The Society (2019) - Drama, Mystery

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A group of teenagers struggles to survive after they're mysteriously transported to a replica of their wealthy town with no trace of their parents.

IMDB: 6.4
Stars: Kathryn Newton, Gideon Adlon
Length: 58 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-MA
Reviews: 39 out of 216 found boring (18.05%)

One-line Reviews (119)

I really REALLY enjoyed it.

Drilling down even further to the compelling aspect, I think what drove home the shows premise is a moment when I saw a real tparalysis of decision.

Pacing is slow.

The show is worth watching for these characters alone.

It's a Netflix show that wants its audience to relate and get attached to characters, its not a television novelty, but its entertaining.

A lot of plot twists and crazy intense stuff happening to make you keep watching.

Even in the face of a somewhat intriguing set up, what we get are braces, acne and sweaty boys trying to calculate how to get training bras off while the girls say important things like "Oh, you're so immature.

The show is all about who is sleeping with whom, school cafeteria seating squabbles, putting our hair up in curlers and girl-talk in preparation for the school prom and other such uninteresting drivel.

The Society is an intriguing combination of teenage drama and social commentary set in a modern dystopia.

It's fine for 12 year olds that likes under the dome and stuff like that but otherwise it's boring.

It had all the right elements to be something cool but it was way too dramatic, boring and slow, ho my god so slow, nothing really happens there.

It's the cringiest and most predictable of them all.

And once passed the third it becomes something very enjoyable to whatch.

I started this review with 'stereotypes and formula abound' in The Society, had to challenge my own perspective once I started I finished writing my thoughts..The compelling thing about this show were the smart characters and the things you don't expect:No one person is the 'genius'.

If the writers of this series think I'm going to wait for another long drawn out mysterious series with no answers, I think not.

The story was all together interesting and entertaining to watch.

The situation is dire, yet the show doesn't feel like a downer because it tackles real issues and is wrapped within an intriguing sci-fi premise.

A mix of Lord of the Flies, Lost (I give 6.5/10), The 100 (I give 8/10), and Riverdale (I give 6.5/10), The Society mixes its influences well and delivers an entertaining and thought-provoking series with a fun mystery and a great cast.

Wtf did I waste my time on.

I recommend this if u like mystery drama slow burns with some character development and interesting sub plots.

Very silly and pointless.

But it's so slow.

My niece enjoyed it for the most part though.

But I found it gripping and hope there's more seasons more to come.

Such a waste of time .

In between theres a lot of long slow mundane conversations.

The Society is a contrived, poorly-conceived, and even worse-executed effort that doesn't pass the smell test.

I gave this show a chance I was rewarded with a compelling interconnected web of conflicting emotions and conscious reasoning.

Too little mystery, and too much attention on the boring teen stuff.

The first 3-4 episodes are slow to many viewers.

Show is predictable and doesn't explain anything nor does it remotely stay relevant to what you want to know.

The acting was okay but predictable.

If viewed through that lense it is intriguing in a novel way.

I'm intrigued enough to watch on, but as already warned a bit of a slow start...

The first four episodes were kind of slow as you would know if you watch Netflix produced shows and then the show picks up the pace which is almost similar to the TV show 'Lost',this show will definitely have a grip over you which will make you binge watch the 10 episoded.

Lazy, uninspired, and boring for a show with such an interesting premise.

It is so boring!

All in all, if you're looking for something entertaining with a dash of mystery, definitely give it a watch.

Quite often I give something on there a go and instantly regret doing so, but I decided to give this one a try, and to my surprise, it was actually fairly enjoyable.

" But saying that after episode 3 I believe the slow slow slow burn ends and it gets much better.

I'm still early in the series but it's entertaining enough to continue watching.

on some level i guess i enjoyed it.

The 10-episodes run for an hour each, which is quite long for a teen-based drama these days.

However, 'The Society' will keep you engrossed and have you hooked at the edge of your seat with it's unpredictable plot and relatable characters.

Boring, Boring, Boring .

Males are toxic, and childbirth is such a bore, such a useless hassle.

Hang on, slow start.

Please don't waste your time on this garbage teen drama crap.

Unwatchable .

Although there were some unnecessary dialogues and characters, the main theme is absorbing and I am curious about what will happen later on.

Cliche characters with .

A really intriguing production!

It has a great storyline, intriguing plot twists, so many surprises, mystery, drama, teenage problems.

