refreshing to see an entertaining movie with a "G" rating.

For me, that loudness is okay for awhile, but it gets tiresome.

Overall then a professional and enjoyable film for child fans of the series which fills the running time well.

"The Rugrats Movie" is a really fun, enjoyable movie for more than just kids.

Of course, the adults in the film are just as entertaining as the Rugrats.

Bottom line: If you want a good "Rugrats" movies, watch "Rugrats In Paris", where at least some of the jokes don't speak down to kids, and the plot and such is mildly enjoyable (if again implausible).

The part where the babies get lost and stuck in the forest and wonder around aimlessly in hopes of getting back home, drag on WAY too long and Dil's overall presence in the movie is more irritating than it is pleasing to the typical viewer.

Consequently, around the beginning, I found the movie a tad hard to follow.

It was really disappointing and I found it really dragged on.

A disappointing feature-length adaptation of the enjoyable TV show.

The Rugrats Movie falls somewhere in the middle, being engaging enough for adults without really having that much specifically for them.

Imagery, always compelling.

One day, under the supervision of their sleeping grandfather, they decide to go on an adventure in the wilderness, which causes a bunch of boring and literally agonizing commotion that lasts and lasts and lasts…for over 80 minutes.

Sure the film has some good parts but mostly it was pretty ordinary and dull which is a shame considering how successful its TV show is and this movie basically put a massive dent on its show.

Overall this is a decent and mildly entertaining film.

Worth watching!

I don't know if I'd see it without taking kids along, but it was surprisingly enjoyable.

The familiar artwork is breathtaking and fares far better than the recent DOUG in movie form.

The story is a little weak but engaging nonetheless.

A solid, colourful and enjoyable film .

there is a lot of action,but i still found the movie boring and tedious.

The most obvious aspect of the movie is its fascinating visualization of a world viewed from people one foot high and no frame of reference for anything.

Nickelodeon and Klasky-Cuspo has made one exciting film.