The Spirit (2008) - Action, Adventure, Crime

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Rookie cop Denny Colt returns from the beyond as The Spirit, a hero whose mission is to fight against the bad forces in Central City.

IMDB: 4.8
Director: Frank Miller
Stars: Gabriel Macht, Samuel L. Jackson
Length: 103 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 115 out of 310 found boring (37.09%)

One-line Reviews (312)

There is almost no action in this movie, and what little action there is turns out to be ridiculous and boring.

The story is so flat, uninteresting and stupid that it tanks the movie.

As far as pacing goes, the story becomes disjointed with abrupt interludes, (a short scene between the police commissioner and his doctor daughter that really goes nowhere except to explain Denny's relationship with Ellen) and all those somewhat stupid vignettes with Lotelei, the angel of death, and overlong exposition.

It got to the point where people were openly jeering at the screen, and I think we may have walked out because I honestly can't remember the ending.

Enjoyable on Face Value .

)The characters are just lame, the Spirit talks like Paul Rudd and acts like Casper Van Dien (unfortunately with half the personality), the Octopus is a total cartoon who comes across as neither amusing nor menacing, Eva has a boring character and if Scarlett Johanssen is the young actress of her generation it is a pretty threadbare generation, as she monotones her way through some atrocious dialogue, including calling other characters both "doorknobs" and "farts".

When people leave the theater at a movie screening, it means quite a lot.

They just trade empty threats like that and go their separate ways … it's all kind of surreal actually and no, toilets are not always funny.

The only thing worth watching the film for is the cinematography, which is visually stunning.

His narration is a constant droning bore that means you don't even get respite when he is off screen.

what a bore-fest!

Now, please this is not to say that the film wasn't interesting, exciting and sort of enjoyable.

I found the storyline tedious and lacking continuity.

Unlike Sin City, which had a more serious and dark narrative, here the script is very caricature and does not maintain the pace, alternating visual moments and interesting action with scenes that generate pure boredom.

This movie is now tied for worst movie ever next to shape of water.

Don't waste your time, not even for Eva Mendes!

There's just no reason to care about what happens to anyone of them, so what ever plot there is feels entirely pointless.

Gripping Film Kept Me From Sleeping .

I found it rather entertaining, and quite visually stunning.

However, his empty stare and mindless grin worked.

The film's noirish enough, but the campiness destroys and overshadows it, from the over the top dialog and acting (The Spirit and the Octopus delivering banal one liners in a post fight sequence) to the clone henchmen that have more fat cells than brain cells in them.

Don't waste your money / time on this movie.

Witless and dull, at best, this is nausea of the attention span, an under-produced plot that sinks the eyelids so deep into the abyss that lifejackets are advisable when entering this celluloid arena.

Even Samuel Jackson (who is always pretty entertaining) didn't bring much to this film.

What he has created is a dull and quickly forgettable film.

I mean yes there is a plot, but it is just so dumb its a waste of everyone's time.

Take my word for it, please, don't waste your time with this stinker.

The cops and other characters are either stereotypes, or bland.

I didn't like the style of the movie, which the only color besides black and a dull gray was red.

Trying to go full-bore into style hurts scenes by making them too intricate and overblown.

But this movie is low on action and big on pointless explanatory dialogue.

Indeed, I am in doubt that I'll even remember The Spirit as anything more than a bittersweet reminder of the former glory of Mr. Miller, but for what it's worth right now- and right as I sat and watched line after line of cheese-grilled dribble formulate from underdrawn characters' mouths, punctuated by stark imagery and attention grabbing musical cues- I guess it was somewhat entertaining.

Absolutely unbearable .

The dialogue is pretty fast paced and has more punches, than any Rocky movie could offer.

Go and see it if you want a dark private giggle in an empty cinema.

Even the comic relief clone bad guys are entertaining in comparison to the bland hero of the film.

Suicidal gay pedophiles, Nazi propaganda, mindless overweight clones, a hero that French kisses at least five different women.

