The Space Between Us (2017) - Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi

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The first human born on Mars travels to Earth for the first time, experiencing the wonders of the planet through fresh eyes. He embarks on an adventure with a street smart girl to discover how he came to be.

IMDB: 6.4
Director: Peter Chelsom
Stars: Gary Oldman, Asa Butterfield
Length: 120 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 31 out of 170 found boring (18.23%)

One-line Reviews (88)

In my opinion, it's unrealistic and pointless to see unless you are into a super super easy watch and won't get disturbed by stuff like 3 inch thick see-through laptops 16 years into the future; 16-year-olds crashing a plane into a building and jumping off on the last minute before a great explosion like Bruce Willis in Die Hard; half the movie being 16-year-olds making out and stealing cars; and of course a super predictable ending.

As a sucker for a sentimental coming of age love story, this checked all the right boxes for me.

It's definitely worth watching.

Please don't waste your time by seeing this movie as I have wasted mine.

It has an interesting concept but is weighed down by a cliché script.

Poorly executed, predictable plot .

This film is exciting, memorable, emotional, dramatic and contains so many more feeling.

At some point the film also reflects on our inner nature, pointing out that it is (literally) kind of a joke that we want to leave this planet sometimes, while we cannot realize how rich we are.

On more than one occasion, Gardner says that he wanted to go with her but he wasn't allowed to leave his house because of his disease, covering up the fact that he was living on an entirely different planet.

I found this movie very enjoyable and It has really great actors and it was a great experience.

Forward 16 years and we meet the boy, Asa Butterfield as Gardner, now very bright teenager with a boring life.

So boring realists, please just leave this film for hopeless romantics who dream about cities on Mars and a sweet tender teenage love...

Don't waste your time on this awful movie.

Enjoyable movie for teenagers .

On the flip-side, if you (or your teenager) want a mildly exciting FANTASY story with blossoming teenage love and characters with obstacles to overcome, and a satisfying ending, watch The Space Between Us.

This one is not that type of movie, but I still really enjoyed it.

The Boredom Between Us!!.

Worth watching .

I watched this because it looked entertaining, adventurous, interesting, fun.

This could be the worst movie of the year, so far.

It is very entertaining to watch the boy experience what a human from earth takes for granted, like the wind or the fire.

Don't waste your time on this awful movie.

Some entertainment and some charm but overall just too contrived to keep me on board.

It was entertaining enough, certainly, but it was frightfully predictable.

The core idea was exciting.

Alas, that's not even all of it, but those are the biggest, most glaring plot holes that drove me nuts due to the fact that they rendered the whole film pointless.

It was entertaining and that is what a good story is supposed to do, right?

The story is a mixture of fish-out-of-water humour, teen romance, and mild suspense, set in a science fiction/real life scenario, and featuring engaging performances from Britt Robertson and the always watchable Asa Butterfield.

Overall, an intriguing concept that suffers due to an insubstantial story.

The whole 2 hours of this film were basically pointless and they could have been avoided easily from the very first start if he had actually told him that he was his dad and trust me he gets a lot of chances in order to tell him those 4 little words.

It is very easy to watch, very entertaining, and actually pretty unpredictable.

Gary Oldman is cast as a Richard Branson-type space entrepreneur whose scenes with BD Wong and Carla Gugino could have yielded earned insights but instead all of his shrieking becomes tangled in pointless plot reveals that at best provide a time clock and at worst make no sense.


Kudos to the writers and producers for making an enjoyable movie for teenagers without stereotypical and sophomoric characters, dumb plots, and WTF endings.

The editing has some bizarre flubs here and there as though it were trying to experiment with symbolism but it came across as awkward and confusing.

The Space Between Us suffers from the cliché romantic story, poor direction that makes you wonder what kind of tone the director was trying to aim for.

Its entertaining enough, and in places you find yourself wanting a particular outcome to happen, even if at times you also want to slap the characters into sense.

Other than that setup, it felt boring.

