The Score (2001) - Crime, Drama, Thriller

Hohum Score



An aging thief hopes to retire and live off his ill-gotten wealth when a young kid convinces him into doing one last heist.

IMDB: 6.8
Director: Frank Oz
Stars: Robert De Niro, Edward Norton
Length: 124 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 126 out of 454 found boring (27.75%)

One-line Reviews (464)

But it's entertaining in its convention and done well, and with modest expectations, it delivers.

It's a decent but formulaic movie that brings three excellent performers together.

Slightly predictable .

It is about a heist and planning for one, it's all compelling.

What a bore!

There isn't much action in this action flick, and whenever there is action, it is very predictable.

This is an enjoyable, well-acted build to a great nail-biting heist.

Not that "The Score" is a great movie; it's a good movie, entertaining with competent direction, enjoyable dialogue and solid acting.

What makes it worth watching over many other similar twisty heist movies is the cast, who manage to make the material seem better by their inclusion.

Sadly, the combined talents fail to ignite the intense and energized quality as seen in Sexy Beast.

The rest is predictable nonsense.

The last part of the film is white-knuckle suspenseful.

Some have commented about the slowness of the film and the lackluster performance of DeNiro.

It was very suspenseful and intriguing.

this movie was a waste of my money.

Entertaining crime drama.

The Score is his first entry outside of the comedy genre, and he's done a fantastic job creating an intelligent, absorbing, and refreshingly different kind of crime flick.

To end off my review, I must say that The Score is a brilliant piece of film-making and that the director and cast should all deserve Oscars for their engrossing performances.

Yes, it is slow...

"The Score" is still an entertaining film and provides a not often seen setting (Montreal).

This story, full of twists and turns, leaves you satisfied when you leave the theater.

You HAVE to concentrate on Ed Norton having the most perfectly formed neck in the human species or YOU WILL DIE OF BOREDOM!!!

It does liven up and, if not the most original, it is an on the edge of your seat type film with a reasonable (if unconvincing) twist at the end.

But that said, The Score is entertaining and you could do far worse at the video store.

Marlon Brando doesn't have a gigantic role, but he is still entertaining and still has a presence.

The telling is a little slow but holds the attention pretty well, while the job itself is unspectacular but enjoyable.

Fairly Predictable...

Probably one of the most entertaining movie I have ever seen!.

Leave the jazz-clubs at Melville's door, next timeA most wonderfully unexpected pleasant surprise.

This movie was slow from start to an anti-climatic finish.

It was predictable.

The scenes between these two pros was enjoyable.

Frank Oz's direction is so slick as to be invisible, the seemingly slow pace at the start of the film matched by a racing climax.

That,however,shouldn't't deflect away from the fact that this is one last chance to see an American legend in Brando on film(to be sure,it seems Marlon's film appearances after the mid-1960s were increasingly rare),or a chance to see the quiet tension that builds between the slow-burning DeNiro and the hyper-kinetic Norton,as cat burglar-in-retirement and an aspiring young con,respectively.


Frank Oz is a good director of comedies like "In and Out," but here he gives us a movie that is alive with great acting and exciting action scenes.

The movie starts off a little slow.

Slick but formulaic heist movie with obligatory twist thrown in at end.

I can't believe the comments I've read about this horrible, horrible waste of time.

"The Score" is a snoozing snore of a movie.

It's twists are easily predictable and offers no real elements of suspense.

I agree that the story builds, and the pace starts of slow, then speeds up towards the end.

"Sexy Beast" is entertaining, suspenseful, with some blood and guts, some car scenes, and a clever and tidy plot with a locale of Costa del Sol, Spain, besides the underworld of London for a jewelry heist.

So what makes the movie boring?

OK-ish - really only worth watching for its historical significance .

And `The Score' is certainly very entertaining on its own terms.

The strong cast and solid performances help fuel the story even further, creating an exciting and engaging feel that holds the audience tightly within it's grasp.

What sets the score apart is its stellar cast, all of whom are fairly bland.

Yes this story has been done a million times, yes it is quite slow at the beginning, and yes, there could have been a bit more development on the main characters.

And the last 20 minutes during that robbery were a little intense but the other part of the movie was boring.

The Score is essentially a Hollywood crime flick of the worst kind: big stars, big budget, bad story, bad characters and a terribly predictable "twist".

Because of the films slow pacing,it doesn't really get the adrenaline flowing like this type of filmshould.

Everything in this movie screams cliche.

But the film is good, not great, the ending I found sadly predictable.

"The Score" bares very strong similarities with "Heist" (also 2001), but the energy of "The Score" is much more tense and gripping.