An incredibly long and winded self-indulgent un-movie.

This movie has so many talented actors in this movie, and I wonder how can they all be so dull in a matter of seconds, there is not much in doing that.

I had bad experience watching Black Panther recently (complete waste of time) and praises towards acting and story which are, compared to this movie, complete crap.

OK this is a mess but an entertaining one.

It's as if Frank Miller allowed his children to direct the movie for him -- the movie is a complete and utter mess, full of exciting visuals that aren't linked to any kind of solid idea or characterization.

The hero has raspy monologues which are redundant and boring, the premise is clear and yet nonsense and the dialogue is forced and predictable.

The visuals, as per 300, Sin City, is really nice, but there is no story support it.

Goons for octopus were the only entertaining parts.

The acting, the story, the editing everything is wrong in this movie and boring as watching paint dry.

Me and my girlfriend went expecting an entertaining ride in the vain of sin city......

He makes a compelling Super Hero despite the flawed script and direction, this is after all Frank Miller directing.

Plus,this movie frustrates the spectator with the constant changes of tone and its pretentious attitude.

Not great, but entertaining .

I enjoyed it!

It's beginning to get boring and he needs to seek out more parts that explore his range.

A somewhat empty Spirit .

even if people do walk out of the theater .

This movie bored me to the point that I was nearly falling asleep in the theater.

Immediately we have the Spirit himself indulging in pretentious self-narrative, something he doesn't do, the Octopus showing his face openly, something he doesn't do, and Commissioner Dolan resenting the Spirit's presence, something he doesn't do.

The story is very loose and seems to be a lot of nothing happening.

long, dull, boring, self-satisfied and annoying narration!

Even Dick Tracy from over 20 years ago is a far more interesting, visually stimulating, and engaging film.

To begin, the minimalistic green screen style was fun for Sin City, but it just became pointless and tired.

This film doesn't feel a need to have its narrative follow a chronological order, and it worked wonders, especially when it's used to break the monotony of dead dialogue that borders on going nowhere.

It's a slow movie with some strange dialogs that does the story no good.

The good news is that if such a thing sounds entertaining to you, then you could certainly do worse than seeing The Spirit.

Everything is a cliché.

Life is too short; don't waste your time on this one…

I watched a couple of people walk out of the theater about an hour through...

so uninteresting .

The Worst Movie I Have Ever Seen In a Theater - (may have spoilers) .

I liked Sin City a lot, and I thought 300 was intriguingly well made and quite entertaining.

So yeah, we went and saw "The Spirit" tonight and allow me to say it was the worst movie I've ever seen.

Maybe the worst movie I've seem at least with this budget 60.000.000 $ WTF?

The hero character was also quite boring.

Otherwise the movie was boring and probably a third of the audience left.

His famous period working on Daredevil,followed by his double triumph in resurrecting Batman (with The Dark Knight Returns and Batman: Year One) came in the precise moment to show the narrative and visual heights a comic could go to when they risked to do something more than the entertaining but empty super-heroes and child humor (although artists like Grant Morrison,Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman also showed me that).

The people who are seeing it and expecting Sin City all over again, will be bored rigid.

A Dark and Compelling Crime Story .

Worst movie ever!!!

The cast is another problem, and a big one at that: ironically given her comedy background, Paulson gives the most grounded of the movie's performances, and Macht tries his best whenever he shares the screen with her, but otherwise he's just bland, much like Eva Mendes.

I found this movie to be very uninteresting,just like most comic book movies I see.

A funny and entertaining time .

Very bland and uninteresting.

Most of the fault is surely Miller's (I've also heard that fans of the original Eisner work feel like Miller has put too much of his stamp on the work), but the editor is probably partly at fault, too, for the confusion.

He adds nothing new or original to the genre, and actually takes tried and true conventions of film noir and finds a way to make them tired and boring.

Fascinating reads, without the formulaic endings common in most 40s comics.

