The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) - Action, Adventure, Thriller

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James Bond investigates the hijacking of British and Russian submarines carrying nuclear warheads, with the help of a K.G.B. Agent, whose lover he killed.

IMDB: 7.1
Director: Lewis Gilbert
Stars: Roger Moore, Barbara Bach
Length: 125 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 26 out of 295 found boring (8.81%)

One-line Reviews (229)

They're the most enjoyable ones because of the many wonderful locations, beautiful women, exceptional action-sequences and a few interesting baddies.

The Open University did a fascinating series covering the making of 'Spy', which to my knowledge has not been seen anywhere in years.

But it is a fun, exciting and tense film with the right balance of humour in it.

Barbara Bach made an intriguing romantic lady for Bond.

The intriguing aspect of this story is that James Bond (Roger Moore) is assigned to team up with Russian KGB Agent Anya Amasova (Barbara Bach), who goes by the code name of Agent Triple X, to solve a case in which Stromberg's submarine tracking technology has been stolen and put on the black market for the attention of the highest bidder.

I spied another fascinating Bond adventure.

His rival is KGB major Anya Amasova (the stunning Barbara Bach.

Director Lewis Gilbert (who already made "You only live twice") gives us a very enjoyable film, full of humor; Richard Kiel as Jaws is one of the most memorable enemies of Commander Bond.

there are good scenes,good acting,visuals and especially hot girls such as Caroline Munro so its pretty worth the watch.

Funny, exciting, and thrilling.

Lastly, her voice: During the whole movie she just talks in the same monotone voice, completely emotionless and annoying.

Some of the visuals are stunning {Stromberg's sea laboratory rising from the sea like a a huge frog is a terrific image}and there is the largest amount of sheer spectacle since You Only Live Twice.

This is a fun-filled, action-packed and enjoyable Bond film - one of the best of the series.

Note also that in this film an entirely new breed of heroine is introduced in the form of Major Anya Amasova, aka Agent Triple X, played with a stunning visual presence by Barbara Bach.

Low Points: Stromberg is less than great, and some of the battle scenes at the end are quite tedious.

It has some really solid action scenes that had me on the edge of my seat.

" So, in the end, you get a fairly entertaining movie, though it takes a little time to get going, after the teaser.

) and of course the pulse rousing Bond 77 music!!

Curt Jurgens is rather dull as Stromberg, not really coming across as a convincing megalomaniac, and in my opinion he is one of the more forgettable Bond baddies.

Enjoyable, fun, and exciting.


Everyone in this movie looks bored and it shows.

All in all it's a very entertaining Bond movie with some spectacular moments and good action, all brought with some good humor and with a Roger Moore in good form.

The 2nd in a string of entertaining outings by Roger Moore in the role...

I could not stand the previous entry The Man with the Golden Gun; too camp, too plodding and just plain dull.

"The Spy Who Loved Me" is an entertaining action film with memorable characters and lots of excitement, and it is remembered as one of the best Bond films made.

The story is basically below average and is also really confusing at times.

Great Globe-Trotting, Spectacular Locations, thrilling action and fun vibe .

It's easily the best Bond film of the 1970's and also stands tall as one of the biggest and most consistently entertaining of the entire Bond franchise.

In terms of plausibility it may be a tad lacking, but for sheer jaw-dropping action entertainment it's rarely been topped, with a stunning ski-chase opening, a memorable fight in the Abu Simbel temples, a fantastic car/motorbike/helicopter chase along the Costa Smeralda and a huge finale dust-up in villain Stromberg's vast Atlantis base.

The supporting cast are exceptional, Bach isn't the best actress (watch out for her trying to contain her laughter in the final scene with Moore) but she carries the job off well, and looks fanatastic alongside the stunning locations, and Curt Jurgens is a suitably megalomaniac villain.

The plot, while essentially a reworking of "You Only Live Twice," is very fun and engaging and Lewis Gilbert (the director of "Twice"), continues his style of crafting big, epic set pieces that leave you in amazement.

The Liparus battle was excellent and outstanding and the plot was very intriguing.

However, they tried so hard it seems that they wore themselves out and came up with a boring film.

The movie definitely lifts elements from "Thunderball" and "From Russian with Love," but it moves like a shark and generally avoids the predictable patterns of its lesser predecessors.

Entertaining from beginning to end, from the unforgettable opening scene to the classic ending in the sea with the girl.

This filmproduction has everything; an exciting ski chase in austria, a brilliant car chase, a good sense of humor and larger-than-life characters.

