The Tall Man (2012) - Crime, Drama, Horror

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When her child goes missing, a mother looks to unravel the legend of the Tall Man, an entity who allegedly abducts children.

IMDB: 5.9
Director: Pascal Laugier
Stars: Jessica Biel, Jodelle Ferland
Length: 106 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 42 out of 202 found boring (20.79%)

One-line Reviews (146)

Many scenes were painfully dragged on.

With exciting vision and a notably creepy score, Luagier pulls together a challenging, unpredictable film, which honestly defies us to put it in a pigeonhole.

Surprisingly good and unpredictable.

Although at parts THE TALL MAN might feel like JEEPERS CREEPERS or even Texas CHAINSAW MASSACRE (Yep, Jessica Biel is terrorized again and she will have to attend some dreary and shabby places for one more time) those viewers who expect tons of blood and slaughter will be disappointed.

I loved this film because it was different, unpredictable, and really made me think.

A total WASTE of my time!!

The movie has a very unpleasant pace to it, which is mostly being slow.

The first one is actually rather predictable, the structure, pacing, dialogue, and character development all serving as cinematic hints.

I hate the predictable Hollywood mush where it is clear from the beginning whom to root for and whom to despise.

Jessica Biel gave an uninspiring performance.

I mean, to be completely honest, for about most of the movie, I thought it would just be another cliché, a twisted mystery/horror story, filled with logic mistakes, bad acting and a predictable ending.

This movie is pointless.

If you want to see a good, entertaining thriller with lots of suspense then this is definitely one for you.

Dragged me in.

Most people can probably relate to it and yet it is still unpredictable.

This movie is dull, insultingly bad, and mind-bogglingly stupid.

Also, I fell asleep once and lost interest pretty much during the entire movie.

Looking at other comments it looks to be a love/hate movie that some find pretentious.

worst movie i have seen in ages!!.

Don't waste your time viewers, find something meaningful to do with your time rather than attempt to validate this dreadful attempt at cinema, You have been warned.

The actors are good, the storytelling is gripping, the photography is great.

While technically competent it is basically a waste of your time.

This movie was not predictable at all, which is what made it so enjoyable to watch.

I highly recommend this movie, it's definitely worth watching and one of the best movies of 2012 in my opinion.

The acting seemed a little forced, with the exception of Jessica Biel, who I thought gave a very compelling performance.

Jessica eventually gets caught by the police,and the last part of the film is Her talking a bunch of pretentious rubbish!.

This movie started off ok than turned into a bad acid trip with no real plot.

How I suffered through this trite I cannot explain.

Overall, the highly professional ineptness saved me from boredom, so not an epic fail.

I understand calling it "the tall man" because thats the name of the urban legend in the town , but lets face it this title was to trick people into thinking they were watching a movie inspired by the slenderman mythos(or meme if you prefer) but instead we get a film that has nothing to do with it aside from the name, it even attempts to fool you into thinking that they're just trying to keep him hidden until the end like alien or jaws, but instead every freaking time they come close they shoo it away and in the end "spoiler" the tall man is just a member of an organization devoted to saving underprivileged children in bad households, I truly believe that this was a fake title similar to what you would see for an asylum film, its advertised as a horror film when in the end its just a very boring film about vigilante justice shame on the marketing department for trying to advertise this as a slenderman slasher/psychological/horror film.

Let them revel in scenery dilapidated, dirty, crooked houses and empty streets in the cold, and then, when the audience decide which one she will get sick and worry, all will be a round square, green purple, and black is white.

That is a boring way to extend the length of the film.

The questions/solutions about poverty are intriguing- downright dangerous.

this is the sole reason why this film is worth the watch, a unique premise, something we haven't seen in horror films lately.


the Robin-Hood-in-reverse shtick, hence perhaps too ludicrous to be predictable, what other alternative was there?

Jessica Biel stands out with her performance, which is intense and totally committed.

Now for the long version: I have to admit that seeing children kidnapped and the courageous mother running after and fighting the mysterious abductor bored me at first.

Absolutely Stunning .

All in all an insult to the intelligence and an utter waste of time and celluloid.

Certainly one of the worst endings I've ever seen, and not just because it disappoints on a narrative level, but also because it ends on such an idiotic and banal question.

*warning, massive spoiler alert coming up* The most unexpected member of the community, an attractive nurse (Jessica Biel) is involved in the taking of children from underprivileged families and allowing them to lead a better life with wealthy people.

Jessica was stunning.

The movie starts off at a good, steady pace and keeps your interest peaked but it's one of those movies where you have to pay really close attention to what is happening as it gets pretty in-depth and confusing as it goes on.

I fell asleep at the turning point of the movie where J Biel was a 'good guy', being presented as a sole responsible person, delivering birth for marginal persons and being concerned about local social abuse.

Exceedingly implausible, poorly written, poorly constructed movie that will bore the pants off you.

One of the worst movies I've ever seen.

The plot then takes an intriguing turn we were not led to expect.

'The Tall Man'; an unexpected surprise .

