The Shape of Water (2017) - Adventure, Drama, Fantasy

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At a top secret research facility in the 1960s, a lonely janitor forms a unique relationship with an amphibious creature that is being held in captivity.

IMDB: 7.3
Director: Guillermo del Toro
Stars: Sally Hawkins, Octavia Spencer
Length: 123 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 243 out of 1000 found boring (24.3%)

One-line Reviews (528)

This has GOT TO BE THE WORST movie EVER to win an Oscar!

The story was in parts so predictable, I could guess what the next shot would be.

This sumptuous love story between human and amphibian may not be to everyone's taste, but if you go with it, Guillermo del Toro's offbeat romance hardly puts a (webbed) foot wrong, with its stunning production and creature designs and a beautiful whimsical tale that never forgets the harsh and cruel realities of the real world.

Visually engaging, bereft of anything enjoyable.

The mainstream audiences apparently struggled to enjoy this film by Guillermo del Toro, but critics and the academy alike enjoyed it.

This story was boring and predictable.

It is one of the poorest I've seen in a long time, so predictable, so shallow and uni-dimensional.

Boring as hell, green filters and simplistic script and some of the best features of the film.

It is so predictable that I guessed every single thing that was going to happen.

"The Shape of Water" is fantastical and breathtaking.

Expect the unexpected, float away and enjoy the ride.

As always, del Toro delivers a visually stunning film which is a joy to watch.

Apart from a few and very predictable twists and turns, the story is like a water in a pipe, flowing into the gutter.

The 1960s setting might have served for an interesting back drop for Del Toro to explore social issues, but it's script is so on the nose, his characters so dull and formulaic, that it waters down any meaningful message.

Slow, boring, and a rip off of The Creature from the Black Lagoon.

Boring storyline.


As with all of the director's films it really is stunning to look at.

The central character is intriguing, and the story is engaging.

Cliché .

The most empty film of the decade.

I give it 6/10 because it was enjoyable to watch in the moment, plus other pleasantries, such as Michael Shannon and some lovely cinematography.

After giving it more thought, I realized that it was formulaic in its own way.

While propaganda is singletrack-ed.

So predictable and cliche .

Despite this, The Shape of Water is downright breathtaking, from its masterful soundtrack, striking performances and its twisted, sweeping, comedic and charismatic storytelling.

How tedious it is!!

Strickman, on the other hand is a very intense character and an arrogant Colonel.

So typical of the crap that Hollywood has been dumping on us for far too long.

REGARDLESS, this movie is a disgrace, it is the worst movie since Shallow Hal and Plan (9from Outer Space!!!!

I've lost count the number of times how many clichés were in the film moreover the whole point of the film is just a boring and frequently discussed cliché: only inner beauty can generate true love.

It is worth watching this movie with a reflective spirit.

as an ode to the purest, sincere and free love ; who, like water, can take all the forms, even the most unexpected ...

Amazing acting , sofisticated understatement handling , stunning camera work , deep and meaningfull message , masterpiece.

An intriguing exploration of the "monster" genre, I give The Shape of Water 4.5 stars out of 5.

Boring and overrated .

The Shape of Water (2017) stylishly tells the story of a classic monster-adult fairy tale and fuses with old Hollywood musical, making it a fascinating experience.

Self Indulgent Rubbish .

Sure, the use of water in this film is kind of intriguing, with one scene in particular coming to mind involving a flooded bathroom.

Unfortunately, the screenplay is more oddball than engaging.

It does nothing for the plot, which is predictable and boring.

Just waste of time...

For the most part it was very predictable just like every other romantic movie.

This story of unexpected love from what I would define as two misfits of a society that doesn't fully accept either of them.

The most empty film of the decade .

Even though the actors are wonderful and transmit emotions magnificently, the story line was predictable, the pace too slow, the Broadway scene a disaster.

Splash - boring version .

I was expecting so much more of this movie, just a big waste of money to watch this movie in the cinema.

Or it could have been as dark as his earlier masterpiece "Pan's Labyrinth", if the director had gone wild with horror, but the director chooses to compromise and now the end result has become a bit bland.

Mindlessly entertaining and well acted by Sally Hawkins with Octavia Spencer reprising an all to frequent character role and Michael Shannon a bit of a nasty villain.

Musical scene mid movie stupid and confusing.

Overall, good and enjoyable movie (more enjoyable then last years oscar winner, which should have been La La Land imo) but on a level of story and writing lacks the magic.

Thanks for god that I fell asleep twice in the theater.

definitely well worth the watch!!!

Like others the story was boring and silly and so much fluff was added because it lacked a story.


Of Olivia Spencer and Richard Jenkins , I can only say that these two are engaging actors albeit underrated most of the times.

Don't waste your time, there are better love stories out there.

Don't waste your time.

The color, the music and everything else are just stunning even I can only watch the tailored version in China.

Overall the movie is well paced - neither too slow or too fast and the score by the always inventive Alexander Desplat is whimsical and romantic.

It could have lasted at least half an hour less because the pacing is just so slow and boring at times.

