The Secret Life of Pets 2 (2019) - Animation, Adventure, Comedy

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Continuing the story of Max and his pet friends, following their secret lives after their owners leave them for work or school each day.

IMDB: 6.5
Director: Chris Renaud
Stars: undefined, Patton Oswalt
Length: 86 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 28 out of 215 found boring (13.02%)

One-line Reviews (119)

Adults may get a little bored with the movie since the humor is aiming for the younger audiences.

My husband fell asleep,I spent half of the movie on Facebook,my 6 y old was constantly asked me questions for school ,vacations,babies ...

Despite the movie being pretty "childish", there were several intense and entertaining action scenes, such as the scene where Max is forced to rescue a lamb from a cliff, and the fight on the train at the end.

With all due respect to people's opinions, this movie was just so forgettable and at times, unwatchable.

Fun movie but loses track of story as others have mentioned and the eastern european bad guy stereotype is boringly outdated by now, maybe it works for US audiences still?

Totally worth watching!

A total complete waste of money to see this.

This movie was so boring that the KID (notice I said kid, not adult or teen or baby) next to me kept climbing on the chair and running around before his whole family left.

It was a good movie and I enjoyed it.

The Secret Life of Pets 2 is an unexpected successor, and it doesn't live up to it's prequel.

Let's get started:Movie: The Secret Life Of Pets 2 (2019)Directors: Chris Renaud, Jonathan del Val (co-director) Writer: Brian Lynch Stars: Patton Oswalt, Kevin Hart, Harrison Ford LIKES: Voice Acting Animation Comedy Pacing Adventurous Stories Emotional Moments DISLIKES: Predictable Short Run Time Not Quite Original More Impasses/Character Development Under Utilized CharactersPeople who like these may like this movie:Secret Life Of Pets 1 Sing Ferdinand Homeward Bound A Dog's PurposeSummary: Animated films often require good voice acting to bring the characters to life, and this series' cast succeeds in bringing the plot to full life.

Still, I've learned to rise above the nonsense, and will rate the flick for what it is: A Just About Tolerable Selection Of Bland Sketches Vaguely Connected To A Wisp Of A Plot Full Of Poop And Pee Jokes.

Admittedly entertaining, but lacking pretty much any value, The Secret Life of Pets 2 continues Illuminations trend of recent seemingly pointless sequels.

That one kept me and my grand niece on the edge of our seats.

Funny, but predictable and forgettable.

It felt like an enjoyable experience for younger moviegoers that keeps them quiet for an hour and a half.

This movie was so unwatchable that maybe this is the beginning of the end of their bs.

I admit I giggled a couple times but omg it was so boring.

There's plenty of laughs and fun hijinks, but it's all so empty and meaningless.

I wouldn't say this is a family film, since I believe most parents will be bored out of their mind.

Very entertaining .

We all three enjoyed it .

As they bring CGI and other animation tactics to the table, the stories that follow have a big job of trying to make a film that is entertaining to all ages without dipping down one end over the other.

Enjoyed It & Haters Will Hate .

Watched this with teenage son had a few laughs and thoroughly enjoyable.

Problem is, the characters are uninteresting and the story is just plain awful.

I had no interest in watching this movie, since the trailer for The Secret Life of Pets 2 was dull.

The Max's storyline had the most potential but ended up being the weakest and boring.

It's just so predictably boring.

And also it has some exciting moments.

I'm not kidding) and with Rooster's help, Max's side is more meaningful, learning not to be scared and have faith in yourself, it's funny, cute and it makes the movie have a purpose, Snowball's plot is more action packed and exciting!

This was a thoroughly enjoyable and well done sequel.

Such a boring movie .. Enough with the same old story that domestic cats are apathetic and uncaring.

While not entirely necessary, this sequel is pleasantly entertaining.

They're all so safe and predictable, and they even feel tacked on to pad the film.

Since this is a kid-targeted movie and all of the cute, fluffy characters are protected by plot armor, the moviegoer knows that they'll win no matter what happens (although this is definitely a characteristic of most movies, so you can interpret this as nitpicking) - even Gidget, Chloe, and their friends crashing a car into the villain at the end of the movie is predictable.

A very large chunk of The Secret Life of Pets 2 is pointless and dumb.

This was brilliant for the 5, 9 & 10 year olds who saw it, they thoroughly enjoyed it and laughed.

The first Secret Life of Pets was an enjoyable film.

Worth watching.

Most of the scenes are literally boring and they had a slight piece of entertainment in here.

The storyline was engaging, and the content was compelling.

As in your kids might need something explained or need some reasurrance that all is well was put in place for when the kids ask why it was so boring.

The humor is generic, the troubles characters face predictable and there is really nothing memorable about this movie.

I highly recommend it.

But I found the movie disjointed.

It's still pretty damn funny and entertaining all the while having a little something to say.

Honestly I didn't expected much from there sequel, but I enjoyed it more than my daughter!

A funnier and entertaining improvement .

Intense and entertaining .

All you adult reviewers this movie is for kids so if you want to be a spoil sport and give bad reviews go ahead i bet more than half the people on here enjoyed it...

