The Sisters Brothers (2018) - Crime, Drama, Western

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In 1850s Oregon, the infamous duo of assassins, Eli Sisters (John C. Reilly) and Charlie Sisters (Joaquin Phoenix), chase a gold prospector and his unexpected ally.

Director: Jacques Audiard
Stars: John C. Reilly, Joaquin Phoenix
Length: 122 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 71 out of 292 found boring (24.31%)

One-line Reviews (208)

Overall,, and aside from the length ,, the movie was really good ,, and the story is worth watching ,, recommended.

But a couple days later I gave it another shot and made it 30 minutes, but only stopped because it was late and I was falling asleep (the pacing of this movie may have that affect!

Good actors, slow paced boring drivel.

All four lead performances are rock solid, but none of these characters is particularly likeable, which makes this an Interesting rather than an Engaging experience.

Freakin Boring .

Last names can be confusing - and/or funny that is.

Was thoroughly bored by the end.

I fell asleep about 40 minute mark.

15 European production companies together to get all the gubernamental financing help they can get to pay big American stars (among them, the last Oscar winner) to make a really boring Western.

the entire story line was very boring.

A moderately enjoyable film of its genre held together primarily by its two lead actors .

It relies too heavily on this cast to carry the very slow pace.

The attempts at humor generally failed, and were just boring to watch.

It was, however, a great slow burn Western.

I think the story was a bit disjointed.

Drama and comedy type western that's fun and enjoyable.


That being said it's far from boring, with some of the sequences being quite entertaining.

The other person I suffered through this with also found it totally disjointed and pointless.

Like I said though, it never manages to be boring - even if you can feel the length at times - and the direction and performances (Gyllenhaal and Ahmed are good, too, despite being severely underused) are always engaging.

Though I do like slow films more than others, it felt a little slow.

Would've liked more humor, was a bit slow at times.

Waste of time, taste.

I love the movies written and directed by Quentin Tarantino because his dialogues are extremely brilliant, enjoyable.

An original idea for a Western, and I love a good Western so I throughly enjoyed it.

However, this was a wandering, meaningless movie.


Some parts of the movie are dull.

Every single frame is filled with arresting images and stunning lighting.

Possibly the most boring movie I have ever seen .

I enjoyed watching this movie, but it feels far too long, due to the slow pacing.

I think the reason why this is an enjoyable ride is down to the aforementioned cast.

I feel like other reviewers in that the story kind of went nowhere.

This is a fun, entertaining movie.

boring .

eccentric and engaging.

15 european companies producing a boring western .

Despite the slow start, The Sisters Brothers is a unique, unpredictable and funny western.

Overall it's a weird movie, despite many action scenes you get the feeling it's going slow.

I started out feeling disinterested by the predictable characters and ended with tears and a smile.

Clunky script and boring characters the movie crawls along could only get to 40 mins and called it quits

This was a bland meandering disappointment of a film.

I'm not saying the movie itself needed a gunfight every five minutes, but the calm score, subtle performances, long sequences of sitting around a fire or riding a horse, and even the comedic aspects that were played as light humour to deviate from the tense moments, all felt dull.

a torture.

The film also provides an excellent score to match the intense atmosphere the film cultivates.

Pointless .

There were some decent moments, but few and far between, and too many lengthy boring periods.

If you like an slow, boring movie where nothing really happens - eventhough there are some few gunfights, then this is the perfect movie for you.

Mundanely bizarre and bizarrely mundane.

Any review that gives the above a 4 and says it's exciting is lying and fake .

But the pace of this film will lull you to sleep, about halfway through we get to our first interesting conflict and character development between the brothers.

Super slow and boring.

The tempo of the going was just too slow and so randomly patched together.

Firstly it is s two-hour-length and slow to moderate pacing.

I found it vary hard to follow along, and I shouldn't have to read the book, to understand this film, that's just poor storytelling.

Found it very slow with very little action.

