The Substitute: Failure Is Not an Option (2001) - Action, Crime, Thriller

Hohum Score



Former mercenary Karl Thomasson returns once again as a substitute teacher, this time to infiltrate a military school's faculty to cease the actions of white supremacists.

IMDB: 4.7
Director: Robert Radler
Stars: Treat Williams, Angie Everhart
Length: 91 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 3 out of 25 found boring (12%)

One-line Reviews (10)

The plot twists are delectable, and the fight scenes are horrifyingly realistic yet perfectly intriguing.

This film has a very conventional script, with even less flavor, some below average acting, and boring directing.

The biggest editing mistake is made after Williams's character is attempted to be killed after an intense battle with members of the "wolverines" and the very next scene he's acting like nothing happened as he tries to get a date with the previous mentioned woman.

nothing happens during the whole movie, until the very predictable ending...

Like I said, Treat Williams is the only thing in this movie that actually makes this movie worth watching.

after a first boring film, they made a second one, and after the very bad second one, they made an awful third one, and after the third one, here goes the forth one...

The ending is so cliché where the students turn against the racist.

movie and therefore it is predictable, unsurprising and silly.

In this regard the movie works and it has some quite exciting action in the process.

the acting isn't so bad, especially in William's case, but the way he says his one liners makes it a bad performance, and another factor to approve this fact is the stupid and pointless character that they offered him...