The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974) - Horror

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Two siblings and three of their friends en route to visit their grandfather's grave in Texas end up falling victim to a family of cannibalistic psychopaths and must survive the terrors of Leatherface and his family.

IMDB: 7.5
Director: Tobe Hooper
Stars: Marilyn Burns, Edwin Neal
Length: 83 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 106 out of 866 found boring (12.24%)

One-line Reviews (348)

They talk too much and there is a lot of boring scenes.

This film has pacing issues which painfully slow this film down.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is one of the greatest Horror film ever made,an excellent,scary and terrifying Horror classic that combines amazing direction,great performances,non-stop terror,an eerie score and stunning photography.

I hate that when people is confronting an incredible menace they say those stupid cuotes (A trend Raimi also parody but that later also become a cliché too).

We have a non-existent plot, stupid characters and a totally non-scary murderer with a chain-saw.

I cannot say that the story line is overused and boring because this movie came out long before all the knock off movies did, it even beat Halloween by about 4 years.

It's also fascinating to watch this progenitor of horror and witness the conventions of the genre being formed before your eyes.

The teenage victims are insufferably dull and trite, and their dialogue was irritating at best (particularly the strangely unsympathetic Franklin).

Shooting scenes at night so the audience thinks "oh it'd be really scary if the bad guy showed up right now" is pointless when the bad guy runs around with an incredibly loud chainsaw, meaning you always know how far away he is.

This is a pure mess of a film that has no message, no redeeming value, and no business even existing.

Badly shot, badly lit, bad sound, very thin plot and each scene lasting several times longer than is necessary, I found it very tedious.

The movie has several gripping scenes, perhaps the most engaging part was when Sally (portrayed by Marilyn Burns) was running from Leatherface after he brutally dismembered Sally's handicapped brother in one of the most ensuing chases I've ever witnessed.

Discovering that the creek has dried up in the intense heat, Kirk & Pam instead wander to an old house behind the Hardesty farm.

Well, the movie is very gripping from the beginning to the end.

Gripping, terrifying and devastatingly upfront.

Uninteresting, laughable characters, the leatherface family was probably the most hilarious part of the movie.

It's pretty low on plot but high on the most intense of unrelenting atmospheres.

Sophomoric and predictable: SPOILERS.

which lasted way too long, mind you); it wasn't scary at all.

It was predominantly the relentless strikes dealt by the dark and intense atmosphere.

There's the fact that the movie basically foregoes plot and character development (at least, not the usual hamhanded, cliché'-driven character development that usually haunts horror movies) and instead provides a simple situation: A bunch of people, Texas, summer, an old house, some cannibalistic psychos.

The final scene makes excellent use of the piercing morning sun, which gives this horrible edge to the images (a good kind of horrible) and the dinner scene is terrifyingly intense with the sharp sounds and close-ups of Marilyn's eyes.

It was also unpredictable, you didn't know if the character Sally would live or not, after the hell she goes through.

I will agree that the movie is kind of slow to get started- I admit the first time I saw it as a teenager I was getting impatient for some action.

It's horribly paced, annoying, and frankly boring.

Leatherface running through the woods with the chainsaw over his head while Sally screamed and screamed and ran, and went on way too long (much like the action films that would come 30 years later) – all of went to prove that without a doorway to pop out of, Leatherface is a pansy who can't shut up one girl.

Getting chased through woods, into a house, back into the woods, into another garage which again dragged on for even longer...

Breathtaking, actually.

The decor done in human and animal bones was grisly but still fascinating.

That certain people will die is a given; it is more how it happens and the uncertainty of what happens to Sally that makes this movie suspenseful.

Sadly its been remade and copied various times over the years, leaving it unoriginal and predictable.

Still, the sudden and unexpected jolts the film springs on the viewers are well placed.

My main problem with this movie, is that it's somewhat dull at times.

When i first saw the tcm i was on the edge of my seat.

The cinematography in particular was a highlight and I don't mind the claustrophobic shots of faces (because this is a horror film) and the fast paced editing in parts because they knew exactly what they were going for and nailed it in my opinion.

This film was supposed to be scary but it was totally boring and just dragged on and the murders were crap and hardly gorey at all and at the end when the girl is being held in the house and is screaming constantly gave me one mother of a headache.

Raw, horrific, thrilling, and exciting.

I had known this ghastly title, but had only seen it in the last 15 years, as I had grown to enjoy a good thrilling movie.

