The Souvenir (2019) - Drama, Mystery, Romance

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A young film student in the early '80s becomes romantically involved with a complicated and untrustworthy man.

IMDB: 6.5
Director: Joanna Hogg
Stars: Neil Young, Tosin Cole
Length: 120 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 56 out of 109 found boring (51.37%)

One-line Reviews (137)

This ranks as the most wasted 2 hours of my life - disjointed and poorly produced, unsympathetic characters and completely unengaging.

Real life is far too slow and without event.

I don't want to spoil much, but there's a long, tedious, pointless scene late in the film in which the protagonist's father (or maybe her stepfather / mother's boyfriend...

The film is overlong, relentlessly boring and full of the most unlikeable characters.

Are we supposed to think that these are pretentious blowhards making art despite having nothing to say?

I was honestly kind of bored until around the 40 minute mark.

Frustratingly dull .

There is a big reveal in the middle and then it's slow steady decline to the end.

The main character is boring and has no defining personality other than being a pushover film student, and her catering to her manipulative boyfriend does not encourage any sympathy.

The main character is thoroughly uninteresting, extremely naive, and at times outright obnoxious.

Slow paced and boring

Nothing happens (although, some reviewers kept expecting something to happen...

In my opinion, it isn't exceptional or very original, or entertaining, or important in any way.

Dreadfully dull .

This film is so mind-numbingly tedious that it certainly makes opioid addiction seem like a viable life choice.

The souvenir's pretentious nature could be forgiven if it showed a little emotion.

While the film certainly isn't bad, it has enough flaws to make it seem a bit empty at times.

However, it does start to wear thin after a while, with a slow pacing that sees it drag towards its end.

There were also a number of pointless scenes that felt extremely frustrating because they would explore these encounters in favour of the more emotional and gripping scenes of the film.

The Souvenir is extremely boring and unlikable, just like its characters .

It made the movie feel very dull and I can't understand why the movie almost never had bgm.

What a dull story.

What a boring, dark waste of time this was.

Two more uninteresting characters could not be conjured even from the mind of a corpse.

Dull, gloomy and downright boring.

Boring .

Scenes were mostly static, and the contents were very mundane.

I can only suspect that they are called 'Watching paint dry' and 'Gazing at my navel'

Adding to the trouble is Burke whose Tom is as bland as kale and as common as a condo construction project in downtown Toronto.

Boring .

Absolutely nothing happens in the movie aside from his death at the end, and there is nothing to emotionally latch onto or be invested in.

Sometimes I wished I was there, other times some of those people made me bored.

I gave it a chance After watching the first 30 min but then, I was so bored, yawning every minute I think.

Too many boring conversation, and annoying overuse scene!

In stories about artists there are layers - the way their real-world emotional and social lives and relationships inform and intertwine with the art they produce can make for engaging narratives, as revelations can come in many forms.

This movie might strike a chord with you if you yourself are bourgeois, vapid, and feel that life is generally just one big waste of idle time .

Too long, quite pretentious, not as bad as some reviewers suggest .

Unfortunately, midway through the film it's revealed that the conflict is far more stereotypical than that, and once the true conflict is revealed, it becomes utterly predictable and completely uninteresting.

A waste of two hours of your life.

Slow as mollasses .

The first half is rather slow.

I see a lot of reviewers really disliking this film due to the unbearable toxic romance between the two characters.

My partner enjoyed it more than me.

While the film's cinematography is often very good, it can also be repetitive.

It was sooo slow and so painful to watch.

Self-Indulgent Garbage .


I wasted 2 hours of my life with this boring monotonous dribble.

I was so genuinely bored while watching this movie that I found myself checking the time on my phone constantly throughout.

Pretentious and deeply boring .

No sympathetic characters, no story as such, no linear narrative and nothing happens for most of the film.

Viewers of writer-director Joanna Hogg's semi-autobiographical feature will likely be divided into two distinct groups: those who find it to be a beautifully artistic psychological study, and those who find it to be a painfully slow watch.

The Souvenir tells a story about a privileged film student who involves herself in an intense relationship with a shady older man, who is full of charisma.

The best most entertaining part of the film is watching an NFTS Doc tutor, Dick Fontaine, on screen.

However- the slow build makes the story that much more emotional and impactful.

Self indulgent twaddle - avoid .

Sometimes you just have to accept that your life IS BORING and it is NOT worth spending money to turn it to feature so you can torture innocent audience.

Boring meaningless for two hours .

It is absolutely, astonishingly terrible: boring, pointless, tedious, self-regarding, navel-gazing twaddle, made by someone who believes that her occupation as a film-maker means every mundane episode of her existence is automatically meaningful, profound, and worthy of extended study.

And "The Souvenir" is easily in my top 5 Worst Movies EVER.

But I unfortunately found the film to be dull and lacking in personality.

It'll bore you to death, that coming from a guy who loves slow burn films.

This was one of the most boring movies I have ever seen.

As a poke in the eyes of the viewers who manage to make it to the end, the lead character is actually making an equally tedious film that we are supposed to believe is deep art.

I think the following fact will help to make both of those claims clear: one of my all-time favorite movies, which I've seen and savored three times, is the 225-minute-long feminist masterpiece Jeanne Dielman, 23 Commerce Quay, 1080 Brussels, directed by Chantal Akerman with an almost all female crew, in which extremely long (like, 8+ minutes), static, nearly silent shots of a woman doing her housework over the course of 48 hours document an extremely gripping and powerfully moving statement about modern oppression.

dreary autobiographical exercise .

Julie (Honor Swinton Burke) seems to be so unaware that it gets very tedious watching her sleepwalk through this mess.

