The Stranger (2020) - Mystery, Thriller

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Follows the lives of suburban families whose secrets and lies are made public by the appearance of a stranger.

IMDB: 7.6
Stars: Richard Armitage, Jacob Dudman
Length: N/A Minutes
PG Rating: TV-MA
Reviews: 63 out of 372 found boring (16.93%)

One-line Reviews (196)

β€œ") I sort of joked to myself that they were aware of how saturated this genre is already and were *hopefully* preparing to wow us with something a little leftfield and exciting...

β€œ I loved this, it was so exciting with so many twists and turns you just had to keep watching.

β€œ Thrilling in the beginning, more suspense in the middle, shot bricks in the end😠😑 .

β€œ Embarrassing acting, boring storyline .

β€œ Then it started getting contrived, and side-stories were just abandoned.

β€œWaste of time.

β€œ If you want something mildly entertaining to watch them go for it.

β€œ Every major twist is predictable from the moment each is set up and then you have to wait 2, 3, or more episodes for the reveal that you were right from the beginning.

β€œ The plot is very predictable and the acting feels forced and fake.

β€œ This is fast paced with multiple plots.

β€œ Dont waste your time On This .

β€œ Lots of potential for future episodes of this enjoyable, very well done series.

β€œ Armitage and Stephen R must be very broke or very bored.

β€œ Saying that the main story line was absolutely gripping and the acting of the leads was superb.

β€œ The beginning of this season is very gripping, great story and you can't wait for it to unfold.


β€œ The acting is truly bad and the story dull.

β€œ Interesting to watch but so far fetched and silly that it was a torture to watch it at times.

β€œ It's a solid 8, but I gave a 9 because people expect to much and giving lower score that it deserves, this is thriller definitely worth watching.

β€œ how pointless was that...

β€œ Some parts are quite enjoyable and even gripping at times when left on a cliffhanger at the end of an episode.

β€œ They have ruined a great opportunity make an enjoyable thriller.

β€œHowever, as the show rumbles on the plot becomes more and more jumbled and convoluted, the acting quality steadily deteriorates (the blonde kid was just terrible) most the original inexplicable events at the start that drew you in just turn out to be pointless sub plots with dead ends designed to create additional drama and give the show the appearance of being more intriguing and complex than it actually is leaving a very generic thriller.

β€œ Ok this show has kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time!

β€œ Gripping and twisty tale that falls apart in the end .

β€œ Don't waste your time.

β€œ An exciting thriller .

β€œ That's how long I lasted , the acting/ script was unbearable.

β€œ But still worth watching at least once through.

β€œ pumps adrenaline into you(season 2?

β€œ So slow moving we just couldn't make it past 2 episodes!.

β€œ Terrible acting, cliche ridden plot...

β€œ Incredibly gripping .

β€œ The lead reminded me of Liam Neeson( whom I love) thought he was good and I enjoyed it .

β€œ Absolutely gripping .

β€œ Too confusing...

β€œAfter finishing it, I must say it was THRILLING!

β€œ A convoluted story that loses your interest almost immediately, a script that avoids any inclination to be original or challenging and a cast that struggles to make this nonsense entertaining.

β€œ It's as much a visual clichΓ© as the close-up of someone diving off a board into a pool before panning to someone on a sun lounger in the distance.

β€œ Engaging and interesting tale .

β€œ Really loved first couple of episodes, all was both plausible, dramatic and intriguing.

β€œ So I guess I enjoyed it.

β€œ I still enjoyed it for the most part.

β€œ Unwatchable .

β€œ Just had to create an IMDB account to review this , so that other people dont waste their time even on fast forward.

β€œ However the show, I found, was a bit slow and only lasted more than half an hour because the characters behave strangely and spoke obliquely to each other.

β€œ The end deserves a 4 :( But full of mistery, mind blowing !

β€œ Gripping!

β€œ I think it was mostly well done, except for a few plot holes, and the pointless parts with the kids (and the llama head, who's idea was that??