I don't recall reading (or leafing through) the Spirit comics, but left the theater with a feeling that they had been skillfullly and respectfully transposed to the big screen (or DVD in my case).

The only thing this movie really has going for it is that is breathtaking to look at in parts.

Also, the dialogue was too repetitive.

This movie is definitely worth watching!

This film is visually stunning, both in terms of cinematography and the beauty of the characters used.

'The Spirit' is quite a well-crafted film that lacks a solid script but I still enjoyed it for the (both intentional and unintentional) comedic parts.

but unfortunately, the movie has some flaws: Sarah Paulson as one of the more important supporting characters seems too bland compared to the other main women in the movie; she doesn't pop out.

Samuel L Jackson does the same as always, which is never a bad thing, but i do feel is getting a bit tiresome now for every character he seems to play recently.

I guess this all time stinker - literally the worst movie I have ever seen in a theater - is a sign of the very depressing times, when you spend way too much money to ingest a piece of exceedingly colorful cardboard that only ends up giving you a bad case of gas.

With its film-noirish settings and it's over-the-top voice overs, it was quite enjoyable.

It's all pretty standard as far as cloying movies go but what sets it apart is the drab set design, fanatically over-the-top performances and ludicrously thin noir pastiche job.

Now rather than go on and on about the movie's flaws I will highlight them in bullet fashion:The plot adds nothing to the movie, there is an inexplicable scene where they all in Japanese garb that is totally pointless.

This movie was very entertaining and it was a very cute movie.

awkward and boring to say the least.

I left the theater twice.

I personally think that, as his tribute to his admired Will Eisner (the creator of the original character, who is probably turning in his grave since opening day), instead of creating this pointless sequence of events, Frank Miller should have been as humble as to politely say "no, thank you, get an actual director" to the offer.

complete waste of money time and effort.

This is basically self-indulgence, no two way about it.

it was a complete waste of money!

I'm honestly glad I didn't read anything about this film, at least I had fun thinking that this was a comedy, then having to be completely bored out of my skull.

Enjoyable and engaging.. .

It prepares the audience for a very boring, almost Dick Tracy like scenario, except its completely dull and unrewarding.

He also remarked that "The Spirit" is too long for YouTube.

Worst movie of the year.

But overall, I found 'The Spirit' to be a very enjoyable show.

It may also have helped to have had some kind of a plot in there, but there was no story to speak of.

When have the likes of Sam Jackson, Eva Mendes and Scarlett Johansson ever been this DULL?!!

OK, while it is true that the three of us left the theater looking like we had just been mugged after a few beers and some discussion we all realized that we had really enjoyed the movie.

Halfway through, it gets really slow, and somehow you could see it coming a mile away.

4 - the bad I walked out of the theater at 9:00 PM certainly that it was at least 15 minutes later; no way was this film only 108 minutes (and less than 100 discounting the lengthy Miller-graphic credits).

Gone is the sheek black and white and replaced by a dull tobacco stained monochrome coupled with flashes of red that just do not have the same impact.

But you will enjoy it or if you prefer it you can wait until it comes out on DVD and rent it for a boring Sunday afternoon.

This is an empty and longwinded cartoon caper that contains not even a teaspoon of narrative.

I watched The Spirit on TV recently and I enjoyed it!

I enjoyed it .

Jackson, who I usually consider a redeeming quality of even the worst movies he's appeared in, gives the most cringe-worthy performance of his career, playing the archvillian Octopus as a way campy, over-the-top freak.

Like the dull monochrome this film will fade quickly and be forgotten.

From the first character we see, a pretentious and obnoxious embodiment of "Death", the acting is strictly bottom-of-the-barrel.

Confusing in a gritty, graphic way.

), this can be a very entertaining movie-going experience.

Frank Miller, who co-directed "Sin City," pony backs on Rodriguez's success and delivers a frivolous, uninspiring cinematic feature.

The result is that I quite enjoyed it.

What I want to make clear is that the storyline is hard to follow or too easy to follow because there isn't really a storyline.