The Score plods agonizingly through its first two acts only to lead to a visually frenetic third act with predictable twists, loose ends galore, and an abrupt, anti-climactic resolution.

This is not a classic or even a Ten Best of 2001, but a very enjoyable rental, targeted for crime fans.

The ending is unexpected and efficient.

Methodically made, articulately put together with a final 20 minutes that are taut, tense and exciting.

While the story, was slow and predictable at times I found the film demonstrated a certain class to it.

The fact that good thespian skills were hung on a strong frame just makes it all that much more enjoyable.

The middle of the movie dragged in some parts.

There are too many wasted moments of dull editing and sequencing, with little to distract the audience (which doesn't say much about the dialogue).

And viewing the movie as such, I enjoyed it.

De Niro looked a little bored.

This is a dull, uninvolving story that contains virtually nothing new.


The cost of this authenticity is a slower movie, which is not as exciting as it could be.

While others may call it slow I call it engaging.

Tedious Beyond Telling .

From this movie on, I'll be more careful - the film is as boring, eventless, unoriginal and monotonous as they get.

Situations are seen hundreds of times (cop walking out the night-bar in the most inappropriate moment) and are, quite frankly, boring.

Instead, it's a mildly entertaining heist film.

But Frank Oz went behind the camera to manage the team of a very taut and compelling suspense movie with three actors that could all bat clean-up by themselves--each representing a different generation: Marlon Brando who began his career in the 1950's playing lower middle class urbanites, Robert DeNiro, who began playing tough-talking New York Italians on the rough end of New York and Brooklyn in the 1970's, and Edward Norton, the new kid on the block, whose similar resumé includes amoral characters with a nervous-angst that comes off like Anthony Perkins on speed; he began his acting career in the mid-1990's in films also in urban settings.

*yawn* Oh well.

There is not much drama nor much character development but one the action kicks off about halfway through the movie, it is pretty entertaining.

So the movie starts out slow.

In a summer filled with dreary motion pictures, this is clearly one of the best film's playing in theaters right now.

The most "exciting" scene of the movie dragged out for what seemed to be hours.

He again shows us that he can give us an intense performance that is also funny, and shows more of how the character is.

It's not that any given scene drags; in fact almost every scene in the movie is well done, well acted, filled with atmosphere, and absorbing.

I found much of the first half pretty dull.

I always like Edward Norton and respect what he was trying to do but he was working with a boring script.

The rest is slow, filled with cliches and vapid dialogue.

the fact that a lot of the action takes place on computers also doesn't help, and there's a predictable twist at the end.

A stellar cast is entertaining and enjoyable.

As for this film, there are many other elements that lack which drowns ‘The Score' into a tiresome film.

As in all caper movies, the plot is intricate, suspenseful and studded with unexpected twists and turns.

The heist itself is satisfyingly clever, and certainly the film makes for gripping viewing.

Three powerhouse performances, good dialogue and characters, and exciting twists and turns that don't cheat the audience.

The Bottom Line: If you go to see this movie, understand that it is slow, with no real surprises.

The movie was exciting, funny and one I would definitely see again.

This is just plain dull.

"The Score" is a litttle dark, a little slow, a little not up to the competition.

it was very cliche, predictable and formulaic.

Overall, an enjoyable heist picture, just don't expect too much original material.

Cliche after cliche occurs, both in the dialogue and in the plot.

Anyhow, I should have been more cautious with a movie that has the name of (Frank Oz) as a director, since he made once (The Indian In The Cupboard) which was one of worst movies I've ever seen (at the top 10 of my worst 100 movies' list !

I was on the edge of my seat.

Nevertheless he makes watching the film enjoyable because he is consistently good.

Angela Bassett's character is underdeveloped, and most of the twists the film takes are fairly predictable.

It had me on the edge of my seat.

The Score is a movie which really kept me on the edge of my seat when I first saw it.

Even though it was fairly predictable it still managed to keep me interested throughout.

Throw in the fact that there's a couple of unexpected twists along the way, and it makes for quite a show.

Instead of engaging me this movie left me fidgeting in my over sized stadium seat.

The movie was very entertaining and is one of those under-hyped summer movies I hope makes out well in the box-office.

So predictable .

' The movie starts slow and moves progressively faster leading up to both surprising, and pleasing, ending.

Very Good Film has slow start .

The movie is exciting all the way through and has a good ending to end this great movie.

The guts of the film contain a lot of standard robbery fare; state-of-the-art vault, surveillance system disabled by computers, unexplained gadgetry used to bust into the high tech safe, ZZZZzzzzzzz.

"The Score" itself starts out slow and develops to late int he film.

Interesting Story with Unexpected Twists .

Although, at times, I did feel it get kind of dull and not very fast moving.

It was pretty boring.