Caroline Monro is also enjoyable as Stromberg's attractive assassin Naomi.

A bold, fun and compelling Bond film that has two main leads instead of one.

This is a relentlessly entertaining, stunt-filled joyride filled with beautiful women and great humor.

The early films, and the novels they came from, were entertaining.

The Spy Who Loved Me is silly, entertaining and extravagantly spectacular.

The running joke through the film about him always surviving mishaps that would kill ordinary men is amusing to start with, but it does grow tiresome and just helps to turn Jaws more into a comic character, rather than a menacing figure.

Moonraker, for all its entertaining moments, seems a self-parody,not to mention the slapstick in Octopussy.

The gadgets go too far, squeezing out all the soul of James Bond, and the villain is once again boring.

It gets a little bit predictable toward the middle and end.

There have been ski-chases in the series before, but oh my none of them before or even after have lived up to the jaw-dropping chase and stunt that was in the opening teaser, it perfectly set the tone for the movie as an action packed thrill ride, which it definitely is.

A special nod to the rousing score by Marvin Hamlisch, and Carly Simon sings the excellent award winning hit theme song "Nobody Does It Better," which could arguably be considered the greatest of all the James Bond tunes.

But as soon as they leave Egypt, the movie just crumbles : the bad guy has been seen a thousand times as well as his aquatic base, the climax is just an endless boring assault.

It's a likely winner when voting the most entertaining Bond film ("Goldfinger" comes extremely close, though).

I did feel the pace was medium, not too fast but when it gets slow it suddenly speeds up again and is just pure if not occasionally silly entertainment, but nevertheless is really entertaining.

"this review may contain spoilersWhile the man with the golden gun was largely a flop both critically and commercially,lifeless,silly and had virtually no plot,The spy who loved me is the complete opposite.

Main reason why the movie is so entertaining and fun is thanks to Roger Moore, who portrays Bond with a dry sense of humor and also thanks to Richard Kiel.

Aside from the deplorable "The Man With the Golden Gun", and the overly comical "Moonraker", I found his other five films to be highly entertaining.

The film was action packed.

The friction between the two competing spies (Bond and Russian super spy "Triple X") is genuinely sexy and engaging.

However, they tried so hard it seems that they wore themselves out and came up with a boring film.

Slow going and too many endings: the ending is very long.

Production values: Romantic imagery, clever lighting effects and intriguing camera angles make this the most visually appealing Bond film.

Exciting and heartpounding right to the end.

A return to form for "007" after three disappointing entries, is fun & exciting, with well staged chase sequences(memorable ski chase that opens the film, to a car that turns into a mini-sub, among many others).

Even 007 star Roger Moore seemed like he was bored in this film.

The story is extremely weak and a dull villain, Karl Stromberg, who seemingly sits down throughout the movie.

We finally see the women's liberation movement make itself apparent in the Bond universe and it made for some interesting storytelling, resulting in entertaining competition between the two agents and even a subplot about how Bond may be looking at some payback from his ally.

IMHO Moore's seven films are the most consistently entertaining.

We have the usual smash-ups and the car becoming a boat in an exciting scene.

Ken Adam's stunning larger than life sets fit the film's extravagant, big budget flavour perfectly.

And the scene on the Luparis is awesome, with a lot of action that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The Spy Who Bored Me .

His third Bond film was "The Spy Who Loved Me" released in 1977 and it's one of the most entertaining movies in the series.

There are more thrilling action and suspense, from the ski chase in the beginning of the film to the introduction of the silver-teethed Jaws (Richard Kiel), Stromberg's top henchman.

I did feel the support and villain were sometimes over the top but look over it all and the film is hugely enjoyable and acted well.

It marked the independence of the Bond film franchise from the literary series and was thus a 'coming of age' event of sorts.

Of all the villains that came and went through the years, this human version of Spielberg's unstoppable evil is one of the most fascinating baddies in the whole James Bond-series.

Just to add some more controversy I saw Moonraker at the end of last year and thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish.

The plot really is the weak part of this film, the kind of silly doomsday story Austin Powers would have fun with, but it serves to set up a series of fantastic and engaging set pieces, beginning with an opening snowbound titles sequence that culminates in one of the most awe-inspiring stunts in the Bond corpus.

Ultimately The Spy Who Loved Me is closer to fantasy than espionage, a triumph of style over substance, but in spite of the high quota of comedy and self-parody that it contains, and the lack of any real characterisation, it still manages to be a stylish and enjoyable film, with several great sequences.

