The Saint (1997) - Action, Adventure, Romance

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Simon Templar (The Saint), is a thief for hire, whose latest job to steal the secret process for cold fusion puts him at odds with a traitor bent on toppling the Russian government, as well as the woman who holds its secret.

IMDB: 6.2
Director: Phillip Noyce
Stars: Val Kilmer, Elisabeth Shue
Length: 116 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 36 out of 182 found boring (19.78%)

One-line Reviews (120)

I usually like the spy type of movies, they're interesting to watch and are usually exciting.

As said it works like one of the more far-fetched Bond films in that it is rather suspect but it doesn't really matter because it is so entertaining, whilst the romantic side keeps things nicely grounded.

There is no heart to anything he does or says - very paper thin, whereas Keanu has at least a bit of 'brooding confusion' that is somewhat interesting.

I won't give away any more details, but it is worth watching and easily rates above its average score of 6 as seen on this website.

A thoroughly enjoyable Saturday evening viewing with a stylish Val Kilmer (an actor I'm not familiar with) who combined the Templar characteristics with James Bond finesse very well, and a cute Elizabeth Shue playing her part in the manner of the unlikely earlier Saint female leads (I've never seen a mini-skirted, sexy blonde scientific genius in all my years spent in Oxford!

Val kilmer is great, and Elisabeth Shue is simply stunning!!!!

entertaining movie .

enjoyable .

While many people have bashed The Saint ridiculously (I'm tired of hearing the "worst movie" epithet applied to anything someone happens to not like), once one actually understands it's origins it's not too bad.

It is enjoyable without being unique or special.

its funny,romantic,and action packed.

This comes off rather badly as a lot of Val Kilmer's characters are people that you could laugh at, and the movie should have capitalised on this fact more, as it would have made it a more enjoyable ride.

He leaves the office and tells Tretiak's bodyguards there's an impostor behind him managing to get away in the confusion that follows.

At least it is always moving, so I wouldn't call the film dull.

) who has made cold fusion work and whose palpable lack of chemistry with Kilmer kills the tiresome romantic subplot dead in its tracks.

An Empty, two and a half hour Musak video...

This movie is worth watching .

It's highly entertaining and won't disappoint action moviegoers.


Erm, anyway, The Saint is a great adventure, if you like, and thoroughly enjoyable.

Adequately entertaining romantic action movie, Val Kilmer and Elisabeth Shue, "7" of 10.

However, it is quite entertaining and one of the only films I actually like Val Kilmer in.

Great Movie, Highly enjoyable .

Kilmer's stints under various makeup jobs are at first amusing in a pantomime way, but soon become tiresome, mainly because he is really a ham actor impersonating racial and social stereotypes rather than a master of disguise.

Not perfect, but very entertaining and solid action adventure .

Thoroughly enjoyable stuff.

Besides being very confusing, it is also terribly dull.

The movie does feature some exciting sequences, in fact it never really gets boring; but had it have been better directed, and had Val Kilmer's character have been capitalised on more, it could have become the entertaining blockbuster that it obviously wants to be.

The soundtrack by Graeme Revell was brilliant, Elizabeth Shue is absolutely stunning.

See Val Kilmer bore the pants off the audience!

I "enjoyed" seeing trite Russian mafia.

A waste of time - I was only glad that I didn't rent this - it was on network TV.

"A bunch of really tired and boring clichés borrowed from a million other sources, awful direction, weak scriptwriting; one predictable turn after another with some truly mediocre content.

Boring and predictable.

"The action sequences are plain boring.

less scenes of him talking to himself would have been really really nice, especially since he's much duller than shue and the Russian mafia.

As far as I'm concerned, this is an accomplished, rousing and satisfyingly complex espionage thriller.

To make matters worse, all Noyce seems to be doing is pointing the camera at the actors with minimal interest or conviction and for an action flick this is surprisingly dull.

Also Elizabeth Shue is absolutely stunning in this movie and i really loved watching her in this one.

Quite possibly the worst movie I've ever seen .

If they were really serious about a sequel, they should have made the first movie worth watching.

The story reminds me of Mission Impossible - ie: quite confusing.

So, if you're looking for a funny, romantic, exciting, spy genre movie, try The Saint.

With the exception of some terrific scenery and a good cast there isn't much to really hold your interest; complicated, far-fetched, and all-too-familiar, the script throws out one needless plot twist after another that weigh down the film's already tiresome concept.

I fast forwarded through a lot but what I did watch was enjoyable.

The soundtrack is a well selected mix of fast paced techno and eloquent ambient sounds, without forgetting the iconic Saint theme tune, well worth watching just for this.

But no, they are boring.

Although the plot is quite far fetched and the acting is questionable, there is a very enjoyable element to this film.

But it is worth watching if you like movies that depict face-changing heroes and Val Kilmer.

Director Phillip Noyce is backed by fine production but no story.

If you're one of those people, maybe you should stay away, but if you want a good entertaining popcorn movie it's worth a watch.

As far as I'm concerned it was just a wonderful exciting movie about an American cyber criminal on the run from the Russian Mafia who falls in love with an American physicist.

I thought 'The saint' was a highly entertaining movie.

Mixed into this is one of the most confusing romances I've been asked to witness, and a stew of pretentious mutterings about personal identity.

They had all the 30's charm and the movie could have been fashionably period, there was the tragedy of Norman Kent to pull at the heart strings (just compare it with the tedious romance in Kilmer's film tho' the actors did their best admittedly), and the entertaining story that starts in Germany - Getaway - to give a European setting.