It drags in some places and some of the plot twist were predictable.

Good, but slow .

While the probability of a double cross is pretty transparent, the ending twists a couple of times, first giving the viewer what he has been set up to expect and then delivering the unexpected.

He is young and impulsive, he is confident, he is intense.

"The Score" is shallow and predictable from the get-go.

I found that I was actually about to fall asleep in places with this movie and the ending, seemed to be up in the air.

Alas, "The Score" is not one of those instances, albiet it is EXTREMELY entertaining.

One of the worst movies ever made.

" is arguably a better picture, but I think "The Score" is more enjoyable).

consistent, disregarding contrived ending .

These three actors make theis whole film dynamite from start to finish even is its slow in parts.

******SPOILERS*********** The beginning of this movie is pretty slow.

A nice entertaining film that can use a little bit more suspension.

Above all, though, there is the intriguing casting of three terrific actors from three generations.

Very well acted, very predictable, quite forgettable.

All these activities seem pointless if they are not developed nor shot in a manner that is gripping and comprehensible.

The Score was simply a boring crime caper with a script too weak to really liven anything up.

It is a heist movie, we've seen it before in different variations, but this movie was compelling nonetheless.

The Last Word: Boring.

The characters are shallow and the plot predictable.

The Real McCoy for God's sake), this wouldn't be worth watching at all.

The Score is smooth and sophisticated, and while it does present the occasional cliche (such as DeNiro's character looking to get out of "the business") it is throroughly enjoyable.

Derivative, But Still Enjoyable .

I found this to be a very strange film, as it features both moments of high intensity and moments that are painfully slow.

More like, "the BORE"!!!

Subtitle: Pointless boring movie, packed with stars, which ultimately has no soul.

This film, which features a pedestrian screenplay riddled with predictable movie cliches, is still fun to watch .

The final scene had me literally on the edge of my seat.

But I think that if it were nearly as "exciting!

Brando's role, while not very large, adds a lot to the film, a bit of light material to an otherwise intense film.

BLOWS AWAY the bloated and pretentious director David Mamet when it comes to directing a crime caper!

Don't waste your time.

Entertain you, but too slow.

The technical achivement of sneaking into a maximum security facility and getting out with what you came for is a fascinating idea for all of us.

This flick is riddled with cliché upon cliché of the conventional `heist' genre flicks.

There are some nice moments of suspense here and there but many of the scenes feel dragged out a little too long and the pacing is just off.

The pace is good and even though there are a fewer, shall we say, slower moments to break up the main story, they are necessary and they don't ruin the overall pace of the film.

De Niro and Brando generate real drama and emotion in one scene (set in Brando's half finished basement swimming-pool), and the 20 minutes or so of "heist" footage that rounds off the movie is riveting.

A Score Bore .

It is a perfectly well done movie with an exceptional cast and a very entertaining dialogue developing an interesting story which leads towards a quite stirring climax and surprises with an unexpected ending.

Heist movies are pretty formulaic.

This movie is pretty suspenseful, yet very predictable.

slow plot,easily detectable clips-NOT a must-see.

The Bore .

Tedious , very Tedious .

All of the setup scenes leading to the heist were paced in such a way that was exciting and kept me on the edge of my seat.

The plot is predictable and moves at an excruciatingly slow pace.

Anybody over age thirty who suffers from attention deficit disorder might find it difficult to endure both the quieter, contemplative moments and the deliberate, suspenseful pacing.

His character, "Jack Teller" was very intriguing.

While The Score may sometimes seem to tread familiar ground in its plotting, the bevy of talent bursting from the three lead actors more than makes up for story lulls; in fact, it makes The Score feel more like an authentic, old-school thriller than an explosion-filled, testosterone-fueled heist flick.

The film's only flaw is the slow-moving romantic-interest plot, which really isn't necessary anyway.

From a slow and settling start to an interesting end, it has standard plot, detailed setup, zero violence and no diversions.

Entertaining .


Not a great film, but interesting and exciting, especially where thay are planning the caper.

The best and exciting part was the showdown at the end.

What a crashing bore this film is, capped by its total lack of an ending.

I guess there was good acting (+1) good directing (+1) but pacing was slow almost like a bad 80's thriller.

Great cast here, folks, and we get a great story which they have immersed themselves into.

The Score is a tight, suspenseful film, DeNiro's best since Heat.

Oz' compelling direction is as good as anything Brian DePalma or Martin Scorsese could have dreamed up.

Entertaining enough, I guess.

The most unfortunate thing for me was that this movie kinda lacked any third act, because when the score finally ends and some double crossing do come up, it kinda ends there on the most predictable note.

More of a character study than an action piece yet once it gets moving you're on the edge of your seat.