With lighting, camera angles, performances, just about every piece of mise-en-scene, we're immersed in this world like a period piece.

Guillermo del Toro leads us on a beautifully compelling, and oddly romantic story about a woman and a fish who fall in love.

It turns out to be quite gitchy and over the top on the contrived dramatic moments.

The soundtrack, while unique, only played into the boring portions of this movie and almost pushed my focus away from the movie even more.

You have to watch it as a pure fantasy - and it still fails in that category as the story is too formulaic!

Maybe exciting and tickling for a 14 year old girl?

It's boring.

There are many things left unanswered, a couple of issues with the antagonists and the finale is quite predictable and thus not very satisfying.


Probably the worst movie I have seen in the last decade .

It was predictable to the point of absurdity and so heavy handed in it's preaching on social mores that I found it insulting.

The story is compelling and it makes you root for its characters as if you knew them in person and besides it's cliches and predictability, it never lets you down.

Visually the movie is stunning.

Boring plot with a stereotypical villain- white racist male with a singular desire to "not fail".

Beautiful to look at, intriguing story and a great cast.

The story is inconsistent, the movie is a bit insipid, vulgar, and disgusting and, safe to say, you will not miss anything from not watching this very unreal, simplistic predictable movie.

The script (at least early on) was like Don King's hairdo, frequently shooting off in haphazard, unrelated, and pointless ways.

THe movie is well directed, has nice visuals, nice score but it is not original, the ending is totally predictable.

Worst movie ever .

Stupid and most boring movie Stupid story Not recommend this movie

The other criticism of the plot is that it's pretty predictable.

Boring .

Overall don't waste your money on this.

But save your money, and don't reward these fools responsible for this travesty by seeing it at a theater.

It's frustrating, stretched out, boring, not thought provoking at all.

It is a fantastically heartfelt tale of love and the unconventional form love can take, told elegantly by one of the most exciting directors working today.

In short, this movie defies description and that is, I think, part of its intriguing charm.

To the rest of us they have failed miserably and made us waste our time.

Objectively this movie is a total boring affair: the love story is forced and boring, the villains are boring, the heroes are boring, the pace of the story, the visuals - all just boring.

Even a 1 star is a lot for this movie, the story is dull, and if you want to get how weird it is: just change the monster to a female and the human to a male then rewatch it in your mind, creepy huh?

After watching the first 20 - 30 minutes, I found myself thinking, I'm bored.

In the beginning, I couldn't see how this film was going to become interesting but once the mysterious creature, and Michael Shannon (Richard Strickland), came into play, I quite enjoyed it.

I tried I persevered I gave up It was so boring.

Boring to the core!

You can promote an inclusive society with art, I agree, and show prejudice in our culture in art, also, but just tossing into the story bits and pieces of disgusting and contrived behavior is insulting.

This was the biggest waste of time ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cliché-characters, cliché-imagery and quite bad special FX.

Dumb and Cringe-Worthy Boredom .

It is thoroughly enjoyable, heart touching and thrilling as well.

Worst movie i've sen till date .

Predictable, sure, but vividly engaging!

I have try to fall asleep...

bizarre and boring .

Empty, shallow and cheap .

The movie goes totally out of track when the creature and the mute have sex which certainly abstracts any imaginary-fairy tale aspect of the movie and becomes a predictable and ludicrous love story of the worse kind.

There was so much potential but basically nothing happened, and the "twist" is so obvious.

I finally saw it on blu-ray and thought it was well done, despite its slow place and some graphic sex scenes mixed in with violence and harsh language that is not appropriate for kids.

The story is unique and truly entertaining.

Yet i wish del Toro would try something else than the hip height camera stance and the constant moving around of the camera without having any kind of major reveal, it just makes it seem pointless.

Or a real comedy thats enjoyable and worth remembering.

Thanks to Gulliermo Del Toro's imagination you'll find yourself immersed in a new world.

However, it just suffered from being a very generic and very predictable movie.

I am completely blown away with how much I enjoyed it.

But it's predictable to the point of being boring and completely lacks the imaginative creativity that is the hallmark of movies like Pan's Labyrinth, Hellboy, Cronos and even Pacific Rim, to a lesser extent.

Cliché story and characters, underwhelming acting, poor writing, and an overall disappointment.

I've thoroughly enjoyed del Toros work over the years, and I am an avid Sci-fi fan so this would have been a match in heaven if the movie hadn't been so utterly predictable, boring and...

While I can concede that there were many good elements to the story and the production (stellar cinematography, a good message), there seemed to be a preference for diversity of characters over a developed and gripping plot.

Loved Shannon's performance and Del Toro's depiction of Strickland though, both bold and so cliche that you can't take your eyes off that character.

The only reason why i give it a 9 instead of 10 is because at times it was a bit slow.

Yet it fails to build up a compelling final act, and misses covering up plot holes, familiarity and lack of moral complexity.

Though, as the story progresses, it gets predictable and the characters become superficial.

But since it's about love and drama, yeah, it's sort of boring for me.

