The Sum of All Fears (2002) - Action, Drama, Thriller

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C.I.A. analyst Jack Ryan must stop the plans of a Neo-Nazi faction that threatens to induce a catastrophic conflict between the United States and Russia's newly elected President by detonating a nuclear weapon at a football game in Baltimore, Maryland.

IMDB: 6.4
Director: Phil Alden Robinson
Stars: Ben Affleck, Morgan Freeman
Length: 124 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 104 out of 561 found boring (18.53%)

One-line Reviews (374)

Cliched romance, bland noble hero and all the big action sequences are fudged or happen off camera.

I had started to watch the film by the hope of seeing an exciting, action thriller movie like Mission Impossible movies, for example but all I got was a too slow paced movie.

I'm disappointed, and I hope this is a hiccup in an otherwise intriguing series of well-done espionage films.

This is one of the best movies I've seen in a long time, it was believable and intense.

Sure, Affleck and Jlo are a bit tedious.

I actually fell asleep halfway through this .

No last minute stopping the bomb here, it does indeed go off, and it marks the point where the film changes direction, presenting us with an intense doomsday scenario that keeps worsening by the minute.

Action packed .

But still it was a yawn fest.

It was fairly entertaining and I saw it at a late-run theatre for $1.25, so I wasn't disappointed.

It was suspenseful, and the action scenes (few as they were) were great, though, of course, flaws concerning the nuclear blast-resistant cellphones and such stand out; but I, at least, was too caught up in the exciting goings-on to notice.

Extremely pointless and boring movie, I thought every Nazi plot thing was over and done with.

All in all, a very enjoyable film, I thought.

Affleck, who managed to do some actual acting in the recent `Changing Lanes,' is here reduced to a mere cipher, registering little more than openmouthed insipidity and rendering dull, emotionless line readings in the face of some pretty bland dialogue.

The end of the film is one of the most intensely disappointing endings I have ever seen, by far overshadowing the weighty drab of the romance and the hero plot and the fact that we never find out what that gift was that Ryan's fairy godfather gave him for his and his girlfriend's anniversary, which he mysteriously knew about.

In summary condensing a Clancy sized novel into a 2hr screenplay is never an easy job, look at what Battlefield Earth got turned into for the big screen for any proof of that, but what the production team have achieved is an intelligent, fabulous-looking, exciting thriller that leaves you, at the end credits, satisfied with the way you've just spent 2hrs.

"The Sum of All Fears" is thought rousing drama that stands as the best Jack Ryan movie.

Sum of a bore .

I felt that the film was terribly disjointed.

Never mind credibility and acting:And the script, heh, the carefully wrought book is replace by a thin cliché-ridden mess, jumping from one standardized action movie scene to the next without considering the plot...

There is plenty of action in this story and, although it's very far fetched at times, it leaves the viewer on the edge of her/his seat several times.

Plodding and boring.

I was so bored I am surprised I even got through it.

Everything that happens after the initial showing of the Superbowl stadium was enjoyable.

An exciting movie .

My only problem with the film is at how slow it is and boring for the first half hour or so.

but must also say that I left movie having had an overall enjoyable experience.

Interesting but Confusing .

At least it's an exciting turn that injects some much needed energy.

This movie is funny and action packed.

However, as it moved into the heavy action the plot became rather trite.

We hover around Ryan and his girlfriend too much in the early scenes; something that turned out to be a pointless exercise when we should be spending this time introducing the villain and having him set up his plan as a good spy/espionage film needs a villain of some sorts.

I saw both movies on the same boring summer day.

But it was an entertaining 'what if' story and probably worth seeing.

Poorly cast, simplistic plot that badly deviates from the book and a pathetic formulaic hollywood ending.

contrived suspense, implausibility abounding, poor camera work, etc etc4/10

My wife and I watched this movie last evening and we both enjoyed it immensely.

This was one of the most boring movies I have ever seen.

Morgan Freeman's character is the only one that breaks out of this cliche - and therefore it is more credible.

But it just becomes tedious.

Borrow it from someone to waste your time .

This blockbuster is an entertaining adaptation of the novel by Tom Clancy , companion to ¨The hunt for Red October¨ by John MacTiernan with Alec Balwin and Sean Connery , followed by ¨Patriot games¨ (1992) by Philip Noyce with Harrison Ford taking over the role of Ryan from Alec Baldwin and again ¨Clear and present danger¨(1994) by Philip Noyce with Harrison Ford and Anne Archer .

