The Russia House (1990) - Drama, Romance, Thriller

Hohum Score



An expatriate British publisher unexpectedly finds himself working for British intelligence to investigate people in Russia.

IMDB: 6.1
Director: Fred Schepisi
Stars: Sean Connery, Michelle Pfeiffer
Length: 123 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 18 out of 73 found boring (24.65%)

One-line Reviews (71)

Some of the positive reviews say it's worth watching it because of the way St Petersburg is shown, but having to put up with a weak, unfocused and uneventful plot, with the worst possible editing job and an improvable production job, is just not worth it.

If only some of the more suspenseful scenes (they weren't that suspenseful) were shot to be suspenseful, even just for the cause to be suspenseful, this movie would have been much better and I would have rated it sure above 5 points.

It is a rattling good tale, and well worth the watch today.

A total waste of time, frankly - poorly scripted, and appallingly directed.

Because it's mainly scenes of people talking, the film veers from interesting to tedious, depending on the quality of the conversation being had at the moment.

While the story itself unfolds kinda slowly I still find it intriguing.

As a great admirer of John Le Carre, I watched this film with high expectations & although the story wasn't the usual Le Carre (such as 'The Spy Who Came In From The Cold'), I enjoyed it immensely.

Boring melancholy, at that.

Unfortunately what they got was one two hour long boring story.


The supporting cast do a good job in creating a suspenseful atmosphere.

Ho-Hum Spy Caper; Quite Disappointing .

It does have some captivating moments, but overall, the slow pace & a half-baked Adapted Screenplay, act as a disadvantage.

Turgid and tedious.

Simply put, this is very dull stuff.

It is a little bit of a bore.

The principals and cinematography are riveting.

It's only the morning after finishing one of his novels, or the hour after watching a movie adaptation such as this, that one's head begins to throb with the bitter, pointless, imbecility of his world view.

The film is produced and directed by Australian filmmaker Fred Schipisi, notable for the excellent and psychodynamic Six Degrees of Separation and the fulsomely enjoyable Roxanne.

Russia House is still a quality, enjoyable drama with a great cast, even if it's somewhat ponderous and slow-moving, and complex.

His sleight-of-hand at the movie's opening, beginning "in medias res" and then moving back and forth from there, sets the context for the characters and the intriguing story.

Some people have commented that this is a rather dry movie or the plot is hard to follow.

The filming of Russia is stunning and real.

But as I said The Russia House is a pointless movie.

They would find tweed exciting.

Zzzzzzzzzzzzz .

Films that require you to pay close attention to every little detail and have a complex plot from the outset can generally be thrust into one of two categories: Stimulating and intellectual, or potential insomnia cures.

Another fascinating aspect is where Russell says that the information could take away the "rice bowls" of some very important people.

The pacing is slooooooooooow, the dialogue is ponderous and pretentious, e.

This is much like "Cuba", another bore from him from over a decade earlier.

One of those flicks where you can fall asleep for 10 minutes and then wake up with the feeling that you haven't missed anything.

But this movie is mainly worth watching for the engaging lead performances by Connery and Pfeiffer, even though (or perhaps because) they play their characters quite differently than they were drawn in the book.

Slow Pacing - James Bond This Is Not .

This movie is worth watching on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

It is a failure of a story with ultra-slow pacing and devoid of needed tension.

It's thrilling and exciting in the way of an espionage thriller.

Directed by Fred Schepisi, "The Russia House" should be more like "The Russia Bore".

The kind of flick they play on airplanes so you'll fall asleep and keep your mouth shut until landing.

worth watching if one does not read much.

He tried to make some melancholy and drama by forcing a slow pace and long shots.

Wow, really breathtaking stuff.

Definitely not a James Bondesque flick, this one shows what true intelligence gathering is all about; an often boring wait and watch process.

Slow and cerebral .

Pretty pointless movie!

This is a classic cold war movie with an excellent plot, and fascinating characters played by some really good American and British actors.

A slow paced movie with excellent music and two shining actors .

where nothing much happens, but peril is part of the fabric of mundane life.

Goldsmith score is romantic as well as thrilling and wraps the scenes like a glove!

Even though he's in only a few scenes, the power, weight and magnitude of Klaus Maria Brandauer's performance (as the mysterious "Dante") is awe inspiring.

If it had been a little easier to follow, it would have left more room for dramatic tension, which was adequate but seldom riveting.

I found the movie riveting; the plot keeps you guessing until the end.

Nice Russian cityscapes, but the musical soundtrack drones on endlessly in the background.

Slow moving but enjoyable espionage story .

And too long, nothing happens in two hours.

Make sure all the windows are closed, the children are in bed, your bladder is empty...

Pointless .

in fact,i found it boring and hard to follow.

Booooring, pretentious, confusing, pointless.

Jerry Goldsmith wrote a compelling and sexy set of themes which are used to great effect in this film.

" Connery is entertaining and engaging in every frame, truly inhabiting Barley as an original character.

Spy movies can be so boring.

)Everyone is so dry and drab in this film that even the over-the-top, ambiguously homosexual whatever-the-hell-his-job-was comic relief guy is tortuous.

Connery was definitely On His Majesty's Secret Snore-fest here.

As with Mr. Le Carre's writing the movie is slow and deliberately paced, letting the plot slowly sink in, and not explode in your face.

exciting stuff.

All in all an absolutely fascinating movie for someone who has some background knowledge of the Cold War.

The plot itself won't engage you, but it may keep your mind from wandering too much, or your body from falling asleep.

There's much languid talk about politics, international trade, the Cold War, espionage...

Slow, tedious....

and there were many predictable moments as well.

Endlessly tiresome and confusing .