His simple movements and actions are very entertaining and amusing.

Then see 'The Usual Suspects' and don't waste your time on this film.

An entertaining safe-cracking story that comes through without blood-spilling/killing is absolutely rare for a successful Hollywood movie these days.

It's all 'scene setting' and I was getting pretty bored.

The film's attempts to add personal dimension to Robert De Niro's character feel contrived.

..entertaining to me.. .

The development of the film was agonizingly slow, only drawing my interest in the admittedly exciting execution of the heist.

Really it was just so bland as to be almost monotonous.

Save your money.

If you have, though, avoid this stale, tedious Frank Oz foray into one of the basic variations of the crime drama genre.

Initially, The Score moves slowly and predictably enough, but as its subtly humorous tone prevails, underscoring the setup, the character exposition, and the narrative ins and outs, the movie becomes alluring in an unexpected way, hitting you with a refreshing sort of earnest integrity.

The movie still tries to put some life into the movie by giving it some twists and creating some unpredictable characteristics for the two main characters.

Brando's Max character is excruciatingly boring.

An enjoyable film.

Besides those two points, the movie was suspenseful, had a good deal of action and was well acted.

see this at home so you can fast forward through the slow parts.

There is a whole wealth of useless lines, characters, episodes going NOWHERE and pretty much taking care of the film fitting in the time it fit.

In fact, the only thing that really does evoke any suspense at all is the music, and that gets tiring after you realize, "Hey, the only thing that was exciting in that scene was the musical score.

I strongly hoped for a better ending, still the movie as such is definitely worth watching.

Sometimes, the story feels a bit cliche of the "aging great thief" hired to do one last job and a multitude of different twists happen along the way.

The music's pretty awful as well: composer Howard Shaw evidently fell asleep after the first bridge, so that the score is as bad as every other score chronicled in this film -- monotonous, repetitive, unoriginal.

The second half of the film makes it all worth watching.

Some scenes are a bit slow at the beginning.

The Slowest Robbery Ever .

then like.. they need the passwords, de niro calls his guy, bit of tension (oh im so on the edge of my seat) at the park, where they exchangee.

I have watched this film and i have to say that i found it very enjoyable to watch.

Marlon Brando is helpless with the trite role assigned to him.

Now I am thinking, it is flawed but well worth watching if you like Heist movies or even if you don't.

Sure it has three of the greatest acting icons of the last 50 years in one movie but that doesn`t save it from having a predictable script of planning a heist , carrying out the heist and having a double cross at the end .

Don't waste your time.

Boring and Predictable With Interesting Gadgets .

Flaws are a slow start, and the wasting of Angela Bassets character which in many ways was underdeveloped and probably not even neccesary.

I found this to be very entertaining and didn't think it was slow at all...

Overall this film was exciting to the end, although I did get the feeling that there was also something remarkably ordinary about this.

, the cinematography of THE SCORE was steadily and slowly paced so you could pick out some beautifully subtle touches.

This is a very boring movie as well.

You can usually ‘bank' on a heist movie to be entertaining.

Running down the plot is sort of a waste of time here,but it involves a long time heist man agreeing to-- here's one you've never heard before -- one last job!

Crime pays only for the best of the bad guys in director Frank Oz's "The Score," an entertaining, straightforward, procedural heist melodrama in the tradition of Michael Cimino's "Thunderbolt & Lightfoot" (1974) and John McTiernan's "The Thomas Crown Affair" remake.

I tried to watch this movie on 3 different occasions and every time I fell asleep during it, only to wake up and find the damn thing still going.

I enjoyed it and think it is worth watching for that.

Rather than relying on a series of banal subplots, worthless characters, or, worst of all, a convoluted plot that disconnects the viewer just as quickly as it could've grabbed them, the writers work to keep The Score rooted in being precisely what it should be - a heist film with shady characters with self-centered ideologies with the element of deception being so present it disappears quite frequently amidst what appears to be complete honesty amongst the characters.

I enjoyed it.

It's supposed to be intriguing because of the mechanics of it.

To say the least, it was very linear, yet unpredictable at the same time.

Heat dragged in scenes between the stars and their significant others for no good reason.

The Score: Boredom 10- Movie 0 .

Brando's is well-nigh unwatchable.

It is cliche and feels contrived and hackneyed - thrown in the film out of necessity of an overly dramatic climax rather than one built constructively from intelligent character development.

It turns out to be one of the most boring movies I've gotten to see in a while.

The most amazing thing about this movie is the fact that the plot depends entirely on old worn-out cliché of heist flicks – the hero retiring, wants out and pulling off the final score.

It really is very poor and spoiled my enjoyment of this movie big time The storyline is suspenseful involving a criminal masterminds one last heist job.