History intertwined and well developed over time, intricate characters plots and evocative scenery.

After watching 2-3 episodes I decided this must have been written by women, because the male teen characters are so shallow and contrived.

This was sad for me to see in such an interesting world with mind boggling characters that the writers have imagined.

I quite enjoyed it, there were a lot of real moments and it did a good job of exploring how people may think act and feel if placed in the same situation.

It explores ideas about society that are quite philosophical while still remaining entertaining.

Compelling and Well-Written .

Am I getting so bored with it that I have missed them trying to escape or journey out to find help?

Sometimes the script feels stupid and obvious but for the most part it's engaging and not to bad.

Her (the actress) acting is not great, that whole I'm-too-cool-for-you-attitude is annoying, her story line is boring and most of what she does and says is not believable, I mean, she barely makes sense as a character.

Questions and confusion .

Are today's 'young adults' really this dense, boring and mentally limited.

Entertaining .

) is an incredibly engaging new series with a cast consisting entirely of teenaged characters.

Very entertaining .

But please don't waste your time on his one!

It's just boring and bad characters buildup.

Hopefully, there is a Season 2 because this show is an unexpected surprise.

However, as the series begins to pick up, it juggles some interesting themes and steers into a series of compelling predicaments that make it enough of an enjoyable weekend binge.

Definitely worth watching and the acting and story line is actually really impressive .

I've finished it in 2 days and i enjoyed it .

This show is one bad cliché after another.

The story itself is good, but it's so boring.

It's illogical, slow and silly.

But things take a quick turn into a brutal socialist regime that beats people accused of crimes while holding them in a cell while preparing for a cliche trial where some kids are going to pretend to play out their fantasy of how the rules should be.

Its good but its so slow and Stressy.

I found the intriguing tangle of mystery and melodrama, thought-provoking .

Watch paint dry.

I enjoyed watching it, its gripping

Though if you separate that personal interest from it, it's a rather bland and unoriginal trope played by mostly forgettable actors, with the exception of the deaf guy, and uninspired writing.

so boring omg .

But the writing especially in regards to characterization is awful and plot is predictable.

They need to make a second season, very entertaining !

Intriguing start which quickly devolves into a typical, predictable and annoying teen angst soap.

Characters- there is much depth to many of the characters and with slow, progressive development you begin to love, hate, HELL even cry with a handful of characters.

he's very entertaining in situations cause without him it's all sex and election fights.

Entertaining .

Ending was confusing .

Contrived .

Same cliche teens doing cliche stuff.

I stuck with it though perhaps out of boredom and the last episodes of the show make me want to watch another season of it.

In other words, I highly recommend it to everyone who's into some mystery/drama!

This show is exactly what it sets out to be; engaging, binge-able, escape.

Yes, there are holes and the acting isn't up there with the best, however for what's its worth, this show offers many entertaining moments that will keep most thrilled.

They were suspenseful when needed, and slower in other portions.

A total waste of time, even for a twelve year old kid.

I really enjoyed it, and highly recommend it!

if you suffer from insomnia , or have a 10 hour layover ...........

Thoroughly gripped though pacing is off .

Just an intense thriller we need right now .

'The Society' starts off as a cringey American teen melodrama with poor dialogue, a weak premise, and character development / decisions that make you reconsider the enjoyment of watching paint dry.

And even the drama is shallow, the characters seem bland and often don't have any actual character development.

Parallel universes or the afterlife are both fascinating concepts that never get old for me.

This series is too boring.

As I wrote this review, I bumped my stars to an 8 because I realized how many times those scenes made things more real, and thus, made the show more compelling.

And to that demographic, regardless of where we might place the setting of the story, these are the banal and idiotically unimportant issues they want to watch on TV.

The suspense will have you hanging on the edge of your seat through the whole entire season and the ending is insane which is why this show needs to be renewed for a season two.

a little bit boring watch it when free time .

Intriguing plot .

t this is "The Dome" "Lord of the Flies" & "The Sparticle Mystery" same boring concept.

In this stereotyped and unoriginal version, excruciatingly boring for adults.

Great show nice actors brilliant story boring in the first 3 episode

Unpredictable and smart.


Don't waste your time.

In that way, I have a hard time understanding some reviews saying that this show is cliché, I mean did you ever watch a proper cliché teen show ?

The acting was great, storylines engaging, camera work excellent.