Sum: This has the be the most pretentious and least interesting movie I have seem in 5 years.

7th heaven was more suspenseful .

I walked into this movie with uncertainty and doubts, and walked away proved wrong and feeling good about choosing to watch a film that still felt original and psychologically engaging.

This is a cinephile's unexpected dream.

It has pretentious aspirations to noble socially aware drama, clothed in the raiments of a horror film and stacked with a few supposedly jaw-dropping twists.

One of these disjointed segments about a mysterious Tall Man who abducts children has got to be lampooning the typical French Extremist film, it's just so ludicrous (and features the grisly-looking van from Haute Tension).

The movie was completely confusing, even up to the ending, which for me is an insanely bad thing.

The part with the pursuit of Julia on the (alleged) "Tall Man" , was entertaining and exciting.

The conceit is thin; characters strain credibility (though props to Biel, sans-lipstick, for doing the best with the material); expositions are awkward (eg when the 'real' mother 'confronts' a bloodied Biel), muddy, and repetitive especially toward the end.

Boring,endless plot twists and ridiculous end .

While the objectives of the "villains" in Martyrs couldn't possibly be deemed to be morally justifiable, here the writer/director attempts the exact same trick as he does in Martyrs, but sugar-coats the pointless, placebo of a point in a premise which is probably meant to make you think, and meant to challenge you, and which essentially is supposedly "good".

I was literally on the edge of my seat, and sometimes leaning back with my hand on my chin, and other times with my hands cupped over my mouth - all while wondering and trying to figure out the mystery.

It is not a horror movie, not a supernatural thing (the Tall Man is perfectly human , real)just a good example that one can make a intriguing movie without dumb teenagers lost in some remote place or demented killers.

It's a great and intriguing opening.

A bump in the night leads to her worst fears and a gripping, suspenseful sequence follows where Biel shows her action heroine chops as a mother whom desperation has empowered to save her child.

The only thing this film is is a tedious waste of time that will leave you completely dissatisfied, as well as delivering one of the cruelest and most idiotic messages possible while attempting to give some sort of social commentary.

It's full of twists and it is very suspenseful.

I attribute the fault of the low rating to two factors: One being that I feel many people initially assumed this film was going to be some kind of Slenderman knock-off or adaption (which it was not), the second being how long the film kept you guessing about what was actually going on, which actually became sort of painstaking and had me feeling doubtful that the movie was going to deliver a proper ending, and instead leave me feeling empty and dissatisfied.

The acting is intense, the twists are mind-boggling, and you'll finish the film with one of those uncomfortable feelings and questioning what you really believe in.

its boring!

The surprise may not be what some of the audience actually want or expect, which I genuinely believe accounts for such low ratings elsewhere, but this, for me, is what makes him such an exciting writer/director.

The director spends so much energy trying to confuse and confound us, that he looses sight of a potentially compelling story.

Unexpected - right.

I saw already in the beginning that it's about crime with those police cars speeding around with the sirens on and an older guy in a long trench coat , which is usually the cliché equipment of a special agent of some federal organization .

In addition, the red herring of the woman's sacrifice as the scapegoat is also banal.

The French New Extremity bunch is, on the average, a group of skilled craftsmen but dull, abrasive thinkers.

I believe their aim was to make the movie unpredictable.

But it's open for debate how compelling it is.

then more confusion followed by a very different understanding...

If you like confusing yourself, and if you like thinking really hard and long about a movie, then this one is for you!

The Tall Man starts off as a brutal, powerhouse thriller after a brief setup the film quickly rushes into a nail biting chase film and it is completely thrilling.

I tried to think of another movie to compare it to, and all I could come up with was that it vaguely reminded me of "The Village" (in terms of the plot twists) though I found that movie to be more suspenseful/scary and would have rated it a 9 by comparison.

I watched this movie twice: The first time I was alone and paid full attention, and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Actually there is no real reason to watch this movie, as it is boring, uninteresting and you can feel that nobody really cared about making this movie (except for the money maybe).

Then it is a rather slow movie, well, to my standards, because either unexplained stuff happens or people are talking around the subject.

This movie is predictable, the character of the tall man never lives up to what he's stolen from, and there isn't a sense of lingering paranoia, it's just a woman chasing a monster.

Don't waste your time.

They had a bland poster and forgettable trailer.

I wouldn't call it a "must see", but I would highly recommend it.

Conclusion : not many thrills , absolutely no horror or any frights , a terribly vague and confusing story with twists and a totally ambiguous and unreal end.

SPOILERS FOLLOW The first half hour of the movie is pretty engaging and absorbing.

But shallow sappy sympathy inducing tear jerker's like "The Fault in our Stars" or mindless action packed drivel like "Transformers 20: Something Something Darkness" have never been my style anyway, and controversial themes like this are much more to my taste.

I won't say anymore as it would ruin the plot, but it goes to some really unexpected places, and I dare you to guess the outcome.

Don't waste your time no horror no true story very fake

It's one of those movies that results with intriguing discussions after.

Suffice to say that "The Tall Man's" final act consists of a series of massively unexpected twists, all of which have vaguely political overtones.