The plot gives nothing new to the "first-we-plan-then-we-hit"-scenario, but it's enjoyable enough.

For another, it includes some great plot twists and turns, and enough excitement to keep most of the audience on the edge of their seats.

Love these actors but the story is boring.

It has an empty screenplay that never scores.

The plot was nothing spectacular, but I was certainly on the edge of my seat throughout the movie.

Pedestrian movie, pedestrian script, exciting at times.

Predictable Crime thriller .

All in all, this movie is a total bore and total waste and I have been completely puzzled by all the people that have thought this film is soooo great.

" Howard Shore's music is so jazzy, befitting the exciting moments and suspenseful sequences; while at times, the wisdom of having no music at all in the background worked simply well.

Anyways, I enjoyed The Score, and I highly recommend it.

The final heist is, however, very exciting and very original.

I was embarrassed to see his talent wasted in such a relentlessly dull movie.

It was smart, darkly funny, entertaining, and suspenseful and it boasts two of my favorite actors (Norton and De Niro).

Enjoyable overall; trailer ruins ending .

Even the filming in Montreal was boring.

About as bland as they come .

Brilliant acting and strong plot make for an enjoyable evening of cinematic pleasure.

The Score (2001)Wow, the last half hour is gripping, exciting stuff.

Great acting, great plot, and lots of suspenseful moments make this one a must see for everyone.

The Snore .

had some old movie qualities but became intense, (3 viewings)

This movie nearly put me to sleep: although it was well acted by DeNiro,Norton and Brando (what else would you expect)- the movie is a basic documentary of the methodology of a safe cracker, and despite its little twist at the end, it was fairly and generally boring.

It is suspenseful, it is explosive, it is pure fast-paced fun.. despite being noticeably underdeveloped.

This movie was very, very slow.

To create an entertaining thriller director Frank Oz inserted some twists and at least a surprising end but it remains always predictable.

About this movie,I think it's boring.

It was a bit weak, quite predictable, and did not felt special.

It's an absolute pleasure from start to finish, just to watch and study these men -- but then, they could probably be taking turns reading the phone book and make it seem fascinating.

A nice plot, easy to follow, great characters and a very compelling story.

Of course, having one of the most exciting casts ever to be assembled for a movie didn't hurt Oz's efforts either.

Overly complex and contrived plot.

The Bore .

"The Score" is a solid, enjoyable heist film that boasts the kind of performances you'd expect.

The whole thing is just real intense.

"The Score", although predictable, is still a very entertaining film.

Engrossing Heist Movie .

"The Score", which has a very run-of-the-mill plot, is far more enjoyable than it would otherwise be because it's set in Montreal and features three great actors in the lead roles.

This is a complete mess and a total bore.

This is not, as I have heard some people report, cliché ridden or even predictable, and the ending has a very nice touch to it.

The heist itself is obviously the most exciting portion of the film, and the tension escalates more and more with every passing minute.

It was interesting and fun to watch but predictable.

I only give a score of 6.5 because its lack of story.

As for the actors, Brando (in his last on-screen role) is alright but his character is minor; De Niro is dull, while Edward Norton's performance as a man for whom disability is a disguise is palpably inferior to Kevin Spacey's masterclass in 'The Usual Suspects'.

The cast was very strong and powerful and basically held the movie through its dull moments.

the whole "one last heist" thing was very tiring.. boring, ya de dah, who cares, we all know hes gonna do it anyway, etc.. the whole girlfriend thing is tiring too.....

Really it was just so bland as to be almost monotonous.

And intense.

Nothing new, yet entertaining .


He has a style about him, both in physical expressions and delivery of lines, that makes watching him very enjoyable.

All together now: One, two, three zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

It was all set up for the final heist, but certain scenes got downright boring.

The plot is derivative, there's not much original material here, but somehow, I overlooked this and was immersed in the film.

Heist movies are either stupid and unbelievable (3000 Miles to Graceland) or realistic and boring (The Score & Heat).

Seeing these characters go through so much crap for there number one score is very entertaining.

The movie isnt really what you would call "action packed.

Painfully slow.

Great characters and the plot is simple yeah, but its executed well enough to be entertaining.

"The Score" is a heist - a rather suspenseful one, especially when we get to watch De Niro's character Nick cracking safes in such technical detail.

The lines are stilted and boring, there is no action or drama, and the actors deliver bad lines with disinterested disinterest.

And since then, an empty husk.

very good when you need some excitment, that's if you stay awake the first hour or so, it's worth it.

Smart, suspenseful heist flic .

so thumbs up for frank, this one made my evening an entertaining one.

As for the plot, it is very riveting after a methodical buildup, and certainly the ending was well worth the wait.