Boring, confused in its goals, and generally painful to watch, it not only failed to suck me into its world, it made me want to leave it and never return.

As with most Del Toro movies, the sets, production design and creature effects are painstakingly designed and visually arresting, not to mention his effective, evocative use of music.

The paranoid reality of the Cold War also plays out through carefully placed propaganda posters, military showmanship and all manner of subterfuge.

Pretentious rubbish.

The movie moves at a decent pace and is quite entertaining.

The cast was outstanding, the story was brilliantly strange and fresh, but most of all the film delivered and really deserves it's Oscar (and even my Dad enjoyed it)...

We're also bombarded by political correctness galore in one of the most stupid and boring two hours of GARBAGE.

Definitely one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

I would highly recommend it.

So boring .

I think the overall story was a bit bland and too simple.

Utterly predictable.

The production design is nothing short of exquisite, and the team definitely deserved the Oscar for the stunning and unique visuals of this film.

It's a very long boring movie, had a hard time staying awake to watch it.

Beautifully made - compelling love story - everything you want to see in theaters and more!

It was very tedious

One of the worst movies I ever seen.

It's really boring.

Early 60s space race intrigue, a mysterious creature being studied in a secret govt installation, the racism and sexism of that time, etc. But the movie itself left me unimpressed and bored.

Left me bored for the second half .

"The Shape of Water" has four speeds: slow, slower, slowest and reverse.

Maja nahi aya yaar is movie me bore ho gya mai ye movie dekh ke

Typical 2017 political propaganda with little artistic value .

If boredom were a shape, it would be the same shape as 'Water' .

It's just boring to watch this one dimensional lady wandering around with her eggs.

At times much darker than typical expected, this sci fi/monster movie offers up a revealing and perhaps profound statement about prejudice and humanity as also depicted in two other small, independent movie pieces Wavelength (1983), an engaging early sci fi movie about children's attempt to save captured space aliens and Artic Heart (2016) which just happens to be a contemporary synthesized creature version of Shape of Water.

There are more needless scenes like boring dialogues between supporting characters than with the MAIN characters, and there is no message...

An oscar for the worst movie of the year.

With a queer cake blend of monsters, love, acceptance, and devotion, The Shape of Water can be deemed as a coming of age story.

For those who are aware of these issues this is just a pretentious attempt and for the rest they don't care or won't get that message from a movie like this one.

Then, there's the bland wonder at movies from "Cinema Paradiso" (1988).

It was visually stunning from beginning to end, with a beautiful dark fantasy like feel throughout each scene.

One of the worst movies in my life.

He has presumably lost his job because of this, and risks the dangers of engaging with the much younger man who runs the local diner.

The story is boring, for we've seen it a thousand times.

Thoroughly enjoyable love story/science fiction.

Waste of time .

The mute main lead was just as boring as the story and lack of intelligent plot.

somehow feels very empty...

A lovely soundtrack, engrossing cinematography and first rate acting (among other things) make this one of 2017:s best.

Overall I believe the film would have benefited from a less expansive story, one that left international politics and irrelevant intrigue alone in favor of something more procedural and slower paced.

So if you'd rather watch paint dry and a cat get it head eaten, then this one's for you.

Please, don't waste your time watching this movie.

Very slow and nothing too interesting.

just some kinds of boring imaginations with slow storyline....

Woman doesn't only sympathise with its plight - no, way too boring, that won't bring the crowds in to see the movie.

Went to see Interstellar twice and was bored both times.

Gripping .

My advice to all - don't waste your time, you will regret it !!

I have only one thing to say regarding this rather disturbed, meaningless movie: I just want to forget it.

Very boring .

waste less time ...

The idea had the makings of a fine story but was marred with a promenade of predictable characters and obvious denouement.

The story is interesting and engaging.

We start with completely pointless nudity and shots of our star masterbating (that probably scored big points with the Hollywood crowd - no wonder it won awards), then we're introduced to a series of characters, none who are at all likable, believable, or even interesting, including an absurdly cliched Dr Evil type who wants nothing more than to kill/torture our poor Black Lagoon dude.

A Well-Intentioned But Trite Fantasy .

Nonetheless, of course I recommend checking out "The Shape of Water" as this was a very entertaining over 120 minutes, especially with Shannon's character going full rogue towards the end, even if it is not the high-quality love story I wanted it to be.

Worst movie of my life .

Perhaps it was due to having high expectations, but I left the theater feeling that it not only should not have won best picture, it shouldn't have been nominated.

pointless nudity, pointless masterbating, these two pointless things make it a non children movie, but it is not an adult movie eitherdon't spend your dollar on this one

I wasn't overly captivated and would definitely see this movie as more of a piece of artsty, oscar, festival worthy cinema-making than an exciting or fun movie.

Despite the absence of speech, Elisa uses other methods-especially in the water- to connect and communicate with the creature, making her self-expression fill the void that was empty in her life with someone who will love her just for the way she is.

Free Willy gets a sexy makeover as pretentious arthouse snobs decide they want a piece of the box office pie too.

But basically don't waste your time.