With this film the bar has been raised -- you have great performances right down to the captain (Shane Rimmer) and the crewmen especially around the intense and exciting nuclear warhead sequence -- the whole film is brilliant at mixing the balance of the spectacular with the smaller moments.

Bond is sent for and, in an exciting ski chase, is pursued by gun-toting Russians, among them one Sergei Borzov ( Michael Billington ).

All in all the storyline is solid enough and the plot flows well, but the stilted acting of the Jurgens and Barbara Bach (not a good actress, overacts, and awfully poor accent) get tiresome quickly.

Very enjoyable film.

This was the first bond film to really have an independent woman who really didn't need Bond to save her, This trend would continue until A view To A Kill (Stacy Sutton), Jaws Would Have to be one of the best villains (along with Nick Nack), But bringing him back in Moonraker was a bit of a mistake, but who cares, all Bond Films, no matter how lame, are still enjoyable

V in 1981, I saw 'Spy' a total of three times in a movie theatre, and thoroughly enjoyed it each time.

The top item I demand in any Bond flick is exciting globe-trotting and, consequently, great locations.

The story, action packed direction, romantic charms of Roger Moore and Barbara Bach being intermittently disturbed by Jaws makes it very interesting.

This, Moore's third outing as Bond, takes a step back, thanks to a rambling script that goes on far too long.

The Bond team was well aware of this fact so they decided to make it bigger, more action packed, higher stakes, etc. And it worked.

However, I have come to accept that this is a matter of taste and that it is pointless to argue with others about it.

Very few Bond films were granted this extravagant treatment; Grande, intelligent, sexy and above all thrilling from the opening gun barrel sequence to the final kill.

The production values of the film are stunning.

There are no real slow spots and plenty of surprises, with unexpected twists to the chases and fights.

Roger Moore once again does great as Bond and Barbara Bach as XXX is absolutely stunning.

The Spy Who Loved Me is an action packed 007 film.

Roger Moore and the breathtaking Barbra Bach are irresistible together, they have great chemistry together, they combine the action and romance perfectly.

The story is fast and clever (yes, the plot is a retread of "You Only Live Twice," but at least it's entertaining.

this is not my favorite bond film but as a huge James bond fan i have to say this is very exiting,thrilling & a lot better then those new Daniel Craig films the reboot killed 007.

This is definitely one of the more enjoyable Bond flicks.

It is pretty much a cliché character and unfortunately Curt Jurgen plays the part like a grumpy old man and can't seem to muster up even a maniacal laugh.

Very great villain, but his death is very boring.

The script moves away from the largely jokey and predictable formula of the early 1970s Bond films and hearkens back to the Bond films of the previous decade.

Overall, it's one of the most entertaining Bond films.

They have Daniel Craig as a hard nosed Bond and long boring sequences of the type of action we see in the Bourne movies and the Mission Impossible stuff.

Worth watching for at least five minutes for the opening ski stunt....

The plot is a re-hash of You Only Live Twice, but it's still very enjoyable.

The film justifies the genre, its humorous, action packed, exciting and engaging throughout with good acting and is one of the best Bond films that have ever been made.

However, the fights involving Jaws is just worth watching this movie for.

 While not the most serious or hard hitting in the franchise, this instalment is the most fulfilling and entertaining.

Bond films are about suspension of reality, stunning stunts, massive explosions, numerous exotic locations, impossible gadgets/vehicles, and wise cracks when most sane people would be panicking.

Her Russian accent is incredibly fake, but she's so beautiful and has such an engaging personality that I didn't mind it.

Worth watching out for here was the first appearance of Robert Brown as Admiral Hargreaves, he would later go on to become the second M in later instalments.

Things do start to falter in final act however, the extended action scene feels slow and poorly edited although it features some impressive stunts.

The Spy Who Loved Me is a fun, entertaining action flick and a worthy addition to the James Bond franchise.

The movie is an agreeable blending of frenetic action,spectacular and exciting sets and humor with tongue in cheek.

It's very action packed with memorable moments, characters and gadgets.

The most entertaining Bond movie ever .

The number of smug one-liners have been trimmed, yet he still invests the character with humor -- plus some warmth and charm, and unexpected sadness.

All of his pictures are very entertaining and were hugely successful at the box office.

This is one of the most entertaining movies ever made.

The locations,especially those in Egypt,are lushly photographed,but much of the film is ruined by steel toothed giant Jaws,who soon becomes tiresome.