On that note, the act of the heist itself felt dull and mundane.

They create a fine, taut drama with a rousing twist at the end.

" and "riveting!

The movie was extremely good, but slow to get started.

This movie finally made me realize that these kinds of movies are pretty boring.

What also hurt this movie is that I was bored out of my mind.

Not for Everyone, but those with Patience and Strong Attention Spans will most likely get a Kick out of the Actors and Enjoy the Suspenseful Conclusion.

suspenseful, keeps you glued .

This film is virtually a mind blowing movie that fills you up with suspense throughout the entire film.

slow and steady .

We enjoyed it enormously.

Overall this is quite a cliched,unoriginal film that is also quite predictable.

This is an all around enjoyable movie, with a great setting.

The challenge they take on is enormous and the problems they encounter generate plenty of suspense which becomes most intense during the actual heist when predictably, not everything goes according to plan.

A good film that delivers a dull punch at the end.

Pretty entertaining heist flick for Friday or Saturday evening at home with no children.

The creation of a film with such a wonderful balance of an interesting set-up and such well-outlined characters makes for a very satisfying and entertaining film.

the only good part about it, was predictable at best.

Whilst it is certainly no 'Heat', it is a fairly enjoyable movie that is worth a look, if only to watch De Niro and Norton act on screen together.

The people who find this slow are the people that need something exploding every 5 minutes or some kind of assinine car chase.

Though a bit slow for the action junkie, it is an engaging film with plenty of entertainment value.

The story was an exciting setting-up of a heist that these men are all about.

Simply put, Director Frank Oz (‘Bowfinger', ‘In & Out' and the voice of Yoda in the ‘Star Wars' films) cannot master the fine art of suspenseful filmmaking as demonstrated in his film ‘The Score'.

Perhaps the most attractive, engaging aspect of The Score is the variety of its three lead actors, arguably the best actors of their time.

I endured the boring pre-heist moments, expecting a good final scene.

Only worth watching for its historical significance.

What makes "The Score" a very absorbing and successful variation on the usual formula is, first of all, the quality of the cast (Robert de Niro, Ed Norton, Angela Bassett and Marlon Brando) and the air of conviction imparted by the director, Frank Oz.

What a snore!

The only word for Ed Norton is simply Stunning - I could not take my eyes off the screen during the final 20 mins of the film !!!

If the entertaining, suspenseful plot of "The Score" without blood and guts or car chases is too 'clean and tidy' for you, try director Jonathan Glazer's "Sexy Beast" 2000, a thrilling British crime drama, brilliantly scripted by Louis Mellis and David Scinto, with sensational performances from Ben Kingsley and Ray Winstone.

Frank Oz does a good job of wrapping the abundant clichés in a nifty package that is somewhat entertaining and suspenseful.

"The Score" contains an engaging amount of good material.

I have no idea why actors of the caliber of Ed Norton and Robert DeNiro would be involved in such a lackluster, slow moving film.

The slow pace was perfectly suited to building up suspense on a psychological level.

one dull movie.

At least this movie didn't have a bunch of different twists, making it confusing.

There is a whole wealth of useless lines, characters, episodes going NOWHERE and pretty much taking care of the film fitting in the time it fit.

Very entertaining.

The slow-moving story and camera allows you to appreciate the composition of the shots.

The plot is fantastic.. Even if it seems quite boring, too slow and it sounds obvious at first, you will soon realize that the time flies to the end.

Enjoyable heist-movie .

I had almost stopped watching his films, but he made a pretty predictable story a fun thriller.

The Score was one of the most enjoyable movies I've seen in a long time.

Also this movie is boring.

II agree with most people who liked the movie and I highly recommend it.

Of course every well-planned movie heist has something go wrong, but this one will have a very unexpected twist.

I left the theater spouting off things I heard idiots say about the Blair Witch Project; "what a rip off!

Nevertheless, the quality of acting on display - particularly between De Niro and Norton - more than makes up for the often bland dialogue and predictable story.

Don't waste your time.

The story is pretty dull and despite the good acting, the film has a very sleep inducing feel to it.

Nortons' worst movie in my book.

***Danger SPOILERS*** Another cookie cutter Hollywood off-season action bore-a-thon.

Worth watching if for nothing else than to see three legends doing what they do best in one film.

No computer effects, a lot of actions, excellent play, long lasting time, just The entertaining masterpiece.

The pace of this movie will keep you on the edge of your seat for sure!

Also worth watching in that it was the great Marlon Brando's last movie.

The movie started slow.

And of the three performances, the most compelling may surprise you.

' This electrifying intense film stars Robert Deniro, Edward Norton, and Marlon Brando (ever heard of them?