The one thing that makes a Clancy novel so good is its ability to project verisimilitude in its fictional scenarios - one feels like "this could happen" while reading, that is what makes it thrilling.

The first five minutes of slow, drawn-out music didn't help.

It IS entertaining and for people who like the genre will probably like this movie.

The film is in many ways typical action fodder that has been targeted squarely at the lowest common denominator for fear of confusing and frightening the audience with complicated plotlines.

Go see "The Peacemaker" instead of this horrible waste of time and money.

That was an intense scene and reminds us of how dangerously close we may be to such an even with all this terrorist stuff going on.

The movie was exciting.

The Weapons of Mass Destruction are quoted in some remote small sentence somewhere unimportant but the propaganda is clear.

I did not read this book, but I watched the movie and found it very entertaining and extremely absorbing.

You'd think this was exciting....


Very suspenseful .

It is slow moving and the climax is very disappointing.

They do in spy movies, and this one does a good job of stealing every hoary cliche one can think of, topped of with a hackneyed, predictable plot that has so many holes and non-sensical moments (a key advisor to the president suffers a near heart attack halfway through, only to appear miraculously fine moments later -- yeeeeaaahh) that someone should have packed mothballs with the reel.

Afflek is TERRIBLE as Jack Ryan; the plot is very predictable; many interesting cinematographic opportunities that could have been taken were missed.

I know it's Holleywood and they'd probably laugh at this review, but for all you Christian's out there, try to get this one edited for language before watching it and I think you'll have a more enjoyable experience.

The third act is hard to follow and a culminates in a tedious, preachy little wrap-up that tries to be cute and ends up being about as fresh as a Murder She Wrote plot.

I think I have bored all of you almost as much as the movie will.

It is a thrilling film, with great action sequences from finish to start.

I'm disappointed that the film did not even closely parallel the book - and at the same time, not so much - because the book was long-winded and painfully slow.

The impact of the 9/11 disaster is readily apparent in this suspenseful movie which is part disaster-film itself.

How is this exciting?

Geez, this thing is a total snoozer.

The story line was very exciting, especially in the new world we live in.

Good thing I caught it during the matinee so I didnt waste any more money.

The action scenes were not over the top, which was a very welcome breath of fresh air to a viewer who is tired of the current trend of pure adrenaline and no brains in new movies.

All I can say now is that everyone has different opinions on the movie, but it was entertaining throughout and I highly reccomend it.

Freeman basically held the movie together when half the audience was on the verge of sleeping during the first 1 hour of this film, due to its REALLY slow start.

Frankly, without having read the original I would be pushed to follow what on earth was happening, the plotting is so haphazard and disjointed.

It was tedious, boring and, amazingly, full of bad language, unlike its predecessor movies.

Believable, very exciting, and intense.

Throughout the entire running time, the pace is horribly slow, with endless shots of airplanes, boats, cars and other means of transportation that add absolutely nothing, and endlessly drawn out scenes, many of them consisting of dull melodrama.

The moviemakers played the cliche of a nuclear standoff (not to belittle the situation) well enough that the most impressive thing about this movie is that I saw it twice and was still spooked despite knowing full well how things would turn out.

Not Jack Ryan's Finest Hour,but Still an Enjoyable Thriller, .

It contains all of the elements of a mind boggling action adventure that simply glues one to ones seat until the very last minute.

An unbelievably trite, watered down, insipid film.

Sum of All Fears is an enjoyable thriller and the type of movie the Hollywood studios have always been good at making.

A waste of my hard earned money (may contain spoilers) .

And of course, the nuclear explosion is haunting and breathtaking at once.


I thought the Harrison films were fine, and Alec Baldwin did a great job in `Hunt for Red October', but here and now seeing Ben in this role taking place at the very birth of Jack Ryan, I know that there is more exciting stuff to come.

Most of the shots are uninteresting, in a movie that ought to have lots of impressive effects and camera work.

That was a very gripping twist...

The interplay between the two is always intriguing.

You will have an enjoyable movie-going experience.

However, if one can suspend one's critical faculties over the plot, the film still manages to be an effective thriller, aided by some good performances - especially from the consummate Morgan Freeman as Head of the Agency - a considerable deployment of military hardware and some exciting photography.

