The Strange Ones (2017) - Drama, Thriller

Hohum Score



Mysterious events surround two travelers as they make their way across a remote American landscape. On the surface all seems normal, but what appears to be a simple vacation soon gives way to a dark and complex web of secrets.

Director: Christopher Radcliff
Stars: Alex Pettyfer, James Freedson-Jackson
Length: 81 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 17 out of 37 found boring (45.94%)

One-line Reviews (27)

It's not that esoteric if one pays attention, however I'll grant that there are different ways one can interpret the film because of the surrealistic way in which it's drawn out.

Lifeless, unforgivably dull and with a story that partially makes no sense and partially just isn't very good.

Worst movie ever.

Bore yourself to death.

The acting was great by everyone in the movie, the ending was predictable and if the watcher pays attention to the pool scene they will understand or at least puzzle together the ending beforehand.

Slow and Steady but Entertaining .

Watching paint dry is quicker & more interesting.

This was probably one of the worst movies I have every watched.

Slow ones .

Worst movie ever.

It's a bleak film with a gloomy tone, and while I'm all for slow and deliberate story-telling, the technique is usually more effective when there is a reason for it.

We watch them talk, eat, sleep in their car, get a motel room, get their car fixed, and other boring things for 50 or so minutes until we discover what the heck the film and fire were about.

So if you like slow burning mystery (drama), this one could be for you.

Lifeless, unforgivably dull and with a story that partially makes no sense and partially just isn't very good.

To me The Strange Ones is just an average movie, a movie you watch out of boredom and continue to watch without much interest.

If your suffering from insomnia and need to get to sleep watch this movie.

Trying to figure out the ambiguity of these two was mind boggling.

The bad thing is that the story is slow and it doesn't have a high entertaining level, and even if there is some mystery building in the end it just fails to deliver.

The rest of this plodding trash can be tossed deep into that creepy cave and abandoned.


If you're looking for a movie with a slow moving plot, little character development, unmotivated flute music, confusing plot points (i.

For this reason some are going to find this a very dull film experience.

Fully recommend this to all those who enjoy a thrilling indie flick that has a surprised ending twist!

I really enjoyed it.

It really has no plot.

if that sounds intriguing, you should watch this

While walking through the woods, Nick and Sam encounter a middle age couple, and the mundane conversation is filled with dark undercurrents.