The script by Hooper & Kim Henkel is a little slow & frankly dull, I found the character of Franklin very annoying & everyone else were just plain bland & uninteresting.

3) The acting actually seemed bad in the sense that it was if five teens were put in a van to talk, no script.

Yes, good enjoyable wholesome entertainment for the whole family.

Just really frightening and extremely intense.

And I must admit, I stayed away because most low budget gore movies from back in the day are just about unwatchable…think Herchell Gordon Lewis.

Beyond that, uninteresting camera angles plagued the film.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a boring, padded out film with a few good moments sprinkled throughout that are worthy of the "inspirational" title the movie gets.

The chainsaw noise was intriguing for one minute then became absolutely ridiculous.

Everything from the opening narration and the first image we see in the movie to the brilliant unexpected ending, this movie is a horror gem.

It's as intense as they come, and it was genuinely frightening.

The first-half plot, during daytime, trends somewhat dull, though some scenes foreshadow what is to come in the second half.

I went to see this movie expecting to watch one of the horror movies classic..Well I just found something to laugh about.. I know that a 27-year-old movie shouldn't be so scary at present, but still I was disappointed..Yet it was a good experience..enjoyable..

Likewise, the big family dinner is even weirder as it consists of yelling and hysterical screaming that ends up going nowhere as their antics just come off as bizarre more than terrifying, which even more for the fact of the feminine mask worn here.

Last thing to touch up on the movie has one of the most thrilling climaxes I've seen in any movie EVER!

Its crude, scary, exciting, sick, its the Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

4 out of 5 hippies died in the lamest ways possible, it was just so boring to see all of them die the same way and still you had to sit through the rest of the movie with only 1 character remaining.

Seminal disturbing but engrossing schlock movie.

Potentially one of the worst movies I've ever had the misfortune of watching.

And this is supposed to be scary or entertaining?

If you have a total lack of empathy or are just bored out of your mind you will probably see this as a repetitive chase with some wishy-washy sounds instead of a soundtrack.

The only kind of film to get the adrenaline really pumping.

The point is that to understand this film you must understand, as Dostoyevsky put it, the 'banality of evil'.

And it's really slow-moving and dull.

Some of the scenes, mostly the chase scenes, are sort of intense.

The narration gives this a cold, perhaps dull, and definitely "documentary" feel.

The execution of the film is the key to its success - A slow build up before the carnage, weird camera angles, macabre set designs, spooky, realistic cinematography, a genuine masterclass in film editing and a bizarre, down-right effective soundtrack.

While the beginning can be somewhat comical, at least the parts where the teen costars go into the Family's house one by one, the last thirty or so minutes are both terrifying and breathtaking.

Horror films typically pit the Other vs Normalcy, and so now, suddenly, here was a film about poor working class butchers pushed into cannibalism and violence because "the pumps are empty", "we people are being treated like cattle" and "sales are down".

First released to a shocked public in 1974, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre has a deserved reputation as a compelling part of a new wave of American horror films.

Knowing that the powers of insanity are a force to be reckoned with, that they cannot be explained and capable to turning one's world into a nightmare of confusion and chaos.

They talk about pointless garble and we don't connect with them.

TCM is the worst film I have ever seen, it drags on for ages and it is say boring.

They instead dismissed it as a pointless exercise in graphic gore(there's actually very little), while praising lousy later films like 'Blair Witch' to the skies because of so-called deeper meanings.

HIGHLIGHT: Dinnertime with the Sawyer family -- Leatherface is decked out in his Sunday best, his little bro (Edwin Neal) gibbers and whimpers mockingly, Dad (Jim Siedow) is grinning and guffawing like an idiot (when he's not slapping and yelling at his rowdy sons), unexpected guests are tied to (human)arm chairs, and 100+-year-old Grandpa is more than willing to suck your bloody finger for you.

This film is intense from the opening scene.

The chase scene was violent and suspenseful.

..people like my dad for instance, said this movie was scary.. I just thought it out to be odd..very odd..Its mainly about a "slow" dude who likes to eat people along with his ever so cute family.

Finally, Gunnar Hansen essays the now timeless Leatherface killer with eerie precision, adding an intriguing level of odd pathos and occasional humour behind his twisted, foreboding and flat out terrifying physical exterior.

Intense, strange, disturbing and brilliant!

The unexpected and outlandish humor of the movie also contributes to its effectiveness.

nothing happens in it at all!