(2) The original plot is supposed to be a conspiracy between the Arab extremists/terrorists who want to induce fear and confusion to the US + Russian, an ex-East German intelligent agent who couldn't handle the new era in Germany and the world alike, and a native america who hate the US government partly because they killed his brother (there is a couple others that I forgot...

Waste of time and money to see.

While there are some plot flaws, overall the film is believeable, very exciting, and intense.

The first half of the film suffers greatly from the plodding direction of Phil Alden Robinson, whose style consists in having characters sit around in dark rooms talking to one another.

The changes make this fourth "Jack Ryan" film less fresh, though it's still exciting.

`The Sum of All Fears' is what I expected it to be - enjoyable enough nonsense.

I found this to be an enjoyable flick.

It was boring.

It is also very well acted and keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Pretentious irritating rubbish .

When I left the theater, there were people saying they didnt like the movie, I can only wonder, what planet they are from.

as an aside, it was great fun seeing the shock on the faces of those who hadn't read the book when the inevitable came;-)All that said, the movie was a bit dry/slow/dramatic, and I suspect that the general public, who I have -zero- faith in, will probably pan it.

This movie was a waste of time.

The Super Bowl was treated as contrived plot enhancement.

dull, plodding, unwatchable .

Well, the film wasn't as bad as people say, it was actually entertaining and kept me going for the 2 hours I watched it.

Phil Alden Robinson's direction is taut and exciting.

The first 2/3 of the movie is gripping as unseen hands maneuver Russia and America toward nuclear annihilation.

The first hour is quite boring, consisting mainly of imposing men wearing suits sitting in equally imposing rooms, discussing strageties etc.But it picks up and becomes quite an enjoyable film.

movie is quite gripping from the start and impressed a lot to me.

Pointless, and I don't want to see it.

The idea of the Israelis losing a nuke and not being able to find it is unbelievable in itself, but that was the most exciting moment of the first 60 minutes, if you can call it excitement.

But you might fall asleep before that, so don't worry too much about it.

Enjoyable fast paced flick once critical mass was reached .

Boring .

I expected to see a quasi-espionage film with some intrigue but instead they gave us a disjointed, jumpy action flik with poor plot development and little mystery.

pure US Propaganda crap .

Once again, Hollywood has given the salivating dogs something mindless and pointless.

The most suspenseful and terrorizing moments occur when a nuclear bomb is transported through customs into the United States.

I guess I'll just stick to the novels - at least until it looks like Clancy's writing screenplays in leau of his normal thrilling masterpieces like Red Storm Rising, Hunt For Red October (in which they should have kept the original ending from the book - way better than the movie), Patriot Games, Rainbow Six, Clear & Present Danger, Without Remorse, etc.

The special effects, sound effects and explosions were top notch, the characters in the film developed nicely and the action was entertaining.

"The Sum of All Fears", while hardly perfect, was just what I thought it would be: a taut, suspenseful flick about the threats of terrorism.

This film is worth watching for and highly recommended for those who like to watch action politically thriller film.

Give me a break), and most appallingly, a woefully boring nuclear explosion.

It's exciting, suspenseful, well written, and despite the inaccuracies with the timeline, it's pretty accurate in it's technical aspects & fun to watch.

His staff, such as The Secretary of State and Defense..are equally as believable and intense.

I, personally, loved this film, though my Mother found it a tad confusing by the end.


"The sum of all fears" is a good and entertaining movie.

I like the ending discussion between Jack Ryan and KGB guy is fascinating and hope there will be more.

An eerie perspective and stunning visuals are the only high point of this feature.

Ben Affleck is more than serviceable as Jack Ryan in this fourth installment of Tom Clancy's series and the supporting cast, the writers, and the director jump on board for a somewhat lackluster but definitely entertaining--and several times pulse-pounding--flick.

Flaw #2: Why was Jack Ryan immune to the affects of intense radiation when everyone around him was dying from it?

An unexpected terrorist strike occurs on American soil and the perpetrator is thought to be the new President of Russia.

The real strength of the film, though, lies in the very honest depiction of the events and the way they play out, from the unimaginable success of the terrorists to the confusion, uncertainty and irresolution of those in power.

Exciting, just don't think about it too much .

This film is exciting and suspenseful and that has more than a little bit to do with the talk of terrorism and nuclear threats are so pervasive in the news today.

The plot was disjointed, hard to swallow, and predictable; so much so that the pretty terrific cast could not overcome for me.