While it certainly was entertaining enough for what it turned out to be, you shouldn't expect a cinematic masterpiece here.

This is a very pleasant and entertaining movie.

I read the negative reviews and was prepared for it to be bad, but it was surprisingly engaging.


I went to see this film with some high hopes, but the formulaic plot and made this film ho-hum.

Carla Gugino seems bored with her role.

Explained everything with details, as well as intentionally added some of scenes to cover up later parts when the narration takes the unexpected route.

He gets chills when he discovers the mundane things about life.

It was a little predictable (I won't spoil it for you) but even still, I thoroughly enjoyed it and highly recommend it.

boring .

The way certain lines and concepts are brought back up, or little pictures and details to notice make this movie all the more enjoyable.

The Plot - It's predictable and ambiguous.

Most of the plot is telegraphed and as predictable as any given 5th grade arithmetic problem.

Then, there is Tulsa who is the cliché out of all of them.

Dabbling with elements of the who-dun-it narrative, as well as the coming of age story arc, Space is a modestly budgeted film with some great ambition that really doesn't live up to the hype and one film that has its gaze far beyond the horizon.

You will see from the very start that it's an enjoyable film.

As such it is a very enjoyable movie.

Contrived story morphed into maudlin excess by the last 45 minutes.

But we both enjoyed it.

It is a very entertaining Science fiction teen romance, the thing is, how are romantic writers gonna top this?

It is a coming of age story with some interesting premises.

There were some weaker lines in script, pretty much of it was predictable, actually I had impression that they just placed clues right before revelation to please viewers :-) There was lot of product placement too, when we are at placing.

When I heard about the movie I thought it was going to be another predictable Young adult film with a shallow ending like Paper Towns.

A rather predictable storyline...

The (Empty) Space Between (The Ears) .

It was entertaining, had good twists, and was overall a good film!

Enjoyable .

The film is also attractive to look at - there is some beautiful cinematography, and the effects are first rate - Mars is as visually stunning (and believable) as the Earthbound locations.

Engaging, Charming, Thoughtful, Easy to Watch .

This is not a great film, but surely different and enjoyable.

The script is entertaining, with full and workable backstories where relevant and necessary: fleshing out the characters adds immensely to the emotional heft of the film.

The aging thespian hasn't offered this kind of colorfulness for quite some time (in a big movie, at least) and I enjoyed it to the point of feeling that his character was underused.

They rushed the whole movie but they focused on the beginning which was kind of boring and as well most of them died or didn't even show up in the rest of the movie.

A great premise with a some charming aspects of performance from Asa butterfield but otherwise a plot that needs a lot of contrived coinidences to make sense.

In her teens and very early 20s, she appeared in the films "Keeping Up with the Steins", the Steve Carell comedy "Dan in Real Life", "Scream 4" and "The First Time", followed by a few short-lived TV series including "Life Unexpected" and "Under the Dome".

Don't waste your time .

Great enjoyable movie.

There is no plot, just a big hole.

However, this is a fun and entertaining film.

Contrived .

The movie had a great story and really fascinating takes on many subjects.

I expected this movie to be intriguing and entertaining, in turn, it was boring.

Writers Allan Loeb, Stewart Schill, Richard Barton Lewis and Allan Loeb just failed to come up with a storyline that offered surprises or unpredictable plot twists.

"The Space Between Us" is a sappy romance that redefines the concept of long-distance love and the cliché that "absence makes the heart grow fonder.

I tried to like this movie, but I have to say that it is one of the worst movies that I have seen this year.

Okay so some of the science is inaccurate, there were some plot holes here and there, and maybe Brit Robinson is too old to play high school students, but I found this film very enjoyable once I get into it.

Don't waste your time watching this feat, go for a walk instead.

It feels like one of those really cheesy, but really enjoyable and adorable movies from the 2000s I would watch as a kid.

All I can say is that some people will waste time and money on this piece of garbage.

Finally, even though the pace of the movie was generally okay, the beginning was a bit slow, until the boy landed on our planet.