The result is that this movie is tremendously tedious and boring.

honestly one of the worst movies I've EVER seen - Ed Wood would've done better.

boring as bat droppings.

This is actually a very enjoyable comic book movie as it should be done more .

Instead of a intriguing script, you basically get campy dialog, that made me think of 1966's Batman.

My buddy suggested that we should stay so we could at least make sarcastic dumb remarks about whatever happens in the film, but it seemed that even waiting to make these remarks wouldn't compensate for this so we walked out.

You just keep waiting and waiting and nothing happens.

While a lot of the scenes, like say when the actors have to act convincingly with dialog that is trite and ill-timed and poorly rehearsed and horribly cast (Gabirel Macht being one of them), left me just slapping my hand against my face wondering what I had gotten myself into, there were little pockets that were about as funny as anything I'd seen in years.

Grotesque, confusing and garish, the film story-wise is just bland and forgettable.

He's taken someone else's creation, gutted it of everything that made it special and worthwhile, and stuffed it full of his own pretentious and ill-considered crap.

Good concept, great characters, visually stunning.

and the always entertaining Sam Jackson hits it out of the park as a maniacal villain with an irreverent sense of humor!

Having enjoyed previous comic book adaptations to the big screen (Sin City, Road to Perdition and the latter Batman Movies) I thought that this could well be another enjoyable watch.

It was an entertaining experience, all except for when the film was rolling.

Maybe I should have given the movie a little more time and see how it develops, but judging by the collective "2 thumbs down" from everyone on here, I'm glad I left the theater.

Recommended for Fans of the Character, Frank Miller's Style, and for those Searching for Something on the Edge and Atypical of Comic Book Movies in General.

CONTAINS SPOILERSThe budget below the line as it appears on screen is too small to make the Spirit worth watching in theaters.

There are some comic fans who will never be pleased, but you have to enjoy the movie for what it is - great action, visually stunning and dramatic performances from the lead roles.

Or sequences with the severely cliché protagonist spouting an elongated monologue about how much he loves his cliché city.

The 'look' and style of the film is a carbon copy of the 'look' and style of SIN CITY, except without the novelty value, so it's boring by now.

Originally i found this to be slightly disjointed a style.

He's not completely invulnerable, but he sure can take a lickin' and keep on tickin', which he proceeds to do with style (white-soled Chuckie T's and a blood-red tie in an otherwise unsaturated palette) while trading snappy banter with all the gorgeous ladies on both sides of the law (Scarlett Johansson, Eva Mendes, Sarah Paulson, Stana Katic, and more).

In this respect he's like a boring version of Batman, with only a tiny mask that is supposed to prevent everyone who knew him before from recognizing him.

Sure, it pales next to Sin City, but it's actually entertaining!

Instead, what we get is an incoherent mess that justifies half a viewing on the sole grounds of its admittedly intriguing visuals.

Visually stunning, as you would expect from Miller, and in parts moving too.


This movie can only be enjoyable if you are into comics or have a taste for movies with visual ideas.

Sam Jackson has unfortunately chosen another terrible role, as the non-intriguing villain, the Octopus.

Do the economy a favor, when the DVD comes out, save your money instead of buying this piece of garbage.

There was blood and intense violence that Marvel and DC couldn't begin to live up to.

If for nothing else, if say playing devil's advocate the picture has a terrific look to it and visuals that stun (and to be fair one or two shots are stunners, among say thousands), the performances here are 90% of the time variations on boring and 1/2 dimensional and hackneyed and anything else you can think as an analogy to cardboard.

Graphic novel creator Frank Miller was clearly paying attention when Robert Rodriguez developed the trademark Sin City black-and-white film noir visuals, because they are all here: the almost cardboard cityscapes, the monotone clothing, the touches of red...

Overall, the film is easy on the eyes, but it's rather dull and difficult to understand.