It was always fun to watch movies like A Few Dollars More, but they were not real to me, just enjoyable fantasy.

Just brain-boggling boring.

While these little detours slightly derail the film's pace, they prove intriguing enough in their own right.

This movie was so boring I could not make it far.

the details are stunning starting with the sound of the gunshots to the soft emotions of the characters.

Honestly one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

Not the single best western I've ever seen, but it's definitely worth the watch.

At times slow, the film has moments of wittiness and subtle humor that remains fresh throughout.

The cast were great, but I just found the story rather dull and the pacing never quite found its stride (pun intended).

Don't waste your precious time.

It was dull and pedantry and tried too hard to be broody.

Of course there are guns and killing, that is what the film is about but I found myself thinking, as I do more and more, that it is all a bit tedious.

Moment to moment, it works quite well; at times, it's rather entertaining.

I couldn't even finish watching it because it was so boring.

This one reminded me of both 'Dead Man' or the more recent 'Slow West', as they have some brilliant details of how the 'Wild West' must have indeed looked and felt like.

For the most part it was enjoyable.

Actually, if I am to resume what I felt at the end, it was that I have seen a boring western.

Nonetheless, the journey our characters go through is anything but boring.

Its events are mundanely bizarre and bizarrely mundane.

A most enjoyable movie .

The script is tight ,, direct ,, was balance on the old-west-action and adventure ,, the comedy was subtle and lighthearted ,, now the problem that appears on the script is the length ,, and there were many noticeable dull slow moments which were so unnecessary and incompatible with the fast west...

A bit slow overall.

The film begins with an action sequence and ends with a decent one as well, but the rest of the movie is a very slow burn that does nothing all that interesting to keep you engaged.

The movie can feel a bit overlong partially due to some slow pacing at certain points.

The film takes way too long to truly become engaging, and while most other times that would come down to it being a slow burner, here it feels more like an example of weak creative choices in direction and editing.

The direction and screenplay is intense and precise.

I highly recommend it.

"The Sisters Brothers" is a beautifully shot epic, with some charming performances, an intriguing Gold Rush plot line, and a sensitive dip into the complicated brotherly pool.

I'd highly recommend it.

Gunmen paid with their lives being slow.

The film is a western but it has more story and heart than many other films I've seen, in fact whilst being slow in places this actually let you know more about the characters and so you actually cared about what happens to them on their journey and afterwards.

It's a slow burn drama so it's not about gun fights.

New way of telling a story ( or no story) .

There was so much pointless useless filler (the scarf, sick horse, etc.) in the 122 min runtime, any substance could've been summed up in 1 hour.

They were comedic and enjoyable.

Bored of this unnecessary disgusting dialogue.

This was about the most boring movie EVER!!!

These were very confusing scenes.

It gets dreary and depressing in places and I'd rather watch something that holds my interest better.

From an audio point of view, the film is creative and rather enjoyable.

Tedious, boring nothing of a movie.

At certain moments I actually found the film a little confusing and slightly dull.

A superb cast, outstanding cinematography, and thoughtfully fleshed-out characters make this French foray into the American western genre an absolutely gripping movie experience.

Not boring, more like in a chronicles way slow, following them over a course of time, like a series would.

Ok story line and it kind of flows along but each character showed their own personalities, and that was the entertaining part.

Reilly as his more thoughtful and seemingly slower sibling and both actors do some of the best work of their careers in these roles while Gyllenhaal underplays beautifully the other hunter who befriends his prey, a superb Riz Ahmed.

The film is also far too long, and could easily have lost a half hour or more.

While the story is interesting, the casting wonderful, and the music intriguing, the way the movie is photographed and edited is at first disorienting and often oddly framed.

It's a curious case of wrong place and wrong timing, as A Prophet director Jacques Audiard film is as assured as you'd expect from a type of a production that has genuine star power at its disposal and a relatively hefty 30 million plus budget, but the slow paced nature and quiet story at the heart of this Western tale is likely the reason why so many people forgot it even existed and why despite some genuinely noteworthy reviews, was lost amongst a raft of other prestige films in the awards season.

