The Spy (2019) - Drama, History

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Based on the life of the Israeli spy, Eli Cohen.

IMDB: 7.9
Stars: Sacha Baron Cohen, Hadar Ratzon Rotem
Length: 53 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-MA
Reviews: 23 out of 340 found boring (6.76%)

One-line Reviews (117)

Beautifully shot, wonderful acting and gripping drama.

So far, the first episode has gotten me hooked, I'm being educated in the most entertaining and realistic way possible and just cannot wait to binge the rest!

Incredibly dull .

The story itself is fascinating enough, and his performance makes it even more riveting.

Mildly thrilling with a moving end .

I used to think high of Raff but 'The Spy' is undoing that for me: the plot is so banal and predictible it's charicatural and SBC plays so badly it's just sore to the eye.

But let's enjoy it like we did with ChernobillThe show has its flaws, especially in the thrilling scenes at night were everything is lit up like it's a football game, or some of the most significant people from the enemy just hand out top secret info after a cigar and a handshake..Otherwise it's a catching and nice show and the actors are really holding it up.

It is well acted and the script is exciting without departing too dramatically from the true story.

In terms of entertainment it is definitely worth watching!

Intriguing Storyline .

Baron Sacha Cohen has been spot on in his another role of playing an Arab, this time an intense one .

Stunning decor.

Mesmerizing, elegant yet thrilling .

Breathtaking .

I am one who was not at all familiar with the story, and politics aside, director Gideon Raff and Sacha Baron Cohen do a fantastic job creating a clean and intriguing version of the events that helped Israel win the 6 Day Way in 1967.

Which is really really boring and makes you want to just stop watching the show.

A pure "cliché" of a spy.

All the characters have performed very well, expressing the intense emotions needed to stir the audience, which makes it very engaging.

Strong directing, writing, and pacing makes this a very engaging show.

You are so in love with characters, show is amazing, very intense .

Well written, acted and filmed a throughly entertaining and interesting series

I had a bit of a problem with the accents from some of the actors but all in all it is a gripping tale of a story that needs to be personally looked into afterward for a little more understanding.

Fascinating story .

We quickly made our way through this engrossing 6-episode series about real-life Israeli spy Eli Cohen, who infiltrated the upper echelon of the Syrian government in the mid-60s.

Worth watching.

I recommend this show to anyone that wants to understand the true events of history in a very entertaining way.

Thrilling Six episodes with some great performances.

This was well worth the watch.

The setting of the tone was superb and thrilling...

Highly enjoyable

This series is extremely exciting.

I binge watched the whole series in one night, and highly recommend it.

Also the cinematography was bland, and seemed to blur a bit on the edges of the screen no matter what medium I was watching it in.

Gripping .

Very boring, one-sided and non credible movie.

Exciting and scary at times.

This show is solid, entertaining, interesting, tense, exciting, sad, funny, and tells us some intriguing history bits...

This director had a lot of cliche scenes.

Great thrilling mini series .

It's a crisp, taut thriller, and even though you know the outcome, seeing how it unfolded is fascinating.

'The Spy' is a really well thought-out my mini series and keeps the viewer on the edge of the seat of their emotions.

The series was also hurt by one Hollywood cliche after another.

A propaganda series.

Whole series is fascinating as in history.

It's commendable that the writing has closely mirrored the historical facts surrounding Eli Cohen, as what he experienced is entertaining enough without the need for embellishment.

The production is fine, the script is good and becomes more gripping as the ending looms.

it is painstakingly slow in development, spread over 6 episodes, too long for keeping one spellbound.

Pure propaganda.

This spy show is gripping, intense, and you will watch it till the end.


The characted development is intriguing and is not overly announced to the viewer.

Fascinating tale of spycraft set in the 60s.

Compelling, brilliant and riveting .

Gripping, tantalising, strikingly straight in the eyeEven when you know what's going to happen, it's intense to watch this.

A gripping story and an even better performance by Sasha Baron Cohen.

Rather similar to the true story as well making this series an enjoyable must-watch.

Great .. may be ..!It was really a propaganda , i did not want to beleive those reviews so i watched it .

A HUMAN IMPERFECT SPY - Gripping, Intense, Binge-Watch!!.

Total waste of time.

Very very slow .


Dragged out obvious end of a Spy .

Exciting and thought provoking historical thriller mini series .

Story is intense and worth watching.


Boring Borat .

It's entertaining, and that's mostly what I'm looking for when I press play on a show called "The Spy" on Netflix.

A great short series, really gripping and full of suspense.

extremely gripping .

Maybe that's the reason the movie is considered a propaganda glorifying the Israels and showing Syrian as a loser in many aspects.

So, I didn't research about the film and started to watch because I had time due to unexpected holiday by corona-virus.

His grief, his sadness, the fact that he missed his old life, the fact that he couldn't see his second child , that he was empty on the inside- his emotional turmoil or mental state , his problems when not given much importance or were not highlighted enough throughout the movie.

I highly recommend it!

Engrossing real-life spy story from the 60s .

It is entertaining to watch keeping in mind that it's more of a fiction drama.

Acting is ok, even good, but story makes this just unwatchable.

I found the story engrossing, and SCB's dramatic turn showcases his acting potential.

"The Spy" is extremely suspenseful with wonderful cinematography.

Well worth watching .

Great acting by Sacha Baron, a very thrilling story about the life of Eli Cohen

This series is a fascinating screenplay created by inspiring true events.

What worked: screenplay; I am positively surprised by the series' clever and engaging screenplay.

It's a well written, well paced thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

As a viewer, I felt immersed in the culture and the show goes to great lengths to do this.

I loved the Spy, a fantasticly written thrilling story of eli cohen, the israeli deep cover operative in Syria during the dangerous 1960's.


I learned a lot and enjoyed tge performance of Sasha Cohen, an actor who is as serious and intense in this roles as can possibly be.

Plays out like a LeCarre novel, with all the twists and turns of those gripping plots, all the more unsettling knowing it was real.

You can't really miss it being a one-sided, very biased series and it looks like it's part of along ongoing propaganda to return Cohen's remains back.

The escapes from being caught were very contrived and reminiscent of Hitchcock movies in the 50s and60s.

Well worth watching...

Too bad considering the storyline is fascinating to watch.

The series in its entirity, while it is not bad and pleasant to watch through, it definitely brings nothing new to our TV'sFurthermore watching this, one can easily see how this started out from a true story, to become a Jewish propaganda series.

Breathtaking .

This is a breathtaking mini series which is a must see.

Pure Israeli Propaganda .

Could of been one episode shorter, to many repetitive scenes with Noah worrying over his agent.

Based on the life of Eli Cohen, a Mossad spy during 60s, it's mildly thrilling with a moving end.

It's gripping, well enacted, production values are sound.

The most beautiful breathtaking series I've seen recently!!

Israeli propaganda.

A highly engrossing with wonderful performance sequences.

Just another propaganda .

This is really boring.

Love Shasha Cohen, so original and so intense.

Gripping series .

Well worth watching and one of the better mini series of recent times.

It's propaganda and doesn't come near doing justice to the subject matter.

Fascinating story.

Absorbing limited series produced by Sacha Baron Cohen .

I got bored.

It is nonetheless very entertaining as a fictional thriller drama, if you are able and willing to look pass the likely deviation from reality.

Worth watching to get a good idea

Great story but poor production .. they could've brought some one better than Sacha Baron Cohen for the role .. A great story even with an Israeli Propaganda

Breathtaking every episode!

Mind blowing.

The time period and cinematography is well done and the mini series is extremely entertaining.