The Secret of NIMH (1982) - Animation, Adventure, Drama

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To save her ill son, a field mouse must seek the aid of a colony of rats, with whom she has a deeper link than she ever suspected.

IMDB: 7.6
Director: Don Bluth
Stars: Elizabeth Hartman, Derek Jacobi
Length: 82 Minutes
PG Rating: G
Reviews: 11 out of 159 found boring (6.91%)

One-line Reviews (80)

There are no musical numbers, just an exciting, vibrant score that follows the action perfectly.

The story is intense.

Every project after this has been visually dreary, sufficiently so that you notice the commonplace stories.

I can understand if they thought that ultimately, living off of the humans was not sustainable, but to want to leave because they felt guilty for pilfering the farmer's electricity?

The awe-inspiring wisdoms of Nicodemus and The Great Owl, the comic reliefs of Mr. Ages, Jeremy and Auntie Shrew, the fascinating struggle between good and evil (Justin and Jenner), and of course the unmatchable greatness of the Brisby family name make this film one of the best animated movies ever.

There are other characters I would like to mention, but will not in favor of saving pleasure for the audience, but there is one more, voiced by Paul Shenar, who is one of the most cold-blooded and fascinating villains this critic has ever seen.

The designs are busy ot the point of confusion as to what I, as a member of the audience, should be paying attention to.

The music is pretty boring.

The story line is bold and intriguing, with enough memorable heroes and villains to make it worth seeing it over and over again.

THE SECRET OF NIMH is gripping, emotionally involving, and fun for the whole family...

Director Don Bluth and writers Gary Goldman and John Pomeroy tell this simple, yet absorbing and inspirational story of courage, friendship and devotion with tremendous clarity and sensitivity.

Not a perfect film, but a moving and highly entertaining one.

The end result is a fairly sophisticated animated fantasy that is a highly entertaining counterpoint to the films of Disney.

Every plothole in the movie blends so well together, which makes the movie so engaging.

Even though it is a cartoon and rated g, the subject matter is intense and often scary.

" To fully explain it would be to give away the third act, but here is where the unusually dark story, the fascinating characters, and the eye-candy animation and trick shots all come together.

old style animation, compelling characters and a wonderful story .

So I guess if you like Don Bluth or want to watch a children's film that is just as entertaining to kids as it is to adults then this movie is certainly a must-watch.

Boy, was THAT corny and predictable.

I find it boring, over-dramatic, too scary for kids and generally overrated.

I hate this animation style, I would watch these cartoons as a little kid, but now it's just visually unwatchable.

It has some of the most intense sequences in an animated film that I've ever seen.

Perfectly enjoyable from the kids to the parents, and include whatever pets you may have as well.

That may be a good age for the intense concepts of this movie to be introduced.

Positives: Amazing Animation, Great Soundtrack, Amazing Story, Film is not dated, Very entertaining.

There are, of course, thoughtful and compelling criticisms to be made of science and technology, and I found a few when I later read the book.

It is a stunningly beautiful, exciting, and underrated minor classic in the animation department, also featuring something quite rare in many movies, animated or not, today: memorable characters.

Visuals are great, touching storyline that is entertaining as well.

Beautiful and intense .

Just wahing the movie could be a waste of your valuable time.

" boasts some of the most beautifully stunning images in animated movie history.

All I can say is, if you see this movie sitting on the shelf of your local film store, or see it online it is definitely worth the watch.

I was entranced by the scenery, but also by the stunning performance, or so it would seem, of the story's heroine, "Mrs Brisby".

The crown jewel in this beautiful treasure trove is Goldsmith's breathtaking score, so elaborately lush, heartwarming, and at times haunting that it's impossible not to be humming the theme music ("Flying Dreams") before the halfway point.

Somehow, the movie's heroine is willing to risk the safety of her three children, and waste a lot of time doing all kinds of dangerous errands just because 'the air is bad' for her fourth child.

Particularly stunning is the movie's use of colour to enhance moods.

I found the protagonist, Mrs. Brisby, to be particularly engaging because her script and subtleties in voice acting add to the film's sophistication.

protests are, instead it shows the point of view from both humans and animals, leaving t up to the viewer to decide which side of the issue is the right one, if any, while also offering an exciting adventure.