Its often really funny and sarcastic, often gripping and nightmarish and at times feels thought-provoking.

It certainly wasn't the movie I expected given the book, but The Sisters Brothers has four great characters at its core and is a great unpredictable subversive modern Western.

But because the character development is so poor, I don't care about the Sisters brothers or what there doing, and when it gets to anything remotely exciting it's underwhelming.

Setting looks authentic and the sceneries are breathtaking, even if only glanced through.

The scenes are well put together, with a balance of emotion and humor, but it is quite slow moving and doesn't have any big messages or symbols hidden.

It also has genuinely thrilling gunfights.

Reilly gives the most compelling performance as the conscience of the two brothers, one who is eager to move on to a more honest living, while his wild-eyed, loose cannon brother, Phoenix, cannot imagine a life without crime and refuses to abide such a notion.

This movie is more of a drama but the dialogue between the characters and the evolving friendships make for a fascinating watch.

Magnificent scenery, an entertaining storyline which keeps you engaged right to the end.

It looks absolutely stunning, and this is in a genre (Western) filled with lots of other beautiful films.

Very enjoyable and nice movie.

After all, we definitely know that Italians have made a wide variety of successful Westerns (from Clint Eastwood stuff to the incredibly funny "Trinity" series); however, this slow, plodding, film is an utterly miserable fail.

Yes, greed is definitely involved but how its pursuit is illustrated takes the movie in an odd and unexpected direction.

that movie is slow..this movie just stands still

Firmly rooted in a background only glimpsed is a criminal underworld that existed then as it does now, driven by greed, rivalry and vendettas and upon which the fates of four damaged, lost, but ultimately fascinating characters are woven, and against which they each in their own way come to make a stand.

Pretty dull stuff, if I was watching this at home I would have shut it off.

The characters were unique and compelling and the performances were fantastic,however The film suffers with some pacing issues that could cause some boredom which leads to impatience.

It's insanely thrilling; as Jacques Audiard manages to convey its temptations, dangers, abrupt feelings, and twists to the screen.

Throughout the film they don't really change, and this lack of arcs makes the whole affair seem kind of pointless in the end.

But the story is great and entertaining, and the actors are just a perfect fit.

The stand-out moments are characters reacting to the miraculous things we consider mundane (brushing teeth, flushing toilets), as they wonderfully characterize the country's transition, and so many men's futile fight against that progress.

This is a thoroughly enjoyable movie offering good old western action, tons of fun, as well as some touching moments.

This is by far THE most boring movie i have ever seen!

The pace of the picture may be slow, as slow at times as the brothers hunt for their quary, but it captures beauifully a sense of the past that many contemporary westerns have denied us.

The drunken, unpredictable Charlie believes their lives couldn't get any better, and cannot imagine a world where his brother is not at his side.

Very Enjoyable Non-Conventional Western .

Right up there with one of the most boring movies i have ever seen.

The film is slow and not funny.

Reilly, Joaquin Phoenix, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Riz Ahmed, it is a moderately enjoyable film of its genre held together primarily by its two lead actors.

Well, I enjoyed it very much.

Most of the time, actually all the time with the exception of the scenes that take place outdoors in full daylight, the cinematography is dark and blurred, to the point of being confusing.

Not technically a comedy, "The Sisters Brothers" has just enough tiny smile inducers mixed in with a languid pace and stark violence to rank among the best westerns of recent yore.

Underraters deserve only empty van damme or stallone movies

While we learn gradually quite a lot about the characters, the process is slow to happen, and not fully accomplished.

A plodding and overlong tale of violence and redemption that doesn't seem to know quite what it's trying to say .

I loved it but my wife thought it too slow (meaning very little romance).

The four principals make this an awfully enjoyable film to watch.