But since it's about love and drama, yeah, it's sort of boring for me.

The pace is gentle; bordering on slow.

First off, the cinematography is marvelous and it is visually stunning since they did not add too much of CGI into it.

The cinematography was good and the story decent, but it was predictable.

The plot is really dull and makes no sense at all.

The movie itself is the perfect combination of intriguing storytelling mixed with visuals that are vintage Del Toro and excellent performances by the ensemble cast.

Editing calmly directs its different subplots towards the same outcome but pacing is a bit on the slow side, plus there are moments that could have used a few trims.

I had a hard time looking beyond the crass and banal lives of those trying to take advantage of the fishman or trying to help it.

Her life is quite mundane and unfulfilled.

The cinematography was stunning and the characters were devloped well.

The characters are one-dimensional (disabled or marginalised people are GOOD, other people are BAD); the tone is moralising, and the story itself is too absurd to be genuinely engaging.

There were major flat spots were I was waiting for the build up but it was so slow I almost didn't finish watching the movie because of the flat spots that didn't connect to the overall flow of the whole movie

This is a boring, slurred movie, about a mute girl who falls in love with an amphibian humanoid creature.

One of the worst movies I have seen.

Having seen 'The Creature from the Black Lagoon', I'd have to say that film was way more entertaining.

This movie was slow, boring, depressing at times, subtly racists and what was the point?

I watched one year ago and nothing especial in this movie , trust me ,dont waste your time on this movie

The Shape of Water finds Guillermo del Toro at his visually distinctive best -- and matched by an emotionally absorbing story brought to life by a stellar Sally Hawkins performance.

Languid liquid voyage into an incredible love story.

Worst Movie I have ever seen, couldn't get more than half way through it.

All in all, Del Toro and his cast and crew delivers a compelling film by showcasing unique and imaginative elements of the characters and story.

The bad man is reminiscent of Pan's Labyrinth villain and the main character a girl with an active imagination, but it is way slower and more poorly executed than Pan's.

One of the Most Stunning Experiences in the Theater.

A film truly worth watching, no matter what you prefer.

I, like others, wonder what the hype was about, and why did I waste my time and money to see it.

The only compartment in which Del Toro advances over his previous works are visuals, filming is really stunning.

Waste of time.. .

Artsy Fartsy joke .

The cinematography and use of color was stunning!

This was one of the worst movies I've watched in years and a waste of my time to watch.

Confusing .

There is no plot point or character in this movie that has not been seen in Hollywood a thousand times.

Worst Movie .

This movie was different, entertaining, weird and just a bit too long.

It is definitely a movie worth watching.

Dont waste your time .

Basically, she's engaging in bestiality, she may as well have had sex with a carp.

This is a one boring repetitive movie with nothing original about it.

I like that even smokers are included here--mainstream in the 1960s, but largely discriminated against today--it also reverses the cliché of cigarettes being associated with the baddies.

Not for everyone, but it's very enjoyable.

I tried to imagine it was a veiled attack on racism, but it could just as easily be seen as pro-bestiality propaganda.

Differently from Pan's Labyrinth though, it's the movie's message that feels a bit cliché: it's not too different from tales we've already heard like Frankenstein, and the usage of the Cold War as a setting is little more than a macguffin for the second act of the story.

The movie was good and engaging.

I highly recommend it.

The ending was predictable and appears as one of those you have seen a 1000 times before.

The plot was so predictable.

Just enough worldbuilding, full characters, visually stunning.

good setup, but rather bland plot development .

Cons: Plot holes abound, dumb story, dumb characters, pointless character threads and a weird/silly premise.

Waste of time .

It was kind of fascinating to watch each scene, excellent cinematography by the way.

The worst movie I saw .

The film is scattered with several breathtaking scenes.

Instead, the third act ended completely predictable with a showdown that reminded me a lot of E.

Could be the WORST MOVIE of ALL TIME .

The movie was very slow and the plot didn't have enough potency to keep me interested for the duration of the film.

What a complete waste of time.

The first half or so is intriguing, suspenseful and otherwise powerful storytelling.

And finally, the film portrays cruelty (torture of an "alien" and a cute pet cat getting its head bitten off - nice) and violence (pretty graphic scenes with a taser-like device, as well as several bullet holes in bodies, necks, heads, etc.)I won't give away the ending, other than to say it is entirely predictable (what did you expect, something original?

When it's in uhd you know it's being backed by the liberal propaganda machine.

Boring movie just waited to get it over.

Mind Numbingly Boring Drivel .

Waste of time and money.

The lead character seems to be the palest, most uninteresting and weak, and naturally fails to drive the story ahead.

I found its artistic and whimsical nature an unexpected delight and appreciated the vintage feel infused throughout the film, as well as the nostalgia it invoked, something most likely wasted on all audiences under the age of 50.

A long boring movie.

No nuance, no symbolism, just plain, repetitive, broken-record-style, in-your-face agenda.

That along with Del Toros' deft direction and a script that blends the romance of the story along with the sorrow of real life makes for a compelling watching experience.