The only other facet that works here is the purely demented and bizarre family dinner scene, which is unbelievably original for what goes on there as the psychological torture of them gathering around to mock her hysterical screaming and the physical torture as they let the grandfather drink her blood and try to kill her with the attempted hammering to the head which sets up the thrilling finale.

It is rated R for Intense Sequences of Terror/Violence, and Disturbing Images.

THE BAD: The film is way too slow moving.

Very suspenseful.

The hitchhiker was retarded and dull, and Sally's wheelchair-bound brother was one of the most annoying characters ever to hit the big screen.

I say the chase scenes are sort of intense because I don't really care if this dumb bimbo makes it away.

A chase scene could only last so long before the audience gets bored.

From a filmmaking point of view, it's a horrible story, relying solely on it's "scary" moments to fill in it's lack of plot, believable characters or motivations.

Finally, over an hour into the movie we're reunited with the Hitchhiker (my favorite of the terrible trio), the boys find themselves with an unexpected guest to entertain and a demonic little party soon starts.

Instead of that it was a deeply meaningless movie with unreasonable dialogues, plot and characters.

Builds up gradually and in second half its really thrilling specially the part where leatherface chases Sally in the woods and when she tries to hide from him in the house.

" But on a level of fun, it's pretty entertaining.

It is intense, raw, and it is terrifying.

And I'd heard from many people that the Texas Chainsaw Massacre was worth watching as a seminal flick in the horror genre.

One of the worst movies I have seen in my entire life.

What has made this movie so damn good after all this time is the build up of fear in you despite that fact that you have seen all the others butchered so swiftly and that the last victim is kept hanging onto life by a thread and the gripping emotion you feel that she can escape by the barest of margins as Sally edges closer to the bitter end....

The plot is quiet dull.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre remains a gripping and compelling, universally revered horror-classic and after seeing several other movies of the series............

The characters are uninteresting and they don't come across as being very intelligent.

DVD has an entertaining commentary track by the director, cinematographer:Daniel Pearl (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre "2003", Alien Vs Predator 2, Pathfinder) and actor:Hansen (Who played the infamous "Leatheface").

The chase scene was pretty good, but again dragged on a little bit too long there.

Pacing and tension are problematic - in fact, the very first time the MooCow tried to watch this film, in a dusty drive-in many mooons ago, he fell asleep in his massively buttered popcorn.

The first hour of this movie is incredibly boring, and the only reason I didn't die of boredom is because the acting performances were so bad that I almost had to watch attentively because I was in shock of how bad the actors were.

Some scenes were dragged on a little too long.

If you find this boring, maybe that's the point .

Put this on next time you're having trouble falling asleep.

The element of surprise is the only thing this movie has going for it in terms of inciting real terror, and even that is dulled by the hamfisted use of foreshadowing, and tedious pacing.

It is thrilling till the end.

Other people may have liked this movie and I have nothing against their opinion, but it was a bit slow for my taste, and by the end it got pretty annoying.

Slow-paced, uninteresting, a zero on the scare/shock factor.

Disturbing, Intense, and Original - One of the Greatest Horror Films of all Time .

Brutal, but fascinating horror classic outing that has attracted a following all over by critics and directors, one of whom is Steven Spielberg.

For the rest, yawn.

The dinner scene is one of the most intense, psychologically terrorizing scenes in film history.

It is really slow moving at first and I was wondering and waiting for this film to kick in and it certainly does that!.

it´s one of the most powerful and intense films in History, and from the moment it was released has become an absolute classic.

All we see is the chase, running through the woods, with Leatherface sometimes cutting up tree branches that probably shouldn't have been cut, but that just makes the scene more suspenseful.

They called it boring and slow paced and did not find it scary.

At first I thought, "well maybe this is good because all other slasher-fests drag out all of the killings.

Repetitive and boring: The chasing.

Actually, what the film has going for it is a relentless tension and a genuine creepiness, particularly during its latter stages (when it really comes into its own as a compelling and heart-pounding horror piece).

I beg to differ, in my opinion this movie is just awful, everything about it was bad, people need to start thinking with their own head, not only shout - ''wow', that's a classic, way better than new horror movies'' etc.The whole setup is bad, five incredibly annoying hipster kids you hate from minute 1, an incredibly predictable plot, irrational actions and the list goes on and on.

The last 10 minutes of this film are some of the most exciting, terrify shots ever put on film.