It seemed to me to be heading for total tragedy but we didn't quite get that and were given what I thought was a really beautiful ending with music, cinematography and acting melding wonderfully in an unexpected sense of bliss.

But in this case where what counts are the characters, their relationship and the unusual, you have to accept this new way of telling a story or shall we say telling no story.

A slow ramble to the gold rush .

Was just plain boring, confusing - a total waste of time and money.

The script is also quite gripping though, as indicated above, Gyllenhaal's role could have been removed and would not have been missed.

I really enjoyed it.

The score fits perfectly into the vibe and tone and elevates scenes to higher and more emotionally gripping spectacle.

Total waste of time and money.

Imagine sitting on a bus and listening to two dull people for a couple of hours.

that kind of empty is how i felt.

This movie is very Very very very boring!!!!!!!!!!

This was one of the sorriest attempts at making an entertaining western that I have ever seen.

A set of intriguing ideas bundled in the form of a Western, with more than capable actors that, unfortunately, just cannot find its footing tonally.

Great acting, boring movie.

The story for me went nowhere.

No plot.

I was bored, browsing Netflix per usual until I glanced upon this movie and it's actors.

There is unexpected humour, sensitivity, compassion and much more to thoroughly enjoy.

Yes, I know there was a pointless part in between all of that (no explanation as to what happened, or even why there weren't any of the Commodore's men standing around when the Sisters Brothers showed up).

This one is a slow burn.

The films at times was absolutely stunning to look at.

It was the worst movie ever- even with the great cast.

Pointless Effort; Pointless Western .

Boring .

a boring western .

The cinematography is beautiful, and I found myself very immersed in the western world of the 1800's.

bland .

As an entirety, the film is extremely compelling and is one of the best westerns in the past decade.

Too long and too boring .

Better than average but a bit uneventful .

The cinematography is average at best for a western when that genre has included some of the best and most stunning cinematography in film history.

However, its episodic rhythm, bifurcated narrative structure, and poorly-defined morality left me unengaged, frustrated, and rather bored.

This is as pointless of a movie as you can find.

Don't waste your time or money.

Thoroughly enjoyed it nonetheless.


Boring all the way .

It's a simple but engrossing story about two brothers who are bounty hunters searching for a man with a gold illuminating formula.

What a boredom...

Entertaining & exciting .

Very boring and not a good story.

His unexpected affection for his horse is especially poignant, and his tendency to sniff a shawl given to him by his girlfriend is beautifully played.

The film certainly was a very slow burn.

Yawn .

A Boring Experience with a Fantastic Cast .

a torture.

It's a well-made movie, well-acted, but too slow and too full of itself.

Watchable, but very dull.

Maybe a little clique, but done in a very entertaining and real fashion.

While the book was more comedic and violent, with a fast pace, the movie is much slower and focused on building up the four main characters, and especially the brothers.

this is a slow moving story, even for a western.

Would still recommend it, it's still entertaining.

Boring .

Riley in a serious role, even more excited to see Joaquin Phoenix after he was announced to be joker, both of them did such an amazing job with their characters and the direction was great, I especially loved the relationships between them and how John C Riley almost took a motherly role to make sure nothing bad ever happened to his brother, but overall it felt a little boring.

Completely pointless and boring.

In classic French style, there's a real focus on seemingly meaningless, mundane activities such as brushing your teeth or being sick.

It's very slow, dark and brooding.

An absolute bore of a movie .

A very disjointed screenplay I believe due to poor editing.

Reilly and Phoenix work extremely well together and the film is worth watching just to see their chemistry.

Also the beginning is too long and too boring.

I had a little trouble with the pace because after a very good beginning the film started to slow down a little.

I love the movies written and directed by Quentin Tarantino because his dialogues are extremely brilliant, enjoyable.

nothing happens and it takes 2 hours not to do it.

Not a masterpiece, but enjoyable.

The movie didn't really have an incredible storyline, but the actors made the mundane plot pretty damn entertaining.