Compellingly shot and a compelling lead.

Very predictable scenes and dialogue.

Don't waste your time.

As expected, it was a boring Oscar winning movie.

Add the ending from Splash, with the girl and creature living happily ever after under the sea, another cliche.

The visuals are vibrant and stunning.

The story is unique enough to keep me engaging for the whole time.

I thought Shannon did a great job creating a compelling villain.

T) ending up in a pointless and disappointing mashup.

The first time I saw a Guilermo Del Toro movie was Cronos, which was on Syfy (back when it was the Sci-Fi Channel), and enjoyed it.

With a storyline as inventive and unique as this one, it makes for a fascinating couple of hours of viewing and, if you like films that take risks and dare to be different, there is a lot to enjoy about it.

THE SHAPE OF WATER is basically the quintessential del Toro film - beautiful on the outside and crafted with great attention to visual detail, but shallow and formulaic in terms of substance.

Elisa's best friend and co-worker Zelda (Octavia Spencer) saves her a space in the queue for the clocking-in machine every morning, and has learned sign language so the two can chit-chat whilst carrying out their mundane job of cleaning piss up off the floor and, much to Zelda's befuddlement, the ceiling.

Besides, the story is remarkably touching too it's a reflection on loneliness as every characte suffer from it on his own terms from Elisa who's craving for love and being understood, to her friends Zelda who's living with a man who doesn't appreciate nor respect her and Jiles, an old gay guy who mourns not living his younger days fully and truly and afraid it's too late to find someone at his age, plus there is Strickland the antagonist, a depressed ex-soldier bored of his plastic life with a billboard plastic family and professor dimitri who's left out by the bothsides he's working for.

The rest of the movie is a complete waste of time.

Sorry..just boring...

The pace of the movie is intense without being too fast.

Pros: Original and interesting story, good storytelling, great visuals, very good acting by Michael Shannon, good overall acting, seeing Sally Hawkins completely nude, and a great use of music and propsCons: Some slow pacing, an overlong runtime, a cliché social message, and the movie was not as spectacular as the critics made it out to beOverall Rating: 7.2P.S. I truly don't believe this film deserved Best Picture.

Stunning .

Bad Story , Boring as hell .

The plot is so trite, PC is so obvious and crass, acting stilted and amateurish, and there are way too many cringeworthy scenes.

I don't say it's his best movie, to me that's still Pan's Labyrinth, but it's certainly worth watching.

In the end its hard to imagine this being enjoyable by anyone who reads above a first grade level or has maturity beyond a thirteen-year-old who gets titillated by a naked woman in the bathtub.

I do appreciate this director a lot and the characters are very compelling.

I can't really complain much about this film, I found it very enjoyable in fact and would recommend it to anyone.

Overall, it was a waste of my time and I would never recommend it to a friend, in fact I would only recommend NOT seeing it.

At that point, del Toro seems to deliberately stall things, in no hurry to get to the rushed climax, so it all becomes drawn out and embarrassingly romantic.

I think at many points this diversity propaganda hit piece was trying to be artistic.

This was one of the absolute worst movies I've ever seen, regardless of the genre.

I highly recommend it.

He just felt like a bland and simple bad guy to move the plot.

It was quite long and a bit boring it had some really funny conversations tho.

How atrociously boring!

Not going to try and write anything fancy, but just wanted to say that it was a great film and I really enjoyed it, that's what movies are all about right?

The young and old should walk out of the theater, look at each other and say "wow that was great".

Better save your money and time.

But it's predictable, and bit flat.

Slow, boring, depressing, racists you know a usual award winning movie.

Definitely worth watching.

This type of story has been told so many times that nearly every plot point in "The Shape of Water" is easily predictable, making for an unsuspenseful and even uninteresting viewing experience.

It's a total waste of our time with a laughable effort.

It's not just a bad movie, it's a propaganda piece.

Unfortunately though, the story was very predictable, the characters cookie-cutter and ultimately did not match up to the visual delights on offer.

If "The Shape of Water" is termed a horror film, it is because the viewer must sit through an extra 30 minutes of boring torture.

They are so intricate and IN the character that more than the otherwise bland love story I was impressed by their natural skills.

The light touch of Hitchcock, even in his intense thrillers, is very distant from this work.

A Boring Remake Of The Creature From The Black Lagoon .

Other than that, it's a major bore fest, loads of empty air, many "why did we waste time on this plot path?

Still, definitely worth watching.

Worst movie I've ever seen .

Really boring.

The social message shown throughout the film is a little cliché (Love can be between anyone).

Worst movie to ever win an oscar.

Really entertaining and made the flight enjoyable.

One day, an asset arrives at the lab, a merman dragged from the sea by his handler and now guard Richard Strickland (Michael Shannon).

Cinematography and sets were great but the story was as predictable as it was unlikeable.

The antagonist of the movie named Strickland played by Michael Shannon shows his ruthlessness towards the humanoid creature and will do anything to achieve his main purpose, the action scenes are really realistic and tense as it makes you get on the edge of your seat as well.