The scene that really represents this film best, is when "the saint" waits in ambush for his love interest to come around the corner in order to provoke her pity on him from a contrived fight scene - Kilmer smashes a bottle over his own head to injure himself, and says in a concussed soliloquy with the blood dribbling down his face -"what am i doing".

The usually excellent Rade Serbedzija is a generic but uninteresting villain.

Watching this in a theater when I was 15 was a chore and one of two times I fell asleep watching a movie I paid to see.

bond's edge is gone, and the franchise is now lost in formulaic gadgetry.

Another pointless and unnecessary TV-show-adaptation - let me ask, how many of these do we really NEED: or even WANT?

I could list all the holes, but it would waste yet more of my time than the film did and you might not read this warning if I had to tick the 'Contains Spoiler' box.

It is an entertaining update, provided Saint fans approach the movie with an open mind.

I saw this movie expecting a remake turkey of Avengeresque proportions, yet what I found was an adequately enjoyable action-espionage romp that held my attention for the whole of its duration.

Overall, an enjoyable movie.

A thrilling joyride..!. .

So if all you care about is spending two hours watching a movie that is entertaining and not about enlightenment from a mainstream movie, then watch The Saint.

I'm not normally Val's biggest fan (feeling he virtually slid off the screen in apathy during Batman Forever) and only tuned in to see a real lousy movie, an enjoyable pastime on occasion.

There are only two films that have become so unbearable I could not bear to watch them any longer all the way through.

the end is kind of clichéd, i wasn't expecting what happened toward the end but it didn't surprise me at all, and as for the actual ending that was where it was very predictable Without a doubt it was an entertaining movie that really kept me interested, it just didn't have enough power to make a long lasting impression.

this is just intense enough for a thirteen year old.

) This timeline confusion has been done again recently with the Bond movie Casino Royale, also a messy and badly scripted plot with an actor who doesn't look, act or convince as Bond.

Fast Paced Jolly Japes - with the odd bit of trueism.

I found The Saint to be a very enjoyable film with plenty of action.

Basically this movie is entertaining and interesting.

Beyond this, Val Kilmer is so entertaining in his many disguises; it makes for many funny elements.

Cliché upon cliché .

Kilmer's pursuit of Shue's secret, their mutual escape attempts and the bond they make for a possible future bring the audience into a wonderful and exciting story of a lonely man's discovery of love lost many years ago.

Absolute worst movie ever...

The action is gripping the plot engaging and the acting superb, apart from a few VERY sickly scenes between Kilmer and Shue.

This film is filled with good old fashion thrills and mystery, keeping the film suspenseful.

The film is fast paced and action oriented with plenty of drama, guns, explosions and international intrigue.

Elisabeth Shue is just stunning as well, one woman I wish I could see more of in Hollywood.


The bad guys are boring too.

This exciting picture is packed with frantic action, thrills, suspense, tension and an enjoyable love story .

Predictable thriller uses post-glasnost Russian setting well.

It's not a heavy hitting action romp like it sounds, but more of an atmospheric, romantic, theatrically inclined bit of intrigue, and a whole lot of slow burning fun.

The Russian villains are fascinating to watch.

I don't blame the heroine for being confused, for The Saint himself -- as presented here -- is a confusing character.

Entertaining .

First of all it has a great story , which is totally entertaining and beautiful musics and views of great places in Moscow.

Just a light, enjoyable movie.

The Saint was a decent flick, but jumping scenery as well as lack of plot development kept it from being really good.

cold confusion .

Well, if you wanna give me some bad time then let me watch a movie with Val Kilmer as this good-looking dude must be the dullest actor I have ever seen and that's the biggest problem I have with this movie...

A little editing could have worked wonders with this film but what the hell, it was worth watching.

Bad, empty experience.

In my opinion he is a very boring director without any style of his own.

After we finished watching this atrocity, I looked it up on IMDb because I wanted to know who the actress was; she was just so unbearable and unable to perform her lines in a believable manner, I was convinced she was some 'unknown' that they got for cheap to go along with this low budget, below B movie.

My perception is that the only thing worth watching about it is the makeup, the artistry of which is unquestionable.

Yet it's a very entertaining film with many great things about it.

While this was an entertaining movie, I felt that Val Kilmer's talent was wasted on this project.

Simon's multiple personality transformations are interesting to watch, and him alluding the dangers in his mission is intriguing.

Anyway, I really enjoyed it.

Shue takes the gorgeous scientist cliché and spins it for a believable, humbled character which works excellently.

Intriguing flick; though I am partial to Elisabeth Shue.

Good direction with a thrilling plot & good enough performances will keep you on your toes.

For some reason, this film holds tight and is still very entertaining 10 years later.

Maybe my expectations were too low going in after reading a slue of terrible reviews, but I thought it was a good solid movie and very entertaining.

Rating : Average and overlong though entertaining.

I actually enjoyed it much more than the series.

A very uninteresting and forgettable movie, .

I think Val Kilmer's a great actor, you only have to watch The Doors to see that, but i thought this was a wee bit bland in places.

It was well paced and entertaining.

) All I'm saying is that this picture was an enjoyable, passable way to spend an hour and fifty minutes, a nice piece of escapist fluff that harms no one.

So, if you're looking for a funny, romantic, > > > exciting, spy genre movie, try The Saint.

I did see "The Saint" in the theater, but it had a really confusing plot.

The plot is sketchy and gives the impression that scenes were probably cut that would (hopefully) explain things more clearly, otherwise certain plot elements seem nonsensical and contrived, even after multiple viewings.

Similar to titles like The Recruit and Entrapment, there are several very enjoyable parts to this film.

Val Kilmer makes the perfect action hero in this surprisingly entertaining movie that was not given as much hype as it deserved upon release.