I've got nothing but love for Red October, Patriot Hames and Clear & Present Danger, but something about this one hit a frequency and resonated with me a little better, coming out on top as the most re-watchable, enjoyable entry.

Exciting and thrilling installment in which a young analyst , Jack Ryan, must supply advise to US President , then goes into action .

2 hours of pure boredom.

It is very cliched, and very tiresome to watch, at least for anyone that's actually read the books.

Spoiler Alert In the tradition of Clancy movies, this movie manages to keep a very exciting pace up until the end.

A few things with the movie could surely have been done better, but hey, if the movie is fascinating, I'm fascinated, and the flaws easily disappear in the story.

The concept, like any of Clancy's best sellers is absorbing.

The plot was so very predictable and without much colour.

Kind of Slow at First .

It moves at an exciting pace, it is packed with plenty of action, and it has the same draw as TV shows like Alias, 24, The Agency, and West Wing, taking us behind the scenes of an important government agency which we otherwise wouldn't have access to.

he's believable, intense, and very much has Presidential qualities which is very important in my opinion to making a good political movie.

`The Sum of All Fears' is packed with adrenaline, the main ingredient for summer movies, and the nonstop action takes you around the planet.

After, with thousand people killed, the movie focus on the President and as the actor has the charisma of a amoeba, it's become dull.

These things are totally unexpected, which is how acts of terrorism exists.

If I write any more, this will become as boring as the movie.

Cheesy, Sentimental, boring crud.

Long & Drawn Out Film .

The film starts out good, then begins to slow down and starts to edge towards the Forbidden Zone i.

In `The Sum of All Fears,' even the possibility of the end of the world through mutually assured self-destruction turns out to be a yawner.

He was the most entertaining aspect of the film while he was in it.

It's watchable, and yes, even entertaining.

THE SUM OF ALL FEARS is an action-packed, edge-of-your-seat, and intense action/drama/thriller which will leave you breathless and on the edge of your seat.

A Formula for Failure Becomes a Rousing Success .

read Gordon Thomas' "MOSSAD"at the current events of time, this movie is off the track, nevertheless very exciting and well paced, clear your mind of past Ryan movies and enjoy.

Usually during every movie, even action films, there is a spot in the movie that is boring.

But it was entertaining enough, overlooking these flaws, until it totally ran out of steam .

In addition to these four tests of your ability to suspend disbelief, the rest of this film was banal Hollywood sludge straight out of a made-for-TV movie.

The story started slow in the movie.

It is a realistic thriller which tells a fascinating story of what will happen if USA and Soviet turn against each other and start a nuclear war.

The death of Morgan Freeman's character (CIA Talbot) was a surprise, a pleasant surprise, considering we're talking about tired, predictable Hollywood here.

And i thought it was a little boring in some places.

This movie would have been a whole lot better (a) with anyone but Ben Affleck (b) with Islamic extremists being portrayed as the (much more credible) bad guys (c) with continuity in line with the other Ryan movies or, failing that (d) creating another lead character to replace Ryan altogether and finally (e) eliminating the tiresome girlfriend character altogether (why is it that Affleck always has to be given some sort of romantic interest, even if it's of no relevance whatsoever to the main plot?

Enjoyed it much more than I thought .

It was gripping, exciting, dramatic, tasteful.

An action-packed, edge-of-your-seat, and intense action/drama/thriller which will leave you breathless and on the edge of your seat .

It contains elements of suprise and intense action that keeps you plastered to the screen throughout the movie.

), races to Baltimore in a helicopter to warn President Fowler(who in yet another huge change is caught in the blast himself) he gets caught in the nuclear blast(and hardly gets his hair mussed, how cliche!

The Feds should start requiring movies to open with the lead actor/actress looking into the camera and tell us if we are about to waste 3 hours of our life watching crap!

Great film all around, you could take your lady to go see it and the plot isnt that hard to follow, quite a straightforward film with basically no twists.

Ryan has been played by Alec Baldwin in The Hunt for Red October and Harrison Ford with the so-so Patriot Games and the mildly engrossing Clear and Present Danger.

The story line and events were too trite and convenient to call this a "Drama".

The rest of the movie is *very* intense (ala 13 Days) and makes up for a somewhat slow start at the beginning of the movie.

With Russia now part of NATO and the Cold War over, the story is both predictable and hokey.

it is worth watching.

The action sequences directed by Phil Robinosn are good and the film is all around enjoyable.