β€œ ending was predictable and uninteresting.

β€œ You have to watch 7 boring episodes to get to the 8th episode for anything to make sense and then it barely makes sense.

β€œ If you are bored and need something to kill time then this is your go movie.

β€œ The persistent, constant 'can you guess' became tiresome.

β€œ So gross and pointless.

β€œ + Intriguing, entertaining, binge watched.

β€œ The ending was completely unexpected .

β€œ After sitting through some dragged scenes and a couple of poor performances, I was left feeling rather cheated.

β€œ "The Stranger"is a very tense gripping and edge of the seat thriller that will keep you engrossed all of the time while watching same.

β€œ An intriguing mystery .

β€œ I can only describe this show as standard TV written in a formulaic way with cliffhangers left right and centre and shock moments put in every x step of the way according to the write by numbers book the writer had.

β€œ Was on the edge of my seat for 8 episodes!

β€œ So exciting!

β€œ Waste of time .

β€œ Definitely worth watching .

β€œIt's pretty much like any other drama you'd see on ITV, surprising that Netflix has produced this predictable outcome of a dragged out series which overall is over hyped and very poor.

β€œ Very entertaining ...

β€œ The Stranger comes with a promise of a very intriguing/twisted story since the plot is based on revealing secrets.

β€œ It keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole time, and each episode gives you some pieces that by the finale complete the puzzle and leave you satisfied with the ending!

β€œ Absolutely could not stop watching, great characters, twisty, unexpected story lines.

β€œ This show is boring .

β€œ Soooo boring, far too long dialogues not leading anywhere.

β€œApart from these obvious flaws I enjoyed it.

β€œ I was on the edge of my set by the ending.

β€œ Disappointing but still worth watching I guess .

β€œ Thoroughly entertaining and watchable.

β€œOverall, The Stranger was a well-made, intense, gripping thriller, with fleshed out characters and storylines that I was invested in.

β€œ Gripping .

β€œ Enjoyed it .

β€œ It was a little bit far fetched but lots of twists and turns, certainly different and highly enjoyable.

β€œ Netflix clearly have studied "Doctors" BBC lunchtime soap; the bland futile plots, poor acting and 2D characters.

β€œ Exciting .

β€œ Just as all of Harlen Cobin's novels, this "series" is very complex with multiple story lines and fascinating characters.

β€œ I loved the first 4 episodes, but after the 5th the storyline became predictable and a bit all over the place.

β€œ So so slow...

β€œ It's garbage and it'll waste your time.

β€œ A waste of your time .

β€œ Keeps you on the edge of your seat all the way through.

β€œ It was completely worth the watch, and I can't wait to revisit it again.

β€œ The Stranger is an okayish thriller with a plot that is unnecessarily complicated with pointless twists and turns.

β€œIt starts to get a bit ginned up with some bad scripting, featuring increasingly pointless dialogue and ridiculous actions towards the end of episode 6, really undermining the whole thing.

β€œ So predictable .

β€œ I enjoyed it.

β€œ Intense and bingeworthy.

β€œ Unfortunately this was just confusing.

β€œ I love the way you write and keep us on the edge.

β€œ However, as its starts to unfold its extremely predictable and a very boring ending of what could have been a decent ending.

β€œ Bit far fetched but really enjoyed it.

β€œThis is gripping throughout, the stories are expertly woven together, with really great acting throughout.

β€œ Well worth watching - loads of twists - humour and suspense.

β€œ The whole story looks and feels intriguing from the opening scenes.

β€œ dont waste your time .

β€œ All the teen stuff just ridiculous annoying filler, a seasoned world weary cop having to Google Munchenhausen by Proxy, it's a thing i looked it up omg How anyone can apply themselves to this overcooked, manufactured,phoney contrived mess for 8 eps straight says to me Netflix is rotting brains.

β€œ The drama is well paced and gripping and because this is done so well you tend to overlook the glaring plot holes and departures from logic hence so many 9 and 10 reviews.