Boring and weird for no reason whatsoever .

Perhaps the worst movie I've ever seen.

What a waste of time.

Unbelievably, one of the worst movies ever.

The relationships are interesting and the chemistry is wonderful however, the story is so predictable.

The ensemble and execution were very appealing and that alone is worth the watch.

The story is a bit slow in the middle, that is its biggest flaw.

What a horrible boring movie ever made.

I got bored really quick.

The whole picture is visually stunning and grips you right until the end.

So boring.

How did anyone enjoy this boring, overrated piece of garbage?

The story is plodding and boring with nudity added for zero reason.

The ending was stupid and predictable.

Starring Michael Shannon and Richard Jenkins it is flattered with a stunning soundtrack, amazing visuals and brilliant performances.

A true declaration of love with cinema, immersed in a great bath of nostalgia.

I didn't care for the characters, Octavia Spencer's talent was wasted, and it was predictable.

Worst Movie Never .

horrible, waste of time .

which is another cliche.


Using words like boring, flat would be too harsh.

As long as you don't indulge yourself in the expectation of any surprises in the plot or intricacy in the theme, it is entertaining.

Boring, no depth, predictable plot, with a gallon of uncomfortable things.

It is awful and boring and also very weird.

Visually interesting but highly predictable .

In terms of content and enjoyment, save your money, don't watch the vomit inducing, awful movie.

Predictable, cliched missed opportunity.

I left with high hopes I'd see something worth watching later in the week.

Everything is so predictable, that I knew all that would come already before it would happen and that is kinda disappointing and sad.

For me The Post or Phanthom Theads made me think, where as shape of water and get out were just ticking boxes and tedious.

when this film was presented to those who make them, did no one say, "whoa.. slow down there a moment Tonto, this isn't a good idea.

Some other scenes were a little monotone.

Intriguing .

I would say don't waste your time - I wish I hadn't.

Are we reaching that stage in the growth of an art where almost everyhing worth saying has been said and out of boredom we applaud the nonsensical, the absurd, the empty effort simply because it is differrent from the average movie.

Waste of time .

A pretty basic movie - a linear romantic drama with one-dimensional characters, cartoonish, badness-laid-on-so-thick-it's-laughable villains, conventional plot development and a fairly predictable ending.

The movie was very slow moving and boring.

Absolutely, very stunning to the eye and wonderful effects that were not "over done.

If you want to watch the same old Hollywood rehash, or an attention grabbing screen shaking fast paced thriller, then this may not be for you.

Plot is too slow.

Don't waste your money.

Fantastic and meaningful, but a little boring .

It is romantic, thrilling and affectionate.

Now don't get me wrong, "The Shape of Water" is actually an enjoyable movie.

Though, there may be few points in some scenes which the fans claim about, but while the storyline is boring and goes in a slow way of playing which makes you feel watching a snail crawling on the edge of a rail and of course sometimes stops in this way for minutes; then, what would you say about it...?!

It was not mysterious really easy plot, the end was totally predictable.


So whilst it's touching, in a sense, and an enjoyable visual feast with a hint of magic, 'The Shape of Water' just doesn't soar to the heights it could have

Absolutely bland .

The whole time, I felt as if I was watching a political propaganda about how one should treat minorities or people of a different race.

It has a predictable story with no major arc.

Really worst movie.. waste of time!

Predictable and boring.

While it was very cleverly filmed, and no doubt required a lot of hard work to bring to the screen, I found it rather boring and stereotypical for this sort of genre.

In its likable, compelling characters, especially our leading lady and the main villain.

Don't waste your time or money on this movie.

The story line is just about as predictable as they come.

What a waste of time .

This the worst movie I have seen all year.

Very sightly entertaining How come such a fictional story can win or even be nominated for Oscar is beyond me

The biggest problem is the pointless character threads and dumb characters.

All in all, dont waste your time on such an awful film.

Del Toro demonstrates his excellent craftsmanship via the stunning decors, the uncanny atmosphere, the dazzling use of colors and a handful of imaginatively poetic moments.

It's very entertaining, Guillermo del Toro does an magnificent job, the acting is amazing, the soundtrack is beautiful...

Once I settled into appreciation that this was a different type of film (much like Pan's Labyrinth), I thoroughly enjoyed it.

A visually impressive, but ultimately formulaic and bland film .

Perhaps it is a story that is only enjoyable for people that daydream.

I give this mind numbingly boring crap 1 star out of 10.

Del Toro creates a fascinating world, full of relatable characters, and drily so, takes digs at today's environment.

it was so predictable and it contain a Lots of Sex scene Which was not nasserly in the story

Good actors, predictable storyline .

The story is boring, the characters quite generic, the plot is bizarre.

And that just makes the meanings of (anti-) discrimination repetitive and didactic.

This has to be the worst movie I have ever seen.

Really enjoyable and beautifully made, if slightly corny love story that could only have come from the mind of Guillermo Del Toro.

Story is dull amd highly predictable.

In my opinion, this film is incredible - and has plot which is completely unpredictable (which is rare these days).