The film brings reminders of September 11 though which makes it hard to watch in the last half of it, but it's still very suspenseful in the final minutes.

There is a rather confusing beginning with the 1973 Syria, Egypt surprise attack on Israel.

The film is fast paced, realistic and will give you a sense of how tremendous forces could conceivably be misguided into doing the unthinkable.

I went with my girlfriend who has never shown much interest in Clancy novels, and she may have enjoyed it more than me due to the lack of any preconceived notions.

I have found every Clancy film thus far to be more interesting than entertaining.

Unlike the James Bond movies, the audience doesn't have to suspend disbelief in the impossibility of the plot and characters and In Sum of All Fears, it allows its audience to retain the plausibility that makes for all the more intimate and riveting as well as captivating lure of this movie as such the sci fi thriller Andromeda Strain (1971).

Regardless of the current climate in the world, The Sum of all Fears is simply a poorly constructed film, with a bland leading man, banal dialogue, and preposterous situations trying to disguise themselves as intelligent and relevant.

Ben Affleck is fine but the Movie is a real bore feast, and drags it's feet int'l the last twenty minutes.

However, SOAF was a very gripping film, Affleck did an excellent job as Jack Ryan, Morgan Freeman was even more perfect than usual, the story was complex and interesting, the writing was significantly above-average, the supporting cast was recruited from the Character Actors Hall of Fame, and each gave a stellar performance.

The film was quite dull, the characters underdeveloped.

We never get into the movie, because it just drones on and on with terrible directing.

'Sum' has many strong moments, a few memorable quotes and throw-away jokes, as well as some superb character acting from the supporting cast, but--while intense--it lacks some subtleties that even the previous Jack Ryan adventures contained.

Clancy's blend of people, politics, and spies put me on the edge of my seat the whole movie.

Yes, when the bomb went off at the game and the devastation showed was the most exciting point of the film and the most chilling and haunting.

The film is very intense and I would recommend it for a watch on a Saturday.

The film is suspenseful and the final scenes will have you biting your nails at what happens.

Ugh, what a waste of time.

Rather than continuing the Jack Ryan story, Clancy and the film makers decided to produce a run-of-the-mill action/adventure movie that totally ignores the gripping underlying power struggles and international politics of the book in favor of the all-too-common knowledgeable newbie placed in extraordinary situations only to come out on top in a nice tidy fashion.

This movie starts out slow because there are many supporting characters and they all play pivotal scenes important to this film.

Except for the nazi mistake, it's a solid story and an entertaining ride.

Compelling and dramatic.

I left the theater with the thought firm in my mind that no other actor could have possibly taken the role from Ford than Affleck.

There is also some intriguing plot twist involving weapons that Americans sold to Israelis being used against America itself - ooooh, like THAT'S something new!

Though entertaining, I just cant give it more than 5/10

'The Sum Of All Fears' beings with a bang, in fact the first 40-45 minutes are hugely gripping.

Overall the story was boring and nothing much happened until the bomb finally went off.

nothing happens!

Genuine enjoyable viewing experience.

It ended out good and bad at the same time but still was enjoyable and entertaining.

Technically, it is well made, but the plot seems contrived and the tension wears out as you see the two sides continuously escalating for no real reason - predictably, the protagonist discovers the simple truth and is repeatedly frustrated in his attempts to communicate it.

Entertaining movie, with an implausible story .

Cliché #2: The car that won't start.

Tom Clancy made Irrelevant, boring and dumb .

Cliché #3: The crisis is resolved with less than 30 seconds until total disaster.

" However, aside from the comparison the movie was intense and it was very interesting.

Fans of previous Jack Ryan films won't love it,but you won't hate it either,Sum of All Fears is an enjoyable movie that I would recommend to anyone looking for a good thriller or drama if it's ever on television.

double yawn".

" I like Clancy, but I think he's confusing his hypothetical fiction with real life: There hasn't been a single leader since Truman that has used a nuke, and Truman was hardly painted into a corner when he ordered the nuclear attacks on Japanese cities.

I usually watch them when the come on TV, but I got the DVD for this and have enjoyed it every time I've watched it.

The only good thing about this dull rehash is that Clancy lives in Baltimore.

Political war science fiction is always propaganda .

The movie adaption of Tom Clancy's thriller, this movie is about a confusing terrorist attack on America.

and cinematography is stunning with amazing visuals and beautiful camera work that makes it appetizing somewhat.

