The Slammin' Salmon (2009) - Comedy

Hohum Score



The owner of a Miami restaurant indebted to the mob institutes a contest to see what waiter can earn the most money in one night.

IMDB: 6.4
Director: Kevin Heffernan
Stars: Michael Clarke Duncan, Jay Chandrasekhar
Length: 90 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 4 out of 30 found boring (13.33%)

One-line Reviews (18)

Similarly to Super Troopers and Beerfest, the humor can be described as situational and while some set-ups result in predictable outcomes, the majority of jokes is quite clever leading to even bigger laughs by the end.

Overall: Despite the childish amount of endless string of low brow, vulgar, profanity-filled insult-dialogues and some pointless outlandish slap-sticky scenes.

"Beerfest" was enjoyable, largely because it seemed to simultaneously mark a return to a higher level of comedy, while also showcasing even more character diversity.

This, I believe is one major element that makes the film slow down.

But it's worth watching for Michael Clarke Duncan, who puts in a wonderful performance, the only funny thing about the film.

The humour is low brow at times, but is also clever and well-timed, there are many quick one-liners so pay sharp attention to this fast paced comedy, enjoy!

plus, I'm really bored at work.

This is an enjoyable edition to Broken Lizards filmography.

enjoyable, high-octane slapstick comedy .

The story is simple with minor yet major twists, but enjoyable nonetheless.

Overall, the film has quite a few laugh-out-loud moments but is consistently entertaining all the way through, with the final act coming out as the highlight of the film.

Sure, they recycled the twin joke, and some of the ending parts are predictable...

The end's twist, concerning the math's mistake, was unpredictable and - for this movie's standards - surprisingly smart.

It had no plot, no comedy, and terrible acting.

An excellent comedy, well worth watching.

The Slammin' Salmon has fairly good pacing, though it does slow down at times, there are still lots of laugh out loud moments throughout the piece.

His over-the-top madness was absolutely the shining element of this film and alone makes it worth watching.

It's worth watching though.