Several scenes, including the cliff scene and the chase scenes, are pretty intense.

Entertaining, but pointless sequel .

Okay honestly, I went with my two daughters and expected to get bored and I think I enjoyed it more than they did!

This animated film was actually enjoyable, up until one of the dog characters used the word "pissed.

I found this movie to be more engaging and relatable than the original.

The characters are cute, albeit bland.

My only issue(s) were that the plot was predictable and Max & Duke, while not intolerable, didn't leave much an impression for me.

Yawn .

For one thing, the movie is still predictable and pulled no surprises in terms of story presentation.

It really felt like three different episodes or short films stitched together to make it feature length and you know what it wouldn't be so bad if it was at least entertaining to watch.

Took the little ones to see this in their half term break, they enjoyed it so job done really.

watch it for yourself, we enjoyed it .

Otherwise, the film was pretty enjoyable and a had a better story than the first Secret Life of Pets.

Nothing Happens .

In practice, however, the stories intertwine pretty well and does deliver an entertaining and intense climax in the third act.

Thus, it's really enjoyable and I've enjoyed every seconds of it.

Gets better by Every Minute ( Slow starting ) .

An entertaining and hilarious sequel.

all i can say is that yes it wasnt as long as the first one but hey still enjoyed it and the kids will aswell cause it is for the youngsters after all.

Some mundane event is expected to be loved and laughed upon, and considering such childish philosophies as antic, they frankly have nothing to stand on.

I highly recommend it!

Fell asleep .

The secret life of pets 2 enjoyable and entertaining for kids, i personally liked it, its fast short and enjoyable, but wasnt like the 1st one it had a much bigger story and more concentrated on the main character and much bigger villain, in this time didnt feel the presence of a villain it wasnt much concentrated on it, it was more with max and the kid how rooster told him be a brave, really liked how they made subplots in a such movie one with max snowball and gidget all those backstories really enjoyed gidgets role there, Its well crafted but sometimes if you think its unnecessary this to be there but its all about enjoying and spent time with kids so its great, if you are a fan of 1st one and a animation fan this a choice and give it a go, 6.5/10⭐

Besides this, the movie was an epic bore.

Very enjoyable .

Adorable but boring .

I went into this movie wanting to love it, but I found myself finding it very uneventful and conveniently written.

Though it didn't quite capture the charm as the original, it's still entertaining and funny enough to see what these characters have been up to since their last adventure.

Fun, very entertaining.

Funny and enjoyable .

The adults were bored into drowsyness in ten minutes, Actually having to rouse ourselves from dropping off over and over.

The first one was really funny, this one they went for more boring/scary...

The Secret Life of Pets 2 is an exciting movie, to say the least.

Several times in the course of watching it, I wondered how much more enjoyable this concept would be as a streaming TV show or a miniseries.

This one was a huge waste of time.

The story is thin and the movie is a bit boring with this sequel.

Boring .

Pointless Sequel .

There's a few scenes that are very intense, and a couple that may be too thematically dark to be comfortable for young children.

Such a funny and enjoyable movie for all audiences!

A big chunk of the story is completely pointless, but this is a movie aimed at children, and it's still fun, hilarious, and enjoyable to watch.

Still Enjoyable For me .

PLUS Louis CK made the original enjoyable, Patton Oswald just sucks.

Fun, Hilarious, and Exciting .

It's an entertaining, funny animated feature with a great cast of actors and actresses who keep the story going.

The first one was a great new franchize, but the sequel is Boring.

Ok, I might have foreseen some obvious twists (I cannot tell them here so as to avoid spoilers), but others came rather unexpected, which was something I liked the most.

Overall, Secret Life Of Pets 2 was a funny and action packed movie for the whole family.


This movie was so funny but boring at times and the plot wasn't very interesting.

With it's bland humor and trouble to keep a story line, The Secret Life of Pets 2 falls behind.

Same entertaining just like the first one.

There is no storyline WHATSOEVER.

The funny bits had already been shown on trailers the rest was disjointed.

Painfully boring for adults.

It was predictable, all the laughs were in the trailers, and the plot structure itself was a wannabe Toy Story.

it was boring.

Still, we left the theater satisfied.

A forgettable sequel but still enjoyable.

The children also fell asleep.

I must admit, may have stifled a yawn at some points.

I sure wish these films were as entertaining as the Despicable Me franchise.

Really enjoyed it, amazing voice cast and a good fun story line

Many of the other characters are completely pointless, though.

Being rather disappointed by the first part of this cartoon, I did find the second part absolutely fascinating.

not quite what I wanted but it is close to what I want in a way, the Secret Life of Pets 2 is a surprisingly pretty good sequel to the first movie, slightly better and it has improved, not majorly, but it's still a improvement, it's still funny, the story has more meaning to it and it has two subplots that are fun and interesting, the animation is just as strong as the first movie, the new characters are fun, and some of the old characters are still funny and entertaining!

It saw the comeback of the characters we loved from the first movie, and some exciting new characters too.

The storyline was bland, it seemed like a desperate attempt to simply make a sequel off the success of the first one.