Also, since this came out a decade after the Cold War ended, we get a non-propaganda portrayal of the Russians.

A plot involving terrorists that have real issues with American foreign policy might have been intellectually engaging - whereas the actual villains are more akin to the 'Dr Evil' of Austin Powers movies in their one-dimensional 'evil-ness' - a suitable match perhaps against the toy-boy appeal of Affleck - though why, on earth, did Morgan Freeman bother??

I've already said the casting was very good, and the plot was believable and enjoyable.

This was a very well done movie, and kept you on the edge of your seat, as long as you could keep track of who was who, and what was what.

And Pragna Desai is obviously more intelligent than the lines she is given: "Yawn...

Alright if you're bored on a Sunday.

While there are some plot flaws, overall the film is believable, very exciting, and intense.

The SUM OF ALL TEARS:(thats right I said Tears),is by far hands down cant compare to anything the worst movie.

He's young; he hasn't yet been corrupted by working for the CIA (although one reason the ending fails to be uplifting is that we know that he soon will be); he has energy and human feelings which Harrison Ford's block-of-wood Jack Ryan mostly lacks (in "Patriot Games"), then entirely lacks (in the unbearably tedious "Clear and Present Danger").

Sum of All Fears was fairly boring - I kept checking my watch to see when I would be able to leave the theater.

The phrase when the Nazi guy describes Hitler is quite fascinating and amazing true.

Go see this one for a thrilling evening.

A snappy and surprising thriller .

This film conveys well the frustration, stress, helplessness, confusion, and hope of its characters.

If you are looking for an "on the edge of your seat" movie, this is it.

The story is difficult to follow, and the movie appears so dark.

This suspense was real and kept me on the edge of my seat.

I found myself extremely bored with the first hour of story buildup, which is surprising, since I always thought one of Tom Clancy's strengths as a novelist was the plot building.

The script was snappy, witty and hard-nosed.

And as the executive producer of this project, he can modify the story as he sees fit to make an entertaining film.

Based on the 1991 novel of the same name by Tom Clancy, this is an extremely effective and compelling thriller.

Not the best in the series, but the most intense .

A lot of politics involved-which is realistic in the situation that was played out during the film-but it made me yawn.

I found it thrilling, interesting, intriguing, and exciting.

Gritty and absorbing .

He is boringly cute and does not demand the respect or attention as that of Harrison Ford.

The investigation proved to be quite exciting.

) That said, I thought the story was gripping and suspenseful, and I was delighted that the story eschewed the magical James Bond nuclear rescue in favor of portraying the what-if of a genuine nuclear disaster.

I thought that Ben Affleck did a wonderful job of conveying the confusion and helplessness that Jack Ryan would have felt as a young analyst in the CIA thrown into a high-stakes situation--the kind of confusion felt in Hunt for Red October, for example.

The Sum Of All Fears2 Out Of 5The Sum Of All Fears is a plot driven political thriller that explores the same old cold war topic between Russia and America with mundane procedure.

This film is just bad and boring.

That notwithstanding, the visual effects are stunning and captivating, and not overpowering so as to remove the audience from using their own imagination.

An extremely effective and compelling thriller .

The story is bold and unpredictable but Affleck's character comes through in an exciting climax, where he has to give a persuasive speech to both his own president and the leader of Russia to avoid an all-out war.

Boring to begin with, then exciting ...

Too disjointed and Ben Affleck is no Jack Ryan .

Morgan Freeman turned in a good, but not spectacular job, but I'd blame the weak screenwriting as the primary factor which limited his ability to turn in a more engaging performance.

However, Liev Schrieber, who is not a very good actor, was pretty boring as John Clark, particularly compared to Willem Dafoe's interpretation of the character in "Clear and Present Danger".

It's bad enough to be a cliché, and this movie is cliché' grande.

instead it became a silly waste of money and talent.

Muddled and confusing.

While this film may have been "enjoyable" before September 11th, it's very hard to appreciate it now.

It's getting really old and the propaganda isn't working anymore.

Oh so many goofs, but entertaining for the last half hour at least.

It was hard to follow and just overall the worst movie I have ever seen.

Aboard Air Force One, after the nuclear explosion that rocks most of Baltimore, Fowler argues with Defense Secretary Becker (Phillip Baker Hall), National Security Advisor Revel (Bruce McGill), and Secretary of State Owens (Ron Rifkin) in gut-wrenchingly honest and intense display of emotions.

