The Spy Who Dumped Me (2018) - Action, Adventure, Comedy

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Audrey and Morgan are best friends who unwittingly become entangled in an international conspiracy when one of the women discovers the boyfriend who dumped her was actually a spy.

Director: Susanna Fogel
Stars: Justin Theroux, Blanka Györfi-Tóth
Length: 117 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 85 out of 401 found boring (21.19%)

One-line Reviews (207)

With performance of mila lived this movie more, entertaining me, and i love, love a spy mix comedy genre.

directors are so afraid of offending someone and being panned by one or another religious/racial/interest group that they strip their comedies of any creativity, until it all turns into bland lukewarm porridge.

There is absolutely no story line and it seems the whole purpose of the movie is to cater to the female empowerment crowd.. At the expense of everything else.

I highly recommend it.

Funny and action packed .

The plot was a complete boredom.

Action packed and very funny!.

Not once did I come across a laugh out loud moment or even a chuckle, it was all so predictable.

Her boyfriend, Drew (Theroux), has just dumped her and she's moping about it, complaining to Morgan, her best friend, and trying to keep others from finding out her life is now empty.

It is an absolute waste of time.

I'm literally watching it again if it now and super bored .

There were some really dumb jokes and the plot was obvious, but in general the movie was watchable and entertaining.

Saw it in an otherwise empty theater with the wife, that was 2 people too many .

Bored 20 minutes in and wAnted to leave.

The Spy Who Dumped Me has very few scenes that involve our characters doing nothing, leading to a well-paced movie that keeps you immersed in all the shenanigans at hand.

They are extremely entertaining together.

Yes, it was well worth watching.

Literally so boring

Total Waste of time .

But, at times the film would take itself a little bit too seriously and would kill off the enjoyment and came off as bland and boring.

I've fallen asleep watching this enormous waste of time twice and it's still not over.

I'am watching now the movie there is a lot of action and drama between two cute girls but there's no story this is the problem

Surprisingly Action Packed: The movie may just seem like a giant farce of spy thrillers.

Even the boredom of a 11 hour flight didn't make me finish this .

A fun and thrilling ride with a little something in it for everyone .

This movie is a complete waste of time (thank god I didn't have to pay to watch it).

I will admit the story didn't quite go the way I was expecting, but that's not a bad thing, there are a good number of sequences filled with high-pace chases and guns blazing that are exciting, and the jokes are witty enough and work fairly well, all together it a fun action comedy.

Action packed adventure .

I fell asleep halfway through the movie due to it's boring plotline,

There's a lot of affectionate chemistry between co-leads Mila Kunis and Kate McKinnon, who make an impressively engaging pair as they navigate an international spy plot.

Boring .

Waste of money and time ...

The Spy Who Dumped Me is a highly entertaining film.

I barely chuckled a couple of times but it is still entertaining.

Pointless drivel .

TSWDM is fun, exciting, and charming.

What a giant waste of time.

The director thought of keeping too much twist in plot, but it's always predictable.

The movie is super entertaining.

this had to be the WORST movie ever to come out of that company ...

The plot is very cliché and predictable sadly and it's fine when a movie knows what it is and doesn't try to be anything else.

Enjoyed it and the actors complimented each other well.

worst movie than i expected.

Yet, there are a few plot points that were boring, or full of holes that didn't quite impress me.

Other than that, a comedy that wasn't funny, filled with conventional car chases, gratuitous violence, a non-existent plot and bad acting by Kate McKinnon in over the top performance that made one cringe.

The violence in the movie was too intense for a comedy; or even a spoof on spy films.

Total failure: boring, daft and pretensious film, not worth to spend time or money on it.

don't waste your time .


Definitely worth watching .

Her character's tendency for saying whatever's on her mind, no matter how weird or badly timed it may be, makes the jokes more unpredictable, and you laugh at her ballsy nature and impulsiveness.

This is a boring movie a not funny movie and way to long...

But her wish for an existence that's a little more exciting suddenly comes true - she discovers her ex is actually a spy, assassins are after him, and it's going to fall to her to complete his secret mission.

This is going down on my list of top five worst movies I've ever seen.

But it was entertaining and we had at lot of good laughs.

The nonsensical plot jumps through a variety of European cities which provides some good settings, but the gags always fall flat, making it all seem pointless.

This movie is worth watching and having a fun time doing so.

The first half part of the movie is definitely stronger in most aspects, but still very enjoyable.

Worst movie ever!!!

I love Mila but this movie is a waste of time.

I was literally on the edge of my seat with anticipation during the car chase scene.

Dony waste ur time.

I almost walked becuase it had cheesy dialogue, predictable plot, lame scenes, lack of substance to sustain any genre.

I felt that the story didn't really work, it was very predictable and uninspired.

Sorry but it was everything too predictable.

Enjoyable if you're bored and have nothing else to watch.

The plot was weak and predictable.

Don't waste your time.

Super entertaining .

I found it funny and engaging.

This movie is a terrible cliche spy movie.

Save Your Money.

Horrible gun and murder propaganda .

If not, don't waste your time.