Unlike the tridimensional world in which we live, the film offers us an enjoyable realistic situations that are permeated with natural magic.

Weird and boring.

Towards the middle of the film the viewer becomes annoyed at its snail's pace.

Sally Hawkins is good in the lead role, but nothing, but nothing else scores in this poor, almost childish, movie which ranks as possibly the most pointless I have seen this year.

Slow, boring, don't waste your time, "all this good movie" garbage must be from paid reviewers.

The character's writing does at times feel a bit dull or rudimentary, but Shannon's rousing performance gives the danger this film needs to counter its romantic charm, he's excellent in the role.

It was drab, dark and disappointing.

It's very disappointing when film makers saturate movies with unnecessary and unenjoyable whimsy, rather than developing a compelling script.

An Oscar winning film should have a riveting story line, along with intelligent subject matter.

No mystery, no plot twist.

The character design for what is referred to as "The Asset" throughout the movie is fascinating, and as far as backstory goes we learn a satisfying amount about him through Michael Shannon, who plays the villain of the story and is also a redeeming quality of the film.

Could be one of the worst movies that I actually watched all the way to the end.

weird, boring and VERY annoying.

this is unrealistic , fake and awkward .. the idea and concept itself is very weird and stupid .. it has no sense and logic .. It is indeed a fantasy .. you've tried to put fantasy into real world in a very bad and boring way .. i tried to make sense of anything but it's not possible .. by far , the worst movie i'v watched .

Waste of time .

It is just boring and sometimes really silly.

Overrated and boring .

We get that the white straight man is the enemy now, Hollywood, you might as well leave these kind of dumb messages out of your films, turning it into a bunch of socially pretentious garbage.

Her dull daily routine, that involves playing with herself (yes that kind of playing) in a bathtub each morning and boiling eggs is disturbed when a strange creature is wheeled into the facility in a big tank.

The movie was very coincidental and in return hard to get immersed.

If I could put a zero I would have.. basically a really awfully beauty and the beast kind of story and the whole thing was a waste of my time.

An intriguing exploration of the "monster" genre.

Sweet, whimsical, creepy, dull .

It's a slow buildup to that point and when it happens in the third act you know something will change the lives of all involved before the final reel.

The mystery being - why was it made, how did it win the 'Best Picture' award at the Oscars and why did I waste my time watching it?

This is a complete waste of time.

It's appalingly predictable and pretentious...

Each year when I see which films are nominated, I scratch my head in wonder at how they can continue to nominate movies that almost no one has ever heard of, or are contrived to suit some crusade the director or producer is championing, or is a thought-provoking sketch about some social ill.

It was entertaining...

It all looks perfect and breathtaking.

All of the people I watched with enjoyed it.

Waste of time and money.

Enjoyable one time watch.

It may not be as great as Del Toro's past films, but it's still entertaining and well, weird.

The main plot movement is still fairly standard for a love story, and the ending is easily predictable.

However, the story is a dull bizarre mess.

Predictable, Boring and Very WEIRD .

But you have to be in the mood, people were expecting an action film or more Gore I guess, I really enjoyed it like Pan's Laberinth!

The English Patient, Brokeback Mountain, they were just beautiful and beauty alone with no story behind it is boring.

And my intuition did not fail, Shape of Water is boring, weird, and overly-sweet all at the same time.

Worst movie i ve ever seen ,bizarre.

Bland in personality and largely inanimate, his primary function is to be a love interest, in a love story that is hard to relate to.

Don't waste your time or money on this terrible film.

These monster movies or whatever you call them should be fun and enjoyable to watch.

There was no message.

The ending is pretty solid, but the entire movie is slow paced and lacking any real thrill.

boring .

It wastes my money, wastes my money, waste my money.

Music, visuals, acting, and storyline, all things are so fascinating and well organized.

It is so boring!

To conclude, this is a very elegant and beautiful fairy-tale that is definitely worth watching.

It's interesting, different, entertaining, romantic, science fiction...

This sumptuous love story between human and amphibian may not be to everyone's taste, but if you go with it, Guillermo del Toro's offbeat romance hardly puts a (webbed) foot wrong, with its stunning production and creature designs and a beautiful whimsical tale that never forgets the harsh and cruel realities of the real world.

This is why Oscar love the movie apart from the premise which I guess seems simple, predictable, and ridiculous as I always see on the local television as romance crappy story.

The more I try to find some kind of justifiable meaning and relevance, the more I find it a loopy, dull load of drivel.

But the thing is, I always hold out this forlorn hope that somehow, against all odds, at the finale the movie will redeem itself, explain away the vacuous plot holes, hackneyed acting and ridiculous, cliché ridden dialog, and make SOME kind of sense.

Not a fleshed-out, philosophically vacuous, overrated, overinflated, oversaturated propaganda!

The monster was boring, they deserved each other cause they were so boring.

Overall I think the movie was dull and at best, slightly weird.

A few twists help make the ending more exciting.

This movie is very boring and dumb.

It was somewhat predictable.