The main problem though is that it's a bit slow paced, as incredible as these actors are, even they didn't look to interested in this film.

If you can enjoy the first hour or so and watch the slow building up, and enjoy seeing Brando in a role that seems made for him and little extraneous, you'll eventually get to the heist itself, and it gets complicated and interesting.

The filmakers know this all to well and parley this presience into a well-constructed movie with a predictable ending (SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER!

It won't be nominated for any awards, but "The Score" manages to succeed where so many other supposed 2001 summer blockbusters have failed -- "The Score" is entertaining.

Either the caper overwealms the plot and characterizations ("Dead Heat on a Merry-Go-Round") or plays uninteresting second fiddle to cutesy romance ("How to Steal a Million," "Gambit").

A snoozer.

Starting off a bit slow The Score gave me a feeling that the movie is going to suck.

Flawed but worth watching.

While not a spectacular movie, The Score does a nice job of providing a good heist story and unexpected plot twists.

While Pacino never appeared with Brando again, de Niro gets to be paired with the old master of Method in The Score, a slightly lethargic but exciting heist caper.

The club provides a good model for 'The Score', with talent a-plenty in the line-up but which proves formulaic and unremarkable in practice.

However, I must admit the usual goosebumps I feel before every movie got more intense when I went to see this one.

This was fun to watch it was fun to watch these great actors have fun making a movie that was fast paced & entertaining and had some nice twist and left you smiling.

In the end,it's just a story about two guys taking something that isn't theirs,and that proves to still be an absorbing film idea.

Director Frank Oz starts the film off with a painstakingly slow pace that the film seems never to recover from.

The direction is a bit of a cliche type approach, not really showing colorful images of the city like 2002's The Good Thief did.

Satisfying and entertaining film-making .

The film is worth watching for Norton's performance, if nothing else.

This movie was fairly dark yet enjoyable.

The film has its lulls, but with a cast like this it's hard to doze off.

Too much is left to chance or quite formulaic.

Overall this was a very enjoyable movie - well worth the price of admission.

The movie was utterly predictable.

"The Score" is a trite, plodding piece of formula hack.

It is very entertaining, from the first scene where we see Robert De Niro working his magic, all the way to the very end.

If watched with keeping the brain aside to rest, it is thrilling and entertaining, and can be savored at best.

It's well worth watching and definately one of the better films of its genre.

The Score was simply a boring crime caper with a script to weak to really liven anything up.

First we are on the edge of our seat because Jack is downstairs, turning cameras on and off for Nick, while we know that his janitor friend Danny is waiting for him upstairs, growing increasingly suspicious.

There are those who say this movie was slow and boring.

When the big day comes, there are of course, unexpected complications and unexpected twists.

Instead, it keeps itself focused on the meat of the movie, cutting scenes only as necessary, resulting in a very enjoyable pace that lets you absorb the textures of the movie more thoroughly, and lets the tensions of the movie surface nicely without the unnecessary distractions.

The location was neither exotic nor prestigious, the movie should of been developed more into a longer film, though the end was surprising it was too quick and snappy.

The movie builds to what I consider to be one of the most suspenseful and surprising endings I have seen in a very long time.

Along with its healthful entertaining value, the score itself, of THE SCORE, by Howard Shore is good music for the ears.

Seeing De Niro and Brando work off of one another, especially in one later scene that takes place in a pool, is a rousing good time.

Moving at the slower pace lets some smaller moments unfold (watch the background for the way certain characters float in and out of a scene) – it's refreshing to see scenes build at a gradual pace instead of having them jammed whole down the throat.

moves real slow...

It started off pretty slow as you would assume and built as the heist was planned.

There is still suspense here and there, but a trifle on the cliché side.

There are some good light moments between De Niro and Basset and some comical lines given to Norton, which although keeping with the naturalistic dialogue was a nice contrast from the talk given to the heist itself, which was bland on the whole (see THE KILLING).

too long, too predictable .

No, The Score had all it needed to have: An all-star cast; a solid plot line; some suspenseful "man-versus-his-own-decision" conflict scenes; shiny things; a lot of cursing (which this reviewer sheepishly admits she is a sucker for); and a few punchy one-liners thrown into the mix for good measure.

Plot is predictable almost through the whole movie.

Far, far from being a great treat, it's predictable and slow paced for a crime thriller.

`The Score' is a out-and-out clinic on outstanding acting, and for that alone it's worth watching.

Suspenseful, enjoyable entertainment.

Rather it relies on the screenwriters words and the actors to create a compelling story.

More than anything else, it is the climax of the movie, which makes it complete as an entertaining thriller.

The movie is entertaining, but due to reasons, other than the performances of its stellar cast: Angela Bassett has just a few and dull moments on the screen.