β€œ For the ones to say this is boring...??? Come onnnn!!!

β€œ Too Tedious .

β€œ But, kind of boring to watch as it was too slow paced, so it was not gripping, I had to make a effort to get ahead and access the final episodes

β€œ But the writing saves the series from becoming a boring one.

β€œ An amazing gripping storyline with lots of story branches that fed into one another.

β€œ I loved it at first, found it compelling and thought it was awesome.

β€œ It turned out to be a very entertaining and intriguing watch for me.

β€œ This was a waste of time.

β€œ It really kept me on the edge of my seat.

β€œ Worth watching if you have time to burn,

β€œ Don't waste your time.

β€œ It was full of holes and so disjointed it was hard to follow.

β€œ Boring, bad acting and unrealistic script.

β€œ I went through this show over the last couple days and really enjoyed it.

β€œ A fast paced story with brilliant acting.

β€œ The first two or three episodes are gripping, but events end up being resolved in a simultaneously banal and ludicrous fashion.

β€œI thought the storyline from start to finish was very compelling and it showed lots of twists and turns throughout.

β€œ This had us on the edge of our seats for 7 episodes, really gripping.

β€œ Exciting premise, brilliant cast and plenty of oh my God and edge of your seat moments.

β€œ Intriguing And Fast Movies .

β€œMy heartfelt advice: don't even start watching, otherwise you'll feel invested and compelled to waste even more of your time in an effort to finish it...

β€œ Ramble over in short could have finished better but otherwise thoroughly enjoyed it left it open for a possible second season.

β€œ Total waste of time.

β€œ Tedious .

β€œ Yes, you had to sit on the edge of your seat throughout...

β€œ They are usually dark and exciting.

β€œ A thoroughly entertaining, well-acted and suspenseful crime mystery that will keep you guessing right up to the last episode.

β€œ Boring.

β€œ Really hard to believe that it was based on a book rather than something contrived in a pub just before filming began.

β€œ Such a waste of time.

β€œ It was suspenseful and had my head spinning because I thought I knew who the killer was.

β€œ Page turning waste of life .

β€œ This is a decent (ish) show with an intriguing premise.

β€œ Why did I waste all this time to watch this crap.

β€œThese unrealistic actions for characters I thought were pretty well established by then had me cringing and sometimes laughing, especially in the last two episodes where I watched every character make the wrong move and eventually crescendo into a semi-predictable mess.

β€œ Brilliant casting/writing/acting I could go on.. Exciting and thrilling in equal measure...

β€œ The script and plot are great for those who think English soaps are an enjoyable watch.

β€œ It is stymied by some truly awful performances, banal dialogue, brain dead characters, ridiculous intrigues and people not asking the right questions.

β€œ Unbearably slow, predictable, and improbable.

β€œ I say don't waste your time with one.

β€œ This was a great thriller from start to finish, with unexpected twist and a mind-blowing last two minute scene.

β€œ Suffice to say, there are a profusion of plot arcs here which all turn out to be interrelated, but just how is the question that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

β€œ A really intriguing idea, pretty poorly executed.

β€œ Tired, Predictable dribble .

β€œThe reveal is extreme predictable and melodramatic.

β€œ Confusing and implausible .

β€œ If you are like me and you want to try and work out WHODUNIT, then stand back the extra mile and pay little attention to all that is going on in the story, for those subplots are meerly an unexpected consequence of rushed writing and are not meant to be distractions.

β€œ The show is definitely worth watching.

β€œHaving said all of that, it was quite an entertaining eight episodes and I'd recommend giving it watch!

β€œ Dull and uninteresting presentation .

β€œ But with most British dramas/mysteries the wrap up ends up being nonsensical and contrived.

β€œ Brilliant as well as absorbing .

β€œ The Stranger comes with a promise of a very intriguing/twisted story since the plot is based on revealing secrets.

