The She-Creature (1956) - Fantasy, Horror, Romance

Hohum Score



A mysterious hypnotist reverts his beautiful assistant back into the form of a prehistoric sea monster that she was in a past life.

IMDB: 3.6
Director: Edward L. Cahn
Stars: Chester Morris, Tom Conway
Length: 77 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 23 out of 45 found boring (51.11%)

One-line Reviews (38)

Even worse is the abrupt, tiresomely predictable "romance" between Andrea and Erickson.

Just plain boring .

Washed up cheap cast and cheap 50's B&W but somewhat entertaining and not just a time-waster, despite its basic schlock nature.

) The acting is variable - some of it is quite entertaining, some of it woefully bad.

However, this is one of the dullest features ever seen, with good B-cast just talking, talking, talking, and featuring deadening monster attacks that never attain excitement or suspense.

Morris is VERY serious (and dull).

THE SHE-CREATURE is a fairly dull affair, w/ the monster making only a few, scant appearances in her own movie!

The movie is too slow and extremely talky.

It is artless, tedious and frankly illogical.

That comes from the strange attacks here that leave enough clues behind into being unsure of this, and that leaves this one with a couple of tense and somewhat thrilling creature attacks here from it's appearance at the sea-side shack, the attack on the couple in the car and the strong series of continuous appearances along the beach including the final half which features some more decent action.

Dr. Vorelli from another MST3K riffed film, "Devil Doll" had a pretty lame act too, but the one in this film makes that one look positively mind blowing by comparison!

Still, the constant hypnosis sessions for the benefit of Conway's would-be jaded guests do become repetitive after a while...

) which make this kind of dross so entertainingly awful: blah direction, incredibly slow pacing, chintzy cinematography, some very poor acting (Lance Fuller as Lombardi's rival gives a performance that's so flat and wooden you can use it as a diving board), a hokey script, a seedy seaside California location, blundering idiot cops, lousy dialogue, a laughably sluggish'n'shambling monster that's more silly than scary, and a rousing cornball spacey'n'spooky score.

The She-Creature is dull all the way through.

Of course we have to have a young hero to come save the beautiful maiden, and that part was played by Lance Fuller, in a drop dead dull performance...

This is a very dumb, very cheap and very dull movie.

Very dull movie that will put you to sleep faster than Nyquil.

The She-Creature is worth watching, especially if you are a 1950's sci-fi/horror fan.

Dull as watching paint dry .

It does look authentic, but the suit was way too bulky and the actor inside could only walk at a snail's pace.

The protagonist(sort of), is a dull guy who's a psychic researcher, who claims what he does has a scientific basis.

What an uneventful way to spend 77 minutes.

THE SHE-CREATURE (1956) is certainly one of the more interesting monsterific creations of Paul Blaisdell but the film suffers from a pace slower than death itself and characters as cardboard as a Hallmark card.

Problematic entry, but definitely enjoyable .

Basically, the film can't even succeed on a camp level without someone spouting wisecracks at the screen because it really ranks as ultra-boring and something that could definitely induce sleep should insomnia hit.

The plot is pretty predictable; Marla portrays Andrea, a young woman under the spell of a slimy hypnotist/con man, portrayed by Chester Morris.

And when the sieve of a script does try to explain anything--let alone the monster--it just causes more confusion.

It really is just a pointless movie.

Slow does not describe the pacing of this film.

The hypnotist (Morris) and the creature at times are menacing and overall Morris is hypnotic to watch, if at times slow-moving.

It was hard to follow and I wasn't even sure how the title She-Creature was a part of this.

77 of the Slowest Movie Minutes.

Not to mention, that the script makes absolutely no sense, the dialog is embarrassing, the acting, (by all concerned, though Lance Fuller comes off best) abysmal, and the whole thing is ponderously dull.

Despite a memorable monster suit, and some atmosphere, this is an uncomfortably slow and tedious, not to mention preposterous thriller.

So--this has its good points but the silly story and slow pace really wears you down.

Boring and dull, with leaden performances from cast members whose careers were all in severe decline.

'Tis a shame the creature moves so slow as to make anyone killed by it look utterly pathetic.

A bit too dull.