From this movie on, I'll be more careful - the film is as boring, eventless, unoriginal and monotonous as they get.

It is entertaining, and has some very thrilling moments, enough to keep you engaged, especially during the heist.

Overall its just another movie, it lacks the luxury of a Mission Impossible type movie, lacking the James Bond scenes, giving it a dull ambiance.

In fact, it's dull.

There's no story.

The journey to the crime is brilliant, but slow and perhaps too tedious.

The movie winds up with a great robbery sequence and a few unexpected developments.

It wasn't a bad story, it was pretty typical and predictable.

Too often, actors rely solely on slow, slurred speech, and fail to master the intricacies of their physical performance.

Should be enjoyable stuff for most, especially gadget geeks and DeNiro fans.

The firsthalf of the film is very slow as they set up the score, and in thesecond half when they finally go to do it, it still is plodding.

The rest is just an average though entertaining safe cracker story, far from being anything like inventive.

Otherwise, it's a bit talky with a few lulls.

Frank Oz is a versatile and fascinating man, and I look forward to better and better things from him in the future.

The first half was spent getting to know the characters, but was great, exciting and tense the last half.

Plus, seeing Ed Norton, sweaty, in a beater, looking rather suspicious and intense, is surprisingly -- and almost even disturbingly -- appealing.

I actually fell asleep for 20 minutes in the theater, woke back up, and was able to pick up where I left off because the story line moves so slow.

The thrill of the heist and getting caught kept me on the edge of my seat...

This is a highly entertaining heist movie, with a bit of a twist at the end.

They are intricate and sometimes confusing but seldom (if done correctly) boring.

Let's be honest, the movie is completely clichéd, nothing new here: last job before retirement in the name of love, brash young vs cool oldest guy, mentor (Brando) and a oh-so predictable twist which thus is not one.

The twists and turns it takes will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Banal and somewhat pathetic!

Well what can i say,it was a good movie,maybe not for everyone,but i personally enjoyed it immensley.

The pace quickens, a bunch of conflicts put you on the edge of your seat, and you actually start caring who comes out ahead in the end.

All in all a fine movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

That said i do recommend to seeing this movie once on a boring evening - it does its job.

But those wouldn't be a waste of your time either.

Good acting in a dull story .

The movie is a non-stop crime/thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Her character was boring.

Though the film was rather predictable, and overall not the best, despite the powerhouse abilities of its lead characters, it has its moments.

'The Score', then, is trite and tired from beginning to end, an embarrassing waste of time for all concerned and especially any viewer daft enough to have paid to see it.

All fans of slow moving formula action pictures line up here.

A boring story is boring no matter how good the actors.

Although the latter film had more action, "The Score" was just more entertaining.

Should be called the Bore .

Slow start, fast ending .

This is a solid, professional attempt at a heist movie with many enticing sequences and riveting dialogue.

It is slow, badly written, predictable and it seems as if the actors are bored performing their parts.

Still, I found myself entertained even as I groaned at the predictable plot.

This film is classy, enjoyable and engrossing.

but this movie bored me from the first to the last take.

Immersed in an Immense Minutia of Tradecraft connected with High-End Jewel Thieves, the Film Unfolds at a "Cool Jazz" Pace, and Literally a "Cool Jazz" Place.

underdeveloped, yet entertaining .

While the acting from all parts was spectacular, the movie itself was predictable and unoriginal.

Robert De Niro's performance as Nick Wells, a jazz club owner slash underground thief who is thinking seriously of retiring from the latter profession, is relatively bland and not notably exciting to watch.

Not only does he assemble this great cast, but he delivers and unbalanced, poorly written, bland piece of filmmaking that is laughable at best in terms of its' standards as a heist film.

Instead we're left with a finely performed snoozer.

"Robert De Niro" and "Edward Norton" put on great performances along with a star stunning co- stars such as "Angela Bassett" and the great legend "Marlon Brando".

The actors delivered for the most part, considering the cliche-heavy script.

Clearly one of the worst movies ever made.

I felt a much better movie could have come out of the plot premises, which were genuinely engaging.

'Despite its banal nature, though, `The Score' still manages to entertain, if only because its cast and its director lend their best efforts towards giving life to this tired material.

Fairly tedious though.

Oz's execution might be old school but it works, if it's ought to be slow then let it be slow since the script is gripping enough to keep the audience invested in it.

de Niro plays Nick, who runs a jazz club and subsidizes his cushy upper crust life by occasionally doing high-end heists for Brando's character Max, a rather cliché fence borrowing from Sidney Greenstreet's famous work in _The Maltese Falcon_.

This was a very quiet, tense, suspenseful film.