Wonderful film with stunning production design, visuals and a captivating plot that has reasonable sequences of thrill and suspense that tells a different version of a love story without being dull.

Trivial and totally unworthy of an oscar, absolutely trivial and boring movie, I dont understand how it won Best Picture, disgrace.

Wow, this movie was both a great piece of directed craft while boring me to death and pissing me off.

It was a complete waste of time watching it.

Amid the confusion, a hero or heroine emerges and begins to become intimate with the creature in question.

In fact, 'Water' is your typical critically acclaimed Oscar bait whose boredom masquerades as beauty.

Really this film was a waste of my time and money.

Fell asleep .

The visuals are stunning.

And whether you agree with this winning Oscars or not, or whether you find the story engaging enough, the movie delivers a certain standard that is way above average.

Maybe they realized that they bored the audience, so they jump right into the fish creature romance.

But the story was contrived and rather silly throughout, and the ending was exactly as expected.

If have to watch a movie to spin it a certain way for others, then it is an unwatchable movie.

The story builds up Sally Hawkins' deaf character's mundane routine as a janitor at a research facility for about the first 20 minutes.

Visually stunning .

Let me fictive u this movie in short boring predictable and nothing new accept fish having sex with human I still don't understand how this movies a pure garbage won best picture instead of three billiboard outside Missouri which was outstanding well Oscar is sometime bias

Same story here but with a boring and darker tone instead of the comic and enjoyable performance of Tom Hanks.

This story of unexpected love from what I would define as two misfits of a society that doesn't fully accept either of them.

Not much else is new, yet another left wing propaganda film that focuses on its political message rather than actual artistic value which is what film should be about.

Obvious, dull, and farfetched.

Visually stunning, not best storyline .

The difference between art and propaganda is not simply that the latter has an agenda.

Absolutely stunning .

Hollywood clearly had one of those hysterical mob love-ins with this film and forgot that it's actually a really tedious watch.

Predictable, oversentimental, clichéd.

To begin with I have to say that this movie is a walking and talking cliche of a so called Oscar-bait movie and what do you know - it's got some.

Cliched, predictable and at times ill-thought-out.

Don't waste your time on this overhyped garbage.

The dialogues were terribly boring, the music going along with it annoying (especially as the movie switched to become a musical for a few moments) and basically it is a rip-off of Hellboy and Beauty and the beast.

Suspension of belief is what makes movies, like "The Shape of Water", enjoyable.

why did I waste my life watching this?!?

But it looks like a monster that could easily be featured in a horror movie and the script skipped any rational initial caution, followed by a slow build up of sympathy and intimacy.

Even if it is an inspiring story, it's predictable and made me leave the movie theater with the feeling that "I've seen this before".

Didn't Deserve Best Picture, but Still Worth Watching .

It's a slow and familiar tale for most of the story.

why so cliche with that much money?

It was weak, hard to gain any traction, and was frankly boring and poorly thrown together.

Anyone who is familiar with Guillermo Del Torro's work will know that this director knows how to create stunning visuals.

It is bewildering that a del Toro movie could have a creature as boring as this one.

Even the music alone is worth the watch.

Impossibly boring badly done sh...

Just a bit predictable.

But I very quickly got drawn into a very gripping plot, and it kept my attention the whole time.

Compelling character design and an interesting setting make it an enjoyable watch.

The movie is so damn fascinating because of scenography, photography and soundtrack.

Puerile Hollywood-style PC propaganda .

The actors seemed boring, the plot has been done before in one form or another.

The costume design and makeup make are outstanding, as the creature is so intriguing and rather beautiful.

The Americana is stunning, and never been done better, or glossier.

I rarely dislike a film, I like all genres and enjoy most films but I had to fast forward through most of it, predictable, disturbing and just boring.

The movie is just a drag, and everything is as predictable as it can be.

Tedious .

The performances are solid, the visuals are absolutely breathtaking and the entire film whisks you away into this romantic fairytale.

But my goodness, what a horrible plot for an essentially boring story that centered around an oddball assortment of one-note characters.

I lasted about 30min and I got so bored that I just quit.

Terrible waste of time.

Expected - Boring Oscar Movie .

waste of time.

People who thinks this movie is bad, boring, stupid ect.

Was it predictable?

I didn't think it was so earth-shattering, breathtaking or groundbreaking.

A movie you won't want to miss for the sheer fun & sometimes tense, but predictable drama.

Well produced movie .. but slow and boring .

What a waste of time.

The villain is very stereotyped and predictable.

They could have done this better and without that thing I mean the frogman to deliver the message , the movie is too long and boring ...

I witnessed one of the worst movies of all times.

Such a boring film from such shallow moviemaker.

Overrated and boring.

Slow, Slower, Slowest and Reverse .

Thoroughly enjoyable and great performances from Sally Hawkins and Michael Shannon.

Dull story, threadbare characters, and scene after scene of dullness.

The Shape of Water is a movie worth watching multiple times just for the sake of it.

Boring, stale tropes of the evil corporations/military oppressors over the misunderstood and gentle working class.