The stunt pieces are exciting, with the Lotus submarine car showcased at the heart.

It's sensational, with a great cast, terrific photography, neato special effects (by Derek Meddings) and a goofily enjoyable string-disco score featuring one of the most memorable theme songs of the series (Nobody Does It Better).

Right out of the gate there's a rousing ski chase that culminates in a spectacular jump from Baffin Island's Mt.

An entertaining movie with perhaps the most memorable henchman...

Fast paced, smoothly executed, with memorable characters, exotic locations, not that complex in plot, sometimes a little bit cheesy or sappy but always entertaining.

This is the kind of thing that could only ever exist in a James Bond movie, and it makes for one of the more entertaining entries in the series.

This is a suspenseful subplot on the side that keeps the film interesting.

I highly recommend it to any fans new to the series who want a good taste of what Moore can do as James Bond.

Apparently not a disadvantage (yes, I've read the novel and it was boring).

Still, Curt Jürgens has some sneaky flair as villainous Karl Stromberg and there are several enjoyable set-pieces and colorful locales.

In fact, he's even more fascinating than the main villain, played by Curd Jergens, the reclusive billionaire who lives in a spider shaped compound somewhere in the middle of the ocean.

A running joke returns from earlier Moore Bonds when M, Q, and Miss Moneypenny turn up in an unexpected on-location headquarters.

What the film has going for it includes: a great Bond Girl in Barbara Bach, whose Russian agent is every bit Bond's equal; one of the great henchmen in Richard Kiel's Jaws; and an exciting climatic battle.

This was a boring 2 hour movie that had NOTHING to offer the audience.

The chemistry between Moore and Barbara Bach were great, which proves to be more of a tense and unpredictable relationship as Bach's character is both helping Bond in bringing down the bad guys, and wanting to avenge Bond for her boyfriend's death.

TSWLM proved to be a thrilling, gloriously spectacular Bond adventure, featuring ground-breaking sets and the latest special effects.

The pre-title ski chase through the Austrian Alps gets the film off to an exciting start, and, following the customary Maurice Binder credits played against Carly Simon's title song, the action weaves through disappearing submarines, cat-and-mouse chases among Egyptian antiquities, and intrigue in an underwater hideaway.

The film is overlong and you wait too long for anything really exciting to happen.

Jaws is a boring character.

The pre-credit sequence is among the better pre-credit sequences in the series, involving an extraordinary ski stunt which many consider to be the most breathtaking stunt ever devised for a Bond film.

It has lots of entertaining action scenes and just as many memorable ones.

Without giving anything important away, let's just say they share another common link which is quite intriguing as well.

It all adds up to an enormously entertaining spectacle, a highlight of the Bond epic.

Anyway, this film has got some lovely and funny scenes, even romantic sailing at the river Nilen, having a nice time on the train..I got all the movies and "From Russia With Love" is my favourite, but this entertaining movie is the TRUE GIANT SPY MOVIE ever made.

the film is very exciting and it is a massive improvement since live and let die and the man with the golden gun.

The result is that the production is far neater and far more enjoyable.

Richard Kiel is a force of nature, making the action sequences involving him and Moore just more exciting and awesome to watch.

One wonders why such easy wit, drawn out characterization and really sensual women and excellent action scenes we're missing from the previous bond efforts since thunderball with the exception of on her majesty's secret service.

Amidst all this Deja Vu is a series of pointless, dumbed-down chases, explosions and unrealistic sex.

Lewis Gilbert returns to the series and while his first effort, You Only Live Twice, was a bland and plodding affair he manages to keep things afloat in The Spy Who Loved Me.

All the necessary essences are there, such as the thrilling ski-jump of the opening scene.

As yet another megalomaniac bent on destroying the world (yawn,yawn) Mr C.

Jaws is a boring character.

The end is so exciting as you never know if Bond will get out alive or not.

Yes, Jaws never sets out for world domination, however he's simply far more dangerous and enjoyable to watch than any cat-stroking megalomaniac.

"Spy" is both thrilling and enjoyable, and even those who wrote off the series after Connery's departure should like this one.

Roger Moore was by far the most entertaining Bond.

The interaction between Bond & Major Amasova (aka Agent XXX) throughout the movie is very entertaining & she does a pretty good job of holding her own alongside our hero.

Fun but empty rehash of earlier Bond films .

Barbara Bach is good as Agent XXX and certainly possesses an exotic beauty, similar to Britt Ekland from the previous movie, but watch her get blown out of the water by the stunning Caroline Munro when she's introduced as Naomi.