This chasing goes on for over 10 minutes at least.. With screaming, and the non-stop sound of the chainsaw revving.. That's when i got very bored.

The film is very low budget, but because of this, the atomsphere is intense.

Sequences are often drawn out and repetitive (seriously, there's a moment where someone escapes by throwing themselves out a window TWICE), and overall I wouldn't say this film is worth its classic status.

I know it was based on a true story, but it was dull.

Unlike many other horror movies, some of the death scenes are sudden and almost banal, such as the unexpected sledgehammer to a victim's head.

The acting was terrible, it was slow, dull and repetitive, there was way too much screaming and running around it reminded me of Scooby Doo, and the whole thing was worthless to watch.

A Total Waste of Film and Time .

This is entirely unique as most horror films normally rely on suspenseful music in order to create the necessary suspense.

And therein lies problem number two: this is one of the slowest-moving films I've seen in a long time.

It's pretty uneventful when compared to the 2003 remake.

When I saw the TCM for the first time I found it very cheap and boring.

At first i was tempted to stop watching because movie seemed boring and slow-paced - made me feel that I am wasting my time with this 70s horror piece.

This empty feeling is compounded by an ending brave enough not to provide any kind of closure; instead it leaves the viewer pondering exactly what the hell happened there.

It's so atmospheric, chilling, disturbing, thrilling...

The first 15 minutes or so are entertaining.. When they pick up a crazy hitch hiker.

Without doubt one of the scariest movies I've ever seen, I highly recommend it!

It's funny at times and it's pointless here and there until your life and the lives of your friends are in danger by a cannibalistic chainsaw wielding maniac.

Not scary, not unsettling, just grotesque and dull.

The film, shot on 16MM, looks simply stunning.

Despite all the praise i thought it was a waste of time.

They fit into the tired old cliché of horny teenagers casually wandering off in the middle of nowhere basically asking to be kidnapped or killed.

and most importantly,5) Sally's ever present fantastic boobsThe rest is pretty sophomoric and predictable: Hey look!

Not really that disturbing, I mean maybe a little but this is definitely overrated slasher garbage, I mean I'm sorry to say it but usually good movies blow my expectations out the water, while this was predictable as sheit and it's just people yelling, that's not scary, the chase scenes are repetitive since the slasher genre is played out, the only thing that's giving it 5 stars was the editing, which was really nice I like that other then that the movie was a regular slasher movieDO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE IF YOUVE NEVER SEEN IT BEFORE ITS DATED ITS PREDICTABLE ITS PRETTY BAD ACTING I MEAN NOT THAT SCARY AT ALLI WATCHED THIS MOVIE AT 2am- 3am with the lights off alone in my room and I wasn't scared at all, the only thing that this movie got right was comedyAnd some points weren't even meant to be funny it was just so stupid it was funnyThis is an overrated ass slasher film

Leatherface's travesty of motherly domesticity as he prepares dinner, his child-like dance in the dawn light, the open door at the gas station, the van making it's slow turn off the road towards the derelict and ivy clad Hardesty residence are all images that burn themselves into your consciousness after just a single viewing.

Compelling and shocking this film can be .

It is very intense.

This movie was THEE slowest movie I have ever watched***The above review was written when I was 17 years old***I am now 27, and I have grown to love this film simply because it was a "no-budget" film, the cast and crew put their minds and health at risk while filming.

It is extremely intense and enclosed, making it nightmare worthy.

Horrifying, disturbing, and entertaining all at once.

Despite all that it does well I just didn't like it as a film that much, I found it a bit boring, certain things annoyed me & got on my nerves & I had the feeling all the way through that I'd seen it all before as I had only watched it for the first time as recently as 2000, after years of hearing how fantastic it was the word over-hyped sprung to mind as the closing credits began to roll.

It is a thrilling horror story, shot with very few, if any, "jump out and scare you", cheep thrills.

this chain saw is dull .

It was so weird; there was no story line.

The thing that scared me the most is when the family tortures Sally at the end, it was so intense and real.

The only thing this film is noteworthy about is that it predated the classic, lame teen slasher movies, with the group of teenagers and the busty girl in a tank top going for a ride in the country and running into much predictable trouble, filmed with shaky cameras.

Nothing happens in the first half.

However, the cinematography within the movie was not only expertly planned, but is also visually stunning.

The chase scene were the woman is running through the woods was way too long, the suspense turns into pure boredom.

The main cast of characters were all incredibly boring and one-note, almost as much as the members of Mystery Incorporated.