This movie, about two best friends who are thrown into the deep end of the spy-spoof pool, was entertaining, funny, had a good cast, but it was way too long and if I see Justin Theroux, I am positive he will be playing a villain.

The action scenes are intense, immersive and surprisingly brutal.

After that, the movie is stuffed with "jokes" and "funny stuff" which is flat, shallow and completely predictable.

This film tells the story of two women who are dragged in an international situation because the boyfriend is a spy.

Fans of Kunis and McKinnon, and of the genre, should find it an enjoyable time in the movie theater.

It does a good job of mixing moments of quite inspired wit with some other more puerile stuff and the banter between the two leads is quite snappy, as is the exchanges between the actual spies.

I see that some mean spirited reviewers saying worst movie 2018/ever.

What a loathsome waste of time this movie is.

The movie that bored me .

However, despite this (and its criminally bad title), I actually enjoyed it to a surprising degree.

But their talent is wasted on tedious roles with a boring script that does not give them anything new to work with.

It just gets more boring and at the end you don't even care about the main characters and what is gonna happen to them.

I agree with other posters that I wanted to turn it off by 30 minutes.

I was bored save for the funny lines from Mc Kinnon.. Don't waste your time nor money on this lame film.

This has got to be one of the worst movies on this budget I have ever seen what was the director thinking when this was edited the joke were old and not funny we are both actors and work in film and TV and for the money that was spent on this film we could have made 10 films that were 50 times better.

enjoyable ride .

A great enjoyable "dumb" comedy movie .

Laughed during the chase scene otherwise it was dull and extremely boring.

This was funny and I enjoyed it all.

Lame, Predictable, Bad Acting Don't waste your time nor money.

I guess it was still entertaining and I could recommend it to people who just like to watch random action movies.

A Crazy Dumb Exciting Spy Action Comedy inspired by Snowden Incident .

It's funny, engaging and surprisingly has some really great action scenes.

I fell asleep and then eventually gave up.

I feel bad because I love both Mia and Kate but movie had to many slow scenes.

If you're looking for an enjoyable flick for Friday night, this is it.

Mila Kunis and Kate McKinnon lead this boring comedy film that is quite forgettable.

But the film does have some funny moments and many of them come from the frequent riffing of McKinnon who is just a non-stop spark of energy who fires off snappy comments no matter if facing a psychotic gymnast or in a high-speed chase.

Worst movie of the summer .

This must be one of the worst movies this year....

Derivative drivel of a waste of time.

I have a limitless card I watch every movie that comes to my cinema with my girlfriend and this was the 1st time we both got up and walked out before the end!

If you want to see bad acting, worst script ever, and waste your time, than this is movie for you.

This has to be one of the worst movies ever.

Don't waste your money .

Despite being on the longish side the plot stays tight and engaging.

With the laughs trickling in without every flowing freely, Dumped in-turn tends to rely more on its narrative to drive it home but the actual tale of a sought after USB being chased down by a collection of good and bad guys is highly uninteresting, while the underdeveloped relationship between Kunis's Audrey and Justin Theroux's ex-boyfriend/spy that sets this story in motion is too underdeveloped to matter, meaning the only enjoyment we get from proceedings are the infrequent comedic gold moments from Kunis and McKinnon that aren't as commonplace as needed for a film of this ilk.

I can accept a mediocre story or some not very well described characters in such a movie, as far as it manages to be entertaining or even funny.

One can almost see "coked-up Suits" sitting at a Mahogany table applauding a pitch from a meth-addicted director, who recommends the "ideal" blow girls to strap on this script and carry it like a satchel-charge into American movie theaters (which thankfully will be empty).

Apart from some good fight scenes which do not last for more than 5 mins, the movie is unbearable to watch.

I still enjoyed it despite its flaws.

They couldve cut out half the beginning which was slow & several other scenes.

It is way too long and definetly should have been at least half hour shorter.

I really enjoyed it and would buy it on Blu-Ray.

Please dont waste your time with this garbage movie.

It was a waste of time and money.

Very entertaining .

Frankly I find it absurd to rate a solid, entertaining, popcorn movie with 1 or 2 stars.

Like said before, it's bad that these two comediennes are supposed to anchor a comedy action spy thriller (all descriptive words used lightly) but the most compelling thing about the movie is the action that's...

A lot of repetitive action that is forgettable.

The movie was boring an 1 hour too long, at times I have fallen asleep.

Funny and entertaining .

Despite a two-hour running time, the movie doesn't feel overstuffed, as it goes from exciting set piece to exciting set piece, and while it's never exactly laugh-out-oud funny it's still entertaining from beginning to end.

And this one is, for most scenes, entertaining.

One of the worst movies I've seen so far.

But no, the show followed a single predictable trajectory and made it physically hurt to watch it at times (cause I kept wincing or grimacing).

The story moved too slow and back stories were not built well enough for everyone other than Audrey and Morgan.

My friend Rashad was right that the film is incredibly entertaining, and the leading ladies bring much of that success alongside talented dialogue writers.

Those scenes just slow things down.

But expect for poor jokes and poor timing, this was a fun and fast-paced movie that was very entertaining.