I saw last night, it's excruciating to watch,but because it's dreadfully dull rather than because we care about the characters.

The main criticism of this film is that its slow patches do go on for quite a bit.

Dull uninteresting people do not make a good film.

It is absolutely mindless slow actions inside a story with a sort of a plot which could give you something and it doesn't.

It was so boring and has nothing going for it.

) but the last shot reprives a repeating shot, held painfully long, that I guess was intended as chapter markings, reminiscent of the brilliant wide shots that broke up Breaking The Waves, but which seemed completely empty of any meaning, even after that final reprise.

One person here said, that the main character is boring because she knows nothing, yes...

The acting was bland, both leads felt so stoned faced and unlikable throughout the movie and the times where they did actually convey some emotion were some of the best parts to the film.

I was bored to tears and didn't like either of the leads at all.

they really immersed me in the story.

slow big reveal steady decline .

The story was trite,the acting was lifeless, including one of my favorite actors Tilda Swinton.

What a borefest

Even if there was a story, it was told in a really boring way.

Some thoughts: Ponderous Unbelievable characters Unbelievable plot Unbelievable relationship realisation of true events All the actors should've impro'd not just Julie.

You get the idea--even the most banal facts were obscured.

I'm always wary about films with a huge discrepancy between critics and audience reactions, mostly because it typically means a film is either considered pretentious or dumb-fun.

Wow so boring .

I mean, it's like this film was voluntarily done to bore the audience, to "force" them to think about the plot.

Sadly though, nothing as interesting as this happened, but you get plenty of time during long scenes where nothing happens to think up you own story lines.

It does more a more of a slow pace.

And have now seen two of the slowest, most pointless, pretentious and boring movies back to back.

Excellent performances, but dull piece.

Entire film full of boring conversation, and annoying overuse scene!

A Pretentious Drawl .

The movie tries to give you a taste of the everyday life of a young woman in film school who is juggling her work and older boyfriend who happens to be an addict, however it is unbearably dreary and dull.

All of her classmates seemed more preoccupied with art than she did, and that made them more compelling in their brief turns on screen.

Pretentious tedium .

All the characters are fascinating and I found their portrayal interesting and original.

Nothing happens.

It is just a horribly boring experience of artificial characters because of bad acting and terrible scenario.

Slow and boring.

It was boring clips of boring people with boring dialogue and no connections to anything.

I won't watch it again, but I recommend that the bored and confused give it some reconsideration.

Boring and pointless .

It's very arthouse and rather slow most of the time.

Dull .

Watching paint dry - ** London Film Festival 2019 .

The Most Boring 2 Hours Of Cinema .

Nothing happens for 2 hours.

Despite the natural performances from lead Swinton junior, Swinton senior, and the mad importance of the themes - it simply is a dull watch.

Pointless .

Neither are totally compelling or appealing.

If you think your life is dreary, or you're sometimes not quite sure, have pity on posterity.

Just five minutes in, I already found the film very boring.

Some comments: The director seems to have gone out of her way to do stuff that doesn't work - but it does - people talking off screen, shots not properly focussed etc.The script was like real life - mumbling, people talking over each other, lots of ums and incoherence - we are so attuned to snappy interactions in most scripts that we forget how unreal most dialogue is in what we watchThe parents were remarkable characters - so carefully written, and beautifully performedIt captured gloriously the daggy early 80's - the earnestness and the idealismThe sets / art direction were probably the highlight - for example, the way the camera used the mirrors in their flat to express a range of emotional statesSome sumptuous tableau cinematography, particularly in the restaurant scenes; reminded me of Peter Greenaway's workThe use of period music as a coda between sections - whilst in the majority of scenes there was no music at all, which meant the actors needed to do all the workThe performances were uniformly excellent - particularly Honor Swinton Burke who was translucent in her vulnerabilityAs a final point, loved the cameos by the jadied marxist academics sucking on their cigarettes as they planned the revolution which never cameI admit to being pretentious, and as such found this exceptional.

It had mediocre cinematography, amateurish direction from a well know director, performances felt contrived(felt like they were told to speak in low voices), dialogues were pretensious, gashh screenplay felt like it had been developed in a film school with bunch of film nerds giving self indulgent notes.

But the script was often tedious and the story seemed to drift aimlessly.

Still, the affair is usually engaging.

All of these people are exciting, interesting, fun to be around, tragic and frightening in their own ways.

Julie is a privileged film student that tries really hard to be interesting, and Anthony is this pretentious, manipulative douchebag of a person.

The film IS slow, and he editing causes some small confusion.

While the narrative of "The Souvenir" is consistent, it does not have any scene that stands out, making it long and dull.

But it's a far more intriguing film in retrospect than it is as it's unreeling.

And there is literally NO plot.

The pacing was rather slow and the story was under-dramatized.

Overall, I was extremely disappointed in the souvenir the bland acting, colour palette, and story made this firstly the most boring film of the year as well as one of my least favourites of the year.

This was utterly boring .

Don't waste your time, effort or money watching this, unless you enjoy pretentious caricatures and mock authenticity.

The performances were good, but the story was disjointed.

Make the film unwatchable!

If you find love and addiction fascinating watch it and enjoy.

This movie is basically a vignette of nothing happening.

2019's Most Boring Movie .

After we establish the initial situation, there is no story arc at all.

An absolute waste of 2 hours of my time Should have left early and cut my losses.

Slow like hell!

The ending is, in fact, the very worst and most pretentious part of the film.

The female lead is written to be written to be pretentious, and apparently based on the director herself.

Maybe a bit too long but definitely worth watching.