This is more compelling and generally better than one would expect.

Hooper's TCM is just plain dull for the most part.

While I'm talking about this, that last chase scene which should get the record for longest and most boring chase, it sucked.

He is an entertaining killer.

So the first twenty minutes of this movie consists of the ride there with nothing happening except for talking about a slaughter house and being disgusting.

Because the local Gas Station's tanks are empty and won't get refilled till sometime later.

Based on guerrilla film-making, intense performance, and subject matter.

When sheer curiosity finally got me to watch it a year or two ago, I was stunned by the raw, compelling power of the simple story and believable performances.

At the gas stop, they're told that the tanks are empty.

The film is exemplary in several ways, with crazy characters such as "The Cook" and "The Hitchhiker" TTCM is a tour-de-force of demented and deviant, often quirky acting; plus the level of tension (that slowly builds) is notably intense, particularly in the movies latter half.

Quite a good film to watch if you want to stay awake all night terrified.

This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

And the banality is what makes it truly horrible.

It's probably one of the lamest and most contrived of reasons for a victim to escape her captors.

The first appearance of the killer makes you jump, and ultimately leads to a last half hour that is absolutely riveting, and no less exhausting as we watch Sally desperately trying to escape from this madness that she's fallen into.

While watching it on the big screen, my twenty year old friend who accompanied me was gripping my hand throughout half of the film, and almost jumped out of her seat twice.

Very scary, if weird and slow at times.

The latest two disc set from Dark Sky Films has an stunning new digital transfer and an strong new Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound.

Best of all is the incredibly intense climactic "dinner" scene, which is kind of an assault on the senses.

One of the worst movies I've ever seen in my life.

There was no message or moral to the story it was just a load of you know what.

Most of the scenes cut away from the violence immediately, and it's back to riveting "where did our friends go?

Stupid, disappointing, annoying, repetitive, boring.. Just a few words the film critic may use to describe the picture they disliked.


As well, the lack of graphic action is a problem, but it's still enjoyable enough overall.

Which it was, as it was dark, intense & pretty scary!

most slasher films are about boring twits with hockey masks or posers who invade dreams.

But for a film like this to have been released in 1974 is mind blowing.

dont waste your time or money on this film, waste it on the new one.

One of the worst horror movies ever made, infact one of the worst movies!

Before the horror cliché of the empowered female victim became widespread, Burns plays an infinitely more realistic variant, fighting and running not so much to defeat Leatherface and his kin as to simply escape with her life.

Many wide angle shots at a slow rate are a delight to watch.

I found Leatherface's kills horribly repetitive and misleading in terms of the title (What could I expect from the title "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre").

I think of this flick as a propaganda piece on par with "Triumph of the Will", this time for vegetarians.

The movie was soooo slow, so dull, so boring, nothing really happened, and up to to end credits you wait for some suspension.

Tense, repetitive, agonizing, badly done and boring.

Other than that its the worst kind of a pointless film, one that made a lot of money.

Also the scares, which I had been told were some of the best in the history of film, were so uninteresting.

The movie drags on way too long.

Worst movie ever.

Not to worry, most likely you'll get the code quickly and jump in to a real bizarre, macabre and thrilling ride that really pushes the edge.

They allowed to sheer disgustingness of this family tell the story, rather than use the endless opportunities afforded by the medium to create a fascinating story, and a whole series of stupid sequels did not help much.

The cinematography is stunning and goes hand in hand with Tobe Hooper's direction.

You will be on the edge of your seat.

Its extreme suspense and unsettling atmosphere make it the most gripping kind of horror film.

Franklin's dependency and helplessness acts as a slow burning catalyst for our excitement in the narrative build-up.

Funny and Suspenseful Slasher .

Daniel Pearl's grainy, but polished cinematography offers several smooth and sinuous tracking shots that are positively breathtaking to behold.

A good horror movie, in my opinion, has to include the following:A good and entertaining script - Not too many dialogs, because it's action that brings satisfaction!

Extremely intense and visceral, Tobe Hooper's directorial breakthrough is still a nerve-jangling horror shocker that hasn't lost any of its power to unsettle over the years.

I am a major horror film lover who owns over 100 horror films, but when I bought The Texas Chainsaw Massacre I was bored!

The film has no storyline, hardly enough violence to suit an M rating, and an abrupt ending which hardly explained anything.

The way the movie is filmed enables a person to be completely immersed as though they were watching a documentary.