The animation is just stunning, with beautiful backgrounds and excellent character animation.

Mrs. Brisby is a field mouse who is looking after a gravely ill child, but her life takes unexpected turn when she must move her home, which would risk the life of her son.

This film does that, with some unexpected elements thrown in.

There is only one other animated film I know of that has a more exciting ending, and that is the end of "The Fox and the Hound.

Great storyline, Stunning visuals, awesome characters, and dripping with atmosphere and charm.

Plus the end fight scene with Justin and Jenner is exciting, even for an animated film.

As the book is very darling, and for children of all ages, the film is put together in a more mature, adult style, with intense moments.

Terrible waste of money .

This was like a propaganda film from either PETA or the Scientologists, as the mice discuss the horrors that the experienced at the hands of the government!

The worst movie ever .

This is a film well worth watching - I'm so happy to have it on DVD.

"Creating an animation this dark and exciting was a very bold and brave move for somebody making his first movie on his own.

The characters are engaging and sympathetic, and the actors playing their voices did so were well chosen for their roles.

The dark blues and blacks of the stunning 'lantern elevator' descent into the rats' city, and the tractor scene - the background starts out in subdued tones and ends up flaming red as the action peaks.

This is one movie that is worth the watch.

The movie represents the marriage of old style animation, compelling characters and a wonderful story.

I gave this movie a 4 out of 10 because it was a fair attempt at brining the book to life while still be beingig an enjoyable ,and worthwhile film.

Beautiful, breathtaking, emotional and powerful.

However, what does save the film's narrative is the fantasy aspect, as the origins of the rats is very fascinating albeit frightening, and one can feel sorry for them given how much many of them want to move on to better lives.

Not simply a cartoon for children, the drama and pace of the film are as engaging as any live-action piece I've seen.

While this was made long before the days of computers, the environment is still breathtaking.

Apropos, between the startled gasps of Mrs. Brisby and the urgency of Jerry Goldsmith's score, this movie is far more intense than you may think.

It has some of the most thrilling action sequences in all of American animation, and some great comic relief courtesy of Jeremy the crow (perhaps Dom DeLuise's finest performance).

There were also elements that were confusing as well as elements that were so scary they left the room.

Very involving and exciting!

That not withstanding, this is still a very entertaining endeavor, and the kiddies need never know, until they are older, the implications of such events in this classic adaptation by Bluth.

The characters are truly compelling.

I think this a dumb cliché in animated movies.

In fact, the "Nimh" story is the most fascinating element.

One thing that really surprised my upon first viewing is that this movie actually had some intense death sequences in it, especially towards the end.

Moreover, the main characters are extremely engaging, with Mrs. Brisby making for an endearing reluctant heroine who most overcome her innate timidity and discover remarkable reserves of inner strength.

The story line is both enchanting and exciting.

Overall, while it does suffer from shoddy pacing and a weak supporting cast, The Secret of Nimh is still a worthwhile family feature thanks to its chilling atmosphere, fascinating mix of science and fantasy, a sympathetic and charming protagonist, and a wonderful score.

It's animation is stunning, it has a great storyline, and great characters.

Mrs Brisby is instantly likable, and her quest to help her child becomes engrossing really quickly .

And although it is geared towards little kids, many scenes are actually quite dark and compelling.

While there are a bit too many characters to really care about, the ones that actually progress the plot make the experience thrilling and suspenseful.

One of the beautiful things is that as a child you don't catch everything going on, it's just visually stunning with fun characters.

If I had to yank anything, I'd pull Jeremy; Dom DeLouise pulls out a fine comedic performance, but in this intense fantasy piece, it comes off as mere comic relief and almost unnecessary.

Worth the watch.

There are other plus points - Jerry Goldsmith's rousing score; Dom DeLuise's amusing vocals as an accident-prone bird; and some very well-conceived "baddies" in the shape of rat conspirator Jenner and savage farm-cat Dragon.

It's just fine for adults, whom I would recommend watch with their children for some of the more intense scenes.