So, I gave The Spirit an "8" simply because I think it is entertaining, creative, good production values, tongue-in-cheek, funny, well-acted and written for what it likely is, a satire on a comic book series.

So, it's attempts to distract you from a lack of plot, strong performances and any real thrills, ultimately fails, like everything else in this turkey.

Aside from that, there are so many pointless scenes where Frank Miller feels the need to explain this kindergarten-level plot (which we understood entirely from the first trailer) to the audience through boring talking scenes.

I'm sorry but this movie was painful and by far one of the worst movies i have ever had to Endure watching and the best thing about the hole thing was the credits!!!

But the story is so weak, lazy and apathetic none of it will interest you and, while SC worked hard to help it's audience settle in to this cool, trendy new style of filming with plenty of exciting action, here the thrills and spills are equally drab and none existent.

I have not had a worse experience at the cinema than The Spirit, the plot was atrocious, the screenplay even worse, and the characters shallow and uninspiring.

"visually stunning?

A butchering of Will Eisner's comic book series and just a total waste of time and talent and source material.

Now, I hated it on the grounds that it was a little repetitive, didn't allow much time to absorb information, and the lack of seriousness of its villains.

After I read all the stories, I went back and read all the boring text in the introduction and realized that it HAD come from the 40's and 50's.

Jackson in such a bad movie .. And I can tell you with a clear conscience that this film which is called the Spirit .. Is a film without any spirit .. My advice to you , do not see this movie, it is boring to the point can hardly be believed !

Like I said, I walked out.

I enjoyed it because it was an enjoyable film.

It is a character that Jackson was born to play and Sam throws every ounce of his endlessly entertaining and over the top style into the character.

Whereas "Sin City" possessed a hard edged visceral energy and relentlessness, "The Spirit" was slow, confusing and, let's be honest here, really, really dull.

Through the ridiculous and pretentious garble that is associated with anything to do with Frank Miller and every other scene being filled with so much dry ice I was practically choking on my sofa I had no idea what was going on.

Dialogue is snippy, contrived and just a snicker away from utterly ludicrous.

Because, like The Spirit, it was completely the biggest cliché ever.

But later the movie becomes highly entertaining.

The story too is intriguing, showing a superhero that works directly with the police; he is his own branch of the department, known by all and brought into cases like a detective.

They're both cliché film noir movies with cute, trite plots and generic characters.

It was fun and good to look at and entertaining.

Miller also doesn't properly establish who any of his characters are, and, especially nearer the beginning, it's difficult to follow the plot.

The script is unbearable.

The graphics/photography seems changes styles within and between scenes - B/W silhouette animation, silhouette with color, semi-visible backgrounds, close-to-conventional photography, etc - with little rhyme or reason, so that the visual appeal rapidly becomes empty and meaningless, and Miller just has no idea how to shoot a scene and make it interesting.

I found it entertaining, with pretty good acting, and some good jokes.

Mystery stories, film noir cop dramas, slap stick comedy like "3 stooges, romantic melodramas, ", world war 2 propaganda, cartoons etc. Even Akira Kurosawa's Samurai films and Japanese anime are not spared the satire.

Nonstop cheesiness, an inane "plot", if you can call it that, trite and demeaning characterizations, and an attempt at 'style over substance' that fails even in that because Miller doesn't know how to use the style artfully instead of spastically.

This movie may look good, but its story is convoluted, its cast is atrocious, making this movie practically unwatchable.

The visuals, as many have said, are very unique, even stunning.

The acting, characters and story were all well done and entertaining.

The movie is characterized by great and stunning visuals.

Over all the film stayed at slow un enjoyable pace which left me asking myself 'should i have really stayed till the end'?

The free screening I attended last night had a number of rows oddly empty from the get go.

The dialogue is cheesy and just bad, the characters are bland and uninteresting, and the story is ridiculous.

Coming off the heels of SIN CITY, this tried so hard and failed in a miserable way, because the story was so underdeveloped that it simply becomes a total waste of time.