There is an excuse for extremely low budget movies to be dull and boring, or for a drama.

These films are so predictable, it's not funny.

I recommend it if your looking for an action packed thriller at a movie store.

Save your money, and go see something else.

A butchered waste of time, and to think Tom Clancy was executive producer .

What "Sum" does do well is illustrate the panic and confusion that follows the explosion.

The movie is just full of unbelievable scenes, that make it very hard to follow.

If not entirely believable, he is an entertaining character actor.

The cast is also populated with some strong character actors – Liev Schrieber has never been better than here, as a spy; Morgan Freeman does his 'wise old mentor' role with skill, wit and relish; James Cromwell makes for a very human and believable president; even the usually bland Ben Affleck comes out good, having followed in Harrison Ford's shoes as the heroic Jack Ryan.

Because it's supposed to be suspenseful, and it's not.

It's not filled with action, but it does have more than enough tension to keep you on the edge of your seat.

BORING, (I slept through half of it) .

It's always the Russians and it's becoming pretty boring.

My Take: An enjoyable political thriller set amongst turbulent times combines paranoia and cinematic thrills.

The pacing is bad; one minute the bomb is still being constructed, and a few minutes later its already placed in Baltimore and about to explode, with the cliche of Ryan hot on the trail, trying to warn the President.

This is an entertaining film, a smart reintroduction to the character, and I am glad to say that the story doesn't take the back seat.

Clark is one of the most fascinating of Clancy's continuing characters and thismatches my vision of the Clark character to a "T.

Gripping, riveting, tear-jerker .

Another Jack Ryan, CIA super agent, outing with Harrison Ford - Clear and present Danger - held more closely to the book plot and was enjoyable to watch.

there's also the unpredictable aspect of the movie.

This type of movie is always fairly predictable after the first ten minutes...

The cinematography was very contrived....

Tom Clancy knows how to write a good book and the movies that have been made from his books have been pretty darn entertaining.

' Completely boring.

" Me: "Well, I started it" Him: "Was it boring too?

Tom Clancy's The Sum of All Fears is a fascinating and exciting examination of the worst of situations.

However, I have to admit that the movie still kept me on the edge of my seat for over two hours.

What we got was a silly, contrived action movie with overly stereotyped characters and a dose of political correctness.

I fell asleep for 5 minutes.

It has tons of viloence and blood, for people who like that (like me) and two really intense kissing scenes, I think its so cool how Ryan has to prove what really happened to the president , and if he doesnt that there would be a nuc war!

too fast paced...

This movie just dragged on and on (and on) and could not sustainably build suspense.

But it was also filled with exciting bits of technology -- how nuclear powered subs work and all that.

It was totally thrilling.

Great blend of attitudes keep you on the edge of your seat.

I found the editing weak and therefore the director probably takes the blame for how un-thrilling this film is.

Well, entertaining it is.

Was it Harrison Ford's absence from the lead role or my having grown up with the threat of nuclear war that made this film so ho-hum.

I found the other interactions much more thrilling.

the last half hour was entertaining, if you can call a nuclear bomb and the aftermath and mayhem afterwards - 'entertainment.


Without being too cruel, Ben Affleck gives the role a good shot, but comes off quite bland and wooden.

' The acting was pretty ho-hum all the way through the film, and Affleck has got a LOT of maturing to be done if he thinks he's going to be Jack Ryan ever again.

**SPOILERS ENDStill, this film is pretty enjoyable, if you think of it overall.

The performances are good, the story is gripping and moves right along and the visuals are impressive.

It is a general rule in the cinema that political thrillers, if they are to remain thrilling, should be set in the present or the near future.

If you like Clancy's novels, be sure to check this one out - while Clancy might prevail in meticuloucity in his novels, this one sure gives the intense feeling you can only find in his best work.

She and I were leaning back in our chairs, with me barely containing my yawns.

However, as a action adventure flick it is quite entertaining:(1) The casts are choosen well, and I'm surprised by the performance of Ben Affleck.

The movie is a little confusing at first but if you stick with it, it will become engaging and unique.

Gripping, thorough, tight.

This movie is extremely entertaining.

This movie has tense, "exciting" music all through it.

Incredibly, ‘The Sum Of All Fears' takes a sure-fire premise and turns it into one of the most ugly and boring films of the year.