From start to finish I was gripping my seat, near misses and everything else you could want in a horror film, and not that bad of a story line either.

The finale is very thrilling and turn up the volume on your TV to get the full effect.

Hooper kept me on the edge of my seat all the way through with masterful directing.

The ending that may just be the most breathtaking ending to a horror movie.

There is no complexity, no plot, nothing.

Then the tedious part of the movie begins, five 20-something's all cram into an olive-green Volkswagon bus and a road trip-down in rural Texas commences.

Hooper never came close to achieving anything like this again, and many, though not all, of the film's fascinating resonances are a product of the era and the filmmaker's unconscious sensibilities.

They have to make an unexpected pit stop, where they seem to meet the only local in the area (Who is out of gas and forces them to remain stranded for a while).

On the edge of my seat, squirming, heart racingly TERRIFIED.

It has NO value from character development, NO plot to speak of, no plot points, NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING.

The cinematography, however grainy it may be, is stunning at times and has the tendency to in itself evoke dark emotions on the part of viewers.

***Impossible to spoil because it is so predictable and idiotic***This attempt at the slasher horror genre would have faired better in the same category as Scary Movie and Spaceballs.

The killer is lame, the victims are dull.

They have their place and some technically intense works could not be done without a lot of money (outrageous salaries notwithstanding).

I suppose for someone interested in the history of genre or "B" flicks, it might be worth watching...

That was the most intense 15 minutes or so of film I have ever watched, and the only time I have ever considered fast-forwarding a movie.

What has been especially gripping was the complete lack of a musical soundtrack.

Since the film is barely over 80 minutes, it can be extra tedious for that reason.

Suspenseful, a bit gory, and some scenes (such as where the old man chews out the hitchhiker and Leatherface) are just down right funny!

This movie IS scary, this movie IS intense, that is unless it is viewed by a cynical jerk who won't admit when they are afraid .

Almost the entire film from the first murder scene, the viewer wilts in exciting fear and consternation, and closely following the fate of the poor five.

This movie has a lot of blood for the era, when Pam is murdered, i was so shocked, that scene was so intense, and the hammer of Leatherface, scares me.

In an ideal world, I would have liked a slightly longer movie but I am aware that is a sort of cap on how long a film of this genre can be before it gets boring and repetitive so I don't hold this against the movie.

There are certain people who only seem to delight at a shock of blood splashed across screen, and all the gruesome ways one might meet their end, which they are unlikely to encounter in their own mundane lives.

Gripping, disturbing, grainy looking thriller from the '70s...

And Gunnar Hansen's alarmed squeals are the more horrible for their quality of fear and confusion.

Boy, that was terrifying n intense.

Shocking, horrifying, weird, yet intriguing and unforgettable.

Hooper's greatest achievement is arguably 1982's 'Poltergeist', which is one of the few enjoyable films which Steven Speilberg has had his grubby paws on.

I was also incredibly surprised at how short the film is but is engrossing from the very first minute.

All in all, Texas Chain Saw Massacre is still the undisputed King of all that is Sick and Disturbing; a little gem that still shines thirty years after is unintentionally well-publicised release and a well renowned story-line that radiates originality, terror and stunning balls-out fear.


The first 45 minutes are very very dull.

While along they way, they get stranded in this strange town, which has a large house on the edge of town.

Claustrophobic, compelling, and disquieting.

This one is worth watching .

It's easy to get entranced by this movie's slow build up with its sordid, sticky atmosphere in the texan Desert.

The writing was weak (I cannot call it cliche since it really defined what would later be the cliche).

Engaging on a road trip through Texas, a group of teens runs afoul of a family of former meat-butchers who see them as potential parts to their next meal using their gargantuan son to help them and try to get away from the deranged psychopaths before becoming part of the family.

Completely pointless.

Casting some established actors would have made the movie enjoyable to watch.

'The Poltergeist' and 'The Mangler' I consider also to be movies of his that are worth watching too.

Even if you know what's coming, the creepy feeling of the terror closing in is still freakishly intense.

The last half of this film (with lead Marilyn Burns running and screaming for her life) had me on the edge of my seat.

i had seen the remake of it and i had enjoyed it a lot, now i decided to check the original version and this movie rocks!!!

First, the commentary by Tobe Hooper, Gunnar Hansen aka Leatherface, and director of photography Daniel Pearl is fascinating.