You'll have to discard the patchy and disjointed putting together of different layers, or the fact it's shot in uninspired spurts of 'whatever works' camera setups.

Incredibly boring .

Interesting But Overall A Bit Of A Yawn .

around half of the film there's a twist, but it is so unwarranted that in fact it only makes the film even more boring.

Throughout the film I was going through a lot of emotions, anger, confusion, happiness and finally sadness.

Nevertheless it was stunning how her emotional personality changed dramatically from one moment to another.

I have seen so many movies & read so many books in my life that it is rare, & I do mean rare that I am unable to figure out the entire plot of who, what, where, when, & why within about 10-15 minutes or in less than 1 chapter, so I usually end up very bored.

It was banal!

Director Laugier is famous for his grisly, panic attack inducing shocker Martyrs, which features an equally compelling story arc.

It was unbelievable that a movie could be so slow paced.

But if the unexpected turn of events suddenly made ​​you look at the film from a different angle, to understand how deeply you are mistaken ...

' Its social or philosophical 'point,' if there is one, is impoverished, childish, trite, ridiculous.

Good, atmospheric and intriguing film, a worthy representative of the genre, collecting history on grain, while the audience will not see the full picture, which he will answer.

Pascal Laugier proves that he's one of the most unpredictable storytellers out there, and whilst The Tall Man isn't a patch on Martyrs, it can still stand tall (pun intended) and proud above other countless mediocre thrillers.

It's quite bewildering how it gets high star ratings from people too, but then again if we all liked the same movies and hated the same movies it would become very boring.

Very Unexpected .

Lacks a good approach and a true interesting and engaging story.

mindless and confusing .

It would've warmed my heart also, but I was already annoyed with the movie's extremely confusing plot twists all the time.

Unfathomably boring...

It's a big problem that the movie is trying to be clever, while mostly relying on formulaic or stupid, unconvincing plot developments.

i think films like this type ( The Tall Man) and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre are best films for her, she plays this movies better more intense then action movies like Total Recall for example ....

They weren't fully satisfied because even they admitted that they hadn't paid enough attention to fully appreciate the film but they too, enjoyed it - although they were left very confused at times.

The First half of the movie is really enjoyable as it's a complete thriller about a town, a woman, missing children and tall man.

Personally, I even thought this movie was being mostly boring to watch and it took things too seriously and often made things needlessly complicated for itself.

At this point, even if I thought the movie was damn slow, I was getting intrigued.

But even with that disappointment out of the way it was a very very very confusing movie.

By now I had watched more than half the movie, had no idea what was actually going on, and was Major bored!

It's leads us down one path and appears to be headed in that direction, and suddenly veers off in an intriguing detour into territory you'd never expect it to venture.

for me, 'the tall man' was a film that gave me something i wasn't expecting, twists and unexpected turn of events you wouldn't expect to see in a film like this.

The movie poster and the plot seemed quite intriguing.

Rather, I found a somewhat "made down" actress drawing me into a web of confusion and understanding...

It's worth watching multiple times.

Original premise, suspenseful, keeps you guessing until the end .

The twists in the movie are unpredictable and you don't have a clue to what happens till the very end.

Jodelle Ferland, a young Canadian talent who gave me creeps in SILENT HILL, unfortunately underperformed a bit in this movie (her acting has become a bit of cliché, and just as in TIDELAND and SILENT HILL, she remains mysterious and silent throughout the whole movie).

I thought it was going to be hard to finish the movie because it seemed like another cliché thriller.

With The Tall Man, Pascal Laugier continues to show why he is the most intriguing and important horror director around.

Pascal's direction is way above average throughout as he allows the audience to delve into the action in order to become engulfed by the gripping story.

And yet, for all of TTM undeniable pitfalls it was actually entertaining.

For some reason I was reminded of Kiyoshi Kurosawa's Loft (2005), as another 'horror' film that seemed to suddenly veer peculiarly into a different trope, but there it worked (or at least worked better) in creating a disjointed, uncomfortable, can't-really-put-your-finger-on-it ambiance that ultimately fit the point of view of the movie--without the sophomoric philosophizing of this film.

Intense horror/thriller that is full of surprises.

Beyond a waste of time.

After a very slow start I was happy when the pace picked up and it looked like something was about to happen...

Apparently, they failed to notice this blatant contradiction which renders the whole idea utterly pointless.

By the end of the movie I realized what a beautiful movie it was, how deep in meaning it was, and above all I realized that my expectations had been changing throughout the movie due to its unpredictable and somewhat misleading cues.

That makes it offensive as well as banal.

This is one of those stories that instead of painting the good and evil as two very easily distinguished things, we are left with this intense blurring of the two, and you have to ask yourself where is the morality in this?

Let me say that had it been marketed similarly to Winter's Bone (which I found boring and slow) The Tall man would have scored a lot higher.

Save your money, not even Jessica Biel worth it, stay at home, read a book, go shopping avoid this movie at all cost, do not waste your time watching this ridiculous version of The Messengers

Intense good movie.