A lavish,fun but particularly empty entry.

MOONRAKER, two years later, attempted to repeat the formula, but was leaden and empty.

He isn't a physical threat and he doesn't appear to be that smart either, so he ends up being pretty bland.

It is a masterfully crafted and endlessly entertaining movie with all the right elements of a great Bond film.

Many sets are rather monolithic and bland by comparison.

But perhaps the most compelling aspect of this movie was Moore's performance, possibly the definitive portrayal of Bond.

Yes, the plot is (with minor variations) copied from "You Only Live Twice", but it works better in "The Spy Who Loved Me" and helps to make it a highly enjoyable movie.

While slightly unbelievable, the confrontations between him and Bond are entertaining and Kiel plays the role with the right mix of menace and lightheartedness.

"The Spy Who Loved Me" I found very slow-moving during its first hour, kept alive mainly by the beautiful music and cinematography.

I have seen of the Timothy Dalton I liked a lot, I've obviously seen the Brosnan of which are highly entertaining and flotilla's, the 2 (hopefully more) of Daniel Craig (the best of the Bond saga) and some of Sean Connery (as put in place or second place with Craig sharing) I can not the only George Lazenby to decide whether or not it is worse Moore.

The tenth James Bond film is a decent if formulaic actioneer that is one of Roger Moore's better outings in the role.

The script is fast paced and the cars and gadgets hold interest smoothing all film time.

The story can be rather unpredictable and moody, even though some of its ideas are taken from other Bond entries and twisted.

And the film begins with the most breathtaking ski stunt in the series, a freefall off a mountain that was captured in one nerve shattering take!

The only thing I thought was wrong with this is a slightly boring main villain and too much disco in the score, apart from that, brilliant.

The soundtrack lacks energy, the beginning is a bit slow, and the plot follows the standard Bond formula with few surprises and curve balls.

There are some decent action scenes throughout the movie, but the last act is extremely entertaining.

Sure the plot is far fetched to the extreme (an underwater building and a villain looking to repopulate the earth in his underwater city), but it has plenty of charm and is frequently enjoyable.

Spectacular outdoors,hectic action and megalomaniac villain in a new enjoyable outing Bond .

As one would hope for in a James Bond flick, "The Spy Who Loved Me" has a good amount of action and some delightfully suspenseful moments, obviously including some fights, as well as some other memorable ways Bond risks his life in his attempts to save people!

The Lotus could function underwater,but had to wear breathtaking equipment inside.

Curt Jurgens' cold, but eccentric villain is richly enjoyable and Caroline Munro makes a quick appearance.

The film begins with a snapshot of life on board a British submarine; we sense not a lot goes on, the crew appear tired, even bored.

Ken Adam's production design, particularly for the latter, is just breathtaking in its scope and grandiose comic-book stylings - Adam built the largest soundstage in the world, flooded with a million gallons of water, for the amazing sequences where the subs are captured by the Liparus.

Okay, so this may be a rehash on You Only Live Twice, but this sure makes up for Connery's bored state.

Very good installment in the Bond series, as it was entertaining and slick at the same time.

It's enjoyable right from the start and features my all-time favorite "Bond song" - "Nobody Does It Better," By Carly Simon.

THE SPY WHO LOVED ME offers an evening's worth of explosive, witty, and exciting entertainment.

A James Bond film with everything, including a side-story involving the Bond girl, played by sexy Barbara Bach as a Russian spy, with a secret personal agenda to kill the glib, dapper spy as revenge for her boyfriend's death, care/of 007, during an intense downhill-ski sequence: one of many terrific chase scenes that occur practically non-stop from beginning to end.

An entertaining movie with all the right elements of a great Bond film.

Probably the most useless, ineffective weapon ever used in an action movie: it only has one missile and the missile is very slow, and the motorcyclist doesn't even stop after releasing the missile, driving along towards the soon to be exploding target.

He made this film worth watching with his great screen presence as well as his cheeky moments in the film.

Bond is forced to take on Jaws a number of times, including in an intense encounter in a train carriage, which are always very entertaining.

The Spy Who Loved Me 1977 is a proof that nobody does it better then agent James bond 007 this film is enjoyable even with its heavy flaws my rating is 5/10:Recommended.

The previous few films under director Guy Hamilton, writer Tom Mankiewicz and co-produced with Harry Saltzman were particularly uninspired and formulaic.

