The Running Man (1987) - Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller

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A wrongly convicted man must try to survive a public execution gauntlet staged as a game show.

IMDB: 6.7
Director: Paul Michael Glaser
Stars: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Maria Conchita Alonso
Length: 101 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 28 out of 252 found boring (11.11%)

One-line Reviews (145)

There are many fantastic action sequences in The Running Man of which none required special effects or a massive budget, yet the end result was still one of a thumping heartbeat and pumping adrenaline for viewers.

In Final Word,if you love Arnold Schwarzenegger,SCI-FI films or Action-Thrillers,I highly suggest you see The Running Man,a terrific and entertaining SCI-FI/Action/Thriller that is Arnold Schwarzenegger at his best.

It's satire of where American culture or Western Civilization is heading towards cleverly disguised as a intense sci-fi adventure!

This is a truly entertaining film - briskly paced, plot-heavy, and, at times, almost poignant.

I highly recommend the Running Man if you're looking for a great piece of entertaining action, with a glossty finish and some great characters.

I nearly fell asleep during the whole setup stage which just felt like setup and not in the flow of the movie.

Here, after a slow start, the fun begins.

It's just predictable and boring to watch and nothing really grabbed my attention.

A shotty screenplay is saved by wild action sequences that will keep the audience on the edge of its seat.

The Running Man takes a hard, yet highly entertaining look at what TV could become in a dystopian future.

Killian's flamboyance energizes the film during its slow parts.

Schwarzenegger here indulges in his cheap, predictable one-liners (as in COMMANDO) which I still manage to get a kick out of.

But that's OK - the lighter touch suits Schwarzenegger, and it's an entertaining movie.

And even if it comes off as trite, it's still more entertaining than "The Hunger Games".

It was fun, pure adrenaline pumping game show-typed flick that's set in a futuristic time, loosely based on a Stephen King novel.

Well worth watching .

Two intriguing documentaries, a trailer and a 'Meet the Stalkers' gimmick are included in this 2-disc set that comes in a rather neat slip case.

It makes for an entertaining ride though it differs greatly from the Richard Bachman novel from which it came from (aka Stephen King).

It's entertaining and a good view on how modern society is now, that is reality tv where people are being brainwashed by the media.

Exciting and underrated cult Sci-fi action thriller fave loosely based on a Stephen King novel.

If you're not an Arnold fan, "The Running Man" might be a little hard to swallow..but if you can get past the cheesiness you'll find this to be a really fast-paced, violent, funny and exciting movie.

'The Running Man' is one of those predictable action movies that made actors like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone great.

Undeniably entertaining, with some genuine nice moments .

Overall, the movie does a really great job of establishing the world in it, but I felt that the movie was wrapped up in a cliché manner.

It's a dull action scene (although I like the way that Arnie, like Charles Bronson, can avoid bullets simply by ducking).

Based on the book by Stephen King, writing under a pen-name, The Running Man is inventive, funny, thrilling and rewarding.

Such a great movie with intense suspense and barely any profanity which is nice sometimes in my opinion, less toxic that way.

In this regard, the movie is a fraud, and yet, it is enjoyable in the heyday of Arnold's magnificence.

Any way Running Man is a fantastic Sci-fi Action Thriller that's brutal & exciting & so rewatchable with great music & a great performance by Arnie as Ben Richards!!!

"Running" on empty...

Don't waste your time on this cinematic turd.

On it's own, The Running Man is at the very least entertaining, with Schwarzeneggar delivering some very good one liners.

I will be honest, I hope the first part of this review bored you, as the way this review opening panned out was very similar to the entirety of The Running Man, a constantly refreshed idea, giving you monotonous, repetitive information.

SET-PIECES: Throughout the film there are many rather tense fights and for the most part is a very action packed film.

While slightly dated and its annoying use of footage from parts of the a film itself The Running Man (1987) was ahead of its time and still is an atmospheric and engaging ride.

Entertaining if rather dated Schwarzenneger vehicle .