It has some good acting, but its slow pace, lack of excitement and terrible lead actor, combined with the fact that the makers mutilated the story it is based on, make it a movie that's mediocre at the very best ** out of *****

Whilst the end was quite suspenseful it was never genuinely a clever film.

Enjoyable Film .

The backstory is rushed along so as to get us to the bomb detonation in a fairly quick manner, and yet at the same time, I felt my rear falling asleep as it somehow managed to drag nonetheless.

but still enjoyable...

But one would hope that there are more exciting things in the film BESIDES what's shown in the preview.

Some good special effects, and some interest through the first half of the movie or so, but towards the end it becomes muddled and uninteresting, and falls into a standard happily ever after ending that resolves everything nicely.

Overall, this is a very exciting thriller that it is far better than it is made out to be.

Yes this movie is creepy in the wake of the events of 9/11 and it really freaks you out to see how easily nuclear weapons are lost, and could be smuggled into this country and used at any moment for any psycho's agenda but I was bored.

The Sum of All Fears is flat out awful, and worse yet, a complete waste of your time.

It's very suspenseful, and I think Ben Affleck did just fine.

Russia (but not really) is familiar territory, but through crisp writing and engaging characters the story is given time to develop, strengthening the clichés and making everything very watchable.

The worst movie in the world.

He is absurdly stereotypical and predictable, being the same character from half of all the movies made in the last thirty years.

Affleck is charismatic and emerges as the substitute of Kevin Costner ten years ago and Keanu Reeves five years ago , but its performance lacks deepness, its role is too predictable and besides he is quite expressionless from beginning to end and the lines for his character certainly do not help him at all .

The occasional glimpse that the audience is given of the most intense character Clancy ever created is exciting.

Excellent film, kept me on the edge of my seat .

This is why the film seemed so unbelievable but more importantly it made it dull.

Cheesy, overdone, boring, are the only adequate adjectives in this case.

Based on a book by Tom Clancy (and executively produced by him, too), The Sum of All Fears is a dramatic, compelling story about CIA agents, and about terrorism.

Things really got exciting by the time the President entered the football stadium.

Unbelievable, stupid waste of time .

One of the more exciting movie of recent times .

I saw this film today, and I had to say it was very entertaining.

I'd say the first hour of this film was very good and intriguing.

So, an enjoyable drama...

This movie is suspenseful, action packed don't miss a moment.

This is quite frankly, exceptionally silly propaganda by Navy PR.

Boring, and fruitless entry finds a younger Jack Ryan trying to prevent World War 3 and trying to find his way around the White House.

I was on the side of the government, thinking he was a pretentious brat who should shut up and go home.

Aside from that, 'The Sum of All Fears' is suspenseful and a film you will not forget about anytime soon if you care about the state of the planet earth!

a chilling, haunting, boring disappointment .

Has alot of comedy and tons of action which make up for a bit of a confusing story.

I can think of a few adjectives to describe this movie, clichéed and predictable particularly come to mind.

Full credit to himthen that he managed to deliver one of the most absorbing thrillersof recent years.

As a stand alone film, I found it rather enjoyable.

I do think it's not a cinema movie, and that it's one of those 'MAN I'm bored tonight I'll think I'll rent a movie' movies.


Very entertaining.

But this plot is absolutely contrived and unbelievable, and entirely in bad taste with the reality of terror attacks on the U.

The most boring nuclear bomb explosion I have ever seen.

The second half of the film, Affleck composes many exciting Instant Messages while stealing a truck, and shouts into a cellphone a lot, trying desperately to grow into the mantle of action hero which has been thrust upon him.

Not too much to say except it was a good movie experience, very entertaining, met my expectations, and was generally well done.

This movie is worth watching.

The extremely heated discussions between Fowler and his senior staff are very compelling and I imagine that such conversations would be conducted in the same manner in reality.

The complicated historical situation of the Middle East that gave rise to the gripping and thoroughly plausible plotline of the book has been overlooked and replaced with an (admittedly extremely topical) action one complete with the requisite two-dimensional baddies.

, are intense when they need to be and absent when not needed.

Entertaining it is, Psych I it's not.

This late-blooming entry shows that none of the luster has worn off the series;in fact,as far as spy games go,the Jack Ryan line has largely proven to be immensely more enjoyable than the recent 007 adventures of James Bond which stars Pierce Brosnan.

So, with an interesting plot concept concerning alleged post-Cold War trickery from Russia, one has to ponder the culprit for such a slow film.