An incredibly dreary character in the Bond rogues legacy, Curt Jurgens is just not exciting enough to compare to the brilliant Christopher Lee, the only highlight of The Man with the Golden Gun.

It is thrilling, fun and exhilarating.

In this film it was good to see bond actually hold a gun, and the most entertaining thing was the car that transformed into a submarine.

As a child, I found myself completely immersed in it and imagining that I was in the movie as James Bond.

Furthermore, "Spy" contains more exciting action sequences that make it one of the five best Bonds ever made.

I don't agree, but it's certainly an entertaining and spectacular one.

But Richard Kiel's Jaws, enjoyable at the time, now comes across as incredibly cheesy.

So in all everything is here you could possibly want in a 007 adventure; top stunts, beautiful women, cool villains, those gloriously huge Pinewood sets and THAT car, wrapped in an exciting globe-trotting story line where Bond has to save the world from certain destruction, accompanied by the svelte tones of Carly Simon singing 'Nobody does it better' it's not surprising that the 'Spy Who Loved Me' is one of the most memorable of all Bond films.

In fact, the only minor complaint I have is that the lesser Bond villain is very bland and fortunately doesn't get much screen time unlike the bland villain of Thunderball who got way too much screen time.

Its funny, exciting, and thrilling.

While it also features an exciting ski chase and a brilliant stunt with Bond leaping to safety via a Union Jack decorated parachute.

The pre-credit sequence features a breathtaking ski stunt and Bond's encounter with a Russian adversary in the Austrian Alps proves to be of great importance later in the film.

After the lackluster commercial and critical performance of The Man With the Golden Gun, Brocolli and his team decided to go back to their drawing room and flesh out a more exciting Bond that would appeal to movie audiences that were besotted with the magical action of Star Wars and the heart stopping thrills of Jaws.

Very great villain, but his death is very boring.

Mainly the constant presence of Anya makes the film nearly unwatchable.

The plot is consistent and very interesting to see the relationship between the two agents grow and become tense and intriguing with twists all the way through.

It even gets confusing at times, even though the story itself is of course quite simple.

From the memorable teaser that had audiences get up and cheer for Bond again to the thrilling climax on board a supertanker the action never lets up.

While it comes no where close to matching the content value of his debut Bond film, Live and Let Die, it is nevertheless highly enjoyable, with everything you can expect from the best of Bond movies; from spectacular chase sequences, to glamorous Bond girls, to exotic locales and death-defying stunts and of course, a new spin on the classic 'world domination plot'.

They took certain elements from the previous Bond films and made a bigger and more action packed.

Sure the plot is far fetched to the extreme (an underwater building and a villain looking to repopulate the earth in his underwater city), but it has plenty of charm and is frequently enjoyable.

This is established from the beginning in one of the greatest pre-credit sequences in the whole Bond series, as OO7 skis down a mountain slope, pursued by enemies, only to make a breathtaking leap off a precipice and then reveal that he has a Union Jack parachute.

"The Spy Who Loved Me" doesn't constitute a brave new direction for Bond by any means, but with all that it has going on and all that it has to look and marvel at, many of the clichés and formulaic bits feel polished and revitalized.

One of the more action-packed and exciting Bond films, this one ranks as one of Moore's best and one of 007's best altogether.

From the incredible opening sequence to the action-packed finale is an unrelenting thrillride, packed with what are still visually stunning special effects and action sequences.

It makes the movie extremely entertaining and fun to watch.

This movie has it all: the characters, the spectacular show, beautiful women, stunning locations (especially at Egypt), the action and gadgets...

One Of The Weakest Entry In Bond Series But Very Entertaining .

The movie didn't have any action and the storyline was SO LAME, pointless and simple.

If the film is enjoyable (which this CLEARLY is) - then why argue amongst yourselves who was the best bond?

Great fun, great opening sequence, great 70's funky groovy music, great car, nice women, Jaws and of course a good performance by Moore make this an enjoyable adventure of the most famous secret agent around.

For instance, we get to see a thrilling chase with Bond using the Lotus Esperit, the best Bond vehicle ever next to the Aston Martin, and there are many tense fight scenes with Jaws and a heck of a climax at Stromberg's lair.

) Down curvy European highways, into the water, and finally, onto a crowded beach, this adventure just gets more and more riveting and often hysterically funny.

Action packed and crammed with gadgets and beautiful women, this is in essence what Bond films are about.

A few good characters and a pretty exciting build up, make this Bond pretty enjoyable.