Provided you get into it, this is intense, and the pacing is fast without overwhelming.

This is not one of Arnies best action film's, but its still quite enjoyable.

Killian cares about no one, not his posse of bent employers or the janitor, he fires for being too slow.

It seems that the fans have become bored with regular wrestling matches, and need gratuitous violence to keep them awake.

Perfect it ain't in portraying this, but it's attention to the media's fake propaganda and fixation it creates in stirring up violence has a certain style and truth about it more so now.

That was back when he was the ultimate action star and movies like these seemed the most thrilling things around.

While the movie is ridiculous in many aspects, it also manages to be entertaining in that purely mindless fashion.

It's not a masterpiece by any means, but it is entertaining, if you can adjust yourself into right mindset.

Worth watching!

It is also enjoyable seeing a combination between a family game show and a bloodbath showdown that even prisoners would cringe at the thought of being a participant.

With a budget of 27 000 000 $ "The Running Man" is for sure worth watching, especially if you are a die-hard Arnold fan and a Stephen King admirer.

The Soviet Union and its satellites preferred a mixture of state-sponsored high culture and propaganda to rollerball-type violence.

It's also a fascinating concept that is ripe for a remake if handled right tonally.

It's a great rental movie if you've got the guys over for the night so have a beer for me, grab a handful of nachos and enjoy this flawed but still enjoyable action flick.

This movie is about as action-packed and adrenaline-punched an action movie you're going to see in a while.

I mean Stalkers, are a lot of fun to watch because they're so over the top, Arnold does have some really good lines and scenes, the action is suitably entertaining and as a whole the movie doesn't overstay its welcome.

This witty slice of sociological irony would have admittedly been slicker in the hands of regular Paul Verhoeven, but Glaser keeps the action flowing throughout, and presents us with some bizarrely fascinating villains as well as the usual action frolics.

The economy is in tatters, food is scarce and the state keeps people distracted by producing sadistic gameshows for them to watch, like Jumping for Dollars, where people jump for money over a pit of rabid dogs, and the most popular one is The Running Man, a gameshow hosted by the slimy Damian Killian (played by the entertaining Richard Dawson) where supposed 'criminals' are hunted down by theatrical, pro-wresting-esquire 'stalkers'.

And the game show itself was exciting.

The build up can lead some audiences to believe the Running Man is going to be really entertaining show, especially with the viewers in the movie going bonkers for the show in the movie.

It's sub-plot is quite tedious, and the action is fairly predictable and not very believable, (in context of others in this genre).

The action is decent enough though, and there are a few nice touches that makes this a tad more entertaining than most similar movies.

An outrage to King's vision, but enjoyable nonetheless .

The Running Man is a good movie with an average story,but still a very strong performance from Arnold Schwarzenegger,an actor that can make anything he's in enjoyable.

Arnold manages to do his part with honor and some great one-liners but the rest of the cast is too weak to balance him and the fight sequences are predictable.

Slightly better than Rollerball, and possibly more exciting too .

Arnold's films are always entertaining, conscious of their own kitsch, and set out to provide action and fun.

The Running Man is a terrific and entertaining SCI-FI/Action/Thriller that combines fantastic direction,a wonderful cast,amazing Action and a fine score.

It is relentlessly cheesy - the sets are brightly coloured, the gladiators themselves are full of cliché and gimmicks such as the opera-loving, electricity-zapping lunatic Dynamo (Erland Van Lidth) and Arnie has a seemingly endless supply of one-liners.

The plot is a ridiculous but irresistible near future dystopian society that uses gladiator games to quell the masses and take their minds from their empty bellies.

Based on a novel by Richard Bachman(Stephen King) and directed by TV actor Paul Michael Glaser, action Sci-Fi film set in the year 2017 is surprisingly entertaining, with a witty and prescient script that correctly predicted where television would be headed, making this satire prescient in the same way "Network" became.

A Terrific And Entertaining SCI-FI/Action/Thriller.