It was rather predictable, some parts were confusing to the point that you have no idea what things are or what's going on, and none of it scared me or even made me jump in shock or surprise.

Instead, Hooper's film attempts to evoke sadistic pleasure in forcing the viewer to look at the grotesque or disturbing - the film's opening, cutting from shots of dismembered corpses strung up on public monuments to a drawn out close up of a dead armadillo, only serving to foreshadow the incredibly distasteful collection of characters and vicious events to come.

What probably made this film controvosial is the intensive and shocking aspects of the violent scenes in this feature.

This film is very terrifying n intense.

Both films share the characteristic of a low budget, while Halloween ($325,000) chose to use it in a more cleaned up, stylish way, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, shot for less than $300,000 on 16mm, chose to heavily utilize film grain, slow moving video, and a lot of rough, scratchy sound.

Other horror movies I had seen were not necessarily scary in the lose sleep sense, they were scary in the intense feeling in the pit of your stomach sense.

There is some compelling camera work in this film.

If your looking for a mindless, entertaining gore flick look elsewhere, this a masterful, intelligent, socially conscience and historically significant work of art and terror.

This was most likely the worst movie I have ever seen.

By the end, I was on the edge.

The shot of the open gas station door while Sally waits; Leatherface dancing, almost childlike, in the golden light of the setting sun after Sally escapes; the camera panning low while the house, stark against a stunning blue sky, looms over Pam; Leatherface's first kill, punctuated by the slamming of the sliding metal door; the van initially pulling up to the derelict homestead; even the closeup shots of Sally's bloodshot eyes as she desperately scans the room during the infamous dinner scene, unable to believe what she's seeing.

The characters a feebly drawn out; one in particular is so annoying you will actually cheer when he gets sliced up, which, unfortunately, is not until near the end.

While this here was still enjoyable, this isn't as much of a classic as it's reputation states.

Frightening And Gripping.

As Jonathan Ross said on Film 2003: "for regular viewers it's sometimes unbearable to watch".

I wouldn't even call this a bad horror film; it's a waste of any film-goer's time and money.

There was literally no plot, the acting sucked, and there was virtually no violence.

Raw,original,cruel,intense,realistic and CULT !!

Forget the wave of unwatchable crap that came steaming in its wake - the Massacre is the original, and still the best drive-in horror show.

Her intense screaming during the scene when she is tied to the chair really makes you feel for her.

I find him dull compared to some of the other horror icons.

Having much the same problem as CABIN FEVER - totally dull and charismaticless individuals whose sole purpose is to die at some stage.

In a filmmaking sense, the film is also shot beautifully, providing breathtaking images of the wilderness within central Texas.

Every scene got more and more intense until I couldn't wait for it to be over.

Near the beginning of the film, it relies on suspenseful buildup and unexpected moments which are very shocking.

So, what you have towards the end of the general slasher movie is long, drawn out scenes of the killer chasing the victim, with the victim screaming at the top of her lungs, helplessly.

it's an exercise in the pointless, if you ask me.

Ted's Evaluation -- 3 of 3: Worth watching.

It was all just plain uninteresting.

Yes it's quite effective and is likely to make you jump (at least the first time), but as the film progresses it becomes more and more predictable and this ultimately means that much of the film is devoid of suspense.

So it is worth watching.

It's evident that Hooper isn't really interested in his characters, but his directing is actually excellent and he does frame many intense and shocking scenes and certainly gets the most out of his cast.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre is gripping, from the opening scenes it grabs your mind and doesn't let go until the very end.

To be fair, neither was the remake, but that one was so damn entertaining you didn't care anyway.

There is also the fact that there is prolonged intense threat; for the last half hour or so it looks as if Sally could meet a grizzly death at any moment.

While the film is mildly unsettling in some areas, it contains quite a few boring and unintentionally goofy moments as well.

Highly intense, feverish low budget horror classic is simply one of the most nightmarish films of American cinema!!

Just as eerily unsettling as it is flat out terrifying, Tobe Hooper's The Texas Chain Saw Massacre never goes for easy scares, instead adhering to a naturalistic, vivid sense of sickening terror making it all the more memorable and gripping.

It had NO plot what-so-ever.

Ultimately, you could see why it would be banned - there's no plot, no message, no agenda.

Even one of the last scenes when Sally is round the table with the whole family, which could of been quite an intense scene it is ruined by the acting.

boring and bad filmmaking meant only to shock without any actual substance.