The movie is visually stunning in every respect.

The genre- bending here isn't fun; it's so much "everything all at once," that it leaves one not even in a state of exhaustion, but boredom.

Like watching paint dry.

Save your money and wait for the DVD.

It is hard to follow or to get any real character depth.

It is clearly one the worst movies I have seen in years.

Yes, it often feels disjointed, bombastic or just plain silly.

I kid you not, it will make you want to walk out of the theater already.

(It's dull) .

I've never read the comics that this is based on, but I still enjoyed it.

You wouldn't think it would--at the very least, it has interesting art direction that should keep your eyes entertained, and plenty of TNA for admirers of the female form, along with terrible writing that should provoke chuckles at the movie's expense, but ultimately, except for a 5- 10 minute segment, I was bored to tears.

Man I wanted to leave the theater at that time.

I hate to waste that much money on such a poorly written, boring movie.

Nevertheless, the movie was engaging until the end.

In short: painfully boring.

3 - the good It's wintry in The Spirit also, and the first reel or so establishes a fairly intriguing, designy comic-book city as we see the eponymous hero in silhouette rush over buildings, down fire escapes, etc. The comic-book graphics are of course reminiscent of the Miller's "Sin City" though they aren't used in any kind of coherent or consistent way here.

It's a random mix of stylized cartoon in black, white, and red on the one hand and uneventful real-live action on the other.

He takes a property that is fun and clever and entertaining, spews his well-worn brand of "dark and gritty" all over it, and proceeds to waste a little over an hour and a half of your life (more if parking was a pain in the rear - as it tends to be during the holiday season).

I don't usually post reviews, but having spent actual money on this awful waste of time, I'm on a mission to prevent others from suffering a similar fate.

To me the film is strange to say the least but not in aninteresting way, it is weird and exceptionally boring.

People even walked out.

LOL Bottom line: this movie is a waste of your time.

Other than that, don't waste your money.

The first fight scene (not giving anything away), that the Octopuss had with the Spirit was force and confusing and so out of place and completely uninteresting.

Drab, spirit-less graphic novel adaptation .

Talky and dull, it was made by Frank Miller, the man behind the far superior "Sin City.

The vision Frank Miller had envisioned for The Spirit was lost like a spirit due to bad cuts and uninspiring music themes, disheartened dialogue, lifeless acting, real soulless material with an aimless and disjointed story to follow and an overall rushed production value with a big fat heavy dose of halfhearted casting, whereas Scarlett and Sam are excellent for the viewing, as is Eva, whereas Gabriel Macht and Paz and Sarah Paulson are in over their heads except for Paz who should of played Eva's part and vice versa.

This film has a pathetic and completely incoherent screenplay,which is full of tedious monologues and a lot of scenes which do not have a point at all,not to mention they stay more of the time they need...

From the trailers, it looked like an interesting, entertaining film.

Because The Spirit was one of the worst movies to come out in 2008.

The worst thing about this movie is that it bores you to tears.

True though it may be that 300 wasn't exactly a sand swept Memento, it did a mighty fine job of keeping entertaining and as for Sin City that was a lavishly violent chronicle of some of the most deranged archetypes ever seen on screen (and paper).

A highly entertaining super hero movie .

The plot will develop until all the characters have their crossed destinations - as mandated by the predictable formula followed to the letter the script.

To end my comment i'll just say that The Spirit is a total cliché that has one o two funny moments and a few nice shots and that's it.

There are several elements to this movie which were highly entertaining.

I cant really go on any further as I walked out halfway through to go out and do something worthwhile.

But,I took an enormous disappointment with this movie because it resulted to be a big piece of crap which,in my case,was an unbearable experience.

I found this movie to be very entertaining for its action and art, while keeping me laughing with its 1940's language, hilariously stupid henchmen and goofy character names which are reminiscent of Dick Tracy.

But the action is flat and uninteresting; it feels rehearsed.

If you can avoid this stinker, you will be a able to use the time to watch paint dry, a much better use of your time.