The other antagonists,and by that I mean the stalkers, were a bit too cliché and in the end were just your standard villains and no more than that.

I'm writing this review in 2019 , and i hope Hollywood will do a remake of this magnificent movie, because it's really worth watching , and I recommend to all.

The Running Man is all time Entertaining very fast Sci-Fi Action flick .

Not one of Schwarzenegger's best films, but somewhat entertaining, even through his dry performance.

I think it was appropriate to go this route considering the star; the producers obviously could have done a more straightforward adaptation of Bachman/King's book, and (having not read it but heard much about it) that might, and could still be, an exciting action flick in the brutally graphic and darkly humorous approach of the author.

The thing is this movie starts out sort of interesting and entertaining which is about the first 30 minutes.

This time around I enjoyed it a lot more.

The so-called STALKERS which are the shows 'main attraction' are boring and could have been so much more creative.

It's a difficult film to take seriously but "The Running Man" is a solidly entertaining action film that will easily appeal to guys more than girls.

I'm not even joking here, this is the worst movie ever made .

The Action is amazing and thrilling because we get gunfights,explosions and many other exciting things going on throughout the movie that will keep viewers entertained and on the edge of their seats.

One thing remains is that Richard Dawson is stunning in this movie!!

The rest is standard action completely spoiled by the pretentious.

and it not only does it wittily, it also does it disturbingly well, with the schedule of propaganda and public execution in a convincing, and sometimes even blurred mix.

In King's version, Schwarzenegger's character is a skinny, intense and relentless character, a person with integrity that surpasses all expectations and vigor, in a Dystopian world.

From beginning to end The Running Man is just pure and delightful entertainment that is thrilling and over the top and is one of those movies where when the Action starts it keeps going and never quits.

I do think that the fans are bored with wrestling unless they are fed more violence and death.

the plot of this sci-fi film is fascinating , all the characters are very interesting including Amber Mendez (played by Maria Conchita Alonso) , the work of Paul Michael Glaser is refined, this film features superb production design, costumes good , excellent cinematography by Thomas Del Ruth .

Thrilling and commercial musical score by Harold Faltermeyer , it was composed by means of synthesizer .

However, just enough of its underlying premise shines through to create an interesting, almost satirical and never-more-relevant setting for its decent set-pieces, on-the-nose comebacks and otherwise enjoyable high-concept carnage.

But in spite of all its flaws - the clunky, campy vision of the future; Schwarzenegger's performance that is bad even by his meager standards; the script full of silly puns and one-liners - it's still very watchable, very entertaining, and even, at times, poignant and effective.

So you have "The Running Man", depicting a dystopian society that has taken celebrity status to the zenith of empty headed and pointless mass approbation.

As for Schwarzenegger, well, do I begin with religious propaganda like End Of Days, or fundie crappola like The Sixth Day?

A lot of the supporting characters are predictable, the music is forgettable, the cinematography is bland and its story, which tries to have a culture related undercurrent, doesn't speak its mind enough.

Overall, this is a fun film & I highly recommend it.

You know, say what you might about Schwarzenegger, but he made some damn entertaining movies in his day.

Up until a few days ago I had only seen Running Man once many years ago, so it made the second viewing very enjoyable and suspenseful.

Now, two decades later, and having just finished re-watching the movie for the first time in years, I find it a strange movie: one totally devoid of technical merit, decent acting, and convincing effects, yet somehow totally entertaining.

The Running Man is always all time Entertaining very fast entertaining Sci-Fi Action by novel ever made.

It tries to cram in a whole bunch of contrived events to make things come out as a happy ending...

A compelling story in its own right .

The Running Man may be utter rubbish, but it is hugely entertaining utter rubbish that I have no hesitation in recommending to fans of Arnie and sci-fi action in general.

This movie is about as action-packed and adrenaline-punched an action movie you're going to see in a while.

In a way this movie seems to have a go at television propaganda, though it could be propaganda in itself by attempting to show us that what we have is not as bad as this.

there are also some suspenseful moments,and some terrific death scenes.