For what seems like an hour we are presented with images of a terrified woman and just ear splitting screams meshed with the roar of a chainsaw which creates a very un-enjoyable sensory experience.

I had mostly been bored as hell, and found no value in the film.

Now, having seen it as a 30 year old I sat back and simply enjoyed it with an audience that obviously contained certified TCM fanatics.

The scene at the dining table was a bit overdone, the closeup camera angles on the eyes and screams and such kinda went on and on and on and felt a little contrived.

The movie takes many unexpected turns, and you will ask yourself many questions throughout the movie such as: 1.

For it, its just being the most intense and darkened chaotic terror you can bring, which is exactly what it does.

The Family is a terrific creation, a bunch of unpredictable misfits who'd slice you up the belly for looking sideways at them.

There is no real plot development, and the movie has zero intrigue to it, leaving me bored and just BEGGING for the ending.

The audience impatiently waits for the film to pick up as its first half feels very slow-moving.

I don't, since they have alienated me with their tedious personalities.

' Unpredictable all the way through and scary as hell.

How all the death scenes were panned out were pretty good & made the film dark & very intense especially the end which really got me on the edge of my seat!

The swing of that hammer and the way his victim falls to the ground and starts shaking, is just plain brutal n unbearable to watch.

Although it might be old, it is definitely a movie worth watching and buying.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre however leaves an everlasting fear simply because it is so real, there isnt any supernatural powers, there arent any cars that wont start for some reason, every single thing in that movie could easily happen, now i'm not saying there arent any "jump" scenes in this movie, there are a few that are done quite well, but when referring to this movie, the "jump" scenes are not the scenes that are frightening in this movie, the dinner scene, and the notorius meathook scenes are the parts in the movie which truly stand out, and they are by no means "jumpy", they are truly horrific scenes that stay in the mind forever, in my opinion anyway,I dont get scared from jump scenes because they now bore me,I see them in every horror movie ever made, and it's a shame people think this movie sucks because it is different from every other horror movie, and it's also a shame that people get scared from the same old crap put in every horror movie.

The stunning original .

The movie has a great Texas atmosphere, likable characters and very unpredictable script.

If you like suspenseful, shocking, horrific films,then this film is for you.

It's pointless.

there was no plot at all and i just hate movies were characters die one after another until one remains.

Director Tobe Hooper clearly had a sharp eye for effective and breathtaking shots in such an early stage of his career.

It is relentlessly creepy, even when it focuses on the mundane.

Intense, scary, suspenseful, funny, surreal, bizarre.

The script is razor sharp, the story is compelling and Tobe Hooper's direction is probably Texas Chainsaw Massacre's strongest asset.

But maybe this isn't supposed to be a fun, entertaining film.

The 2nd, well it loses the impact, but still enjoyable to watch.

It can actually be rather tedious.

An intense and experimental score from Hooper and Bell.

This one is just.. well, a little boring and annoying.

Watching Texas Chainsaw Massacre was far from scary - it was *DEAD BORING*.

Due to its unique feeling of absolute confusion, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre deviates from this rule.

"Don't go on the big, creepy, seemingly empty house in the middle of nowhere where no one will here you scream.

No gore, no plot, no characters, no point and--most important of all--no scares.


My rating: Rated R- for intense violence and torture.

The word is that Marilyn Burns was "such a slow runner", that Leatherface (Gunnar Hansen, also now deceased) had to resort to intentionally slowing down his pace and exaggerate his movements, such as raising the chainsaw over his head and affecting an odd shuffle of sorts and I think this adds a few "subtle" Keystone Cop's-esque moments to the film (the comedy factor was maxed-out, in a BIG way in the first sequel).

It's what makes this movie all the more entertaining.

Over all this is unmissable and is utterly enjoyable.

Yet, we follow the travels of an incredibly uninteresting group of only five, and we never see much when they get killed.

The characters are boring, the story is boring.

It Tobu Hooper managed to remove most fascinating and terrifying horror film, which can be a maddening anyone.

We listen to these five uninteresting characters yap endlessly about nothing.

Oozing death and decay from its opening frames to its intense and gruelling finale, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is a tour de force of raw cinematic horror and one of the finest films ever made.

But what I've always found most fascinating about this picture is how much you think you're seeing compared to how much you actually see.

One of the most intense and frightening films I have ever seen.

Indeed, the "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" is evocative of a crime file, which it is in the film, and maybe is actually, considering Ed Gein really did exist.