Whatever, it's not easy to stay with the story; something is missing - maybe caring more for the characters, or a story that's a little too rough and disjointed in spots for mainstream audiences.

The acting, as you may now have guessed, is also rather drab.

And the extremely sexy Scarlett Johansson, well her character is basically pointless and also Nazi and Eva Mendes, well we can see her ass (!

That's all fine and well if this is intended to be a franchise with more sequels on the way, but as a stand-alone film, it's weakened by the lack of an engaging narrative.

Don't waste your money or time on this all time stinker, and let's all pray that Samuel L.

It might be the worst movie ever .

It's obvious there was enough here to make something entertaining--not brilliant, but fun--but it's completely squandered and bored me into doing my homework, which is about the worst thing I can ever say about a movie.

Half of the film is spent confusing the audience while the other half bluntly explains what's going on.

It is by far the worst movie I've seen in 2008 and I saw both "The Happening" and "Cloverfield.

The character's are lame, the movie is really boring, and the acting was really bad.

But at the same time, this is just an entertaining near spoof of superhero movies, and is not meant to be taken seriously.

Torn between his childhood sweat heart, Sand Saref (Eva Mendes), who left Central City to find wealth and diamonds, and his current fling with Ellen Dolan (Sarah Paulson), the boring doctor who treats The Sprits' wounds, the daring hero just can't say no, even to the charms of The Octopus' college educated sidekick Silken Floss (Scarlett Johansson), whose name seems to have been inspired by Miller's visit to the dentist.

Hea, this is a nicely entertaining movie.

Probably one of the very worst movies I've ever seen.

It's a visually stunning film, sadly that's all it has going for.

Pretty boring .

The acting was nonmemorable, or perhaps it's the characters depicted that were uninteresting.

Maybe if the characters had been better handled I could make an exception, but..A lot happens but it goes pretty much nowhere and when it's finally over I just feel empty.

The Spirit is shot with a similar style as his last film, Sin City, based upon his own graphic novels, and the imagery is quite stunning at times.

I think we was 5 minutes in to this film and me and my mate realised this wasn't a serious film - I'm currently reading the Watchmen, and really wanted to see something dark "Ok, so its no Dark Knight - lets see what happens" I thought, needless to say there were several times I wanted to leave the cinema.

As for the Spirit, Gabriel Macht, previously known for his performance as "the guy that died first" in Behind Enemy Lines (2001) is easily the most bland graphic novel hero ever committed to film.

Jackson of course is always entertaining no matter the role.

Employing the inventive art direction from Rodriguez's 2005 feature, "The Spirit"is a neatly packaged gift; but, once opened, you'll find the contents to be dull and lifeless.

i had this need too slit my risk and bash my head against the wall just too forget this Painful SLOW LIFE DRAINING MOVIE its almost so bad that its fun its like a huge B movie like a low budget action/porn movie it really makes u think HOW DID THE DIRECTOR KEPT HIMSELF ALIVE WITH SUCH A EMPTY BRAIN this movie is utterly bad the producer should have kept his money maybe really maybe if you like sponge bob then this is something for you and i need too type in more words because i need too have 10 lines so i have too keep talking talking talking like a slow brain death so i just keep on typing because this comment needs more lines maybe this ought do it

i found the movie entertaining and provided a few laughs here and there.

The Spirit is easily the worst movie of the year, and one of the worst movies I've ever paid nine dollars to see in the theater.

He's a good guy with good principles, but he's bland.

"The Spirit" is a visually very stunning superhero movie based on a film noir atmosphere.

But "The Spirit" somehow manages to be both simultaneously over the top and banal; it would merit a much higher rating if it had been intended as parody of comic-book films.

Please, save your money, and do not see this movie, it is atrocious, vile, heinous.

Unfortunately, people have been inbred with a deep strain of confusion when it comes to movies and somehow this movie hit the nail on the head for what your common viewer can't digest (just like Arrested Development, or Firefly).