I was dragged along to see this movie, and by the end I was glad I went to see it.

The movie was predictable from the get go.

There were two things about it, either too predictable (I could predict some events throughout), or way unimportant and boring.

Kate McKinnon is a queen of physical and mental comedy, it was a fast paced comedy that threw a bunch of "oh-my-gosh-wait-what-just-happened" moments amidst some broader twists and turns.

Don't waste your time on this one...

Most jokes fall flat, the music was bland, and the cinematography left a lot to be desired.

' It was very entertaining as a classic spy joke movie.

The plot is boring and the jokes are not all that funny.

Just a 90 minutes exercise in how to waste a lot of money funding a few actresses world tour -- do not recommend ...

Waste time and money .

Maybe it's hilarious if you think the last few years of SNL have been consistently hilarious, but for everyone else it's obvious, unfunny and boring.

Probably the worst movie I have watched in the last couple of years.

Then it became apparent that it wasn't funny, thrilling, suspenseful, or even interesting.

Mila Kunis is as boring as Meg, from family guy, it is just boring.

Few minutes after watching i realized this is going to be a complete waste of time.

Wonder how they dragged asuch a great actress into this.

Still, the movie has some balancing to do, primarily in trying to make an engaging storyline even though they have been shared with the rest of the group.

Not an Oscar contender for sure, but after reading reviews on IMDb I was expecting the worst movie ever, and I had to make myself watch it.

Such a worst movie with zero acting skills by kate.

The action is exciting & gory, and there are a few good twists, as you'd expect from a spy flick.

Boring and nothing new .

It's also predictable, linear and although presents a twist towards the end, it fails to deliver something good.

Though the narrative takes a number of turns that are expected and - at this point - clichéd and does start to wear thin eventually, the experience is usually an entertaining one throughout.

What a waste of my time.

Really basic action-comedy movie but really predictable and not worth it's money.

This movie is a totall waste of time.

The plot is not interesting, the dialogue is dull and not at all funny (unless you consider the obligatory vomiting scenes and toilet humor funny) and the acting is so so.

I enjoyed it and plan to watch it again tomorrow to try and figure out the hate...

Some of the twists were kind of predictable, others you never see coming.

Cute comedy and action packed!

The jokes and humor are dull and boring.

A poor spy spoof that tries far too hard to be funny without managing to be and as such, ends up boring.

Wouldn't have cared if it was funny, but it really was boring.

Lots of laughter in the audience and at the same time very gripping.

It's very funny, exciting and has some great action scenes.

Worst movie I've seen for a long time .

Such waste of time.

So boring !!.

It blends many entertaining elements together, and it is a great film to watch and relax to.

Entertaining despite that one thing...

Enjoyable movie which gets sparked off when the said spy played by Justin Theroux gives his ex-girlfriend Audrey a package for her to look after.

Dull movie .

It's the worst movie of 2018 even worst than Darkness mind ...

This movie is entertaining with lots of action scenes and funny situations.

It was boring movie.

Therefore, THE SPY WHO DUMPED ME is an entertaining cautionary tale about the dangers of NOT being reasonably armed.

A plot so ridiculous, having to suspend logic time and time again gets tiresome.

Terrible cliche .

Don't waste your money or 2 hours of your life.

But her wish for an existence that's a little more exciting suddenly comes true - she discovers her ex is actually a spy, assassins are after him, and it's going to fall to her to complete his secret mission.

While it's not a masterpiece by any means, it's actually a very fun and entertaining action-comedy that surpassed my expectations.

Worst movie I've ever seen.

Don't waste your time on it.

Mila Kunis saved this film as best as she could and was way more funnier and entertaining (also not a comic) than comedian Kate McKinnon who was stale, annoying and "a little too much".

Even going in I expected it to be silly/stupid, but expected it to at least be funny/entertaining.

I wouldn't say this is hilarious but it is definitely entertaining.

Enjoyed it for what it was!

Right from the beginning the scenes are jarring and hard to follow and lent more to thoughts of alright let's get this over with instead of enjoying what was happening.

To cheesy and predictable.

Unlike the cliche on MI, this one is much more funny and unpredictable.

I got bored after half an hour already, because there are a trillion flashbacks that kept going back and forth in the story, back and forth, back and forth.

It is generally quite silly and benign but has some really fast paced, high octane action sequences (expect the odd burning and neck-snapping).

Total waste of time.

Way too long not that funny.

It has a boring plot, which although seems to start in the right way, is rapidly falls into ridiculous and forgettable, throwing most interest out the window.

I personally enjoy a mindless action flick, but this was just flat out annoying and boring.

Don't waste your money .

This movie, though, was predictable.

Seeing this so soon after Mission: Impossible - Fallout, The Spy Who Dumped Me presented an enjoyable lighter comedic contrast into the spy world.

Sure, there are a couple of twists and turns which can be predictable.

Not just the comedy works, it's also surprisingly well-filmed, with intense and very brutal action sequences.

This movie sucks, it goes way too long and tries to do too many things for a simple plot movies.

Sometimes you've got to review the really bad ones to make sure people don't waste their time, and hopefully the people that make these terrible films get the net!!