Director Paul Michael Glaser portrayed the novel in real life by combining King's original thrilling plot with an 80's style film.

The Running man is a fun film, it's entertaining and has you glued to the TV for it's entire duration time.

This movie proves the point that just because a movie is different from the book its based on, doesn't mean its bad, and having read the book I believe that both stories although different, are equally compelling.

I used to like Stephen King and Arnold Schwarzenegger, but then the media system allowed them to be something that kills the performances of both writers and actors: self-indulgent.

But, overall, it's an exciting Arnold film that will keep you entertained.

The action scenes in The Running Man are fun and entertaining to watch.

Are you bored with all those lame shows like Survivor and The Amazing Race?

The pacing and flow were poor and I found myself bored many times...

As John Parr's awesome credits song fades away, "The Running Man" stands as one of Arnold's more enjoyable films.

Worst movie ever .

Yes it has tons of plot holes,however it's highly highly entertaining, with a great ending as well.

It's certainly not Arnie's best film, and in parts it feels either a bit slow or simply so goofy that it goes from being interesting to seeming like it's going for a comedic effect.

overall,a very well paced,entertaining piece of work.

But, it is, none the less, a darn entertaining movie, albeit it is flawed almost beyond repair.

Still, I have to admit that I often have a fondness for direct-to-video movies, so all this stuff didn't concern me that much, and I found the movie entertaining.

Just like the original (and only one worth watching) ROLLERBALL, the film was dismissed by some because of the film's violence and seeming banality whereas the film really is a great indictment about society.

It may be packed with cheese and is as nutty as a squirrel's sandwich, but this is one astutely entertaining futuristic slice of sci-fi pie.

All Arnold fans should love this film from the beginning to the end because its action packed, star filled, and its one its one of Arnold`s best to date!

This movie was enjoyable and packed a lot of fun, with some colorful visuals and an abundance of witty Schwarzenegger lines.

Richard Dawson almost steals the movie but Arnold, with lines like ("He had to split" and "Hey Christmas tree") is still the most entertaining thing here.

The whole scenario where "Kimball" and company reverse the effects of decades of propaganda with ONE 30 second "counter broadcast" is wishful thinking of the purest kind.

If anyone, accused this movie of ever being dull, they should seriously be put on trial.

Otherwise it is quite unwatchable.

This is an iconic action packed movie with THE Arnold Schwarzenegger....

That fight with Buzzaw was entertaining!

Entertaining film based on the Stephen King novel about a police-state scapegoat (Schwarzenegger) who must play a deadly TV game show.

The film is fast paced, and at 90 minutes it doesn't overstay its welcome.

Ironic, then, that such a notion would form the basis for one of the most entertaining action films ever produced: The Running Man.

You understand how predictable it all is.

Seriously, Arnie probably made more entertaining movies in the first 10 years of his career than most actors can lay claim to in their entire career!

Still, there are some undeniably fun sequences, including most of the stuff surrounding the aforementioned game-show, and the 'television take-down' angle is engaging, if a little extreme.

"The Running Man" is what you can call a relic of the very cheesy and kitsch action films of the 80s and despite that, I thought its charming appeal still holds up very well today and it keeps running on, until empty.

Enjoyable .

"The Running Man" is enjoyable and fast-paced Sci Fi/action with violent kills, grotesque futuristic imagery and lovely OTT acting performances.

Virtually Unwatchable...

Don't waste your time.

While this is a very entertaining movie with a lot of action, there is plenty of social commentary as well.

"The Running Man" is a high action packed movie with lots of thrills and Arnie excitement.

Stephen King Story Worth Watching .

The Running Man is one of those films that if overwatched, would become boring and depressing even.

There's a lot of exciting fight sequences, the trademark dreadful puns ('He had to split' being my favourite), and the general formulaic final confrontation and happy ending.

This exciting film contains action , thrills, suspense , blood , a little bit of humor and is plenty of graphical violence .