Please save your money and go see something else.

Grotesque, Confusing and Garish .

It's just a bore.

this movie had cool action scenes and made me laugh a lot and i left the theater happy.

FLOW: 4/10: Just got so cheesy and boring due to the distraction of lackluster performances.

The movie is filled with these kind of details and surprises that keep the whole film intriguing until the end.

The actual humor, which the fanboys pride this film for, is likewise just as cliché.

Being coy and confident in your delivery is one thing, looking bored is a complete other.

It could easily be condensed down into a few minutes of stunning use of black, white, and red, and it would also be much better with a music soundtrack rather than Miller's terrible dialogue.

The movie is campy and cheesy as hell but it is entertaining.

It was a total waste of time.

Unfortunately, besides her nude shot, most scenes she was in were boring, and slowed the momentum way down.

The story is dull, and just unusually uninteresting.

But if you're really curious, save your money and rent it when it comes out on DVD.

The day before, I had to sit and agonize myself from watching The Curious Case of Benjamin Boredom.

A very entertaining superhero film .

No thanks though, for wasting my two hours and $12 with a completely inane film, a story that does not reward for the tedium it takes to unravel, dialog loaded front to back with clichés, and characters so hollow and boring it's a shame they can't die.

They all talk like, well, comic book archetypes: gruff commissioner, megalomaniacal super villain, brilliant evil assistant, sultry femme fatales, loyal and uninteresting love interest, and on and on.

Overall with the enjoyable nature of the film with light doses of comedy and heavy action this film is truly a good way to spend time.

The fight scenes are horribly done and the film as a whole feels empty.

Yet another silly, empty character played by Samuel L.

Painfully boring .

Jackson is fun, but it's just too much of the same thing; even he gets tiresome after a while.

The result is a script that moves and breathes in the same ways that Miller has so far used on the big screen when adapting from ink to reel; the dialogue is clunky and cliché-ridden, characters two dimensional, strictly driven by plot and the most basic of instincts, and the plot itself- the very fuel that drives a movie such as The Spirit- incoherent and sluggishly formulated.

Mostly just boring .

The Spirit is in love with his city, just like every other cliché superhero, and the bad guy is after power—who would have guessed?

Do yourself a favor, take my word for it, and don't waste your time and money finding out what those reasons are for yourself.

Jackson and his ostentatious, scenery-chewing performance as the flick's villain, which provides a few select, somewhat entertaining moments and essentially saves the piece from being a total waste of time.

I give the Spirit an entertaining 6 out of 10!

I needed some ease from the over-seriousness of Benjamin Boredom and I was very fulfilled by not taking The Spirit seriously.

No doubt they thought it was awesomely bad, they were quite entertaining really.

The movie was awkward and boring!

Started off awful, then it got a little funny and clever, and then boring and forgettable.

The picture is a schitck, and one that wears so quickly I was already ready to leave five minutes into the movie and hoping that the story would pick up.

Grandiose in style but stylishly and quickly a victim in its own quicksand of self-indulgence, this could have been a contender, but sadly, it comes across as tiresome all over, weak in structure and bland in imagination.

However it would have probably been a bit more enjoyable had it not been for all of the stupid, moronic, rude as hell people texting on their cell phones, and the one inconsiderate chippy who actually had the nerve to take a call at the Cinemark located in Center TWP Pennsylvania during the 9:55 showing on Christ-Mass Day.

Chandler, Hammett and all the rest wrote WELL - they've only become clichés because they were so good - this script could've been written by a rather boring high school student.

They deserve to be failed in their desire for an action packed blood bath.

Pointless and tiresome.

I would not even recommend this title on DVD because its a total waste of time.

Like the movie, the original comic seemed just as disjointed.

I seen the movie now 4 times, The first time i watch it, my first impression was that i was not really entertained because its confusing for a human being because we want to understand whats now really happen or what is meant with the storyline.

Very enjoyable light-spirited comic hero movie.