β€œ We didn't get all of the answers straight away, and most of them were carried through right until the end of the show, but The Stranger was always intriguing and kept me locked in to watching the journey of these characters unfold.

β€œ Pretty gripping.

β€œ And the ending was a little too predictable.

β€œ Predictable .

β€œ Enjoyed it.

β€œ Suspenseful!

β€œ The star I gave as rating is for the actual intrigue of the movie (which is good), but everything else is dull and ...

β€œ I lasted halfway through the series & decided the confusion of this majorly altered plot was as if someone had put the book into a blender.

β€œ Genuinely kept me on the edge of my seat.

β€œ Interesting story but boring and the cops are too bad they make everything worse

β€œ First of all it feels all too contrived, everybody knows everyone else.

β€œ EDIT: OK it got worse and worse, the ending onwards from Adams confrontation with Tripp beyond tedious and absurd.

β€œ What's good:-The viewer is drawn immediately into the interesting ideaFeatures some excellent acting talentFeatures Siobhan Finneran, in many ways in the lead roleMost of the young actors give strong performanceThe story is pretty good, with some unexpected twistsAnthony Head is a great antagonist, with some slight comic touchesOnly 8 episodes, around 40-45 mins each; it's not too longWhat's bad:-There are some poorly written and performed scenes; a discerning viewer will spot them!

β€œstarts slow and picks up steam .

β€œ Worth watching and a great cast.

β€œ It was so intense and interesting, and played out so well.

β€œ Starts off solid but it soon drifts off in to many pointless stories and is very rushed final episode.

β€œ Don't waste your time.

β€œ Found the series very entertaining myself binging it (again, don't be fooled by these low star ratings who say it starts off bad and gets worse, that highlights them more so in my opinion as I'd not waste time if I found something bad (Like turning off girl on the train early on).

β€œ From the get-go, the brisk pacing, unpredictable twists and turns, and the excellent cast and acting (especially Siobhan Finneran) had me thoroughly hooked.

β€œ Intriguing and VERY entertaining!.

β€œ Get past episode 2, totally gripping, great acting most of the time, totally amazing twists, definitely worth binge watching!

β€œ Plot is way too boring and acting level ridiculously bad to be a Netflix series.

β€œ Throughly entertaining.

β€œ The storyline of this series was quite gripping, a man dealing with his wife's disappearance after she fakes her pregnancy knowing he's had an affair.

β€œ This could and should have been a show beginning with the safe mundanities of suburban life and growing into a dark, slow burning, tense thriller.

β€œ If you want intelligent, intriguing and complex drama, then it doesn't come any better than this.

β€œ It's well filmed but just a little too bland for my taste.

β€œ I enjoy the phenomenon and the reality of the woman and the lies and the links in the story really exciting and worth watching.

β€œ The ending is absurd and confusing.

β€œ Great show, credible, suspenseful, a thriller that will keep you up your toes till the end.

β€œ Netflix has made a very interesting and exciting thriller again.

β€œ' Then a series of gross visuals get dragged out over and over along the course of almost all the episodes.

β€œ As we move along the quality of writing degrades until we reach its apex, where we receive ALL the twist endings, all of them, all at once, and all of it predictable from the very first episode.

β€œ Dull, no particularly sympathetic characters, overall incredibly disappointing

β€œ Most of the acting is really good, and the premise is engaging, although some of the plot re the teenagers is just really not needed and didn't add to the story, in my opinion.

β€œPointless sub story about a mother poisoning her child.

β€œI refuse to believe that these characters would do these silly careless acts all the way through, from the irrational actions of the father to the silly cliche fumbling in the fight scenes, the story relies heavily on the characters being ignorant and withholding even the silliest "secrets" from each other.

β€œ"The Stranger" May not be the greatest series on earth, but it is definitely very entertaining and head and shoulders above other fare currently showing in Netflix.

β€œ Certainly keeps you on the edge of your seat and unlike so many series nowadays, it doesn't leave you waiting for another series - it actually has an ending!